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Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Chainsaw, Nov 30, 2014.

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    Allison Murphy stood in front of the door, she wasn't sure if this was the place though, a door in the ground in the middle of nowhere. She looked at the door again, perfectly horizontal to the ground, the door mocked her sense of logic. She took a deep breath, bent down and knocked three times.

    For a while, it seemed like nothing had happened. She stood perfectly still in the middle of the desert. She contemplated knocking again, but she heard footsteps from behind. She listened as they grew louder. The door opened, her jaw dropped when she saw a small man standing in what seemed like a hallway, the door was still perfectly parallel to the ground below.

    The short man instructed her to step inside. She did as she was told, the world seemed to shift around her, in place of the harsh desert was the clear blue sky, she looked back as the door closed behind her, the last image of the blue sky blurring out behind her. In her 18 years and 2 days, she hadn't seen anything like this. She tried not to think too hard about it and continue on.

    The short man before her wore only a loin cloth barely covering his modesty. He walked toward her, without warning Allison felt a kick detonate at her shins, instinctively she went down to one knee. The short man grabbed her hair and tied a collar to her throat. She saw him hook a leash up to the collar and walked ahead her as she was instructed to follow on all fours. The short man led her by the leash through the hallway.

    The hallway was a list of transparent doors with names of those inside the room. She saw a woman being thrown into a table, the giant man powerbombing her as if she was a ragdoll. She saw a woman being throat fucked by a large bodybuilder, while his parter kicked her stomach repeatedly. She saw a blonde cowgirl fall into a pit still in her chair, "Elly may" the door read.

    The hallway ended on a door that seemed to come up from nowhere. The short man instructed her to stand up. Allison did as she was told. She stood there wearing a body length robe, her blond hair tied up in pigtails, she wore pink hair bands at the root of each pony, her face youthful, she was American but had distinctly Asian features, her soft blue eyes staring back at the short man, the collar at her neck had spikes jetting out at equidistant intervals. The man disrobed her with a single flick of the wrist, the robe flew off in one swift motion. She wore blue sneakers paired with bubble gum coloured socks, her legs toned, muscular and shapely. Her micro mini cheerleader skirt ended just above the length of her panties, giving onlookers a peek at the pink panty beneath. She wore matching pink elbow and knee pads, her skirt was blue, paired with a sports bra like top, it was a V Neck, her ample cleavage on display beneath. Gold linings outlined the V neck slit, her shoulders and arms equally toned and muscled. The top finished just above the origins of her underboob, barely covering her nipples. Her rock hard six pack abs were in full view. She looked every bit the 18 year old cheerleader she was.

    The short man instructed her to get on her knees, he undid the leash and told her to step inside the door. She watched as the doors closed behind her, she could'nt tell the size of the room she was in, it was pitch black. She saw a small light fading in from the distance, the light grew stronger as it outlined a door, two huge figures walked in from the door, their shadows stretching across the room, it was then she realised the size of the large room.

    The figures walked in and stood at either side of the door, they turned their back towards her and flipped some switches on, dingy , grainy lighting came on in various spots of the room, Allison squinted to adjust to the dull light, the entirety of the room now faded into her view.

    The room was a placeholder of all sorts of weird sexual contraptions, a swing made of Velcro straps that seemed to suspend bodies in mid air, two wooden boards held together in a "X" shape with metal clasps at each end of the board, with a large metal clasp right at the point where the boards intersected. A chair with rope placed on the leather seat and a contraption that outlined her shape if she was on all fours, made of metal the device had holes in the back and the front. The devices had been placed in a triangle formation around a large blue circular wrestling mat in the center. The swing on the bottom left point of the triangle, the "X" on the bottom right and the chair at the top. The "all fours" metal frame was the only one that wasn't part of the formation, it's place was designated next to the door on the other side of the room.

    After coming to grips with the scene in front of her, Allison took a good look at the two men, both of them large framed, their bodies glistened with oil. They wore only a loin cloth around their modesty, the shape of the cloth tapering off into a thong from the back. Their large black bodies weren't unlike Mr.universe contestants, large physiques and larger muscles. They wore masks which covered their entire face except their mouths. They moved toward her.

    Allison tensed up as they stood in front of her. They held baby oil in their hands which they began applying on Allison's Ivory white body, they obsessed over every little part of her body, liberally sticking their hands in her top and panties, so that the oil reached every part of her sexy body. When they were done, she glistened in the dull light around the room. Satisfied, they moved towards the wrestling mat. One of them took his position directly parallel to the swing and the other took his by the "X", the only position left was next to the chair. Without warning, they ripped open their loin cloth, their impressive 10" members in full view. They knelt down on their knees keeping the rest of their bodies absolutely straight, both of them locked one of their arms together, their fingers interlocked into one another. With their free arms they motioned Allison to join them.

    Allison slowly took her place parallel to the chair, she knelt down trying her best to keep her upper body straight, she met both of them with her hands, so that she locked her fingers with their free hands, the three of them sat in the triangle position, with their arms locked into each other in a test of strength.

    Allison was strong, she always had been, since the incident, she had been granted extraordinary strength and resilience. She hadn't been injured or sick in her entire life, she was invulnerable to all forms of physical harm, one of the reasons why it became acceptable for women to indulge in their Ryona fantasies. Ordinarily, she would have wiped the mat with these two, here she was role playing, settling into her role as a dominated cheerleader.

    The three of them locked into a struggle, like a strange version of three pronged arm wrestling. Allison's muscles strained under the pressure of the combined strength of the two, sweat mixed with the oil in their bodies as it dripped down from their bodies. Slowly they began to overpower her, her body slowly arching backward until her pigtails touched the soles of her sneakers, they held her in body in the inverted "C" position for while pouring on the pressure.

    One of them broke the hold, the sudden shut down angled Allison's body to the left, as she struggled to maintain a center with her left arm flailing wildly. Now free of the hold, the ebony punched Allison in her rock hard abs, she took the punch still in the "C", her legs collapsing underneath her as she lay on the mat back first. The second man also released the hold, both of them took turns punching her stomach, each punch connecting with a thud that echoed across the large room, Allison squirmed and moaned as each punch turned her on, a tingle in her crotch confirming that notion.

    They parted her legs holding them in a "V", she felt their legs invade her crotch as they grinded their feet in the soft tissue of her pussy. Soon enough, her micro skirt was ripped open, her panties torn apart, one of the men locked his legs around her head, his knees meeting just under her chin, the rest of his black legs locked up at the feet, he poured intense pressure on her head. The other man repeated the move but locked his legs around her waist. Allison lay there in a head, body scissor combination as she began to get wet from the pressure.

    They let go of her and flipped her around, her shapely, bare ass now in full view. He stood on top of her till he was facing the direction her shoes were positioned in. He grabbed her legs, lifting her lower body up, her legs locked into his arms, her upper body stayed on the ground as he moved slowly backward bending her body into a "C". A few moments passed by, as she felt herself getting wet again at the pressure she was feeling in her legs. The other man lifted her upper body and bent it, so that her back almost met the back of the man who holding her lower body up, her stomach was the only thing touching the floor, as they bent her in an unnatural "U" position as she passed out from the pressure, orgasming furiously.

    When she came to she was tied to the chair, the ropes were knotted tightly, her legs and arms tied to the legs and arms of the chair, a rope bounding her waist to the back rest of the chair. Seeing her stir, the two men made their way towards her.

    Allison felt a barrage of punches detonate on her face, haymakers, upper cuts invaded her beautiful face, she felt her face fly in all directions from the force of the blows, her pigtails still strangely in tact and bouncing up and down. They took turns at punching her first, later they combined their blows, four fists landing in unison on her face as she passed out again from an intense orgasm.

    Whe she came to, her attackers were already in postion on the mat, she was still in the chair but had been untied now. The two men this time took positions around the chair and the swing, leaving the postion parallel to the "X" construction vacant for her. She got up of the chair, her lower body had been completely stripped of any clothes, her top and the spiked collar were the only remnants of clothing from her upper body. The pink elbow and knee pads, her blue sneaks and bubble gum coloured socks still in tact. Allison made her way to the wrestling mat.

    The three combatants sat in a triangle postion on the mat. Allison's gaze fixed on the two men to her either side. Out of nowhere, one of them swung for her face, she ducked underneath the punch but missed the bat in the other man's hand. He connected with the bat on the small of her back, the bat broke upon impact and Allison slumped to all fours. One of them then locked all of his fingers together to create a unified fist using both his hands. He bought it down hard on Allison's back, once, twice, thrice by the fourth time, she was lying face first on the mat. One of them straddled her back, he grabbed her pigtails and snapped her head backwards, resting her hands on his knees while he sat on her back, he shifted his hands underneath her chin, as he bent her upper body towards his chest. Allison was held in the camel clutch for quite a while before the second man came up behind her. He slapped her bare ass a few times before turning around and facing her sneakers. He sat on her bare ass and folded her legs towards his chest, once again Allison's body was twisted into a "U" shape. The first man freed one of his arms from under her chin, put two fingers in her nostrils and bent her nose backwards, Allison soon passed out orgasming loudly.

    When she came to, she found herself tied to the "X" machine. Her hands were fully outstretched and held with metal clasps on her wrists, her legs parted had clasps on her ankles, her waist and neck were also bound in metal clasps, her body suspended on the device in a "X" formation. The two men walked towards her, one of them had brass knuckles on his hands, while the other carried a kendo stick. They went on the attack right away, she felt the brass Knucks implode on her face as the kendo stick thudded on her stomach, for the next few moments, the two men gracefully transitioned from brass knuckles on face and stick to the gut to vice versa ad nausem, they finally stopped panting and out of breath, Allison was already out cold as multiple orgasms rippled her body.

    When she woke up, she was lying face first on the floor, she arched her head up to see the two men already waiting for her on the mat. She took her place parallel to the swing as she stared the two men down.

    Both the men grabbed one of her pigtails each as they yanked her up to a standing position, they stretched their arms ahead pushing her back slightly. Allison lost her balance and stumbled backward before she could fall the two men held on to both her hands, she was standing on her heels. The two men whipped her toward them, as her feet assumed running position immediately, she felt the collision of their combined arms on her throat, the impact of the double clothesline threw her body into a spin before she landed hard on her face. One of the men postponed his feet on the back of her knee caps, locking both her shins with his, he grabbed her arms and bent her upper body backward, her face flung back by the sudden motion. He then fell backfirst on the mat, lifting her entire body up in an inverted "U". He held the ceiling hold for a while. The other man tore open her top revealing her succulent large breasts, glistening in oil under the dull light, her nipples erect and pointing upward, he went to work on her tits with gleeful abandon, grabbing a handful and squeezing with all his might, he raked her tits by running his fingernails over them as Allison screamed in ecstasy, he twisted her nipples like knobs, Allison passed out as her now nude body convulsed with an orgasm.

    When she came to, she was already set up in the swing, the thick layers of Velcro strapped on like a thong on her ass, her arms tied behind her, perpendicular to her back. Her tits tied up with a Velcro layer that extended down from the ceiling, her feet also tied up the same way. She saw both men pushing some sort of contraption towards her, the device had a long rod connected to a motor on its base. The tip of the long steel rod had a purple 10" dildo at the end. The base of the machine had wheels at the bottom and what appeared like a small control panel elevated on its separate rod which sprouted from the base. She could read the large text on the steel rods. "Impaler 3000" it read.

    The men positioned both machines with precision adjusting the height of the swing so her mouth faced the dildo on one side and her bare ass touching the dildo on the other, the men started slowly at first as she felt the dildo's penetrate her throat and ass. With a few tweaks on the control panel, the machine was now pounding her at a rate of 240rpm. The machines worked in perfect synchronicity as the dildo's fucked her ass and face.

    One of the men grabbed a steel chair. He rested the folded steel chair on her back as he made sure he wiped the excess oil and sweat from his palms. The other man set up a camera beneath her. The man picked up the chair and bought it down hard on her back, as her suspended body arched a little. The impaler's cold machinery still fucking her in the mouth and ass. The man bought the chair down again and again, each time the blows becoming fiercer.

    He bought the chair hard again as it finally bent at the center. The men stopped the machines and left Allison's nude body suspended unconscious.

    Allison woke to find herself strapped to pedestals, four short ones with clasps held her arms and feet while a taller one in the middle clasped her from the waist, she was suspended on all fours. The men reappeared again, the brass Knicks came out again, so did the baseball bat, the positioned themselves in front of her face and ass, the one with the brass knucks started on her face punching her harder and with each blow, sweat and spit ejecting from her mouth each time the brass knucks connected, the other started on her bare ass, spanking it hard with the baseball bat. They kept going for a while then exchanged positions, the bat now colliding with her face while the knucks did their thing on her ass, the knucks also invaded her crotch on more than one occasion, they kept going, changing places once or twice, till she was about to pass out, they stopped. Allison came hard, her ass arched upwards as discharge spewed from her vagina.

    The two men disappeared for a while, then came back with a metal frame. They postioned it over her body, barring her ass and face, everything else was covered with the frame. The two men postioned themselves once again on either side, she felt the hard thick black dicks invade her throat and ass. Once again the man in the front started, pounding her face with his thick 10" black dick, he face fucked her hard, while his partner fucked her ass. They changed positions once again, the men spit roasted her good. Until both of them came with out morning, Allison felt the white discharge move down her throat and deep in her ass. The two men removed their members and walked away.

    Allison orgasmed once again, as the two men left her in the device and left the room, her face dripping with cum and unconscious.