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Photostory - High Tech Femmeborg Assassin Eden Mor


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Mar 13, 2011
An old story of mine influenced by the works of Yppiz / Heroic Sacrificer. I was never much good with image editing, so I just selected highly suggestive pics that look like the villainess is all shot up:

"Roger, Madame Menace. Once Steele arrives to meet his currently "indisposed" contact, he'll be as good as dead. Eden out".

"And now, to get the bounty on the agency's most dangerous navel piercer and test the newest femmeborg busty protection technology at the same time!"

"No need for complicated schemes. Just wait until he arrives, then... oh, there he is."

"Greetings, Mr Steele."

"Hello yourself. Are you my contact?"

"Die, Steele!"

"Apparently not!"

Steele dropped to one knee as the bullets whizzed over his head, whipped out his revolver and fired two shots, slamming straight into the quarter dollar sized targets poking out of her shirt.

The unlucky ambusher let out a throaty grunt, and clutched at her mammaries in a satisfactory manner.

"Dammit, that's the third contact I've lost this month. I wonder if there' a mole back at headquarters. Maybe that ex-model Jenny... wait a minute!"

Instead of toppling in as a proper tit-shot assassin, the bountiful babe took her hands of her boobs, and back on her gun! Steele managed to dive into the jungle outgrowth just the busty bitch let out a few shots in his direction.

Steele waited for his chance as the ambusher scanned the area for him, seemingly unimpeded by her mildly bleeding knockers.

"What the hell?! I'm not using low caliber crap like some agents I can name, and the mercury should have taken her down even if the bullets didn't pierce anything vital!"

"Where are you, Mr Steele? Come out and let Eden send you to heaven!"

"All right, time to turn these tits up with a trademark belly shot, and ponder this while searching her voluptuous body"

Steele threw a rock to distract his would-be assassin, dove out of cover and fired a slug at his startled victim's belly.


Steele couldn't believe his aim was off when acquiring a target he's punctured more times than he could count, and yet the big woman was obviously clutching her big boobs rather than her rounded belly. She took a bit more time then strictly necessary to rub her punctured tits then turned her gun upon the amazed Steele. A bullet scratched his arm as he dived for cover yet again.

Having lost site of Steele, Eden took a moment to pull up her shirt and inspect her tingling tits. The magnificent mammaries spilled into view, somewhat enhanced by several neat little holes, bleeding ever so slightly and steadily. One of the nipples stood out particularly stiffly, having been grazed by a bullet.

"I think I like the feeling of the impact as you pop your little blanks into my boobs, Steele! How about you stand up like a man, and empty your gun into them? At least you'll die staring at truly great pair! Your contact seems to have found them worth dying for!"

"Have you had someone swap my bullets, bitch?!" - Inquired Steele as he snapped of a blind shot. The sound of a bullet ricocheting of a tree behind Eden proved him wrong.

"Nothing so sneaky, Steele" said Eden as she lazily fired into the jungle in the direction of his voice, while her other hand caressed her nipple and poked the hole next to it.

"Just a bit of tech borrowed from my former colleagues at the Mossad just before I quickly became profitably re-employed by Madame Menace. Quite the ingenious pair of devices - implanted behind my nipples, they generate an electro-magnetic pulse that attracts any and all small metal projectiles coming at my body".

"You have bulletproof tits?!"

"Mercury anti-venomed as well, specifically for this encounter! The devices discharge is really quite pleasant - I really will enjoy the rest of your bullets quite a bit!"

Eden took a moment to emphasize her invulnerability and pleasure at the encounter by running her tongue over her bleeding breast, lightly dipping the tip into the bullets holes.

"Though not as much as I will enjoy it when you take one of my slugs through your thick skull!" - she threatened.

"You have delusions of adequacy, girl. Whether your balloon boobs are filled with simple lead, or lead mixed with magnets, you're going down!"

"Never! With my shield of tits, I will become Madame Menace's top assassin! And to think those bitches called the idea 'unviable and absurd!' 'An agent should be lithe, quick and shouldn't stand out in a crowd'... 'an agent should do her job as a professional, rather than cream her pants as she massacres civilians'...'an agent should rely on her wits rather than her'... blah blah blah! I'll show them all!"

"Your former friends were right! Your aim is far too poor for a Mossad agent! In fact, I could stroll out right now, put a bullet through your head, and you wouldn't get anywhere near me!"

Steele generally frowned on headshotting his nubile foes - such a demise was a bit boring, not providing nearly the painful comeuppance suitable for an enemy spygirl. Still, if the torso was off limits, he could in fact...

Jump out from the cover of the undergrowth and fire a slug right between Eden's beautiful eyes!

Eden raised a hand to her forehead, as though to block the projectile... When she removed it, Steele expected to see her eyes cross dumbly, to stare at the hole in her forehead as she collapsed.

But instead, Eden pointed at the insignificant new hole in her very significant endowments, going back to groping herself as Steel dove back into cover.

"Come on out, Steele! Anywhere you snap a shot, shields will catch it. Now let's get this over with. If you don't die happy like your contact, at least just die to make ME happy!"

Steele was in a bind. Eden was slowly closing on him, and he was at the edge of a clearing, with no more cover to move back. He was running out of ammo and ideas. Would she have similar shields in her booty? But there was no way to circle around her.... wait a second!

How would some of those teen genius spies Templar used to read about handle the situation? Sure, they were unused to perforating the flesh of nubile assassins, but their approach to such situations seemed viable - figure out the scientific (or techno babble) parts of the situation, and apply a solution.

Eden had two separate generators in her mammoth mam's. They must have had equal generator tension to protect her front and flanks. If one could put a bullet on a course directly towards Eden's middle, both shields would pull at it with the same strength, canceling each other out and burying the projectile in Eden's abundant flesh!

This time Steele didn't call out. He stepped from behind a tree, and Eden was too confident or too slow to fire before he took careful aim and squeezed the trigger.

After a tense few seconds of standing frozen, Eden dropped her gun. She slowly stared down at her newly pierced belly, and clutched it tightly.

"What... did... you?"

"Just some basic scientific principles, Professor. Ha! Always wanted to say that. Your former comrades were right - an overconfident bad girl that places all her faith in her equipment rather than her head, will find her lithesome body full of lead without fail. You took a bit more than I expected, and possibly enjoyed it a bit more than most, but you've had it now!" - Steele gloated, though he was fairly certain that the staggering, moaning Eden was paying little attention to his taunts.

She dropped her ample behind on a fallen tree, her hands still clutching at her belly, her face bearing a look more quizzical than pained, as if still uncomprehending

"My navel. You shot my navel, you son of a bitch! I used to have a boyfriend that would eat it out as though it was pussy, who would prefer it even to my tits, and now there's a big gaping hole in it! Oh fuck, how it burns!"

"That would be the hot slug and the mercury injection combining to kill you. Nobody is eating your chubby bellybutton again but the worms."

"It's not chubby, you bastard! I can't be... I was about to become the worlds greatest assassin, sexy, rich, terrifying and indestructible!"

"And yet, your quest for fame ended ignominiously with a single bullet in that "non-chubby" belly, Titanium Tits. You're just one more in a long line of Evil Big Beautiful Busty Bitches I've put in the ground, and you're going to die a painful and humiliating death."

This had finally gotten to Eden. She turned her head up, and started screaming with pain and anger, her great mounds jiggling as she squirmed, trying to relieve the pain. Steele turned around and walked away, leaving her there.

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