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Post-Ever After High Part II

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mariposa, Oct 13, 2014.

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    Raven sat in a chair next to the bed her sleeping fiancé occupied, staring at him intently wondering if he was really asleep or just playing. He liked to pretend to be asleep sometimes, especially when she was doing some light cleaning in their apartment on Saturday mornings. Dexter never knew Raven to be fairy modest when it was just the two of them with no real place to go. The infirmary door opened and the soon-to-be newlyweds quietly walked in with Apple's grandfather, Raven's father, behind them. "Does it not just feel like a year ago, Apple?" Raven asked her niece without looking back at the door.
    Apple kissed the back of Raven's neck, luxuriating in the scent of another woman. "It feels fairy eerie, more so than when I was in that bed." Apple replied quietly so as not to wake Dexter. "How is he?" She asked.
    "He will pull through." Raven answered. The blood of the firstborn lamia runs strong through his veins."
    "Now I know why Mom chose Dexter over me." Daring said in reverent awe of his little brother.
    Dr. Good King, father of Snow and Raven, is caught off guard by Raven's statement. "How could her blood flow through Charming veins? I wrote my fairy psychology doctoral thesis on the firstborn, she unbirthed all her children."
    "One escaped." Daring replied. "That one is our mother's ancestor."
    "Grandmother." Dexter corrected, wincing as he rolled over onto his side to face his family.
    "I thought you were faking sleep." Raven said as she breathed a sigh of relief that he was still alive.
    "I see that bruise on your stomach is still giving you trouble." The royal doctor replied as he felt Dexter's stomach.
    "It will take awhile for it to fully heal." Dexter replied.
    "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Is no one here even interested that our mother is the granddaughter of the firstborn lamia?" Daring asked in credulously.
    "I already knew, Darling." Apple said as she leaned in for a kiss.
    Dexter turned to Raven, "how did you know?"
    "After rebirthing you, your legs took on this vibrant shade of green, a shade I have only seen one other time." Raven answered.
    "When was that?" Dexter asked.
    "A year ago." Raven said looking at her niece.
    "My legs turned that color?" Apple asked.
    "Yes, after you woke up." Raven answered.
    "Your legs were that shade when I started making out with you." Daring chimed in. "I knew from experience that you were not about to give up."
    "I am not lamia!" Apple denied emphatically in ignorance.
    "That is not fairy fact, Apple." Her grandfather returned. "Snow's mother was full lamia."
    "Dad, if you had fairy bad luck with a lamia before, why did you go to another?"
    "There we multiple reasons." The doctor replied. "The fairy biggest two were that our personalities were combative and I was still in school." He gave an exacerbated sigh. "We rushed things and she got pregnant with Snow. She dropped out to raise Snow and I stayed in to figure out my role in Snow's story. Our personalities came to a head when I wanted Snow to enter Grimm's Preparatory Pre-School for Young Fairytales. Snow's mother wanted to keep Snow in the home. Whenever I was home, that is all we talked about. Soon, it turned into fairy bad firefight. Snow would scream from her room when it got violent. I finally called for a divorce for Snow's sake."
    "Dad, if one marriage to a lamia was a fairy failure, why try another?" Raven asked incredulously.
    "I have always been fairy infatuated with lamia." The doctor replied partially dodging the question.
    "Daring, after seeing Apple breathe in my scent, I bet you are feeling inferior to me." Raven said teasingly.
    "No, actually, she has needs that I cannot meet and she almost does."
    "I have something I need to say, without you." She turned to her grandfather for that last part.
    "Very well, have your private conversation. The doctor started walking when he called out, "Kitty, my office now!" There is a pop from up in the rafters as Kitty teleports to the doctor's office. He makes sure the door is locked from the inside before he leaves.
    "I love my mother and grandparents," Apple began, "but I can tell you three, my closest friends, everything." Apple grabs Raven and Daring's hand, and Raven helps Dexter grab Daring's. "I am a closet ryona," She said with glee, " and after school lets out, I want the four of us to run away together."
    Raven leaned over and brushed her lips against Apple's. "I always said you would look sexier wearing bruises and broken bones to the year-end ball rather than actual clothes."
    "Apple, why do you want the four of us to run away together, and for how long?" Dexter asked.
    "I want the four of us to run away over the summer holidays to indulge our family fetish." Apple replied with a wickedly flirtatious grin.
    "Family vacation!" The four friends shouted in joyful unison.
    Dexter started coughing. Raven was by his side in a trice. "I am fine." Dexter said after recovering. "I need to roll back over to my side. That internal bruise is fairy painful." Dexter rolled back over and Raven could tell he was no longer in pain.
    Raven returned to her seat. She leaned over and back and placed her lips on the back of Apple's neck. Raven loved Apple's apple blossom scent. Raven drank deeply. Dexter gave his fiancé and future sister-in-law a half smile. As long as they had Apple, Raven's every sex need would be met. Raven then planted her lips firmly on Apple's, giving her a taste of herself. Apple drank deeply of herself on Raven's lips. "I love your apple blossom scent, Apple." Raven gushed. "What do I taste like?" Raven asked.
    "I love your taste, but it is subtle, hard to describe. There is definitely sugar, some leather," Apple placed her lips on Raven's neck drinking deeply of Raven's taste. "Make that patent leather, some Charming, and some cum both yours and Dexter's. All of it is bathed in love." Raven leaned in closer to Apple and kissed her lips. The ladies could not stand it any longer and buried their tongues deep in each other's throats. To outsiders, it seemed like it was an unconscious response, but to both women, when they grabbed each other's breast, it was a conscious thought shared between two sisters who knew each other better than they knew themselves.
    Dexter let them have their fun, but he interrupted when the women started to reach for the other's vagina. "Where are we running away to over the summer?" Dexter asked.
    The women snapped back to reality. "We were actually going to talk with you about that." Daring answered. "Apple and I were thinking that as two couples, we would want some time without the other couple. Apple made a couple of suggestions that I could live with yesterday." Daring patted his fiancé's breast. She moved his hand to her vagina.
    "I suggested Sherwood because the river would be lovely that time of year. I also suggested on of the Wonderland beaches." Apple said.
    "We can talk about that later, Apple. For now, we need Ashlynn to plan another wedding." Raven said. Apple and Daring looked at each other confused. Raven finally showed her right hand with a smile.
    Apple screamed in orgasmic delight. She then grabbed Raven's hands and the two women jumped around the room in orgasmic bliss. After the two women settled down and returned to their seats, "Dexter and I were thinking about making it a double wedding." Raven said.
    Apple and Daring glanced in delight. "We would be delighted to share our big day with you and that you are willing to share your big day with us." Apple and Daring say in joyful unison.
    "Now I can get away with poisoning the cake." Raven said with wicked glee. Dexter pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. Only Raven knew it was joke.
    Apple nuzzled Raven's breast. "You really know how to turn me on. Fuck me my naughty, sexy sister! FUCK ME!" Apple screamed in orgasm at just the thought of being poisoned.
    "Raven, take her back to the apartment." Dexter said.
    "You have poor insulation." Daring cut in. "Apple, take her back to our place." He turned to Dexter as their women leave. "It is good to see you doing well, Dexter. I need to get to work. Ashlynn has a new shipment coming in today and she wants it unloaded fairy quick. Be seeing you."
    "See you." Dexter replied and closed his eyes to get some sleep. He drifted off to visions of getting unbirthed and rebirthed by both Raven and Apple.
    "I know Dexter and my apartment has poor insulation, but why did Daring tell us to use your house?" Raven asked Apple on their way to the townhouse Apple and Daring lived in.
    "I want you to fuck me like a hardcore ryona babe." Apple said with glee.
    "I would be more than happy to put you in a cast for the wedding." Raven said as she kissed and nuzzled Apple's hair.
    "Pull harder." Apple said nearing climax. Raven pulled harder. "Harder!" Apple said emphatically. Raven started yanking on Apple's hair. "Do... not stop!" Apple said breathlessly.
    "Would... not... think of if." Raven replied breathlessly as she, too, was reaching climax.
    They just got inside Apple's house with the door closed before they both screamed and shuddered with climax. Apple took Raven up to the master bedroom to change. "I have a closet specifically for you and Dexter. It has your outfits of choice for a ryona-style ass kicking."
    "Oh my holy fucking Grimm!" Raven exclaimed when she opened the closet. Raven stripped, modeled her perfectly bruised body for Apple.
    "Oh my holy fucking Grimm!" Apple exclaimed, mirroring Raven. Apple reached out and touched Raven's perfect, bruised, stomach. Raven screamed in pleasure as Apple brushed the bruises. Raven's orgasm reached a fairy huge crescendo and she splattered cum on Apple's dress. Apple screamed when she felt the cum hit her dress and a wet spot appeared over her cunt.
    "I feel bad we got your dress dirty with cum." Raven said sheepishly.
    "Do not apologize. This is my favorite dress. I needed to get cum on it anyway." Apple said as she inspected the damage.
    "I know the feeling, Bitch." Raven said with a sly grin. Apple glared for a second, then returned the grin. "I still have this massive cum stain on my favorite dress from when Dexter used it for "target practice" one evening."
    "No shit." Apple replied, having understood the reference. "You two do some crazy shit when high."
    "Damn straight!" Raven exclaimed. "We are always drunk and high on each other. We live in a constant state of drunkenness. We are like two teenagers in Fairytale Paris, drunk on each other, love, and the city."
    "What happens when you sober up?" Apple asked as she removed her dress so it could dry. "Will the love last?"
    "I have only seen a love this pure two other times." Raven answered as she slipped on a more than skin tight black patent leather minidress and sky high purple patent thigh high stiletto platforms.
    "When were they?" Apple asked as she removed her panties and bared her ass for Raven.
    "I love the way the bruises accentuate your sexy, round ass." Raven said as she walked over and squeezed Apple's ass on the bruises. "The only other times I saw a love this pure are Mother and Father and you and Daring." Raven replied, continuing to squeeze Apple's ass bruises.
    "Are you saying that the four of us will last forever after?" Apple asked incredulously as she slipped into her pink patent hard rocking, hardcore, sexy ryona babe sky high strappy platform wedge sandals.
    "Is that all you are wearing?!" Raven asked surprised.
    "Yes. I have a few dresses that I would love to have Daring fairy literally rip off my ass, but he would rather me start naked except for my sandals."
    "Try them on and let me see them. I want to shank that sexy fat ass I wish I had through a dress." Raven said as she squeezed Apple's ass again.
    Apple blushed at the compliment as cum splattered to the floor. Laughing, Apple backed her asshole into Raven's cooter and kept bouncing on it. "You have a nice ass yourself, Raven." Apple returned the compliment.
    "Apple, stop that." Raven intoned. "You keep bouncing that sexy ass on my pussy, and I will have to fuck and here and now before we even get to the gym." Raven replied.
    "Oh, we are not going to the gym." Apple replied with a half smile. "Fuck me first, though. I want to get all the jitters out here before we add more."
    "THAT is an excellent idea, you hot bitch!" Raven squealed in pleasure as her snatch fired off a load of girl cum at Apple's asshole, a lot finding its way in. She ripped out the double-headed vibrator she usually kept up her ass, slipped a condom on the end that had been in her ass, shoved that end up into Apple's ass, and the other up her own snatch. Raven matched her thrusts to Apple's bouncing, their powerful bond of friendship not affected by the lack of tag-team practice. Together the two reached orgasm. After pulling out and wiping down the dildo, Raven stashed it in her everyday dress.
    Apple gave Raven a fairy fabulous fashion show. Raven chose the third dress Apple tried. "I have always wanted Daring to rip this one off me." Apple said as her cunt got wet.
    "Oh my Grimm!" Raven grunted loudly as she picked up Apple, who is somewhere up around 80kg now. Raven herself is only about 65kg, and slightly taller flat-footed. "What the hell do you eat to get this hot?!" Raven asked, sweat dripping down her face.
    "I... I stopped working out as often." Apple smiled sheepishly.
    Raven glared down at her soon-to-be sister-in-law. "What do you mean by often?" Raven asked, her voice turned cold.
    Apple shivered unconsciously. "I only go about once or twice a week these days."
    "Looks like someone needs the goddess to give her a lesson in pain." Raven said, her voice taken a hard edge to it.
    Apple shivered unconsciously from the bite of cold steel. "Forgive me." She said weakly.
    "Of course I forgive you, but you need a lesson." Raven said. "What is your weapon of choice?"
    "Weapon of choice?" Apple asked uncertain of what Raven meant.
    "Daring just strings that sexy ass up and beats it shitless?" Raven asked surprised.
    "Yeah, pretty much. I want to fight Daring, but he so far out of my league, not like you and Dexter." Apple replied as Raven checks her footwork.
    "Honestly, I was always holding back until last Thursday when Dexter managed to control his orgasm when I started unbirthing him." Raven replied. "Where are we going?"
    "Downstairs and to the intersection before the kitchen." Apple replied. "You are a nice goddess." Apple snuggled up closer to Raven's breasts.
    "I am a fairy vindictive goddess, never forget that." Raven answered as she carried her fairy best friend forever after downstairs. "Now which way?" Raven asked, looking into two doors other than the kitchen and eating area.
    "Left." Apple replied. "How do you find a suitable weapon?" She asked.
    "Your weapon of choice is one that resonates with you when you use it. For me it is my croquet mallet. Damn Lizzie for banning it in a real match. Dexter uses a mace. What does Daring use to beat you?"
    "He prefers the scythelance in combat, but flats my ass with his zweihander." Apple answered.
    "A man who can actually understand the ins and outs of a weapon like the scythelance?" Raven thought out loud. "A man like that is a dangerous opponent. I barely survived a match against a chick who used one, even after the referee interfered to prevent me from being decapitated."
    "He uses his zweihander when abusing me." Apple returned.
    "You said that. I will have to fight Daring sometime. A man who can use a scythelance deserves my attention."
    "Why is that?" Apple asked as she fondled the weapons on the rack trying to find one she liked.
    Raven sneaked up behind Apple. "Weapons are like men. You have to test them before you know which one you want." Raven whispered flirtatiously in Apple's ear.
    Apple orgasmed and collapsed backward into the arms of her fairy best friend forever after. "Teach me how to fuck them." Apple said flirtatiously.
    "Of course. I would be more than happy to show you how to fuck weapons. They want to be used like they were designed. The mace is a weapon simple to use but an effective one. It is essentially a spiked, metal club. Dexter prefers the flanged mace over the spiked one." Raven said.
    "What is the difference?" Apple asked.
    "A spike is only for stabbing, like a shank. A flang is more like a shorter, wider stiletto, good for both stabbing and slashing. However, a spiked mace will not catch on skin or armor. A flanged mace will. It will rip through both skin and armor when pulled out. A mace is good for breaking bones and popping joints. A good hit from a mace will bring most fairytales down in a single blow. Fairytales like Daring and myself will only be slowed significantly, which for many fighters, is enough of an advantage. Now onto swords. There are multiple types: sickle swords, short swords, broadswords, long swords, two-handed swords. The size of the blade determines what it is good for. The short sword is good for slashing and blocking, just not on the blade and not a two-handed sword."
    "Why not?" Apple cut Raven off.
    "Blocking on the blade is bad in general. It will tear the shit out of a sword. As for not blocking two-handed swords with short swords, all two-handed swords deal massive damage. A zweihander is the fairytale world's worst for that. Most swords have a hard time standing up to a zweihander, hell most fairytales do! In a deathmatch, I nearly died facing an opponent wielding a zweihander. The only disadvantage a zweihander presents to the wielder is the size. A zweihander carries considerable mass. Most fighters find it too cumbersome and slow. Daring on the other hand, may actually be able to wield it one-handed just because of his speed training." Raven explained.
    "What about the other sword types?" Apple asked as she accidently swung a broadsword at Raven's head.
    Raven caught and sheathed it in one smooth motion. "Broadswords are for stabbing and will break short swords if used properly. Long swords are used for both slashing and stabbing, but unlike two-handed swords, are easier to use. There is a variant of long sword called the hand-and-a-half sword." Raven answered as she caught and sheathed another sword that Apple was swinging dangerously.
    "What is that for?" Apple asked, reaching for a flail.
    "A hand-and-a-half sword is for two- or one weapon fighting. Say a fairytale wanted to use a shield or extra weapon, but wanted to be prepared in case the extra armament was lost, the hand-and-a-half sword can be wielded two-handed." Raven replied she steered Apple out onto the mat and backed away.
    "What is this? It looks like a dick with an attached ball." Apple asked as she swung the flail.
    "It is a flail. It is effectively a mace on a chain. The ball is thrown at a target the length of the handle and chain away from yourself. It has another incarnation: the morning star. The ball on the end is much bigger and more massive. I cannot even lift them." Raven lectured.
    Apple giggled. "If you had a hell of a time just lifting me, then I figured you would not be able to lift a morning star."
    Raven caught the chain on the backswing, pulled it from Apple's grasp, and hit her ass with the ball. "Watch where the hell you swing this shit! It is dangerous!"
    "Sorry." Apple said sheepishly as she picked out another weapon. "What is this?" She asked as she swung the hatchet. At the top of the backswing, she accidently let go and Raven used the handle of the flail to catch the hatchet.
    That earned Raven's ire. She marched towards Apple, grabbed her, slammed her down onto the mat, and sat on her punishing her ass with the flat of one of the broadswords. After Apple's ass was as red as a red delicious apple, Raven stopped and let Apple up. "I TOLD YOU TO WATCH WHERE YOU SWUNG THIS SHIT!" Raven screamed at Apple. Apple hung her head. "Now watch what the hell you are doing." Raven's voice grew cold and hard and Apple shivered.
    Apple noticed something out of place on the rack. "Why the hell a damn fan?" She asked as she moved through her forms smoothly and gracefully.
    "I think you just found your weapon." Raven said as she watched Apple move with her usual grace and poise. Raven's cunt started pouring cum as she let out a shriek and collapsed to her knees. Apple's sexy fan dance took its toll on the veteran ryona babe. Raven recovered. "Fan fighting is not seen as an effective combat style by most "modern" standards, so I do not know much about it. I do know it is actually a fairy effective way of disarming an opponent and the holding bars can be used as blades. The one in your hand is steel. Impacting with that will hurt like hell."
    Apple grabbed the other and moved smoothly and gracefully through her forms. Raven shrieked and collapsed to her ass shuddering on the mat. "I am ever so glad I make you orgasm." Apple said coquettishly.
    "Stop that for a moment." Raven demanded. "We need to talk knives and I cannot do that if you are doing that."
    "Fuck you, bitch," Apple joked as she stopped fan fighting. "What more do we need to discuss? Knives come in two styles: shiv and shank. The shiv is for slashing and the shank for stabbing."
    "Then, what is a stiletto?" Raven asked .
    "It is a longer, thinner shank with the tinsel strength to hold both a point and an edge." Apple replied.
    "All right, Little Miss Know-it-All. What is a dirk?"
    "A dirk is a throwing knife that can be used for knife fighting, and in extreme cases parrying short swords." Apple answered without missing a beat.
    "Very good, Apple." Raven replied. "Now, stand far enough back that my boots are not a problem. Before we start, you asked earlier if you thought we would last forever after. As pure as our love is, this is a fairytale romance come fairy fact. The four of us will last together forever after. Mother and Father are going on fifty years together, after all."
    "What about my grandmother?" Apple asked.
    "Apple, Sister, I do not know the whole reason Father and Snow's mother broke up." Raven sighed. "It had to have been worse than what Father said. I have always known him to never tell fairytales, but he does not always tell all the fairy facts."
    "He dodged a question in the infirmary." Apple countered.
    "Yes, but he did tell the fairy fact. He has always been infatuated with lamia." Raven replied. "Beginners first." Raven gestured for Apple to make her move.
    Apple lunged left reaching for Raven's hair to pull her down, but at the last minute, Apple juked right and corkscrew kicked Raven in her breasts, knocking her on her ass. Before Raven could recover, she found herself with a face full of sticky, sweet cunt. Apple pelvic thrust Raven so hard her head hit the mat. Apple plopped her sexy, round ass on Raven's breasts and unleashed a fairy huge number of unbirthing tentacles covered in girl cum. Apple had never done this before, so she orgasmed from the newness of seeing the tentacles snake out of her snatch. Raven grabbed a shank and started digging it into Apple's ass; however, Apple remained firmly planted on top of Raven.
    As Raven kept shanking in futility, she kept thinking to herself, "Oh Grimm I created a fairy monster!" Raven thought it so many times, that Apple finally heard it through their bond. She telepathically kicked Raven. Raven felt like her brain had just been scrambled. After the fog cleared, she looked up into Apple's face. She was wearing a grin that screamed "Shank my breast!" Raven realized that she must have temporarily deadened Apple's ass nerves when flatting it. Raven brought her shank down into Apple's right tit. After pulling it out the second time, Apple was screeching. Her whole body convulsed in a powerful orgasm and she rolled backward off Raven. Raven rolled backward onto her feet as Apple recovered from her orgasm. Raven flying back spring kicked towards Apple. Apple's eyes widened at her aunt's impressive speed. Apple barely recovered in time to avoid a direct hit to the stomach. Apple pivoted to forward to the right, but her arm never quite cleared Raven's flight path. Apple felt shooting pain as Raven's stiletto heel connected with the bend in Apple's elbow. Apple's arm bent as it went flying backward, only to be stopped by her shoulder as it dislocated. Apple turned to face Raven and grabbed her forearm. Apple pulled on her forearm and her shoulder snapped back into place. She forgot to mention that Daring made her buff up to 80kg. Apple drew herself up to her full height: 2.125 meters tall flatfooted. Just shy of a full eighth of a meter taller than Raven, flatfooted. Raven's mouth dropped when she realized she was fighting a woman of Daring's skill and her tactical equal. Apple moved gracefully, showing off every curve of her body, walked to the rack and grabbed a bo. She twirled it like an expert staff fighter as she walked back to the center of the mat. She assumed her position, swung her beautiful golden locks, and gave Raven a come-and-get-me grin.
    Raven answered the bo with her own moon blade, twirling as she advanced, ready for the clash. "Show me Daring's training style." Raven said flirtatiously.
    Raven launched herself at Apple striking for her legs with the butt of the staff. Apple swung her bo and neatly knocked Raven's moon blade aside. Apple twirled the bo, swinging for Raven's ass. Raven backhand sprang to avoid the strike, only to realize too late that Apple had been expecting that. Apple redirected her strike and shoved the staff up into Raven's hypersensitive asshole. Raven shrieked as a powerful paingasm washed over her. Apple's bo was much wider than Dexter's stiff man meat. Apple slammed Raven down on the mat and rotated the bo. Raven screeched as paingasm after paingasm roiled through her. Apple continued this until Raven's dress was soaked thru with girl cum. Apple pulled the bo out and let Raven writhe until she recovered. Raven backhand sprang from her position on her back, surprising Apple. Raven called her moon blade and charged Apple. Apple struck first this time. Raven caught the bo with the crescent shaped blade of her weapon. The women began a contest of strength pulling on each other's weapons trying to rip them out of each other hands. As the dangerous game of tug-o-war continued, Apple's height and strength training proved her the stronger. Raven's moon blade flew out of her hands. Apple closed for the win. Raven dived out of the way as the bo came down just in front of where her face was. Raven rolled and grabbed her mallet. Apple swung again. Raven caught the staff and pivoted around it, holding it under her right arm, her back to Apple. She brought her mallet down on the bo. The force of the blow reverberating along the length of the staff forced Apple to drop it. Apple grabbed her fans and charged Raven. Raven pivoted to face Apple and sidestepped the blow to her face. Apple quickly recovered and struck again. Raven caught one fan with her mallet and the other with a two-handed sword.
    Apple grinned as girl cum leaked out of her cooter and onto her dress. The fight had truly begun. Raven was not holding back. This fight was now about who gave the most, not who won. Raven lashed out with a high kick at Apple's head. Apple twirled away. She danced back striking for the two-handed sword. Raven caught both fans with her mallet, and swung with the sword. Apple danced her right fan into position to block the strike. She then pinned the sword to her fan with the other. Apple twisted both wrists and the sword went flying. Apple charged Raven again. The two clashed and Raven managed to knock a fan flying. Apple came back with the one fan and parried a strike from Raven's mallet. The mallet went flying and Apple danced backward to catch it. She then danced toward Raven and struck with both mallet and fan. Raven went for both, but only managed to catch the fan as Apple redirected the mallet and struck Raven's leg. Raven's femur fractured from the blow as she fell to the mat. She shrieked as another paingasm washed through her. Her thigh in pain from the fracture, she picked herself up and prepared for another blow knowing her one advantage, her speed, was gone. Apple struck again with both the fan and the mallet. Raven reached for the mallet as the fan brushed her face, cutting the outer edge of her right eye. Raven moaned from the pleasure the pain of the cut brought. Apple swung again. Raven reached for both, knowing her aim was off on the right from the blood in her eye. She missed the mallet, but caught the fan. The mallet hit Raven on her left breast, immediately bruising. Raven screamed as the pain became pleasure. Her tit still hurting, Raven knew she would not last much longer until the paingasm overwhelmed her self-control. Raven used a last ditch lightning spell. Apple took it as the lightning washed over her, she joyfully screeched her pleasure to the heavens. Apple's hair stood on end. She looked nothing like herself. Raven's own make-up ran down the entire length of her face as eye blood ran over and pooled in open mouth. Raven blinked and swallowed, waiting for Apple to make her move. Apple moved slower as she too was tiring. She brought the mallet down on the side of Raven's right ankle. Raven reached to block, but being blind in her right eye still, her aim was off. She missed and her fibula shattered and her tibia broke, the broken ends almost coming through. Raven wiped the blood from her eye, licked it off, and finished breaking her tibia. She joyfully screeched her own pleasure to the heavens as she shattered her tibia. Apple also screamed in pleasure as Raven shattered her tibia. Unbeknownst to them, the front door opened right then. They were too into each other's orgasms to notice that Daring had returned home from his shift at the Glass Slipper and brought company: his boss Ashlynn Ella, and little brother Dexter, now on his feet with a wild story. They heard the screaming, and ushered Ashlynn into the den from the foyer. Back in the ryona room, both women were clashing again. Raven had managed call a long sword off the rack. She was being battered into a corner by Apple. Raven parried Apple's next strike and cracked the blade against Apple's left leg. Her fibula shattered to pieces. It would have to be reconstructed by another lamia or Dr. Good King. Apple screeched her pleasure and swung for Raven again. Raven was too slow this time and the mallet cracked two ribs, killing Raven's all ready cut speed. Raven reached managed to grab the mallet on the return blow and with Apple's cut speed from her shattered fibula, connected with the same ankle. This time Apple's tibia fractured and came through her leg.
    "Let me help you with that." Raven replied out of breath.
    Apple nodded and Raven shattered Apple's tibia.
    By now the Daring had finally convinced Ashlynn that the women were upstairs watching an MMA match on Fairy vision and orgasming to it. Daring met Dexter around on the far side of the stairs and whispered, "They are in the ryona room. Follow me."
    Dexter nodded and hurried after his brother.
    They entered the ryona room just as Apple took another swing at Raven's ribcage, breaking two more ribs. Raven panted as she lost her breath. Apple came back for another swing, slower now than the last two times. Raven managed to get her arm in position. It creaked from the strike, but held together. Raven swung for Apple's good leg, her tibia creaked, but held together as her fibula fractured. Apple swung again. Both women were dog tired and more than ready to quit, but neither was willing to give ground.
    Daring took one look at their physical conditions and moved for his zweihander. He grabbed it by the scabbard and with a mighty two-handed strike, struck the floor with the hilt, shaking the house. "ENOUGH!" His deep base voice sounded loud against the silence he created. "This fight is over. Apple is the only one of you with any real chance of winning. Raven, you did well against an opponent who outclassed you, but you lost the moment your ankle broke. Get cleaned up as best you can. Ashlynn is here."
    Ashlynn sneaked in shortly after Daring slammed the floor with his zweihander. "Oh my fucking Grimm!" Ashlynn exclaimed without realizing she cursed. "You have your own ryona room!? Daring, I know this violates our relationship as employer-employee, but can Hunter and I use it sometimes?"
    After the awkwardness of the entire situation passed, they retired to the kitchen, mainly because the kitchen was linoleum and the den was carpeted. They sat around Apple and Daring's kitchen table talking wedding plans and laughing well into the evening.