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Quantum's Dialogue

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by quantum, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. quantum

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    Oct 21, 2011
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    *EDITED 4/25* As you might have guessed now, I took a short leave of absence for the last few months. I still love SDT and I want to keep helping out. Having said that, I'm going to start taking requests again. I'll probably only get to about one a week, if that. I've got a few more dialogues that I've been working on, and I can't wait to start writing using the new dialogue additions. Remember to keep checking in and posting, the more buzz I get the better I'll do!

    One of my first dialogues. The other older ones are so horrible they must never see the light of day. Anyways, this one's based on a friend of my. Not necessarily a true story, I just wrote it in the style she talks. The basis is that she's your friend, and she's really nervous, but secretly wants it bad. Ellie is there for you, in good times in bad. She trusts you and loves you, and wants to stay with you forever. This works well with a dark room for a background, and short, black hair. Ellie's the one I'm gonna update the most often.

    ~Beach Girl~
    This one's a cross between a slut and a narcissist. It's a warm day on the beach, and your girl is looking sexy in her bikini. The sun is just too hot for her, and she needs to cool down. Besides constantly reminding you of how sexy she is, and how much she needs you to finish, she's aloof about the whole thing, and could seem to care less if it was you or someone else. In the future, I'm gonna make her more self-centered and maybe a bit bitchy, depending on where she ends up. The beach girl works well with a beach or ocean background. Fun fact! I got the idea from a character in Ace Attorney! Do you know which one?

    ~Slut Trainer~
    Presenting: The Slut Trainer! She has a harem of girls that need to be taught how to be proper little whores, but she needs someone to train with. The Trainer is a good girl and a master slut. She's been sucking for years and needs to pass down her tradition. Nobody knows if she's forcing the girls to watch or they do so on their own. Even though she can be a bit selfish, she always gives good advice to her students. In future updates, I'll give her more lines and make her more of a slut. I really want to add some dialogue between her and her sluts-in-trainig.

    ~The Proper Girl~
    The proper girl is most likely the daughter of a high class man in Britain. One night, she made a friend and brought him home. Wishing to remain a virgin until her wedding night, she pleased him the only way she knew how: A little bit of super deepthroat! It's the Proper Girl's duty to make him cum, so don't disappoint her. Do try to be careful, though. Cum isn't on her diet. Get it all over her face or suffer the wrath of a woman scorned! Also, be on the lookout for her sister, word has it she's as every bit as talented as her anal sister, and was brought up in the same manner. The difference? Her diet is solely cum.

    You've fucked up now. She's got her hands on you and she's not letting you go. Your girlfriend has a sister, and she's wanted you forever. This little slut has practiced for hours to give the best blowjob ever, and now she's got a target: YOU! You've made the mistake of being alone in the house with her. A red flag should have gone off when she wanted you in the bathroom. Now, she's on her knees sucking you off, and she's taking pictures, too! You need to find a way out of this one, or she's going to tell her sister and parents all about how you raped her, and it's curtains for you. Or you could just ride this one out and see how it ends. Who knows, she might actually let you go!

    To see the background stories for all these characters, plus some others, head over to my Story Thread!
    Future Updates! EDITED 11/5
    Awkward girl
    "Ali" *WIP*

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  2. Kinnerman

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    Sep 18, 2011
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    Re: Quantum's Dialogue ~ Added Rose!

    This isn't getting as much attention as it should Also you might want to put the date that you updated next to the Thread name so we know you updated. I hope to see more from you.
  3. Final

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    Feb 17, 2011
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    Re: Quantum's Dialogue ~ Added Rose!

    Huh, indeed, this deserves way more comments. That stuff's great!