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The Bounty Unclaimed

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, May 18, 2013.

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    "Momiji-chan... a parchment for you arrived today." Ryu Hayabusa delivered her the tightly bound scroll before continuing on with his day's routine.

    "Thank you, Ryu-san." Momiji slid the ribbon off the scroll holding it rolled up.

    She unfurled it, and began to read. As she read, a look of abject horror crossed her face. She had dashed away before Ryu could return, clutching the scroll tightly.


    Momiji arrived at the site dictated to her in the scroll handed to her, an empty lot in a largely shadowed section of the city, due to one of the larger village temples filtering out much of the light. Street lamps had to be used 24/7 here, giving this section an unnatural kind of feeling to it.

    "I am here!" Momiji called out. "Show yourself, and then answer for your misdeeds today!"

    "I am afraid," came a thickly-Russian-accented voice, "that will not be happening on your watch." The owner of the voice stepped out into view, decked in combat boots, loose fitting cargo pants, a black T-Shirt with an orange vest and a matching beret.

    Momiji was not intimidated, her fury too great. "Who are you? It was you who sent me that scroll? You will return her at once, and we will overlook this... if but even one hair on her head is out of place, however.." Momiji sneered. "Return the child."

    The man smirked. "And if I do not?"

    "I will take her back by force if necessary." Momiji struck a fighting stance.

    "Very well," the heavy Russian voice issued forth. "I am Bayman. I am a mercenary for hire. I do what I am told, and I get paid well to do it." Bayman looked Momiji up and down. "A ninja, eh? Another ninja that dresses in blue thought she had what it took to defeat me, as well, and I broke her in the end. I will break you too."

    Momiji never took her eyes off him as they circled around. "I am much more skilled. I have trained with the best." She had taken a step and delivered a punch to his jaw faster than he could even see. "And I will put you down and keep you there if you do not return the village child immediately."

    Bayman's head turned to the side with the impact, but he only grinned. "Then try to put me down." He was fairly fast in his own right, his sambo assassin techniques having helped him collect many bounties over the years...

    ...but when he took a step forward, he was recoiling again from a punch to the face. Momiji was back in position like she'd never even moved before Bayman could recover.

    "How in the hell..." Bayman muttered. He tried to fake her, but as he came in, she swept her leg out in a circle, kicking Bayman's legs out from under him and landing him on his tailbone. She met him with a sharp, fast kick to the jaw.

    "UAH!" Bayman groaned out as he was knocked to the side, recovering his footing with a roll. "How do you even-" he began to ask, but Momiji pressed her attack, landing a lightning fast one-two punch followed by a spinning round kick to the chest, knocking Bayman back a couple steps.

    Bayman was slow to anger, knowing he had to stay in control of his emotions, and he repeated one of his earlier movements. She reacted again, but this time he sidestepped and got behind her, grabbing a handful of her long black ponytail.

    "Now I have you, you- GAH!" his remark was cut short when she raised her left leg straight up in the air in front of her, bouncing a kick off his head with her black boot from her standing position in front of him. The attack caused him to reel, and she continued to outmaneuver him, parrying his attacks and using his momentum against him. He was being made to look like a buffoon by her skill, his Sambo military assassin style made to look like careless, street-fighting thuggery. He tried to grapple her, but she stepped through and swung him over her hip, using his own momentum to throw him to the ground.

    "Grrr..." Bayman grunted and then growled in mounting frustration. "How can a whelp as yourself possibly be doing this?"

    She was kneeling over him in a flash, a blade aimed at his face. "I've been doing this since I could walk. As soon as I could hold a kunai, I was training. My training is as natural as walking. Here's one of those kunai now.... now, unless you want to taste it, you WILL return the kidnapped child at once!"

    "Don't do anything stupid, little girl. I have a detonator here." He moved his hand to his shoulder and tore open a velcro patch, revealing some unknown kind of mechanism. "When I push this button, your little orphanage there will come crashing down. Just think of all those poor children..." He pointed behind her.

    She turned her head, and gasped. It was true. Behind that large temple was the village's orphanage, where Momiji volunteered much of her time.

    "All I have to do is press this, and I will level that building...."

    "You bastard... you wouldn't dare do such a terrible thing..."

    "Heh. Wouldn't I?" His hand shot to his shoulder. Click.

    The percussive sound of the nearby explosion rattled the community, sending the village inhabitants running and screaming.

    "My God!" Momiji cried. She sprang to her feet and sprinted to the orphanage as fast as she could. She was incredibly fast, and Bayman could not keep up with her, so he had to run as fast as he could. By the time he got there, she would surely realize what had happened.

    As he rounded the temple, Momiji was just realizing that the orphanage was undamaged, and still standing strong.

    "Then what was the big explo-"

    Her thought was cut off by Bayman elbowing her in the back of the head, momentarily dizzying her from the unexplected blow.

    "The explosion, little girl, was a ruse. I detonated explosives not attached to anything. And there was no kidnapped child. You have been duped."

    "What do you- AHH!" Momoji yelled out as his heavy combat boot caught her in the face, knocking her down. "You fight without any honour..."

    "I concern myself not with silly things like honour. I do what I must to get results." He kicked her in the face a second time, snapping her head back and causing a groan of pain to escape her lips as she was knocked onto her back. His attack was relentless as he followed up with a stomp on Momiji's chest, and a sharp jolt lanced through her upper body.

    "OOF!" she wheezed out, rolling to her side and clutching her chest. Then there was a dull *thump* followed by a sharp shriek, as Bayman's boot met Momiji's back, arcing her backwards. As Momiji bent backwards from the blow, Bayman quickly sat on the ground and pulled her up to a sitting position, then wrapped an arm around her neck and secured it with his other, pulling her backward with him so that he was on his back, choking her with her on her back on top of him. He rarely mixed business with pleasure, but this job had not been funded by anyone, so he allowed himself to enjoy the feel of her lithe, toned body on his.

    Momiji's eyes widened in fear of the unknown, No one had ever managed to do this to her before, and now she found she couldn't breathe! She kicked her legs trying to free herself, but Bayman's choke was vicious. She coughed a couple times, trying to draw breath, but her body heaved with effort and was not rewarded with an intake of air. Momiji started to panic a little, never having felt this way before. After a few moments of Bayman's arm digging into her throat, her body began to feel heavy, and she couldn't keep her eyes open. Her arms dropped to her sides, her body becoming unresponsive to her brain's commands. Her eyes felt so heavy... but suddenly she was gasping for air. It took a few deep breaths for her to realize Bayman had let her out of it, not that she had escaped.

    Bayman smiled wickedly at her, looking down at her. He grabbed her left leg by the ankle and then placed his boot on her right ankle, anchoring her leg in place. Bayman then leapt to the side, pulling her legs apart and badly straining her left leg's thigh muscles. She could feel her thigh knot up, and she yelled out in pain, grabbing at her leg and curling up. Bayman would have none of that as he took hold of her leg again.

    "No, don't do this, don't d- AAAHHHH!" Her plea fell on deaf ears as Bayman wrenched her thigh muscles again. She felt the muscles tense up and relax, like a whip cracking. She clenched her teeth and held her leg, trying to work the tension out of it. Her heart sank when Bayman put his hands on her ankle again, and the third leg wrench finally pulled the thigh muscle, causing it to tense up badly.

    Momiji knew she was in trouble now, but Bayman made sure she knew how much when he stepped over her and grabbed her left arm. She tried to punch him in the leg, but her offense was ineffective. Bayman rocked backward and easily overpowered the ninja, pulling her arm straight in an arm bar. Momiji cried out in anguish as the hold was torqued more and more. She could do nothing to fight back. She tried kicking her legs, but while her right leg flailed some, her left only spasmed weakly due to the strained muscle. Bayman grinned sickly, and grasped her by the wrist, pulling her hand back as well. Momiji thought it couldn't get any worse... until Bayman gave a quick jerk on her wrist, breaking her arm. Her forearm snapped with a loud CRACK, and Momiji screamed in agony, beginning to kick both her legs wildly.

    Bayman sneered and slowly strained her arm back more, increasing the burning sensation until the pain was blinding. Bayman then let her arm go, and Momiji grabbed and cradled it close to her body, screwing her eyes shut in pain and curling up. She'd been beat up before, but this was unlike anything she'd felt. The hate coming from Bayman was palpable.

    His hands grabbed her injured left leg again, and he pulled on it, raising it in the air and putting her flat on her back. She yelped a little. "What... who... who hired you to do this?" She couldn't think of anyone...

    "Nobody hired me. I am doing this on my own time." He drew back and planted a sharp kick with the toe of his combat boots directly into her already-pulled thigh muscle. She shrieked as the kick connected, and tried to pull away, but his hand clamped around her ankle and he drove another kick into her hamstring. Her left leg's thigh muscles were beginning to knot up severely.

    "If you weren't hired, then what are... OW!" Her thought was interrupted by another heavy kick to her leg.

    "You took something from me... and now, I will make sure you pay in full," came the thickly-accented reply. Suddenly he pulled up and toward him on her leg, pulling her thigh muscle again. Momiji groaned in pain as he turned her over onto her stomach and then sat down, pulling her leg back hard in a single-leg boston crab. Her muscles quivered tensely in response as he hooked her leg over his arm for more leverage, and then pulled back on her.

    To make it even more painful, he hugged her thigh close to his chest, so that the hold was elevated dangerously high on her leg. Momiji cried out as the hold took its toll on her, and then with a sudden pull, he jerked her leg past its stretching point, and tore her thigh muscle. Momiji's screams intensified as the burning sensation washed through her leg immediately, and caused the left side of her body to tingle. Bayman enjoyed having her leg in his grasp, as he began to fondle her thigh. She never even noticed it through the agony exploding through her.

    He wasn't through with her yet, and he dropped her now useless leg to the ground. Ever the fighter, Momiji tried to stand, but between her broken right arm and her torn left thigh, she was having great difficulty with it. She gritted her teeth and with all her will, forced herself to a precarious standing position, her arm useless in aiding her. Bayman stood behind her the whole time watching her and waiting for his chance. When she was on her feet as best as she could at that point, he darted around in front of her and reached between her legs, his other arm around her neck as he picked her up easily. Then he simply planted her into the ground with a body slam.

    Momiji let out an "oof" as she collided with the unforgiving earth. Reaching down and pulling her up by her hair, this time he put his arms around her waist in an overhook fashion, and then hauled her into the air. She turned a three-quarter circle in the air as he pinwheeled her and drove her across his knee with a windmill backbreaker. Her spine bent back sharply and she gasped in pain, her eyes going wide. He rolled her off his knee, keeping hold of her, and then he deadlifted her bodyweight and twirled her around, crushing her with a second backbreaker.

    Momiji wanted to scream but she found she couldn't. Her body was tense with the sheer agony tearing through her now. "Claren... she was sent to attack you. You killed her before I could. I had a large bounty on her that I could not collect because of you... so you will pay for that bounty yourself." Before Momiji could formulate a response, Bayman had pushed her off his knee and grabbed her again. Momiji drew a deep breath and cringed, waiting for the impact, but this time, Bayman spun her through the air and simply slammed her into the ground, flat on her back. Momiji moaned softly in pain as she writhed and squirmed on the ground. Bayman was on her again, but he sat on her legs to pin them in place as he began to strip her, pulling and tearing her red dragon-printed open-thigh pants off of her, leaving her in her knee-high black boots, her red-trimmed white sleeveless top with the separate past-the-elbow armbands, and nothing covering her waist except her panties. She suddenly felt very vulnerable.

    She couldn't do much to stop what happened next. Bayman pulled her hair and forced her into a sitting position, causing her to squeal embarrassingly. Propping himself to a sitting position in front of her, he grabbed hold of her legs and pulled her close to him, so she was basically sitting in his lap. He coaxed her sexy, powerful legs to wrap around him, and they obeyed as he pulled her in closer. Then he hooked her neck up with his arm, and began to guillotine choke her. Her body responded by tensing as another choke was applied to her, and she weakly beat the fist of her only operational arm against Bayman's ribs, but to no avail. He leaned way back with the choke, pulling her with him, and viciously tightening it, loving the fact that her thighs, legs and breasts were pressing into him.

    Momiji choked and gagged in the strangle hold, and was being completely dominated. Gradually her body began to give out on her, but before she could black out and escape the torment Bayman was dishing out to her, he stopped choking her. Momiji immediately gasped for air, and when she stopped coughing, Bayman grabbed her by the hair again and pulled her as close to him as he could. Her crotch was up against his body, and her eyes were half open, as she recovered from the choke. With his other arm, he hammerlocked her good arm behind her, leaving her only her broken one free. leaned in and began to roughly kiss her on the lips.

    Momiji's eyes went wide as she realized the intrusion he was visiting upon her. "MMMPH! MMPPHHPHHH!" she tried to protest, but there was no way she could hope to match power with him. She could feel his erection against her crotch through their clothes, and she squeezed her eyes closed and whimpered, hoping this was all just a terrible dream. But it was a nightmarish reality, as he forced himself on her and bent her to his will. The kissing dragged and dragged, and Momiji finally slackened in submission, seemingly allowing the predator to do whatever he wanted, as fighting it was useless. She moaned, but even though her mind was screaming at her to do something, her body had seemingly thrown in the towel, and she went limp as Bayman did whatever he wanted to her. She wasn't sure which kind of torment was worse and her mind begged for a swift knockout so that this abominable situation could come to an end. She had lost track of time as he liplocked her, but only a few minutes had passed, seeming like hours.

    When he finally withdrew, she was disoriented for a moment, and then disoriented again as he headbutted her in the face, drawing a yelp and knocking her down to her back again. Momiji looked pitiful on the ground, her pants torn off her and her hair dirty and disheveled. Momiji made no effort to stand, prompting Bayman to get another grip on her hair and yank her upright. He caught her by the neck and pulled her up to her feet, and then locked his arms around her neck again. He hooked his leg in front of hers, and even though he really didn't *need* to do it, he swept her forward, falling with her, and banging her face and chest off the ground, stunning her. Then he rocked backward, and applied another sick choke, the Hell Hazard Lock. This one also forced the victim's arm behind them, and with her good arm locked up, all she was able to do was gurgle as he choked her out. Then something popped in her neck, and her right leg began to twitch, beating against the ground rhythmically and her body went limp again. For the second time, an ending to the torture session he was being subjected to was denied her and she was forced to endure more of his special brand of hell.

    Bayman made no bones about it anymore. He sat on the ground again and pulled the half-unconscious Momiji on top of him as he cradled her so she was sitting in his lap with her back turned to him. He reached around her with his left hand, and began to fondle her crotch, slipping his hand under her panties, breaking the thin barrier between her and modesty. He started to massage her breasts under her tunic with his other hand. Momiji's eyes opened wide again and she wanted so very much to simply plunge a kunai into Bayman's neck, but she was in no condition to do any such thing. Momiji gasped and then exhaled a shuddering breath as her vagina and her breasts were assaulted by twin gropes. Bayman's fingers found their way inside Momiji, and she stiffened in physical pleasure. Her mind was sounding red alerts, telling her she had to do something and fight, but Bayman's rhythmic finger-pumping massage gave her body other ideas, and she began to twitch and squirm.

    "Nnnnn... nnnooooo..." Momiji tried to command, but it came out as a squeak. "Don't... do this... no...." as Bayman continued his dominance, her body started to spasm in forced pleasure. Soon her spasms had taken on a rhythm of their own, and Bayman slowed to match it, making sure to time the height of a pump with her body's spasm.

    "Guhhh... uuhhhhh...." Momiji groaned. Her lips were parted and her eyes half rolled into her head as she continued to be groped and fondled. Her body's spasms sped up and she began to get moist.

    "uuurrrrhhhh...." Momiji thickly moaned as she began to get wetter and wetter. Her tongue hung out as her body overrode her brain.

    Bayman smiled as he knew she was almost there.

    "No... nooooo... guuuuhhhhuhhhuhhhhhh......" Momiji let out a long, low moan as her body seized up... and then she squirted hard, creaming her panties and making her inner thighs wet and sticky. Momiji lay limp in Bayman's arms.

    Bayman didn't let up the assault, continuing to pound her through the sticky mess she had made. She moaned again, helpless. She was at his mercy, of which he had none. He pounded her harder and harder, and she started to scream and squeal as she tried to force her legs closed to prevent another climax... but Bayman was ruthless and she couldn't do any such thing, and she ejaculated very vocally again, another wave of fluid getting all over his hand and on her crotch and legs.

    Momiji was embarrassed and ashamed that this was happening to her. She wanted nothing more than to run away and never be seen again after this humiliation.

    As if it wasn't bad enough, he took his right hand (thankfully for that) and grasped her jaw, turning her face to his... and then planted another kiss on her.

    Momiji whimpered pitifully through it, as he forcefully kissed the now-helpless woman he had decimated, physically and mentally.

    He continued the physical assault by rolling her to her stomach. This time he hooked her arms over his knees and pulled back on her chin in a camel clutch. Momiji could only moan weakly, not even shriek anymore. Her body had quit on her, and he was just viciously abusing her now. As he pulled back, tightening up the camel clutch, the damage from the earlier backbreakers came back to haunt her as a crunch sound came from her spine. He tweaked her neck with his hands, and a pop-crunch combo followed.

    Momiji was on the brink of tears as she was victimized in such a brutal manner. She whined in embarrassment as Bayman leaned over her and kissed her again, still with her in the submission hold. He dug his tailbone into the small of her back, making sure to put as much of a bend in her spine as he could. The constant, burning pain in her back didn't even allow her the sweet release of unconsciousness. After she spent what felt like an eternity in the hold, he stopped sitting on her back. Momiji was beyond fighting back anymore. Instead, the protector, the "big sister figure" to all the children in the small village... begged.

    "Please... please stop... doing this... pleeease..."

    Bayman had none of it, and he rolled onto his back, taking her with him. His hands found her vagina and her chest again. Momiji whimpered, but couldn't fight, and Bayman massaged her like she were a lump of putty in his hands.

    Momiji moaned low and hard again. He knew she was on her way again. Momiji's head lolled to the side and she lay in his arms, drooling as he molested her again. Her moans got louder the more he struck the right spot, and her body eventually fell back into the familiar pattern of tense-and-release. Bayman continued his terrible violation of the beautiful ninja as her body quivered in his hands.

    "haaaaa... huuuhhhh... huuuooooo..." she groaned. "Ahhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnn...." followed a long one as she tensed, and then ejaculated again, re-wetting herself and adding another layer of sticky fluids to her panties and her thighs.

    Bayman caressed her cheek. "You have almost paid your debt in full to me... there is one more thing I want from you."

    Momiji could scarcely believe what he was saying. "What more could you possibly want from me?? You've already violated me so horribly.. what more..."

    Bayman rolled her back onto her stomach, this time kneeling over her. He straddled her back and then took hold of her ponytail, drawing her head back and then slamming her face into the ground. Her skull bouncing off the ground badly stunned her. He pulled back and face-slammed her again, causing a split to open on her forehead. Another hairpull and faceplant, and the cut got bigger, beginning to drip blood all over her. Her eyes were half open and unfocused. He pulled her back again, and began to rain punches into the cut to split her even wider. Head wounds always bled much worse than they looked... which was fortunate for her, because it looked terrible. He stood momentarily, only to hook her injured left leg. He laid on her and wrapped his arms around her head, clasping his hands together around her face, and then began to wrench her hard in an STF.

    Momiji immediately screamed fiercely, but it was muffled by him beginning to force-feed her dirt, as he shoved it into her mouth. She tried to spit it out, but the dry sand stuck to her mouth's moisture, immediately claiming it for its own, and causing her mouth to dry out quickly. He locked his hands around her mouth as he pulled them into her pretty face. She was arched backward, and blood ran down her face. Momiji closed her eyes to prevent it running into them. She squealed in pain as he kept cranking her in the hold, her torn thigh muscle burning like someone had replaced her blood with molten steel. Her ribs shifted and then two of them broke in rapid succession, followed by the pop of a vertebrae in her neck rupturing. She was being broken little by little and was powerless to stop it.

    Bayman began to tighten and relax the hold on her in pulses, causing pain to fire through her body repeatedly. Momiji's bad arm was trapped under her, and the awkward angle only hurt that more and more. Bayman's hands began to get wet from a mixture of her blood and tears. When he paid more attention to her, her body was heaving. She was crying in pain, in shame, in humiliation. He leaned in more, sharpening the angle her leg was bent on, and was rewarded when her knee popped and shifted as he dislocated it. He flexed his arms around her head, pulling her back tighter, and more ribs broke. With a final yank of the hold, he drew her head back. Something in her neck crunched, and then she went completely motionless as she blacked out entirely.

    Bayman, the heartless bastard that he was, kept the hold on Momiji for another minute longer, savouring her body held tightly. Finally, mercifully, it was over, and Bayman slipped the hold off of her. Momiji lay unconscious, unmoving, but she was still breathing, so she would live to remember the attack.

    He produced a switchblade, and with the press of a button on the handle, it snapped open like lightning. He grabbed hold of her ponytail and roughly hacked it off, making sure to cut unevenly just so it would look as terrible as possible when she found out. Momiji was motionless, her head buried in her arms, her thighs beginning to stick together, as she dripped a pool of blood onto the ground, her white top greedily absorbing whatever it could and turning it more red than it was intended to be.

    Bayman stood up and dropped her lopped-off ponytail next to her so it would be the first thing she saw when she woke up, assuming no one else found her first.

    Then he took one more stomp onto her back. Momiji didn't respond to it in the slightest. Satisfied, he dusted himself off.

    "Mission complete." He said, and left her laying on the ground. It would be a long road to physical recovery, and an even longer one to mental recovery.
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    How delightfully diabolical that trick was.
  3. TheCrimsonRisk

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    Long and brutal, just the way I like it. One thing I particularly enjoyed was how there was a hint of sexuality early on that Momiji didn't really notice while she was being beaten and then Bayman just went all out with it by the end. It's certainly a fresh element that you've added to your repertoire and that's always good.

    "...the protector, the "big sister figure" to all the children in the small village... begged." - the best bit in my opinion. I do like to see a heroine just lose all sense of herself in the face of utter defeat.
  4. KidAnonymous

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    Bloody fantastic. Great show of dominance, especially since giving the nod toward momiji's aptitude as a fighter
  5. Hoopla

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    Nicely done, Raden. Now all we need is pictures and this would be ryona heaven! Good work as always!
  6. 4eversupafly

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    Beautiful story this was my favorite part:

    (the entire second half of it which didn't need to be quoted in it's entirety -Raden)
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  7. Raden

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    I'm glad you liked it but the whole thing didn't need to be quoted like that. Still though, thank you!
  8. Parasitoro

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    Poor Momiji. Bayman seems unstoppable. Although, he has to watch out...someone might come for a payback.