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Sofia (BAT) vs Salvador: An RP Log

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Cuntington, Mar 19, 2015.

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    The crowd roared once again as the two combatants entered the ring; the first was a young man, clad in a red sash and black leggings that cut off just below the knee, his sinewy, muscled form glistened with a manly sweat and scented oils and his long black hair blew in a non-existent wind. With a flick of his hand, he produced a red rose from which he took a deep, intoxicated sniff and spinning on his heel, he threw it into the crowd, watching with smug satisfaction as several women in the audience fought tooth and claw for it.

    "Hailing from Madrid, Spain; we have our next challenger tonight, folks! Preeesentiiinggg... Salvador!"
    With a spin, twirl and flourish, he took an elaborate bow, eliciting further squeals from the female members of the audience, while many men shifted uncomfortably in silence.


    Sofia walked in from the other side, walking confidently and seductively. She cracked her whip as if to announce her entrance and the crowd went wild. She smirked at them as she came into view, still walking with a definite sway in her hips. She was clad in skin tight leathers which, along with the whip, presented her as a Dominatrix. "And hailing from Russia, Sofia!" the announcer cried out and Sofia made a slow turn, making sure to look as sexy as possible while doing it.

    eRpGM: Salvador's dark eyes lit up as he gaze upon her, watching the Russian dominatrix pose and preen for her adoring fans. He was going to enjoy this...

    "escuze senorita, you are to be my opponent, si...yes?" He shimmied over, stopping just short of a whip's crack to smile and bow, one hand behind him and the other before him to show courtesy.
    Sofia: Sofia just showed him a defiant pose. She then stepped back, waiting for the referee to start the round. She held her whip at the ready, stretching her limbs here and there to make sure she was limber enough for this fight.

    erpgm: The bell rang and Salvador stood, tense and waiting her next move; he had heard of Sofia's infamous Thunder Ring attack and sought out to face this dominatrix. he licked his lips eagerly at the thought of her flesh; soft, supple and yielding; he was eager to make her putty in his skilled hands...
    Sofia: Sofia kept her distance, cracking her whip at him. She checked his movements, trying to read her opponent's moves. She just dance there out of his reach, keeping him at bay with that whip, waiting for him to make the first move.

    erpgm: With a smile, Salvador flicked his wrist once more producing another rose, taking a deep sniff as he strode carefreely into her reach. A strong, silent woman, hm? He'd have to do something about that...
    Her kind always thrived on the pain of others; he would know, and he also knew how to exploit that...
    All he had to do was wait for her strike.

    Sofia shouted as she struck at him with her whip, using the whip's momentum and her form to whip it at his direction. Her form was sensuous as she sent the whip to his direction, a body that had been trained for years for combat.

    erpgm: He let the whip strike him, taking it all in; the searing bite of the fibers as they cut into his chest and sliced the rose to petals, followed by the crackling, ozone-scented jolt as it filled his body with sweet, delicious agony, like the cold rejection of an unrequited love.
    "Ah!" He cried out as she struck him, but took considerable pains to hide another two steps taken towards her, placing him well within striking distance as he fell to his knees before her.
    "Mistress! So... divine... Have mercy!"
    He allowed himself a slight smile as he drank in the sight of her; her beautiful, flawless form clad in those skin-tight leathers, the cold mercilessness in those crystal blue eyes, the way her blonde locks fell tousled down her exposed back...
    Her kind reveled in the suffering of others, so to ready her body, sacrifices needed to be made.

    No pain, no gain, as they say.

    Sofia: Sofia was taken aback, but the smug dominatrix in her relished in his kneeling down. So do you forfeit? She asked cracking the whip at his sides but intentionally missing him. She then walked over to him and and lifted a boot near his face. "Lick it!"

    erpgm: No sooner did she lift a boot did Salvador spring into action, sweeping his legs out from beneath him to sieze her standing leg, gripping tightly around her booted ankle, he gave a sharp and savage twist.

    Sofia: She was caught unawares and cried out in pain as he twisted her ankle. Her body instinctively tried to follow which direction that twist went and she fell down facing the ground. She groaned as she moved her hands to try and lift herself off the grond

    erpgm: Salvador smiled as she fell; the damage to her ankle was minimal, but it was enough to slow her down and keep her off-balance; whip-work required a great deal of both stability and control and those heels would only make it harder to stand.
    "Mistress!" He cried. "Forgive my clumsiness. Please, punish me!" He slipped his knees back under him and lay back in reverse prostration as if to submit himself before her.

    Sofia: Sofia got up and managed to stand on both legs, but she was pissed. She whipped him hard a couple of times on the front, gritting her teeth as she felt the effort straining her injured ankle. She then gathered her strength and used an attack intended to knock him out when it hits.

    erpgm: He cried out as she struck him again and again, the whip's caress slashing his muscled, sweaty chest as he seemed to lie back and take it, meekly humping at the air as he seemed lost in sweet agony.
    Then it came, as she gathered power, he saw her flinch and rolled aside to dodge her vaunted knockout strike, ready to spring back to his feet at a moment's notice.

    Sofia: Sofia grit her teeth as he dodged that last blow, raising the whip high and throwing another strong attack at him, and as he did she frit her teeth as pressure was once again placed on her injured ankle.
    erpgm: Salvador licked his lips as another whip strike cracked past his ear and he felt his sideburns singe as it narrowly missed. Following up with another hard strike so soon? Sloppy, he chuckled to himself.
    erpgm: He slid under her guard, and with one hand gripped the wrist of her whip-wielding hand, squeezing hard in the hopes of forcing her to release it. With the other, he placed a sharp slap across one exposed cheek of her behind.
    Sofia: Sofia gasped as he spanked her, blushing as he did so. She dropped the whip but turned towards her right and delivered a punch towards his face with her left arm.
    erpgm: Salvador took the strike and spun with the force, grabbing her whip with a flick of those dextrous hands as he flew back. Skidding to a halt scant feet away, he used the momentum to crack the whip across her leather-clad body.
    Sofia: Sofia screamed as it hit her turning away from the pain. She was blushing as he struck her with her own whip. She also felt a slight burning in her loins. She stepped out of whip range, thinking of how she was going to get it back.
    erpgm: Salvador however, was merciless and knowing full well how damaged her ankle was, pressed his advantage, striking her repeatedly, turning the control ring in the whip's hilt each time as he upped the voltage to burn away the skintight leathers that protected her soft, supple form.
    Sofia: She tried to run but it was no use. Soon her screams of pain became moans of pleasure. One well placed hit on her ass later and she doubled over, screaming as she came. The whole audience was stunned at first, then started calling her names such as whore, and slut and painslut. They even egged Salvador to continue, some asking he whips her again, others telling him to finish her, or more specifically to finish IN her.
    erpgm: His mirthful smile became one of pure malice as with one final electrified stroke to her loins, he had forced one orgasm out of her. Raising the whip to make sure both she and the audience could see, he crushed the controls in the handle with a spark and fizzle, signifying that following the breaking of Sofia's whip, the symbol of her power, her will was sure to follow.
    He strode over, placing a bare foot before her. "Do you submit, senorita?" He chuckled.

    Sofia: Sofia looked up at him. No! It wasn't supposed to be like this! He was supposed to be the one on his knees! She should be the one standing over him! This is so wrong! This shouldn't be! But...
    She bit her lower lip
    ...but why does it feel so good? She then leaned forward and kissed his foot. After kissing she slowly licked it, twice. Then looked up at his face with a submissive look on hers.

    erpgm: "Good chica." He gave a satisfied smile and placed a foot beneath her chin, gently caressing the underside of her chin with his toes. One must not be too generous with one's subs.

    Sofia: The crowd was now clamoring for him to finish her, to fuck her. And she heard it all. She just looked up at him, wondering what he was going to do to her now.

    erpgm: He frowned at the crowd, and his glare caused many to fall silent. Impatient fools, he thought, it is a delicate process to break a warrior's spirit. They must be led to believe they are no longer fighters, but the prize; a weak thing to be owned, like she was now. With the top of his foot, he pressed it against the side of her head, forcing her to roll over onto her back and look at him upside down.

    Disorientation was an important step in dominance.

    Sofia: She did as was "instructed", lying on her back as she continued to look up at him. One hand was on her breast, the other at her nethers, rubbing herself.
    erpgm: "Stop that, slave." He commanded. she would not have release. Not now. Not yet. Frustration must build, fuelling her helplessness. "Hand and legs spread, slave; don't get up."

    Sofia: She looked up at him and cringed, afraid he would hurt her again. She immediately let go of herself, her hands and knees on the ground as instructed.

    erpgm: He dusted his foot off on his other shin and gently placed the now clean foot upon her face, sliding his toes between her lips as though they were fruits offered by a lover. "Here, you may taste."

    Sofia: She eagerly had a taste, opening her mouth and stretching her tongue out. She eagerly licked at the offered foot, licking wherever her tongue can lick.
    erpgm: Shortly after he withdrew his foot and leaning over, whispered. "and what do you say, slave?"
    Sofia: "Tha..." she gulped, "...Thank you, Master" she said to him, hoping that was the appropriate response.
    erpgm: "Good girl." He said, his voice dripping with glee. "And good girls get rewarded." He said the second part loud enough for everyone to hear. He knealt down astride her, and planted his bulge in her face. His trousers fabric stretched by the girth and length of his manhood, so close and yet so far as he rubbed it against her lips.
    Sofia: The crowd cheered as he mentioned rewarding her. She smiled at the mention of a reward and when he pressed his bulge to her face, she eagerly licked and sucked on it, wishing that the fabric wasn't there so she can suck that cock.
    erpgm: Getting up, he stepped over her, a deliberate sign of disrespect as with that last gesture, he had cemented his dominance. Sitting astride her hips, he reached out and pinned her wrists down as he started to lick and kiss her navel, working his way up her midriff, then stopping at her breasts as his tongue began to circle the areolas, then the bud as he skilfully worked her body.
    Sofia: Sofia arched her back as he teased her with his lips and tongue, moaning at the feel. The crowd in rapt attention as they saw the show before them. The fight was forgotten now.
    erpgm: As he felt her buds harden, he bit down gently on each one and pressed hard with the tip of his tongue; no doubt that would moisten her further and ready her for what comes next...
    Sofia: She arched her back again, moaning out lewdly as he bit and licked her nipples. She was panting heavily now, ready and eager to be fucked. She squirmed on the floor, wanting to touch herself but not allowed to.
    erpgm: He suddenly got up, and seizing her by her hips, rolled her onto her front, pulling her behind up into the air with her face planted into the ground. He smacked her hard once on the behind as a reward.
    Sofia: Sofia let him turn her over, her cunt wet with need. This is it. She thought to herself, and she eagerly awaited it. She yelped as he slapped her, her loins heating up some more. The crowd cheered again, trying to hurry him along, to fuck her now.
    erpgm: "what are you?" He asked her, undoing his trousers and placing the tip of his rod scant millimeters from her nethers, just close enough for her to feel the warmth radiating from it.
    Sofia: "I'm your slut!" she whimpered, body trembling. Part of her wanted him to thrust that in and fuck her. Another part of her was afraid and would hope he would be gentle.
    erpgm: "Louder." He commanded. "So they can hear you!" He pushed his phallus closer, the tip, moist and hot, touching the very edge of her sex.
    Sofia: "I'm your slut!" she cried out "I'm your whore! A worthless piece of meat to fuck!" she screamed as she remained in her position, ass high and waiting for him to fuck her.
    erpgm: The crowd fell into a stunned silence; they'd seen Sofia in her matches before; unrelenting, dominant and untouchable, now reduced to the moaning, trembling mess on the floor before them, bowed and broken.

    erpgm: "Si, that is correct!" He laughed. "You are my broken little doll, aren't you?! Tell them!"

    Sofia: "I am a broken little fuckdoll! I'm only good to be fucked and only good to put cock into!" she cried out, "I belong to my Master and he does whatever the fuck he wants with me!!'

    erpgm: "Good girl!" He laughed, almost hysterically. "And good girls get - Rewarded!" He punctuates the last word with a sudden, forceful thrust.

    Sofia: She cried out in pained pleasure as she was penetrated, the crowd going wild as she was fucked. She lay there and shuddered, moaning at how it roughly stretched her cunt. She panted heavily, her body shaking from the ordeal.

    erpgm: Salvador was not letting up, his hands sliding to grasp her breasts and pull her against him as he leaned onto her and pound her again and again, his lips and tongue working her back and neck.

    Sofia: Sofia squealed in pleasure, as if for the first time finding her true calling .She bucked back against him as he plowed into her, loving every inch shoved into her.

    erpgm: He grinned maniacally, watching her melt in pleasure and he snorted like a bull as he hammered again and again, gleefully vowing to pound her til she blacks out.

    Sofia: "Yes! YES! Fuck me hard!" she cried out, her face twisted from the sheer pleasure, "Fuck me until I break!" the girl bucked back like a wanton whore, tongue lolling out and drooling with desire.

    erpgm: He made good on that promise, lancing her over and over as he drove her into the mat; any moment now and her climax was going to be earth shattering as for the first time, Sofia would experience an orgasmic defeat.

    Sofia: Her face burned as her cheek scraped against the mat, her Master's thrusts so forceful in jolted her forward. Her cunt greedily sucked on his cock as she could feel her desire welling up and will soon be looking for release.

    erpgm: Salvador gave a grunt as he intensified his efforts, ramming himself in until Sofia's knees had given out and his rod and her sex's pleasure-fuelled grip was all that kept her attached to him. Any moment now...

    Sofia: Sofia just spasmed there, a toy to be used. She could feel him pound into her, tongue lolling out lewdly. She was now chanting "Fuck me!" over and over, her eyes seeming to have lost sight and was just glazed over.

    erpgm: With one final push to send them both over the edge, he grunted as he filled her with his warmth. With a deep exhale, he simply let her worn out, battered body slide off of him.

    Sofia: She screamed as she felt him blast his warm seed "YES! FILL ME UP!!" she cried as she came as well, cumming in torrents. She shuddered and spasmed, twitching on the floor as she orgasmed. This was what she was made for, to be fucked.

    erpgm: "AAAND THE WINNERRR, FOLKS!" The announcer bellowed "SALVADOOORRR!!!"
    Salvador stood to face the crowd, shameless about his genitals hanging and dripping in a mixture of their juices.
    He planted a foot on Sofia's behind, to further display his victory as the crowd cheered.
    Another legend broken; With a final wave to the crowd, Salvador zips up his trousers and grabbing Sofia by her neck, drags her limp, almost lifeless form from the ring.

    "Mi amore, we will have such fun, you and I..."