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Sex Android Dialogues

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by Loren, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Loren

    Loren Potential Patron

    Nov 14, 2011
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     Congratulations! You were chosen to test our newest product, SD-Chan! After many tests and experiments on female test subjects, we have finally made a female android capable of oral stimulation that acts and feels just like a real woman, without the expensive medical bills!
    The model we're sending you, 0.5b, is our beta version, so you may encounter a few bugs. Simply write those in your review and we will fix it when 1.0 is released. A high quality review will get you 25% off version 1.0!

    So basically you get a slightly buggy blowjob android. The dialogue I'm giving you is more for manual control and not the android itself giving the blowjob. I'll possibly make one for the 'self' autopilot setting later on.

    Take a look and see what ya think. Is there something you'd want to include? Something that just seems too cheesy? Maybe I missed something and there's a bug other than the ones I put in on purpose?


    Use what settings you want, but this is the code for the android I used. I imagined gray, artificial looking skin, black hair and plain eyes. Just click select and then use Ctrl+C to copy it.
    charName:SD chan;mood:Normal;bodyScale:1.03375;arms:onlegs;

    Edit: 120 downloads already? Woah.

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  2. Wathayus

    Wathayus Potential Patron

    Nov 22, 2011
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    The Dialoge and The Charakter Code is Impressive good work.

    I have found a Hair Of Android i post it.

    The text is good Please post some more of this ^^


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  3. scourge619

    scourge619 Guest

    Thanks for the dl. I liked it and found some if it amusing xD
  4. tonyh5144

    tonyh5144 Potential Patron

    Dec 7, 2011
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    Great dialogue - you've had a clever idea there! ;D Good idea to put bugs in - apart from making it more realistic, if there are some deliberate mistakes you can say almost any mistake was deliberate. For instance, is it you or the android's manufacturers who mis-spelt "ninety"? ;)

    (Come to think of it, that gives me an idea for another android dialogue...)

    How to extend it?...
    Maybe an advertisement for v1.0 - "Version 1.0 will include adjustable gag reflex, new behaviour patterns and AirCumâ„¢ contactless stimulation" - or for 0.6b with the automatic mode.
    If she's got blank-looking eyes, perhaps they're cameras - so she could say "My optical sensors detect signs of enjoyment in your face"
    I like the way she predicts what you're going to be like - perhaps one of the first_dt lines could be something like "Anomaly detected: penis longer than expected for standard human. Switch to "Pornstar" profile?"
  5. Ju Ju Man

    Ju Ju Man Guest

    I enjoyed fapping to it.
    Just a couple thoughts:
    Instead of using the generic coughs, I'd use something more robot-like (-bzzzt, -zap, -error, etc...) just think it would make it more like she's a robot.
    Also, adding more specific errors seems to me like a good idea. (Things like: "Error code 386: Gag reflex has stopped responding." or something) maybe I enjoy computers too much.....

    Anyway, just some things to consider, it's great as-is.