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Rayne's Tournament

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by tgn, Aug 10, 2014.

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    Rayne's Tournament: A dark tournament made of some of the darkest, most sadistic individuals on the planet, all though the tournament is actually open to all those who would like to enter. All though a handful of warriors are selected due to their cruelty and they have one distinct advantage, they are allowed to receive certain abilities to help assist them in winning. Why the advantage you ask? The owner of the tournament is Rayne, a wealthy business man. Every time someone is killed in a battle he will receive a winning on his bet. All of the people he has brought in with the powers are the people he will bet on. Whats the prize for the winner you ask? What ever you desire, you just have to win eight battles, all of them are done at different times in front of an underground crowd. The arena is a cage similar to the arena in Tekken 4.

    The first battle is between two people, each battle will have only have two people. There are no weapons but anything else is allowed, even the special abilities since it's Rayne's tournament.

    Battle 1: Tiff vs Blaine

    Tiff: A young girl whom is about to go into her senior year in high school, she is currently on the Dance team and Cheer squad. One day, she had come home to see a letter in her newspaper. Her Brother, who was arrested for a murder had been invited to the tournament. It took her all of five seconds to decide to attend but as she arrived at the door they told her that in order to talk to the participants she would have to participate. The thought of entering the tournament scarred her, after all she hadn't practice martial arts in quite sometime. After a quick thought, she chose to enter the tournament wearing the same clothes that she had arrived in. Unfortunately for her, she didn't read any of rules. She thinks it's just a normal martial arts tournament.

    Looks: She is a young fit girl with dark brown hair, her hair goes half way across her back. She is known for her smile which has gotten her past many confrontations. She plans on using this in battle to her advantage against male fighters.

    Clothes: She is wearing the outfit she was wearing when she came in: Very short daisy duke jean shorts. A plain white skin tight T-shirt with a flannel jacket over it. Her shirt is a midriff and shows her stomach. She is a fit build with toned legs, her arms are small but toned. She has the build of a typical cheerleader. She doesn't wear too much makeup but has the natural look going for her.

    Blaine: A ruthless gangbanger from the hard streets of L.A, he was known for murdering his rivals in just under a minute. He was unlike most gangbangers though, he never used a gun but would kill his enemies by hand either by using his fists or his feet. One day he started attacking an under cover cop, he brought down scores of police men but eventually was handcuffed and thrown in prison. One day, he received a special letter from an unknown person. The note invited him to the tournament and promised him freedom in return, he arrived to meet a creepy man named Rayne who's face was covered by a dark shadow as they spoke. The man offered him an ability of his choosing. Blaine asked: Yeah? Whats da catch? He said there isn't one, just pick and you shall receive. Blaine: Prize? Rayne: What ever you want...and the freedom. He was then handcuffed and taken to the dressing room. He will be released one hour before the first fight.

    Looks: He's a dark skinned, tatted up gangster. He is very, very built and has the whole six pack and muscle build going for him. He's not the biggest guy around but has a body much like Bruce Lee. He has a scar on the right side of his face from fights.

    Clothes: He has chosen to be shirtless, he wears a large metal cross in the middle of his chest which hangs from a golden chain. He has several gang tattoos all over his body and tattoo that says kill all rivals on his back. He wears a pair of jeans with one leg rolled up to his knee. He also has a white bandana on his head.

    Ability: He can change any part of his body into metal at anytime. His fists can become metal, his feet, everything. He can also change them back at anytime.

    Battle one: Tiff vs Blaine

    As Tiff walks into the ring she has a concerned look on her face, her enemy is much scarier than anyone she has ever faced before. She wondered if he had been to prison and wondered what she had gotten herself into.

    Tiff: Ew...I hope I don't have to touch you too much.

    Blaines eyes looked at her body and he got a big smirk on his face.

    Blaine: Damn...You fine...Too bad this won't last that long...unless I want it to.

    *The bell rings*

    Tiff charges directly at Blaine and gets him a quick kick to the face, she is very flexible for obvious reasons and still has her ability to kick. Unfortunately for her Blaine catches her leg, as he looks at her leg he notices that it's shiny and decides to feel it up.

    Blaine: This feels nice little girl, when you gonna try to hurt me?

    Tiff gets angry and tries to break her foot free but before she can do that he kicks her other leg from under her. She hits the ground head first, her leg is released when she was kicked in her lower leg.

    Tiff: Ow! (In a whiney high pitched voice*

    Tiff holds for head in pain and tries to crawl away.

    Blaine: Oh no you don't!

    Blaine grabs her foot and yanks her back, he then pulls her up by the hair

    Blaine: You ready to di...

    Tiff elbows him in the crotch and he releases her as he goes down, his eyes look wide and he lets out a strange yell. Blaine than looks up at her as she is now on her feet. An evil grin across his face and she begins to back up as she is now afraid that she had done the wrong thing.

    Blaine: It's been a look time since I've felt pain...

    He gets closer and backs her into a corner, he puts his hands on her neck and slams her into the cage. As hes holding her Tiff is gasping and clutching at his hands with a terrified look in her eyes.

    Blaine: Now I'm gonna make you hurt real' bad.

    Blaine turns his right knee into metal and knees her in the stomach full force, Tiff lets out a huge gasp and the life leaves her eyes almost immediately. He still holds her up by the neck as her hands go down and her eyes clothes, he then releases her and lets for fall on her side.

    Tiff: *Lets out a cough and gives Blaine a scarred look* Is this the end? She thinks.

    Blaine then picks her up by the head and he her on her knees, shes still in the corner.

    Blaine: I wonder if I can turn her everything into metal...Lets find out...

    He turns his crotch into metal and while you can't see it because of his pants Tiff can certainly feel it. He thrusts her heads first into the cage with his crotch, her face is facing his crotch. He then grabs her by the head with both hands and forcing her head first into his crotch. Rubbing her face against it while laughing.

    Blaine: Yeah...you like that bitch?...Yeah feels good...

    Tiff's eyes are now running down with tears as he continues to humiliate her, the crowd remains loud and Rayne lets out a laugh while he watches from his window.

    Blaine throws her down hard on her side, she is now holding her face in pain while crying from the pain. She is now in a curled up position while laying on her side.

    Blaine: Oh I'm not through with you yet...

    He unzips his pants and picks her up by the hair, Tiff is now wide eyed and shaking her head no.

    Tiff: No...I give up please don...

    Before she can finish Blaine takes out his now metal penis and jams it down her throat, there is nothing she can do as it's made of metal and she can't bite it or anything. He contenues to use his hands to move her head back and forth faster and faster as she grunts and screams which are muffled by his cock.

    Blaine: Ahhhh...Yeah...

    He cums inside of her and you can see her shake violently as he finishes, he then pulls her off and looks at her. Teers are running down her face and her hands are still holding on to his arms.

    Blaine: GET OUT OF MY FACE!

    Blaine throws her on her side again head first, she is now not moving as much besides her breathing. All you can hear is Tiffs wimpering as the seamen is dripping from her mouth on the side.

    Blaine: Alright...have had my fun...

    *He zips up his pants*

    Blaine: Now I'm gonna make you suffer....

    Blaine picks her up by the hair and wraps his arms around her neck in a sleeper hold, Tiff lets out a gasp and trys to breaks his hands free but he turns his hands into metal. He then wraps his legs around her and falls back, putting her in an mma type sleeper hold. Taylor struggles to break free but slowly starts to fade away. Her eyes roll to the back of her head and gasping getting softer.

    Blaine:...No...this isn't how I want you to go....

    Blaine releases her and she is now out cold, twiching and drooling. He kicks her so she is laying upward and waits for her to come to. She then opens her eyes just slightly and closes them, she is just too tired to fight back now.

    Blaine: Aw...You no fun...suit yourself!

    Blaine turns his hands into metal and mounts on top of her, he then starts to pound her face in as hard as he can. Her legs twiching and moving around with every blow. He keeps pounding her for about three minutes until she stops moving. He's pretty sure that shes dead but just as he stands up she lets out a cough, teers are still running down her face.

    Blaine: Ha...You tougher than you look!

    Blaine kicks her so shes laying on her stomach and puts his foot on the back of her head, he then starts pushing harder and harder until he hears her wimper, shes far too weak to fight back and can't even think at this point.

    Blaine: Yep...still alive...goodnight!

    Blaine turns his foot into metal and stomps on her head. A loud thundering crack is heard and the audience starts cheering, Rayne is cheering from his window.

    Blaine then raises his arm and steps out of the ring, what a shame. She never got to find her brother.
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    That was great, and I love the concept of normal vs superpower. No weapons allowed means the one without superpowers can't use outside help to close up their disadvantage. This fight was so lopsided Blaine didn't even need his powers except for the finishing blows. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of super powers will be in future matches. It would be cool to have an even match pre-superpower, then have the superpower turn the match around.
  3. tgn

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    May 26, 2011
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    Thank you. I'll keep that idea in mind, I really like that idea. I'm think about the next round as we speak.
  4. tgn

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    May 26, 2011
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    So rather than going through each round one by one which could be tiresome, I'll be writing abut the mixed battles and providing small updates of how the people advance in each round.

    Round 2: Samantha vs Maul

    Samantha: Samantha is an innocent girl who has always been fixed on martial arts, for years she has studied and mastered the art of force. (Using your enemies weight and size against them.) She is very unlike any of the people in this tournament where as a lot of fighters are in the tip top muscular build, she is not but a rather small and fragile petite girl but don't let that fool you, she has won several upon several tournaments all though she has never entered a tournament quite like this one. She has entered this tournament for one reason, just to receive the trophy. Though she wouldn't mind being able to receive her wish of world peace in the process. After all, she is only at the tender age of 18 and would like to have the bragging rights of beating some of the most violent in the land. She had already defeated one of the first fighters, he charged at her and all she had to do was step aside and let him hurt himself. After that he hit the cage with his head and broke his own neck. As she looks at her next enemy, Maul she chuckles and figures that it will be the same thing.

    Looks: As I said earlier she is a small, fragile petite girl standing at only 5 foot 7 and being around 115 pounds. She is not your average fighter. She has dark almost black hair and very smooth milky skin. She wears white athletic short shorts and a bright blue tank top with hello kitty on it. Her smile has been compared to that of a cartoon character and has been known to charm others. Much like Tiff she trys to use that to her advantage. She doesn't wear too much make up but loves wearing dark eye shadow and bright pink lip gloss.

    Maul: Maul in a lot of ways is the exact opposite of Samantha, Maul was brought in by Rayne due to his brutality and his scary strength. Weighing in at 355 pounds and standing at 6 foot 5, Maul is one scary guy to look at.

    Story: Maul was a feared and vicious fighter a few years ago, he was known in the sport of underground fighting for breaking his enemies bones. One day he was suspended from the sport after he had killed a fellow fighter during a fight, it took several cops to bring him down, some of which lost their life's. One day while sitting in a prison cell, he received a note. The note promised him two things, freedom and a chance to get revenge on the man who put him in prison. His old promoter, how could he refuse? Upon meeting Rayne he was offered an ability of his choice. He already had super strength so he needed something more. Give me the ability to transform he said! Make me able to transform myself into a demon like creature combing my strength with the brutality of a bull! It was granted, his first round was against a well respected fighter named chen. It only took Maul three minutes to break him in half. Now comes the second round and he sees a tiny girl approach the ring...This will be easy he thought as he laughed.

    Looks: Again, massive guy. He is light skinned and has a big scar on the right side of his face and a big dark beard. He is bald and has scars all over his body, like most male fighters he prefers to be shirtless and wears his MMA fighting trunks with bare feet. His body is pure muscle and has been compared to many body builders.

    Round 2!

    Samantha steps into the cage as they lock the ring and looks at her next enemy.

    Samantha: So you're next huh? *Soft laugh* I'll try to be more kind to you than the last one.

    Samantha has a soft spoken high pitched voice and has never been cocky. She speaks as if she's concerned for her opponent

    Maul gives her a glare and cracks his wrist.

    Maul: You mumble so much that I can barely understand you.

    He has a deep grumbly voice

    Maul: I'll see if I can make you scream.

    The bell rights and Maul starts charging at his opponent, Samantha stands there calmly in her fighting pose when all of the sudden she disappears

    Maul: Huh!?

    Before Maul can think he is flipped into the air and falls flat on his back, he get's up angry to see Samantha laughing in the corner

    Samantha: I hope I didn't hurt you too bad, I only meant to flip you. You shouldn't charge like that, it's not smart.

    Maul gets up and charges her again but is flipped again and this time greeted with a kick to the face

    Samantha: ...Sorry, I have to win this though.

    Samantha keeps kicking him in the face over and over until he finally catches her foot.

    Maul: Gaaah! You're pissing me off!

    Maul grabs her foot and throws her into the air but she regains her balance and lands on her feet.

    Maul: Alright...I may have to use my surprise a little quicker than I thought.

    Samantha: Surprise?

    Maul immediately starts to yell and small horns out of the sides of his head, his arms grow backer and his teeth grow jagged. His eyes then start to glow a dark red.

    Maul: Now I have the power of the animals...and the instincts too.

    Maul begins to charge at Samantha and this time due to his ability to sense his prey sees which way she is leading him. She always stays still to the right but then jumps up and then left at the last second. I gotcha you now you bitch!

    Just before Samantha makes her jump Maul clotheslines her in the stomach, she is hit so hard that she bounches off of the ground twice before hitting the cage to stop. She is now coughing and clutching her stomach and laying in the fetal position. She has never felt pain like this before, it hurts worse than anything she has imagined. Her soft moans can barely be heard by the cheering crowd.

    Maul: There we go...You see...You have always been able to avoid the hits...

    Maul picks her up by her head

    Maul: but never has someone hit you. *He laughs in a cocky dark way* I'll see how loud I can get you to scream.

    Maul picks her up by her head with one hand, she struggled and claws at his hand to get him to let go. He squeezes harder as she lets out a small wimper and scream.

    Maul: You know, I've always been a fan of head banging!

    Maul slams her into the ground by her head, hers legs falling a few seconds after her head makes contact. Samantha is now on the ground with tears coming out of her eyes. Her makeup starting to smear a little. She is laying sideways while holding her head, trying to defend what she can by blocking her head

    Maul: You still seem a little quiet...

    Maul picks her up by both of her hands with her back facing his face.

    Maul: Say something!

    Maul then swings her in the air by her arms and knees her in the back just enough to make her grunt, Samantha is now crying and moaning in pain as maul drops her to the floor.

    As Samantha lays on the floor moaning, Maul starts laughing.

    Maul: God you're fragile, my last opponent was harder to hurt than this...

    Maul kicks her so that she is laying on her stomach, he then jumps high in the air and lands sitting on her back. A loud thud is heard as she finally lets out a huge scream.

    Maul: YES!!!!

    Maul grabs her head and holds her in a cobra clutch like submission, Samantha is now clawing at his hand with tears falling her face desperately trying to get him to release her. She can feel her back starting to pop.

    Maul:...I wanna be more creative...

    Maul releases her and she falls face first to the ground, barely twiching and moving as she whimpers.

    Maul: I guess I'll finish you off with a...

    Maul picks her up holding her above his head with her arms dangling over his head and showing her to the crowd like a prize. He then slams her on to his huge right knee, a huge pop is heard around the arena as she literally just falls off of his knee face first.

    Maul: Backbreaker....

    Now Samantha is barely moving and the crowd is wondering what he will do next, they start shouting moves at him but he ignores them.

    Maul: I know...

    Maul picks her up in the pile driver position, her arms are wrapped around his waist as her head is between his legs and with the last inch of her breath says "Please god no..."

    Maul: Too bad bitch!

    Maul drives her into the ground head first, you can hear the crack echo in the arena. Her whole body is now limp, and sits down with her legs still hanging off his body and then lets her fall on her side. She is no longer moving but he can hear her breathing.

    Maul:...I wanna hear that little scream one more time before you die....

    Maul kicks her so that she is facing upward and proceeds to mount on top of her. Her eyes and face covered in tears and her legs twitching, her eyes are closed.

    Maul: Hehe...

    Maul starts to squeeze her head with both of his hands, Samantha then starts to wake up and starts clawing at his hands as she starts to moan, Maul starts squeezing harder and her mouth starts to open. Her legs now kicking and fwailling and she knows he is about to kill her.


    He starts squeezing harder and now you can hear some cracking and crunching, her tears running down her face as her mouth her is wide open letting out a high pitched moan just loud enough for him to hear.

    Maul: YES! HAHA!

    He starts to squeeze even harder as her eyes start to roll back and her mouth is covered in drool, finally lets go when he feels something wet. He looks down to see that she has urinated herself.

    Maul: Aw...You nasty little...

    Samantha is barely moving and twitching, maul grabs her by the head with both hands and slams her into the ground multiple times. Finally he hears a huge crack and notices that she has stopped breathing. He then picks her up by her neck and holds it up for the crowd, squeezing it to make it snap. Just in case.

    Rayne is now cheering, he can't believe that two of his picks are going into the next round.
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    Round 1: As I've stated before, a lot of fighters have to fight multiple fights. 8 rounds, so this is just another round 1.

    Yurina vs Ethan Bloody Drake.

    Yurina: A young girl from America but of Japanese decent, she is at the young age of eight teen and is quite an accomplished dancer. One day she is contacted by an email from one of friends from school, a letter telling her about a special fighting tournament. Yurina has never been in a fight but had a father who was a dojo master. She knew quite a bit about fighting. Unfortunately she has never been able to prove herself to her father. She decides to enter the tournament with something to prove.

    Looks: She is a small girl with very delicate features, she is known for having a cute face and dark flowing hair. She is fit and has athletic legs, she loves to show off her legs by wearing mini skirts, shorts and many other tight clothing. Her arms are small and she only stands at 5 foot 8 and is around 110 pounds but she is quick and very flexible.

    Clothes: For the tournament she plans on tricking her enemies by dressing in a sexual way. She is wearing a pink tank top with the words "Cutie" written in yellow on the front, it also shows off her stomach which is a little tone but not overly muscular. She is also wearing pink gloves with the fingers cut off, to add to a "cute" affect. Her shorts are tiny, So short that you can see the pockets. She is wearing very short cut off shorts, that have been torn up to have even more sexual affect. She is also wearing bright white tennis shoes.

    Bloody Drake.

    Ethan got his name for his violent temper and his sudden urge to attack people at random. Once a prisoner he had become known for being obsessed with his sexual fantasy and would often force other people to help them become a reality. After being released from prison, he had been arrested again after violently punching a man for refusing his weird desire. While sitting in a cell a waiting his trial a weird man by the name of Rayne approached him. "If you enter in my name, I promise you will be free and no one will ever be able to put you back in the prison." Yeah? Said Ethan, can I enjoy myself during the fights? Rayne laughs, You can do what ever you wish just make them suffer and kill them when you're doing. You also get a super power...what do you want? Ethan looks at him and says, I want to turn myself into a rock! Just like my...Rayne: Done...You can access it during your first battle. Rayne exists the room.

    Looks: Ethan is a medium size person, he has strange and pale skin with died red hair. He is in amazing shape and works out almost everyday. He is wearing a black skin tight tank top and dark pants, he has made sure not to wear underwear for if he fights a female. He wants to have a "little fun" He stands at six foot 2 and has one blind eye due to a stab wound from one of his past victims.

    Clothes: He wears a black skin tight tank top, dark pants. His body covered in metal bondange gear.

    Round 1: Yurina vs Ethan Bloody Drake

    Yurina enters the ring posing and and blowing kisses to the audience, she glances at her nearby enemy whos eyes are moving up and down at her figure.

    Yurina: Oh! I like it when the guy I fight is "hard!"

    Ethan cracks a smile, he can't believe his first opponent is such a small attractive girl

    Ethan: Heh...I don't get hard that easily...but I will make you hurt, and moan and scream and beg....

    Yurina swings her hair back and laughs

    Yurina: I'm not as cute as I look you know?

    The bell rings and neither fighter moves an inch. Ethan than makes the symbol for Yurina to "come here." Yurina then gives a swift kick to Ethan in his jaw and then spin kicks him, knocking him down on his side.

    Ethan: Ouch...Haha You hit hard...Why don't you try that again.

    She kicks him again and he falls by his side only to get up again, Yurina already started to breathe heavy

    Ethan: Running out of energy huh?

    Yurina gets angry and goes for another kick but this time Ethan turns his head into rock. A loud thud is heard in the arena and Yurina is now on the floor holding her foot in pain

    Yurina: Ahhh! How the hell did you...

    Before she can finish her sentence Ethan picks her up into a cradle

    Ethan: I wonder what a girl like you sounds like when shes screaming in pain...

    Ethan drops her on his knee which he has turned into a rock, a loud crack is heard in the arena and a loud scream is heard from Yurina. Yurina is new resting on his knee, shaking with her head tilted back and her eyes closed.

    Yurina thinking: I can't do it...I have to prove myself...

    Ethan pushes her off of his leg and she is now laying face down on the floor, her hand is one her back as she is trying to not to whiper.

    Ethan: So that's what it sounds like...

    Ethan looks at her body and starts to drool a little, he cleans his mouth and puts her in a choke hold. He is mounted on top of her as she is facing face down. She is desperately trying to claw and grab at anything to get her out of the hold.

    Ethan: Oh boy you wiggle around a lot!..

    Ethan squeezes tighter and just before her eyes start to roll up he lets her go and stands up. Yurina is now coughing and clutching her throat.

    Yurina: He....Help....

    Yurina has never been in a fight before and now she is starting to realize that this is a tournament to the death, she starts to crawl away begging the guards to unlock the door but that just sit there, watching.

    Ethan: Oh...I like em' when they beg

    Ethan pulls her up by the hair

    Ethan: Do you want to beg?

    Yurina: Pl...please...

    Tears starting to fall from her face

    Ethan: Aw...I like it when you cry...It makes me kind of...

    Ethan unzips his pants revealing a massive rock cock.

    Ethan: Haaaard.....

    Yurina starts shaking her head know and trys to crawl away but he grabs head and forcing is on his cock. A soft moan is heard from Yurina as she cannot bite or fight him off. All she do is clutch his side hoping he will stop, each thrust going deeper and deeper into her throat until she finally feels his cum shooting in her throat. He holds her known until he finished, her screaming muffled by his cock.

    Ethan:...Ha...You've been a bad girl...

    Ethan: Pulls her off and throws her on her side.

    Ethan: I think you need more punishment.

    Yurina no longer has the energy to fight back, he picks her up and puts her in a headlock. Squeezing her head so hard that she can't even think. He then DDTs her into the floor. Her body taking a few seconds to the hit the ground after her head.

    Ethan: ...Aw...come on' I'm not even done yet..

    Yurina is laying on the floor facedown nearly lifeless Ethan than kicks her so that she is facing up ward and puts his on her crutch. He notices a small moan/whiper from Yurina.

    Ethan: Oh...does this turn you on?...

    He starts rubbing her area harder and faster, she is now moaning and crying. Ethan notices that she is a little wet.

    Ethan: OH YOU LIKE THIS!!!!

    He is now rubbing so fast that it's hurting her, Yurina is powerless to stop him and can't only scream as tears run down her face. Her hands clawing at his face

    Ethan: Aw yeah!!!! Big time baby!!!

    He starts to choke her as he rubs her in her crutch. You can now see a big wet spot on her tiny shorts. Yurina is moaning and crying until he feels her squirt. Ethan cracks a big smile and lets her go. Yurina is now spread out and twiching, she is too tired to fight back and can low down with her legs and arms spread out.

    Ethan: I think we're done her honey....

    Ethan picks her up by her neck and then proceeds to put her in a pile driver position. He puts it so that her crutch is in his face and licks her wet spot in her shorts. She lets out one more soft moan. He then smacks her on the butt and drives her head first into the ground. A loud crack and thud is heard in the arena.

    Ethan: Yes!!!!

    Yurina is now on the floor lifeless, he airs twitching and urine coming out of her jeans. Ethan then mounts on top of her and forces a big french kiss on her and then slams her head into the ground. He gets up and takes a look at his victim and stomps on her neck. Killing her.
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    Round 1: Benito vs Tara

    Story: A fearless killer for the government, he has been known to work with his hands, making new ways to snap bones and make his victims suffer. One day after work he received an invitation for the tournament, he was promised that he could retire with a massive paycheck once completed. He couldn't turn that down, it would give him a chance at freedom.

    Looks: Big guy, around 6 foot 7, bald and a scar on his right face. Never smiles, his eyes are dead and cold along with a blonde/white beard. He has chosen not to wear a short. His body covered in scars but looks to be in great shape. He is also wearing black dress pants and tends to put gloves on when finishing his target.

    Super Power: He has asked for the ability to grows extra limbs, he plans on using his four arms to beat his targets. He was told that he needs to make his first fighter suffer.


    Story: Tara is a young girl with the gift of bending energy, she has used this to fight evil since she was a child. A young girl just hitting the middle of her high school years, she is usually more concerned with boys. That hasn't been a problem seeing that she is considered incredibly attractive, eve to the teachers. One day she finds a note in her locker inviting her to the tournament. She is promised to be reunited with her dead parents if she wins. How could she say now? Unfortunately for her what she doesn't know is Rayne had the ring set up to where her powers will not work. Seeing that she doesn't have much strength Rayne thought she would be a fun one to feed one his best fighters.

    Looks: A skinny girl, pale but not milky white skin. She has very delicate features and wears red lipstick to highlight those features. She isn't very tone but is known for having soft delicate skin. Along with her long redish brown hair that curls just towards the bottom.

    Clothes: Wearing a black dress, her dress being pretty high showing off her legs. She is also wearing a spider web designed stocking, her skirt going just low enough to cover her underwear. The top of her dress being a thin strap around both of shoulders. She has chosen to remove her shoes for the fights.

    Round 1: Benito vs Tara

    *Benito walks in the cage with a stone cold looks in his eye, waiting for his next target.*

    *Tara walks in the cage eye balling Benito, she's not worried. One hand movement could kill him pretty quickly*

    Tara: I'm not as weak as I look...

    Benito: Target...confirmed. (He doesn't care that it's a girl.)

    *Tara immediately raises her right hand up and tries to push back but realizes that somethings wrong, Benito didn't move an inch. She looks up at Raynes box and notices Rayne Laughing at her. Before she looks back, Benito is already right in front of her.*

    Benito: Your powers were disabled, you should break pretty quickly.

    *Benito puts his hand on her neck and lifts her up, Tara kicking and struggling to break the one handed throat lift. Her hands clawing at his face and grabbing at his hand. The tighter he squeezes the more you can hear her starts to weeze.*

    Benito: One snap should...

    *Rayne yells from his press-box.*

    Rayne: No! What did I say?

    *Benito realizes that he can't end his fights quickly, he lets down. Tara holding her throat and coughing*

    Tara thinking: What do I do now? I don't fight...

    *Before she can finish her thought Benito picks her up by her arms, easily lifting her off the ground. He then grows two more arms. Tara looks terrified and tries to kick him off of her, before she can fight back his new arms grab her head. Squeezing tightly. His other arms releasing her arms so that she can clutch at his hands. He is now lifting her off the ground by her head.*

    Benito:...Sorry, it's just business.

    *Benito uses his other pair of arms to punch her in the stomach, he hits her twice. Each blow being so hard that she lets go almost within the first hit. His hands still squeezing her head. She starts to scream in pain with a high pitched yell Benito releases her and lets her fall to the ground, she is now on the floor holding her head while curled up*

    Benito:...You're pathetic...

    *Benito kicks her so the she is face up and starts choking her with his hands, her hands starts clawing at his face and arms. He then uses his other arms to punch her in the face. He hits her so hard that she gets knocked out with the first punch, he still hits her four more times*

    Benito:...Now to finish you.

    *Benito stand up and puts on his white gloves, he grabs her arm and puts her in an arm bar.*

    Tara: Arrrgh! Please stop!!!!

    *Benito release her arm just before it snaps, Tara clutches or arm and trys to crawl away*

    Benito: I'll leave your limbs in shape. I like seeing my targets kick and squirm.

    *Benito picks her up but her arms again with her back facing his front and wraps his arm lower arms around her neck in a sleeper like hold*

    Tara: Please no!...I give up...Please!

    Benito: It's a fight to the death remember?

    *He starts to squeeze and she starts to weeze, kicking at the air wishing that he would let go. He lets her arms go and she starts clutching and scratching as his arms squeeze tighter and tighter.*

    Benito: I love it when they try to fight it....

    *Tears streaming down her face as she knows that she about to die. Her kicking starts to irritate Benito so he knees her in the back really hard*

    Tara: Ugh!...uh...

    *Taras arms fall limp and her eyes start to roll back, Benito knees her in the spine two more times and then lets her fall.*

    Benito:...I wasn't even even done yet...

    *Tara is face down with her butt in the air twiching, Benito realizes she is still alive and sits on her back*

    Benito:...I'd hate to smash that face... Oh well...

    *Benito starts ramming her head face first into the ground, her screams being heard and muffled with each blow he then slams her down on last time and stands up to still see her twiching*

    Benito: Wow...You are a stubborn one...

    *Benito picks her up in a torture rack and starts bending her back, her arms trying to clutch and fight the hold*

    Benito: There we go....

    *Tara starts screaming as she feels her back starting to crack and break, Benito does one final big tug. Bending her back so far that her head can touch her feet. A loud crack is heard and her arms fall limp. She is no longer screaming*

    Benito: Just to make sure...

    *Benito bends her one more time making sure that her back is broken and throws her off of him, her body smacking the floor as she is laying face down. Benito gives one last at her before sitting on her back one more time.*

    Benito:...Without your powers you were nothing.

    *Benito snaps her neck, stands up and kicks her so that she is facing upward he then takes off his gloves and shoves them down her throat*

    Benito: Just in case you're not dead, these gloves will make sure you suffocate.

    *He checks her pulse*

    Benito: but You're already dead anyway. Target eliminated.

    *Benito holds his right arm up in a victory pose.*
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    The concept is suuuuper great. I'm totally into superpowers and stuff like that
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    Suki vs Jacob the pounder and Bloody Drake


    Story: Suki, the younger sister of Yurina. She is young popular girl in her high school, also a cheerleader like her older sister she has also been practicing martial arts for a number of years. Unlike her sister, she does know how to fight with people but has never fought with some bigger than her. One day, she learns that her older sister has entered a tournament. She decides to sneak in and watch her first fight. She was horrified to see her get crushed, broken and paralyzed by Bloody Drake. She decides to go up to Raynes office and demands that she face Drake with out him having any powers. Rayne grants the wish and tells her to get ready but what she doesn't know is Rayne has another trick coming.

    Looks: She is a petite and thin girl, standing at only 5 foot 8 she uses her looks to get what she wants. Her legs are also thin but incredibly tone, just the right amount of tone that you would expect on a cheerleader. Her skin is a little brighter than her sisters. In fact, she barely looks asian aside from her eyes. Her skin is a perfect tan with very shiny legs and everything perfectly shaved. Her hair is long and goes to the middle of her back. Her eyes are a bright blue and she wears some blues eye shadow with red lipstick.

    Clothes: Because she wasn't planning on fighting, she is not wearing fighter attire. She is wearing very short daisy duke shorts, her smooth and perfectly shavin' legs very brightly being shown off with a little bit of her butt hanging out on the back side. Her shirt is a white baby T-shirt that says cute, it's a skin tight shirt and is a midriff shirt. Showing off her tone but delicate stomach. Her hair is tone and it's tied back but a pink hair band with a little white bow on it. She is also wearing Roman sandals much like Christie from Tekken wears.

    Drake: Refer to the Yurina battle above for his story.

    Jacob the Pounder

    Story: Jacob is an ex UFC fighter from the the 2010 era. He was forced to retire after killing one of his fellow fighters in a fight. He's always been known for having a violent temper. After all, he was raised in a trailer park and called a "red neck" his whole life. One day while sitting in jail he received a letter. The letter promised him freedom and offered him any super power that he wanted for the fights. How could he not take it? Money, freedom and most of all the ability to hurt people once again.

    Clothes: He has decided to wear a white wife beater tank top with jeans, his arms are tattooed up and he has a short crew cut with a scruffy face. His hands are wrapped in bandages and he's wearing steal toed boots as all. There are scars on his face and arms. He's not the biggest guy but stands at 6 foot 2 and weighs in at about 176 pounds. All muscle.

    Super power: The ability of super strength while applying holds.

    It's a strange one but while applying any hold he will be able to make himself as strong as some who can bench let's say....3,000 pounds. It will be nice and ruthless.

    Suki vs Jacob and Drake.

    *Suki walks into the ring look around for Drake.*

    *Drake walks into the ring*

    Drake: How are doing sugar? Are those legs for me?

    Suki: You piece of crap! That will be the last thing you ever say!

    *Suki charges him before the bell even rings before she can even hit him he punches her in the stomach full force with his hand turning into a rock*

    Suki: Pfffff!!!!

    *Suki is slammed on the ground by Drakes fist fisherman slam style, Suki is now on the floor holding her stomach and curled up*

    Drake: Come on now, I expected you to fight harder than that...

    *Drake picks her up by her hair and slams her against the wall, he's holding her up by her neck and squeezing harder and harder*

    Drake: Now how should I finish you?...She I touch you? Should I...

    *Before he can finish his sentence he feels a knife enter his body, Suki has stabbed him*

    Drake: NO!!!!

    *Drake goes down and holds his bleeding stomach, Suki runs over and gives up a kick to his face. A loud crack is heard, Drake falls over with his eyes rolling.*

    Suki: There! I got my revenge....

    *Before she can smile she notices another fighter enter the ring. She remembers him from UFC and goes into a bit of a panic.*

    Suki: You said this was between me and him!

    *She's pointing at Rayne's window, Rayne grabs a mic*

    Rayne: You never asked what kind of match...It's a handicap match!

    *The bell rings and Suki starts backing up, she broke the knife when she stabbed drake. That was her only weapon*

    Jacob: Hi little girl...Imma make you scream!

    *Jacob charges her but she jumps to the side and kicks him in the knee. He goes down right away*

    Suki: HAAA!

    *Suki lifts her leg up and tries to hit him but he moves.*

    Jacob: You're good...

    *Suki brushes her hair off to the side and charges him, hitting him with multiple punches and then knocking him down*

    Jacob: Ugh!

    *Jacob wipes the blood from his face and gets up*

    Jacob: Not bad...but you know I'm more about holds then fights....You grapple?

    *Suki is now a little cocky and says*

    Suki: Of course!

    *Suki prepares to do a test of power with Jacob, they then lock arms*

    Suki:...Somethings wrong....

    *Suki notices that all of the sudden his strength is insane. She can't even hold him off he easily over powers her forcing her to her knees. He then squeezes her hands causing a cracking noise, she starts to scream in pain*

    Jacob: Aw, yeah lil' girl. Scream for me!

    *Jacob knees her in the face, letting go of her hands in the process, she falls over with her body facing downward and her butt sticking in the air*

    Jacob: Her we go!

    *Jacob wraps his arms around her and puts her in an MMA sleeper hold, his legs wrapped around her. He rolls to the side and she now facing upward while in the hold. She is clawing and scratching to get out of the hold. Her arms kicking and fwailing.*

    Jacob: You didn't think about this did ya? I have super tight holds girl.

    *He squeezing tighter and her tongue starts sticking while she is gasping for her, he lets her go at the last second throwing her to her side*

    Jacob: Oh boy that was fun! I wonder what else I can do to you!

    *Suki is gasping for air in the fetal position*

    Jacob: I like your arms...they're cute!

    *Jacob grabs her arm and forces her to get up, he then puts her in a headlock and DDT's her into the ground, she is now facing downward with her butt in the air again, he puts her arm in an arm wrench. Forcing it to go upward towards her head. He sitting on her back, she is kicking and screaming for him to stop. He starts to hear some cracking in her arm and just before in snaps lets her go.*

    *Suki is now laying face down, her arms spread out. She is starting to moan and cry.*

    Jacob: Hey girl, you know that there are some illegal moves? Like this one?

    *Jacob starts kneeing her in the head with his arms wrapped her back, her arms trying desperately to fight back. She doesn't have the strength anymore Jacob keeps until she stops moving*

    Jacob: This was fun...but I think it's time I kill your ass....Hey Drake, get up!

    *Drake gets up, he faked his death the whole time. His stomach had turned into a rock with the knife went in. Which is why it broke.*

    Drake Can I break the toy?

    Jacob: Sure!

    *Drake kicks her over, Suki barely opens her eyes and is terrified at what she sees*

    Suki: What!? I killed you!

    *Drake picks her up in the cradle position*

    Drake: Nope!

    *Drake slams her on his knee causing a huge crack to be heard in the arena, Suki is now screaming in pain he lets her fall off of his knee her back may be broken, she is trying to crawl out of the cage*

    Drake: That was easy...Haha

    Jacob: Let's finish the job!

    *Jacob drags her back by her leg and puts her in a leg bar, Drake does the same with her other leg*

    Suki: Ahhh! Noooo! Please stop! I give up!

    *Suki is screaming and crying in pain, she hears a huge snap and screams in pain. They have broken both of her legs by snacking the knees.*

    Jacob: Alright now she can't run...Piledrive her....

    *Drake picks her up for a piledriver and places her crotch towards his face, he licks as always before driving her head first. A loud pop is heard, she is now limp. He let's her fall on her side and get's up. She is now on the floor twitching. Her eyes rolling back in her head and little moans being heard*

    Jacob: Alright...I'll finish this....

    *Jacob wraps his arms around her neck again for the MMA choke hold, She can only hold her hands on his arms trying to pull his arms off but knowing that she is about to die, he squeezes harder and harder as her tongue sticks sticks out and she starts gasping. She puts her hand out as if trying to get someone to help her. Finally she passes out and Jacob lets her go.*

    Jacob: I think she's dead....

    *He stands up and mounts on top of her*

    Jacob: but just to be sure

    *He starts pounding her in the face, harder and harder. He keeps going until you can barely recognize her. She didn't even try to fight back, he finishes her off with a dragon chop to her neck and then Drake walks over and twists her neck all the way around.*

    Jacob: Bam! Game over!

    *Jacob gets up to raise his hands but before he can Drake snaps his neck all the around, Jacob falls dead on the spot*

    Drake: This is MY victory.

    *Drake raises his hands, the crowd goes wild. Rayne looks over at the camera and says*

    Rayne: Worth it!