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Post-Ever After High Smackdown

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mariposa, Oct 10, 2014.

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    Oct 7, 2014
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    Every fairytale of Ever After High/University, especially Cedar Wood, will say that Dexter Charming started dating Raven Queen because she beat him shitless, ripped off his balls, and made him watch her eat them. While she may have never ripped off and eaten his balls, the rest is fairy fact. On True Hearts Day two years ago, Dexter made the mistake of asking out C.A. Cupid. Their relationship was virulently toxic. Most of the fairytales at Ever After High wonder why and how Dexter managed to keep his sanity and not run off to Madeline Hatter's Wonderlandesque tea shoppe. Dexter and Daring had a secret: their mother is lamie. Granted, Raven is also half-lamie, but Dexter and Daring's sister is a card-carrying member of The Wonderland Ryona Club. She nominated Dexter for membership. Most fairytales at Ever After High are not sure that secret is fairy fact, even now. What is fairy fact is that Dexter and C.A. Cupid has a fairy huge blow-up after graduation, and Dexter literally crawled back to Raven. He asked her to forgive him for not following his true heart and dating the wrong person for all those years. To show she accepted his apology, Raven unbirthed, re-birthed, wrapped her arms around him, and pulled him close. While holding him close, she whispered some stupid ass pick-up line in his ear. He kissed her on the mouth in acceptance and joy. After the love fest, they took a walk through the Enchanted Forest. Their conversation was on the future, specifically their future together forever after. When they both said they were continuing their education, their conversation turned to living together in an on-campus apartment. After returning to campus, they spoke to Headmaster Wilton Grimm about sharing an apartment. Headmaster Grimm was loathe to sign the paperwork, so he called parents. Their parents agreed that since Raven and Dexter were eighteen, they were capable of making those adult decisions themselves. Headmaster Grimm worked out the details, and Raven and Dexter moved in that afternoon. After unpacking, they were cuddling in Raven's new California King Bed, a gift from her ecstatic father after finding out she finally had a boyfriend, a live-in one at that. Dexter broke the mood first by asking if Raven had a ryona fetish and if his was a deal-breaker. Raven countered by saying she was about to ask the same thing. As university classes were still two months out, they went into the village of Book End to buy fetish gear for their family fetish. Dexter bought Raven a purple patent bikini and a pair of pointed-toe 60cm stiletto thigh highs with a 30cm platform. Raven bought Dexter a sky blue speedo. Immediately after returning from their fetish shopping, they went and booked the university's fitness center for two straight hours right after the last afternoon class let out. The whole school knows why, and the whole thing has become a running joke amongst most of the student body. Their friends are divided on the fetish, though. Apple White, Raven's niece, thinks it is a fairy unhealthy fairy fail. Apple is the one who wants to be poisoned! Some fairytales need to get their priorities straight. Madeline Hatter, the crown princess of madness and next door neighbor, thinks that the two lovebirds have love down to a science. However, her classes are all from five to eleven in the morning, so she uses Raven and Dexter sex noises as a lullaby. Which is ironic when her mother Alice personally wrote her daughter by the Mad Hatter a lullaby!
    This semester, Raven and Dexter signed up for a couple of classes together to spend MORE time together! A typical day for them starts by waking up early, having a quick fuck, having a quick shower fuck, and grabbing a bite of breakfast and each other on the way out the door for class. After class, they change into their ryona clothes and then beat the shit out of each other. LITERALLY! Raven has a steel croquet mallet her mother forged using her cunt juices to temper and Dexter has a mace his mother forged using her cunt juices to temper! More on Raven's mallet: Needless to say Lizzie Hearts, the Queen of Heart's daughter, issued a formal royal decree; written, signed, and notarized; banning Raven from using her mallet in an actual match.
    Class ended and Raven and Dexter returned to their apartment to change into their fetish clothes. On the way to the gym, they ran into Ashlynn Ella running off to town to her shoe store The Glass Slipper to relieve her high school part-timer. "Where is the happy couple going?" Ashlynn asked with a smirk. Raven and Dexter exchange knowing glances and crimson smirks.
    "We are going to work out." Raven and Dexter answered in unison.
    "Oh, to 'work out', eh? Have fun 'working out', then." Ashlynn replied with a smirk.
    Out of the corner of her eye, Raven saw movement. She turned and noticed Apple dragging that lamie fiancé of hers, Dexter's older brother Daring, away from the latest victim of the "Charming Family Curse". Raven caught Apple's eye. Apple gave a disapproving glance, to which Raven returned a bloody grin. Apple looked down her nose at pulled Daring away from his brother. This is all choreographed. Hell yeah, Apple does disapprove, but the whole public bullshit is for Apple's integrity.
    Raven and Dexter share another knowing glance and sad smiles. Dexter nodded in approval of Raven's glance asking if she should give Apple a poisoned apple to patch things up with Dexter soon-to-be sister-in-law. The date is set. Apple's grandfather, Raven and her older half sister Snow's father, is marrying Apple and Daring in The Legacy Day Plaza in less than a month.
    Raven and Dexter head off in the direction of the gym. They arrived five minutes early as usual. They LOVED scaring the day girl shitless talking about which fairytales they would like to beat shitless. "I know Apple is will be your sister-in-law in two weeks, but she needs a beating to beat the snooty out of her."
    "Damn straight!" Dexter agreed. "However, I think Daring needs a fairy badass beating to beat the lamie out of him!" Dexter said emphatically.
    Raven playfully tongue slapped Dexter. "Dex Cutie, you are scaring the day girl!" Raven said jokingly.
    "Sorry." Dexter apologized mock-sheepishly.
    "Dex Cutie, thirty seconds." Raven said as she licked his face again. They headed into the gym as the day girl breathed an audible sigh of relief.
    They took their positions on the mat far enough away from each other so Raven's boots would not be a liability and Dexter could grapple her if he defended in anyway. "Rave Babe, you get the first move as always." Dexter said to be courteous.
    Raven bicycle kicked Dexter in the throat, making contact with her heel, knocking him breathless and to his knees. Before Dexter can recover, Raven punched him in the balls knocking him to his back. She then stomped on his chest several times to knock the rest of the wind out of him. After he starts panting audibly with his mouth hanging open, Raven sat on his face and proceeded to fart and unbirth Dexter. "I have been saving these farts for three weeks! I hope they stink fairy worse than dried, curdled milk!"
    Using Raven's farts for oxygen, Dexter pulled the stiletto out of his boot and stabbed Raven's ass repeatedly until she finally recoiled. He then proceeded to carefully extract himself from Raven's unbirthing tendrils. Hell yeah, Dexter is half-lamie, but his a man, not a woman. Raven's own half-lamie blood would still be enough to strip his bones. Dexter charged Raven slicing for her breast before she could completely regain her footing. Raven dodged but still received a fairy nasty gash. When Raven moved to dodge, she regained her footing and sissor kicked Dexter's raging boner. He tried to block, but missed most of Raven's kick. The heel of her boot connects with Dexter's dick causing it to shoot a fairy huge load of spunk into his speedo. "I thought you could hold your dick juices better than that!" Raven teased.
    "We shall see if you can keep from having an orgasm after your labia have been sliced!" Dexter retorted. He spiral flipped over Raven's head and slid between her legs slicing her vagina. Raven shuddered and screamed and an orgasm washed through her. Using her momentary lapse of concentration to his advantage, Dexter rolled turned mid-roll to back slide between her legs again slicing her asshole. Raven shuddered and screamed and a second orgasm washed through her. She launched a jumping spin kick at Dexter's head. He caught her boot and twisted her foot until her tendons snapped and her fibula broke through her skin. Then Dexter made his mistake: He un twisted Raven's foot. Using the momentum from the untwisting, she launched another spin kick at his head, this time connecting. In his surprise, Dexter released Raven's broken ankle and fell back and down from the power of the kick. He stood, sheathed his stiletto, drew his mace, and charged Raven. She could not react in time to defend. His hit knocks her back and up. She hit the mat on her face and stomach when she failed to correct her rotation. The impact made caused another orgasm. This one was more powerful than Raven's first two and the scream was louder. With her already soaked bikini panty, the mat carried a wet spot where Raven's pussy was. She picked herself up and spit. Her saliva was green with her blood. She wiped her mouth and gave a crimson grin. "So we are playing THAT game now?" She asked as another shudder ran through her. She grabbed her mallet and braced herself to meet Dexter's charge. As they traded blows, it became increasingly obvious that Raven was winning despite her broken ankle. Raven took Dexter's last blow to her head and shrugged it. She then brought her mallet into his stomach and knocked him backward.
    Dexter braced himself in a stance that Raven knew well. "I have learned a new trick since you last pulled that move on me." Dexter replied with a grin as his gun fired.
    "Do it." Raven gave a piercing shriek and a half-smile as she shuddered violently as another orgasm rocketed through her. Dexter screamed and fired the spell as his dick shot another load, this one shot through his speedo. The spell connected dead on Raven's breasts and knocked her flying backward 3m screeching like a banshee from the orgasm. She slammed into the wall fracturing the tibia in her already broken ankle. The impact with the wall triggered another powerful orgasm, issuing another shriek. Raven stood and finished breaking her tibia. The pain caused another orgasm. Raven's cum was dripping down the front of her panties. She stalked toward her lover pulling on her breasts to finish what the spell's impact started: lactation. As her milk soaked through her bikini top, her cunt started pulsing and her cum poured out nonstop in a series of orgasms. Raven slowed down and approached Dexter like an predator approaching defeated prey, in the hopes that it will continue the fight. Raven knew; however, that Dexter would not get up. The only way for him to get out of the gym was if she finished the fight. Raven closed in, steadied herself on her broken ankle, and brought her good foot into Dexter's balls fairy hard. Dexter moaned with pain and pleasure as his dick fired again, this time his jizz connected with Raven. The fight was over. Raven had won. When Dexter's cum landed on her ankle and mixed with the blood that splattered from the broken on, Raven thought it was the most beautiful thing she ever saw: herself mixing with her lover is such a way that it painted a picture of their future together. She screeched like ten banshees as her most powerful orgasm ever electrified her. As she started screeching, Dexter started moaning as his most powerful orgasm rocketed through and him and his jizz landed on Raven again. The two collapsed in a heap screeching and moaning for the last fifteen minutes of the first hour. When the orgasms finally stopped, Dexter whispered, "Raven Babe, you do know the whole school was listening at the door because this was our fairy best show yet."
    "Yes, I know, Dex Cutie. Our schoolmates will be telling this to their great-great-great-grandchildren." Raven replied in the same pitch. "We will have to do something ever better tomorrow." As he fell asleep nestled in her arms, Raven began the fairy long process of unbirthing and rebirthing Dexter without waking him.