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Hey everyone. I want to present to you my game: Pandora's Box.

What is it?
It's about a couple in a relationship. The game starts as they move in to their new apartment in the city. After some really poor choices their relationship gets through a lot of questionable decisions both from the male and female's point of view.

  • The main two paths of the game are corruption and submission. Corruption being for the girl and submission for the guy. You rank up points which let you unlock additional choices later in the game.
  • The main fetish/tag of the game is NTR/Corruption but it's not the only one. There will be more added such as: lesbians, voyeurism, big dick, prostitutes, dominatrix, foot fetish & more!
  • Each update features several animated sex scenes! I try to balance the number between the female and the male.
  • Lots of different locations and characters to explore. Every encounter in the early game could have repercussions later on.
Pictures from the game:





  • Newest Patreon version: 1.0
  • Newest Public version: 0.20
Let me know what you think! If there are any bugs or recommendations, I'd love to hear.
If you enjoyed the game, then please consider supporting me at Patreon
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Thank you for posting and updating. When you make a new update post, PLEASE delete outdated update posts. That way our members can quickly get to the most current information about your game.
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Pandora's Box 1.0 is out today. This is the last content update version for this game. I have a planned sequel in the works, so keep your eyes peeled. More info will be posted on my Patreon / Twitter. Expected release date for it is May 2021.

  • 200+ new renders.
  • Fetishes and sex scenes this update: Lesbians, Cunnilingus, French Kiss, Motorboat, Boob play, Anal Masturbation;
  • Fixed issues in a few scenes from old updates that had clip through clothing.
  • Fixed some spelling errors in previous versions.
  • Updated the game to the newest Ren'Py engine 7.4.4 which should eliminate the false positive virus detection from the old 7.4.3 version. Thank you for your patience on that.
  • Android version added.
  • Each scene and render is enhanced further in Photoshop (as of last few updates)