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Jul 5, 2020
EDIT: Link to free demo version -> Free demo version at MEGA

Hello World! I am Sedid and I'm creating New Environment. A lewd visual novel made for dirty minds!


Check out my Patreon to see previews, participate in polls, and know more about the game!
All constructive feedbacks are welcome, every comment helps.


In New Environment, you play as a young man who just got kicked out of his house. To avoid being homeless, the only option you have is to seek the help of your uncle.
During your journey, you'll meet a lot of beautiful girls. Are you going to try to seduce and corrupt them, or will you let other guys take your place?


- School setting
- Corruption
- Voyeurism
- Netorare (optional)
- Blackmail
- And more!


You might not be able to start the game due to an error. This could be due to the app not having permission to write to storage. If you allow New Environment permission via the information screen it should run properly.
Black screen: if you can't open the game, delete all the builds and reinstall the last version.
This visual novel is pre-patched on Android. To play the full version, you can switch the Dirty Mind button on "ON".


NewEnvironment-strange-girl.png NewEnvironment-lisa-office.png NewEnvironment-Blair-subway.jpg NewEnvironment-Mackenzie-censored.png NewEnvironment-Kyouka-school-follow.jpg


This project is made possible through the generous support of Patrons! To benefit from early access versions (currently: 0.2.1), game news, exclusive content, and much more, become a Patron!
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Apr 16, 2012
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