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Review: ThunderGirls Theater: We'll Have a K-O Time (brief)

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Gorleser, May 29, 2012.

  1. Gorleser

    Gorleser Guest

    After about a year of not having looked at ThunderGirls, I checked the site this week to discover that they have ventured away from some of the more straightforward pro-style wrestling with mild fetish/ryona elements and are beginning to explore use of fetish models and more sexual content.

    There is a new series of videos featuring Angelique Kithos, Samantha James, and Hannah Perez (Angelique best known from her clips4sale website and Hannah from her work for a number of different video companies, most notably RingDivaShop. I have never seen Samantha before). These videos feature some elements such as breast grabbing, smothers, and low blows.

    This is just a brief review with some positives, negatives, and a heads up about whether your enjoyment of some elements of the video will be affected by individual tastes. Excited about the new content, I downloaded the video noted in the title of this post, featuring Samantha James and Hannah Perez.

    ***Spoiler alert***

    -Neither of these beautiful ladies is a pro wrestler, and the website is quite forthcoming about this issue
    -Hannah is beautiful, particularly her hair
    -Samantha has a different body type (more voluptuous), and is also beautiful
    -There are 3 knockouts in the video, and each is sold reasonably well for amateur wrestlers
    -The price is slightly less than a dollar per minute (USD)

    -*Terrible* camera work. In fact, the camera work made this video almost unwatchable for me, with unforgiveable shakiness throughout
    -The "revival" after each knockout happens in such a way that it undermines the actual knockout-- the girls recover so rapidly from being knocked out it either seems like the knockout was very light, or there is a lack of understanding of "wrestling psychology", meaning the force of the knockouts should be sold in order to make them more meaningful.

    Individual Taste:
    -If you are to enjoy this video, you will have to overlook the lack of pro wrestling experience in the performers, as the action is rather stilted and does not look like a pro wrestling match
    -The video is light on the more sexual elements I listed above in contrast to other vids in the genre (most notably Alex Bettinger), with maybe 1 example from each
    -Samantha is wonderful and very sexy, but she does have a non-traditional look for this genre

    I would have liked to included more detail, but I could not stand to rewatch the video and comment on sound, for instance, because of the camera work. Bottom line, it is as advertised: two sexy gals wrestling amateurishly with light sexual elements and 3 knockouts. Camera work is very distracting.

    1.5/5 stars, mainly due to filming issues. I don't see myself buying other videos in this series even though I am a big fan of ThunderGirls (over the last 10 years) and want them to succeed. Hope this is helpful.
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