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That's what friends are for?

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Raden

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    You know how some people tend to draw the same thing over and over etc.? Yeah, well, maybe my writing is getting to that point. But hey, I enjoy it... if you guys are getting sick of it by now, let me know, I'll cool down.

    Also, if anyone has a better title for this story, I'm open to it. I just needed something to put there so I could post it.

    "Well, kiddo, looks like it's you and me in Lili's little tournament here." Julia slapped Xiaoyu on the back in a friendly manner. "Now you know I'm not gonna take it easy on you just cause you're my friend and all. And I expect you not to either. With $25,000 on the line, well, I'm sorry, but that would be a great help in my reforestation research."

    Xiaoyu nodded. "I know. Believe me, I'll give it all I've got! Just don't be too upset with me when I give you a whupping and pocket that money myself!"

    Julia grinned. "Right, we will have to see about that. But whatever happens in this fight, we're still friends after, okay?"

    "Right!" Xiaoyu exclaimed. She was always so giddy, like she'd had too much sugar. "Shake on it!" And they did.

    "Alright then, if you'll excuse me, I have to make plans on how I'm going to use that money now." Julia winked.

    "Be sure to budget in the box of tissues you'll need to cry into after it's over!" Xiaoyu grinned back.

    They went back to their rooms to prepare for their fight coming up.


    Lili stood in the middle of the arena with a microphone. "Okay! This tournament has been a lot of fun, cause I like watching you guys beat each other up. You've all been very entertaining, peons, but now it is time for the final! I'm giving $25,000 of my own money, which of course is less than pocket change to me, to the winner of this fight!" Then she screeched SO JULIA AND XIAOYU, GET YOUR BUTTS OUT HERE AND FIGHT FOR MY ENTERTAINMENT NOOOOOWWWWW!!!"

    Julia made her way to the fight pit, wiggling a finger in her ear, hoping Lili would notice the jab at her screeching. She did, and glared at Julia, then flipped her off.

    When Xiaoyu got into the arena, Lili wasted no time starting the fight. "YOU" she pointed at Julia "AND YOU" - to Xiaoyu - "FIGHT NOW! KILL EACH OTHER! RIP! TEAR! REND! MAIM!" and she took her position in her skybox and the start of the fight was signaled.

    The two of them watched her go up there. "Man, what the hell is wrong with her?" Julia asked.

    "And they say I'm over-energetic?" wondered Xiaoyu. "Sheesh. I've got nothing on her!"

    "Yeah, she is a reeeal piece of work alright. How does somebody get to be like that in life? She could really benefit from the spiritual rituals I do..."

    "Or the meditation I do..."

    "Alright, well, I guess we need to get this started. Remember, friends after."

    "You got it." They shook hands. Xiaoyu assumed a crane stance. Julia watched her warily as they circled each other. Now I've seen her fight before, so what she'll do here is take a step, feint and throw a ki- the thought was cut off as a quick backfist from nowhere caught Julia in the chin, jerking her head back a little. -or just do something I have never seen her do before, of course... "Nice one, I've never seen you do that out of the gate before. But remember, I'm full of surprises too..." Julia started bouncing around in a lucha libre wrestling stance (bonus points if you know where I'm trying to go without ever having seen this... lol)

    This made Xiaoyu stop for a moment. What the hell is she doing? This isn't her Kung Fu... What could she possibly be doing? Xiaoyu was unsure how to proceed with this. Julia continued to bounce lightly on her feet, and then jumped up. Xiaoyu was so confused that she didn't even see the direct attack coming, the dropkick striking her directly in the chest and knocking her head over heels backward. "Oof!" she grunted, and came to a stop face down on the floor. Ow? Yes, that's right... OW..." As she got up, Julia met her with a spear. Julia, being one of the stronger women in the tournament (just ask anyone she had ever kicked with those thick powerful legs of hers) easily uprooted Xiaoyu, driving the wind out of her, and carrying her a couple steps before jumping and slamming her. Xiaoyu hit the floor hard again. "Unf!" she exhaled hard. She laid there for a moment before stirring. "ugh... ow... what the hell happened? Yow..." She stood up, and Julia kicked her in the stomach to double her over. "Ahh!" she grunted, and Julia put one arm around her neck and hooked one leg with her other arm. Then it was up and over in a disorienting and painful fisherman's suplex. Xiaoyu hit with a splat. She exhaled hard and laid there. Julia stood up and looked down at Xiaoyu.

    "Well, friend, what do you say? Had enough yet?"

    "You've hit me with three things. You'll have to hit me with a lot more than that..." Julia allowed Xiaoyu to stand. They faced off again. Suddenly Julia dove in and grabbed hold of Xiaoyu's left arm and then pivoted, flipping Xiaoyu with an arm drag. Xiaoyu rolled through it, negating the damage. Xiaoyu tried to follow up while Julia throught she had the advantage, taking a flying leap at Julia with a leg lariat, but Julia shot her arms up, plucking Xiaoyu out of the air, then whipping forward suddenly, she brought Xiaoyu down hard into the floor with a powerbomb. Xiaoyu's body made a sound akin to raw liver plopping onto the floor. "ohhhh..." Xiaoyu moaned in pain. She sharply inhaled to replace the air that had been knocked out of her. Julia looked down at her again.

    "Well? How about now? You know I don't want to do this to you, right?" Xiaoyu's eyes looked slightly glassy but she stood up anyway, with effort. Julia pushed her backward and tripped her. She fell onto her ass. "Come on Xiao. Just stay there..." Xiaoyu would not be persuaded. "I'm not giving up the money that easy. I need that money... to start my amusement park.." Xiaoyu stood up slowly, exerting visible strain and effort to do so. Julia put her hands on Xiaoyu again, attempting another one of her signature suplexes, but Xiaoyu whipped around in a cyclone-like spin, catching Julia with a quick flurry of five or six spinning punches and kicks. Julia took the full force of all of them, being hit within a second. She stumbled back and fell into a seated position. She shook her head to clear it. HOW does she DO that?? Julia wondered.

    As she began to stand, Xiaoyu pounced on her. Wrapping her legs around Julia's waist and stomach, she hooked her arms around Julia's head and neck, and began to squeeze with a combination body triangle/choke hold. Julia stood up and began to flail. Xiaoyu had to squeeze as hard as she could with her legs to overcome Julia's stomach and ab muscles. Xiaoyu held on for all she could. Julia's eyes opened wide as she couldn't draw air. She began to turn purple. She was still standing, supporting Xiaoyu's body weight. Xiaoyu continued to squeeze, her leg muscles beginning to burn with the effort of keeping Julia under control. Julia tried to pry Xiaoyu's arm away from her neck with no success. She pulled hard with both hands, succeeding at doing nothing other than exerting effort. She tried to pry Xiaoyu's legs apart, but the hold was very tight, with one leg hooked over her other foot at the knee. She couldn't break that hold either. Julia started to cough, and dropped to one knee. This caused her to need to breathe in, but attempting to do so only caused her body to lurch in response when it didn't get the air it demanded. Julia's mouth hung open as she tried to gasp, again to no avail. Xiaoyu held on like a clamp, but her legs were beginning to burn fiercely with the effort. She had to choke Julia unconscious or into submission soon, because her legs weren't going to hold out in this hold forever. Xiaoyu wrenched the hold tighter around Julia's neck, drawing a fresh gag from Julia. Julia's face was purple at this point. She dropped to her hands and knees. Yes, yes yes yes, come on, go out Xiaoyu mentally pleaded with her. She held on for dear life. Julia's eyes became heavy, and she had to fight to hold them halfway open. She dropped to her stomach, facedown. Xiaoyu's legs began to quiver from the effort of squeezing. Julia raised her arm as if to tap out a submission but held it there, trying to hold on. She was mentally picturing a snake wrapped around her, cutting off her life. Xiaoyu strained to keep the hold on her. Julia was on the verge of unconsciousness, but only a split second before she could tap her submission, Xiaoyu's legs gave out. She attempted to massage them to try to get rid of the cramped, burning feeling. Julia fell over to the ground face first, gasping deeply for oxygen to come back to her brain. Julia shook her head multiple times, trying to clear the fog. Xiaoyu massaged her legs, but she wasn't able to make them useful again.

    Julia stood up, slowly, breathing hard, her vision slowly un-clouding. Xiaoyu couldn't stand up, her leg muscles having burned out with the triangle hold. "I've got to hand it to you, Xiao, you almost had me... I very nearly submitted... but it seems like there is still a little matter of deciding a victor. I think I have an answer to that..." Julia stooped over and wrapped her arms around Xiaoyu's stomach. Then planting her feet, she deadlifted Xiaoyu straight up and into a bearhug. "Auuuckk-" Xiaoyu began to gurgle before the bearhug cut her scream off. Julia wrapped her up tight, meeting her arms at the elbows. Julia began to rock Xiaoyu back and forth with the hold. Xiaoyu couldn't even kick her legs, the muscles completely unresponsive. Julia shook Xiaoyu from side to side, like she were a ragdoll, squeezing harder and harder. Xiaoyu's rib cages began to compress. Xiaoyu clenched her teeth trying to fight through the pain. Julia bucked Xiaoyu upwards and tightened the hold. Now Xiaoyu was the one unable to breathe, getting lightheaded. And the pain in her ribs was excruciating. In desperation, she tried punching Julia. Julia managed to move her head out of the way of Xiaoyu's blind swings. Julia tightened the hold further, like a vise grip. She heard three rapid cracks, some of Xiaoyu's ribs cracking. Xiaoyu arched over backwards, arms dropping limply to her sides. She was prone in this hold now. Julia squeezed as hard as she could, trying to wring a submission out of her. She could feel Xiaoyu's heartbeat through her body. Julia was big and strong, so she wasn't going to tire out in this hold. Xiaoyu's back suddenly straightened out, her whole body stiffening. The pain in her ribs suddenly felt like a stubbed toe compared to the pain in her chest. Her ribs had compressed together so much that her heart had become pinched between her rib cages. It was sending electric shocks of the very worst pain she had ever felt in her life through her entire body. She began to convulse as if being electrocuted, her whole body as stiff as a board. She was developing an icy, numb feeling in her legs. Her eyes opened wide in pain, tears beginning to stream from them. Her mouth was open. She would have screamed an ear-splitting howl of pain, but she couldn't even exhale. She managed to weakly tap a submission. Julia immediately relented the hold, and gently guided her to the floor so as to avoid dropping her like a stone. Xiaoyu's body was twitching in response to her heart being squeezed. She started to foam blood from her mouth. Julia was apologetic.

    "I'm so sorry! I didn't know I was hurting you that badly. Xiao, I'm sorry... I'm sorry. Are you alright? Answer me! Say something! Please? Xiao!" Her only response was to cough up more foamy, bright red blood. "Get the medics out here right now! She needs some help!" The medics rushed down to do whatever they could to help Xiaoyu.

    Lili strolled her way into the arena. "Wow! That was quite impressive! You truly are a big strapping girl, aren't you? Here's your check, as promised, for winning my little side entertainment. It won't bounce, don't worry."

    Julia clenched her teeth and turned a malicious stare toward Lili. With lightning quickness, she grabbed Lili by the throat and slammed her to the floor. She began to choke Lili. "Now you listen to me, you little prissy bitch," Julia sneered through gritted teeth. "I just ended up hurting one of my good friends out there. This is what you are going to do, and this is not a negotiation. Do you understand me?" Julia punctuated this by shaking Lili by the throat. Lili nodded, gagging. "I won this tournament, but I had to do it by badly injuring a friend. What you are going to do is cut the both of us $1,000,000 checks. Then on top of that, you are going to fund the computer and any equipment I need to do my research. Then on top of THAT, you are going to fund Xiaoyu's amusement park. I know it isn't beyond your financial capability, so you're going to do it. I reiterate: This isn't a negotiation. You will do it, or I swear to all the spirits I worship, I will snap your neck like a dead twig and nobody will ever find your body. I know places, and I have the physical ability. And if you don't think I won't do it, by the Spirits, just you try and DARE double cross either one of us. I will murder you, and will not feel remorseful in the least about it. Now, do we have a deal?" Lili nodded agreement breathlessly. "Good. I'm glad we do." Julia let her go. Lili got up tentatively, coughing for air, then immediately set to work doing what Julia demanded of her.


    Julia visited Xiaoyu in the urgent care medic ward. Xiaoyu was still sleeping. Julia sat with her until she woke up some hours later. "unhhh?" Xiaoyu moaned. Julia's attention immediately snapped to Xiaoyu. "Hey, hey, don't move there. I'm really very sorry about what happened. I guess I don't know my own strength sometimes. I had no idea what was happening. I feel awful. Are you alright?" Xiaoyu nodded weakly.

    "I...I hurt a lot.. my ribs... they say I have two cracked ribs and a broken one. I... I don't remember what happened... how did I get here? I remember meditating that day... to get ready for the fight.. I.. have no memory of after that..."

    Julia told her how the fight went. "You wouldn't submit, so I had no real choice but to squeeze harder. Turns out I had your heart pinched between your rib cages. I had no idea, or I would certainly have stopped."

    "Oh, THAT'S what that was... all I knew was I felt the worst pain in my entire life... THAT, I remember."

    "Xiao, I'm so sorry. But there is a small upside, I suppose..."

    "What's that?" Xiaoyu asked.

    "Well, I, uh... renegotiated the terms of the fight with Lili. We're both getting a million bucks, plus I'm getting the computer and equipment I need, and you, well... don't get too over-excited, cause you're hurt and all, but she's funding the amusement park you wanted to make one day. In full. Your dream is going to become a reality, Xiao. Xiaoyu Land will be open for business one day. I gave Lili's team of engineers a copy of your blueprints, they're building it as we speak."

    Xiaoyu's eyes opened wide with excitement. "You mean it? Really?"

    "You know I wouldn't lie to my friends." Julia showed her the check. "I'll keep it safe for you until you can get out of here. You never know who has sticky fingers." Xiaoyu nodded. "Alright, well, you concentrate on getting better. I'll check in later and see how you're doing. Alright?"

    "Alright, thanks! And hey, I've never been so grateful for a beating..."

    "I suppose you're welcome? Haha. Alright, well, get some rest. You'll heal better."

    Xiaoyu settled into a deep sleep, dreaming of the amusement park she had always wanted, and would now have.


    The ending was sort of lame. I might be starting to burn out or something. I dunno. You can only reuse stuff so much. :p
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  2. Parasitoro

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    Very nice story. I like the use of submission holds.
  3. blitzrunner

    blitzrunner Guest

    You know me Raden.. I never bore of tekken fanfics.. especially with Xiaoyu on the butt kicked side =P
    First off, I REALLY hate the old Amusement Park idea of Xiaoyu... it was acceptable as a 16 hear old, but man... I can't believe she carried the idea onto Tekken 4 when she was 18 lol

    Second off, great use of submission holds. Despite not being a grappler, I suppose I could see a little Xiaoyu trying to pull something off like that, though as a small stature, the only few people I could see her trying it on would have to be at most Julia's size, if not smaller... Also, the Bear Hug... I never understood why they never went for the ears or eyes when someone did that... maybe its just a panic reaction, but I did enjoy imagining how Xiaoyu might have looked, all foaming at the mouth and all ;-)

    Third off... I just realized something about all of your fanfics, you never give mention of what they are wearing or how they are dressed in combat. Because of the Julia's more "wrestling" style, I imagined her dressed as Jaycee (TTT2 costume) and Xiaoyu in her TapOut costume (cuz she attempted a grapple). Nothing wrong with not mentioning it, but just something I noticed

    Fourth off... even when Lili isn't the fighter, you do manage to get her in a mix of trouble... kinda surprised Julia had the balls to DEMAND that kinda money out of her, but then again she was pissed

    Loving your Tekken Fanfics Raden... you know that!
  4. Raden

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    Oh yeah, Lili's got a mouth on her that writes checks even she can't cash... lol.

    I don't feel it's important describing the outfits... it lets the reader visualize it how they want. So if you picture Xiaoyu in her TapOut shirt/skirt, then go for it. It helps tailor it toward your preference ;)

    I think only twice have I described an outfit, but it was important to the story (when Lili attacked Christie's leg with a pipe and bruised it all up, Christie wore her pants outfit to hide it, and when Lili cheated Xiaoyu with a chloroform rag around her elbow, she wore her pants/halter-top which left her arms exposed.) Although I did imagine Julia in her indian outfit, as I described how Xiaoyu was knocked completely off her game when Julia started the wrestling stance. Yes, TTT2 was where I was going with that :p