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Star Wars: Power of the Dark Side

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by thesteedman, Jan 13, 2016.

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    Thalia VS Khaara
    SufferingLily) ----- (thesteedman)
    Jedi ----- Sith​

    <SufferingLily> The sun set behind Thalia, a brilliant red disc that set the sky ablaze behind her. The planet's second sun would set shortly after that and the world would know darkness for a time.
    The newly ordained Jedi knight smiled softly as the door to the Republic outpost opened with a soft whirring sound, admitting her inside to shelter and safety.
    It marked the end of her first day on assignment as a Jedi Knight and she was pleased with the results. She'd swept the forest to the south for traps from the recently abandoned Sith outpost and made it safe for the forces that would arrive tomorrow.
    However for today she was on the planet totally alone and despite the shelter it offered, the outpost felt very lonely as the sky grew dark.
    "Just a few more hours." She told herself as she made her way down a long hallway that led to the barracks. "Just one more night and I'll have some company."

    <thesteedman> Thalia's wish came sooner then she would have imagined. The door from which she entered suddenly burst with a flash of purple and crimson light, as two sabers, technology she was all too familiar with passed through the steel like a hot knife through butter. The sabers spiralled with frightening ease, creating a circular motion, carving a hole for a good portion of the steel door.
    No longer held in place, what was severed fell downwards against the ground. With the outpost so empty, anyone for miles would have heard the impact and felt the shock. Dust smoked upwards and scattered, as the low light from the outside cast a dark sillouette of a figure. A purple and crimson glow managed to reveal some features. Red exposed flesh, etched with dark markings. Slowly the figure walked... no.. it slithered into the outpost towards Thalia
    It slithered until it was in view, a female humanoid upper body, wearing only a strapless top over its breasts with matching wrappings around the wrists and a dark belt around her hips. Below that was a long powerful looking body of a serpent, scarred in place from previous battles. Through a matt of unkempt hair, dark eyes glared at Thalia, before it raised one of its lightsabres towards her.
    "Jedi..." The woman spoke with a sly smile. "I thought there would be more of you..." She further added, slithering closer towards Thalia.

    <SufferingLily> Thalia spun as she heard the steel door collapse, her red skirt flapping to reveal long tanned and toned legs clad in matching thigh high boots. Her hood fell back to reveal a pretty face and a wave of reddish brown hair that flowed down to her shoulders.
    "Who?" She shouted in surprise as she saw the glow of two lightsabers emerge from the darkness, followed shortly by a slithering and clearly unfriendly form.
    "Sith." She hissed as she drew her own weapons, spans of blue and green energing forming up with a familiar sound.
    "I thought all of your kind had fled this planet."

    <thesteedman> "Only the weak and the unworthy!" The woman spat out distastfully, holding a lot of venom and spite in her tone. She let her own lightsabres spin in her hands, letting her weapons sing out as they sliced through the air. "Khaara is my name." Khaara almost sang in a dark tone. She took a stance as her tail coiled around the area about her.
    "What is yours? I'd like to know the name of my prey..." Khaara questioned, before suddenly rushing forwards, springing off her tail for extra force as she advanced on the Jedi. She swung her sabers, laughing out loud as she did so, driving malice into her strikes as she tried to press the Jedi back
    "... before I devour them!" Khaara shouted as she did so. She did not eat people, but her enemy certainly didn't know that, looking to put the fear in her.

    <SufferingLily> Thalia was caught off guard by the entire encounter, it was all happening so fast and she was already so exhausted. But she tried not to let that show as she put on a confident expression.
    "My name is Thalia and I..." She was cut off before she could finish however as the alien creature leapt at her, shouting threats as she did so.
    Surely she didn't actually mean to... eat her. Thalia falthered and took a step back, and she was forced to take another as their sabers clashed, Khaara applying the greater force.
    Thalia grunted as she was forced to be on the defensive, using her sabers entirely to deflect incoming attacks. All she could do was look for an opening as she backpedaled.

    <thesteedman> Khaara laughed out loud, seeing Thalia go on the backfoot. "What's wrong? I thought the Jedi were powerful... unless it is just you who are weak!" Khaara spat out, pressing forward. She let her sabers clash against Thalia's with violent sparks and chaotic sounds. She looked to distract her with a complete offensive, however her snake tail soon slid along the ground, looking to try and capture Thalia's legs.
    "Your far too pretty to be a good Jedi. You have to be an old fool or a hag to be worthy, and even then you'll never match the power of the dark side!" Khaara shouted, as she made for her tail attack upon the jedi.

    <SufferingLily> Thalia's grimacing face was illumated by a shower of sparks as their sabers met once more. Only this time she thrust back against the attack to force her opponent's weapons to the side, creating a perfect opportunity to attack.
    She stared into Khaara's face as she prepared to swing. "The dark side will never match the light." She exclaimed just as she swung down...
    Only to gasp in shock when her swing went wide of her target. Suddenly she was off balance as something constricted tight against her leg, ruining her stance.
    She looked down with wide eyes to see the creature's tail wrapped around her ankle. She looked back up after a moment. "That's not fair!"

    <thesteedman> "You are right! The Darkside will never match the light... it will always be above it." Khaara laughed, though her eyes went wide as Thalia swung downwards, almost having the drop on her. A quick motion however interupted that strike when Khaara moved her tail.
    "Not fair?! Hahaha! You poor child..." Khaara laughed out, before sweeping with her tail, looking to try and bring Thalia off her feet. Khaara followed up with a deadly swing towards her wrist, looking to try and clip one of her arms to try and force her to drop one of her weapons.
    "Did your Jedi training not show you how to fight a Sith?" Khaara spoke in a mocking tone as she launched her attack.

    <SufferingLily> Thalia was caught completely off guard by the addition of her opponent's tail to the fight. But that never should have happened. She'd seen it and she should have accounted for it... her master would be so disappointed.
    Thalia shook her head to clear away the distracting thoughts as she raised her sabers to defend again. Only she suddenly found her feet pulled out from under her. Thalia fell with a squeal of surprise and landed on her butt.
    Then a different pain entirely ran down her arm as the sith's saber nicked her wrist, sending a jolt of shock down the entire limb. Her hand opened involuntarily and the weapon dropped to the floor with a clink, the glow disappearing immediately.
    "No!" Thalia exclaimed in horror as she raised her one remaining light saber to defend herself.

    <thesteedman> Khaara laughed out loud, using a force push to knock the fallen lightsaber away, far from reach. She swung down with both of her own sabers against Thalia's single weapon, pressing down to try and edge her own saber near her face. "Your so weak..."
    "... you have to at least make this fun for me, I'm getting so bored." Khaara whispered, continuing to play mind games on the Jedi. Without warning, Khaara pulled back from Thalia, pulling against her ankle as she did so to try and remove one of her boots.
    "Shall I give you a chance?" Khaara spoke, slithering away from Thalia to allow her to stand. She cast away one of her own lightsabers, moving to one like her opponant. "Is this a little better for you?" Khaara added with a condesending tone.

    <SufferingLily> Thalia cringed back in fear as her own lightsaber was pushed toward her face, the heat of it causing her to sweat as she fought with all her strength to push it back.
    Then suddenly the terrifying pressure was gone and her lightsaber pushed away from her face, met with no resistance. And her boot was gone as well. Now one long leg was left entirely naked up to the thigh.
    Thalia stood but her expression now clearly showed doubt and fear and she hesitated even as her opponent threw away one of her weapons.
    The sith's mind games were clearly working on the young jedi and Thalia saw herself at a disadvantage. So when the opportunity arrived she threw herself at Khaara with everything she had in an effort to end the battle suddenly.
    She leapt through the air toward the half snake woman and swung her lightsaber down toward Khaara's head.

    <thesteedman> Khaara bit on her lower lip in a seductive manner when she saw Thalia rush towards her. She took a stance, a dark smile on her lips when she pulled her other lightsaber back into her free hand. With a violent buzz it reactivated, giving a purple glow as both sabers rose up to block Thalia's powerful attack.
    Thalia's saber neared her face, such was the intensity and momentum, but with two sabers Khaara was able to block it enough. With a violent thrust, Khaara tried to disarm Thalia of her other lightsaber, trying to knock it from her hands.
    As she did so, her snake tail once more moved, slithering around her other leg, looking to wrap around it and knock her off balance once more. She looked to claim her other boot, clearly taunting the jedi now.
    "Whats wrong? You don't seem too pleased?" Khaara spoke, whether she managed to disarm Thalia or not.

    <SufferingLily> When Thalia's blow landed she was surprised to find her saber clashing with two weapons rather than one... though she shouldn't have been. Of course it was a sith trick.
    However she was too late in realizing her mistake and before she could adjust her hold properly Khaara counter attacked, the sheer force of it ripping Thalia's saber from her hand. It went clattering down the hallway as it rolled away from it's owner.
    Now a true look of fear spread across Thalia's face as she stood disarmed in front of her opponent. But even that was not enough for the sith as she chose to claim yet another prize.
    The jedi stumbled as the tail wrapped around her leg once more and her other boot slid free, revealing both legs to Khaara.
    "N...no." Thalia stuttered. "This can't be."

    <thesteedman> Khaara held both her own lightsabers in an X position across her own chest, a wry smile forming over her lips as she slithered her tail in the area around Thalia, looking to prevent her escape.
    "I sense fear in you. Do you not know fear is an emotion? One that leads down a dark path." Khaara whispered, looking over Thalia. She began to lash out with her lightsabers against Thalia, purposely missing her, striking at the ground either side of her.
    She laughed out loud, before she slithered close to Thalia, keeping a saber next to her neck. "Are you afraid of me?" Khaara whispered to Thalia, as she grasped at her outfit, suddenly pulling to try and tear some of it up, looking to expose her midriff. "Do you want to die here?"

    <SufferingLily> Thalia quivered as the sith's weapons raced through the air around her, weaving a deadly pattern just inches away from her dark skin. She tried to stand perfectly as the ground around her sizzled from the beams running along it.
    But she did let out a gasp as Khaara violently tore at the front of her robes, ripping a hole in the front that revealed a smooth flat stomach, kept in perfect shape from years of training... that appeared to have gone to waste.
    "I... I don't want to die." Thalia said meekly as she looked into Khaara's sinister eyes and heard a laugh devoid of sympathy or kindess.

    <thesteedman> "Then beg..." Khaara whispered, sliding close to Thalia, close enough to whisper into her ear. "... beg for your life, and perhaps I won't devour you." Khaara whispered, before grotesquely sliding her tongue along the side of her cheek. "I want to hear a powerful Jedi beg for their life."
    Slowly, her dark serpentine body began to slither, closing in around Thalia. Powerful coils slid around her slender waist, coiling downwards to wrap around her bare legs. A small mountain of coils had formed around the Jedi as she was on her knees from the waist down.
    "Let me hear it." Khaara whispered with a dark tone, keeping her sabers edged by her chest and throat, almost threatening to slice her.

    <SufferingLily> Thalia shook with uncontrolled terror as the woman's body coiled around her slowly, Khaara's sabers threatening to slice through her with the greatest of ease.
    "P... p... please don't kill me." She stuttered, utterly enthralled by the snake eyes that gazed into her own. "I don't want to die." The jedi had submitted herself completely to the sith, all but admitting Khaara as her better.

    <thesteedman> That twisted smile Thalia was fast becoming familiar with appeared on those dark lips again. There was a smile in Khaara's eyes that was no doubt unpleasant for the Jedi to witness so up close.
    Slowly, Khaara moved her sabers, edging them so close Thalia could feel the intense heat of the blade. A perverse giggle escaped from the Sith, as with frightening percision, she let the sabers slice through the fabric of her robes, exposing a little more of her midriff and back, and damaging more of her outfit to make Thalia almost look like a savage
    Once or twice she nicked the skin of Thalia, leaving dark marks on her skin, but there was mercy in that she left enough clothes on the Jedi to retain some dignity, leaving her chest covered and other parts. "Do you submit to me?!" Khaara whispered.

    <SufferingLily> Thalia winced as the sabers cut through the fabric of her attire, slowly trimming down the red clothc until it was unrecongnizable. Fabric hung down over her breasts, almost revelaing the barest hint of them beneath and a small skirt of cloth feel between her legs to barely protect her modesty...
    "I... I..." She hesitated but the feeling of the lightsaber leaving a burn mark across the skin of her arm made up her mind for her.
    Her pretty blue eyes shone with the promise of tears as she spoke. "I submit to you." She said in a voice barely above a whisper.

    <thesteedman> Khaara couldn't hold back her sinister laugh when she heard those words. "Louder..." Khaara whispered, letting her lightsabers finally ease away from Thalia. She knew the girl was defeated, and thus the crimson and purple blades retreated into their sabers.
    "... I didn't hear you." Khaara lied. "If you want to keep your life, I need to hear you say it." Khaara added, though once more she was already beginning to play dark games with her captive.
    Before Thalia could even speak, the muscular coils began to tighten, corkscrewing with frightening ease around Thalia's slender waist, beginning to constrict her. Khaara looked to tease her victim, hoping to squeeze her enough to prevent her speaking, knowing what fear that would conjur within her. "Let me here you say it... louder."

    <SufferingLily> Thalia opened her mouth to utter her submission again but the scales wrapped around her body suddenly tightened. She exhaled sharply and squirmed before opening her mouth again to speak... but nothing came out.
    Her expression became panicked as she looked down at the body twisting around her own, now painfully tight as it constricted even further.
    Her lips opened and closed incessantly but only inaudible gasps emerged and her struggling only grew more pronounced as her face started to turn red from the strain.
    She turned a pleading expression on her captor...

    <thesteedman> "Oh, and now the Jedi reveals her true colours. Not willing to submit to a Sith I see? Perhaps I was wrong about you. I see you would rather die with a Jedi's honour." Khaara teased. "Perhaps it was too much for me to hope." Khaara further whispered, not able to hide a sly smile from spreading across the side of her lip.
    Her coils continued to slowly crush Thalia, as Khaara couldn't help but admire her stunning figure, fine tuned over many years. She bit on her lower lip looking over her straining stomach as her coils spiralled a little more.
    Finally, her coils loosened, not quite wanting to end the fun just yet. She kept a gruelingly tight grip on the Jedi's waist, but eased up enough for her to breath. "Any last words?" Khaara whispered, already set on capturing her alive. The Jedi didn't have to know that however.

    <SufferingLily> Thalia's face only grew darker as she struggled to breathe, her head shaking back and forth as fear beat in her hear like a physical drum pounding agianst her chest. She was going to die here...
    Then suddenly the coils slackened and allowed sweet sweet air to flow into her lungs. Then she started trying to speak even before her first desperate gasp was finished.
    "No please." She scrambled to say. "I submit to you. I submit." She nearly shouted, her pathetic voice echoing down the narrowing confines in which they had fought.
    Her chest heaved, her impressive bust straining against the small amount of fabric still covering it as she stared pleadingly into the sith's eyes.

    <thesteedman> "Now do you know... the power of the dark side?" Khaara whispered, her tone dripping with venom. She ran a hand almost gently from just below her navel, sliding it up her stomach and abs to between her breasts. "You never had a chance... Jedi." Khaara further whispered, as her hand slid back down, gently raking over her body with her nails, not firm enough to break the skin but enough for Thalia to feel it.
    She moved closer to Thalia, her lips dangerously close to her own with mere centimeters between them. Once more, the powerful bands of muscle began to ripple around the slender waist of Thalia, tightening against her form, beginning to constrict her with immense pressure.
    "Scream for me." Khaara whispered, letting her serpentine body close in around Thalia, enjoying the feel of her flesh against her smooth and long body. Her arms slid around her chest, pulling her close, as Khaara threatened to force a kiss upon Thalia the moment her lips parted.

    <SufferingLily> Thalia's spirit sank even further, if that was possible, as she heard Khaara's words. It was true. This had hardly even been a fight... and now Thalia was paying the price for her failure.
    She started with groans of discomfort that built into shouts of pain that finally built into a scream as the scales wound tightly and painfully around her voluptuous figure. She screamed just as the sith commanded her to, feeling the heat of the woman's body so close to her own.

    <thesteedman> Khaara smiled, taking what she believed she had earned, pressing her lips against Thalia's, stealing a kiss from her lips. Her arms tightened around Thalia's chest, adding to the already near unbearable constriction, forcing their bodies to mesh tightly together.
    Khaara kept the kiss, knowing it would make it harder for the Jedi to draw breathe, as her coils and arms slowly crushed Thalia in unison. It was clear now that her intention was to render her unconcious, denying her precious air to slowly bring her to sleep.

    <SufferingLily> Thalia could barely move from the constriction and once more her face started to turn red, only this time it was partially from shame as much as it was lack of air. She let out a muffled cry as Khaara pressed her lips against her own.
    She squirmed in futility as her eye lids started to flutter. Eventually she started to slacken in the snake woman's grasp as her breasts pushed up against the sith's. Her head tilted forward as if she was leaning into the kiss.
    Finally her eyes rolled back and she fell limp in the woman's embrace as the constriction became too much. And so it was that she was dominated and outclassed by her sith adversary.

    <thesteedman> Khaara smiled, releasing Thalia with her arms, allowing her to fall back over the top coil around her waist. She kept the same pressure for a few seconds more, to make certain she was unconcious, watching as her chest heaved, desperate for air, whilst her body seemed to shudder.
    Khaara shivered in delight, marveling over her near perfect form. She let her coils slacken just enough for the unconcious Jedi to breathe, as she slid down, stealing a few kisses along her flat stomach. A sinister laugh escaped, echoing in the empty chamber. "You belong to me now." The sith whispered, enjoying the sight of her captive. "Perhaps I may be able to turn you to the dark side. If not..." Khaara spoke to herself, running a hand over Thalia's fine features. "... I can still make other uses from you." Slowly, Khaara began to slither from the chamber, keeping a powerful coil around her captive.
    Her shuttle was not far, and so Khaara moved back into the jungle, carrying the Jedi with her.

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