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Dec 6, 2022
Hello there, im looking for a detailed and semi-literate roleplay partner, to roleplay a quite simple and intresting plot, basically im a adventurer, a knight to be exact and you will be my companion, a young mage who been travelling with me for quite some time, but there's a thing in this parnership, you're completely useless, not for you inability to help, but by choice, you always did your best to sabotage me and harass me, all over for my body, since i was too oblivious to your advances, despite all your blunders, i was too guilible and kind to tell that you were underperforming on the battles, so i always assume you were trying your best despite how clear you make that you were just slowing me down.

Thanks for reading this, if this intrested you, hit me up on my discord.

Discord: lostbr

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