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[PC] Sex Bucket of the Undead

Discussion in 'Adult Games' started by Thundragon, May 31, 2013.

  1. Thundragon

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    May 12, 2011
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    Browsing DLSite I found a 3D Game over Rape shooter game which is quite fun (and hard too)


    DLSite page: 死霊の肉便器〜大量のゾンビに囲まれて倒さないと犯されちゃうぅぅうぅ
    English DLSite: Sex Bucket of the Undead - Rise of the Zombie Throngs

    Right when you start the game you get to choose graphics options, however as far as i know it simply improves lighting a little bit and some particles/textures look better.

    Before you start the game you get into a menu with A LOT of options, however they are self explanatory and it's also in english! You get to choose the character's main weapon, alternate weapon and then a lot of unlockable clothes and accesories such as hats, neclaces and costumes as well. You can unlock all that content by buying it in the shop (duh) with money you get in-game.
    The shop also sells you ammo for your alternate weapon, such as grenades. There's also a gallery mode, however it hasn't unlocked anything after I died a couple times (I guess it's because I'm playing the trial version).

    The two little arrows at the side of the start button let you pick the stage and then you get into it. You are fixed on a location in the stage, holding a machinegun and your goal is to get rid of all zombies that appear by waves and then a final boss. You aim with left/right, shoot with Space/Z, and use your alternate weapon with Ctrl/X. Each zombie takes about 10-15 hits to kill, however they get slowed down when shot and your machinegun shoots fairly fast so it's not a big deal, except when too many zombies appear at the same distance.

    When you kill a zombie, it drops gold coins you have to shoot at to get money, and sometimes hearts appear in the background, which you also shoot at in order to recover health. Zombies also give you some experience, and when you level up you upgrade your maximum health slightly. I haven't found if you gain anything else by leveling up yet. If you lose all your health, the zombies will have their way with you, and then you are kicked back to the main menu, and you keep all the gold and experience you earned before getting knocked out.

    The GoR animations are fairly good, considering it's a hentai game. The models are ok and there are several poses in a single game over. I'd say visually it's slightly better than Meijiroido or Chrono o' Clock.