Paige vs. Cameron: Sex Slave Match


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Sep 25, 2015
1 paige cameron promo.jpg
Paige is taking it easy backstage. She's enjoying a sucker when an interview starts. The arrogant Diva takes her time licking off the sucker and pulling it out of her mouth before saying a word, making everyone wait on her.
2 paige sucking.jpg
"Paige, you've recently been training other Divas backstage and on shows like Tough Enough" the interviewer begins as Paige finishes her sucker. "What are your thoughts on the women you've trained?"
"Trained?" Paige scoffs with disgust. "I'm not training anyone. Those women are incapable of being trained! They aren't wrestlers. They're just bimbos who care more about their makeup than getting in the ring."
3 paige interview.jpg

"But aren't you a Diva just like them?" the interviewer asks.
"I'm a wrestler! I've been in the ring for more than a decade! I'm a former champion and work my ass off in that ring. Those other Barbie dolls can't hold a candle to me. All they care about is their looks and sex. Half of them have no business in this company and might as well just get on their backs all the time."
3a paige bragging.jpg
"What do you think you're doing, you bitch?!" comes Cameron's angry voice. She storms into the interview and wastes no time getting in Paige's face. Despite being one of Paige's trainee Barbie dolls, she shows no fear towards the former champion.
""You think you're so much better than everyone else, don't you" Cameron vents. "You're not better. You're a bratty little bitch and someone needs to take you down a peg!"
"And who's going to do that?" Paige asks with a smirk at Cameron's anger. "You?"
"Damn right I will, girl!"
"I'm a champion and you're a winless nobody. You wouldn't stand a chance. You can barely do a headlock right."
"Then how about a 2/3 falls hardcore match? Then I can beat you twice and you can't even call it a fluke! You can talk all you want, girl, but you're gonna be humbled and humiliated!"
"Only one humiliated will be you when I go two straight falls over you."
"Then how about we make it interesting? You think all we're good for is sex, so how about we make this a sex slave match? Loser is the winner's sex slave."
"Oh my god, seriously? You want to be my slave? You know what, you're on!"
"Good! I'll see you in the ring! Girl, bye!"
Cameron spins around and whips her hair back in Paige's face. She struts away as cocky as can be, leaving Paige stunned at the challenge she put forward. Losing never crossed her mind as she laughs to herself at the match that was just made.
4 paige shocked at cameron's challenge.jpg
Paige enters the arena first to a big pop. She may be arrogant, but she backs it up every night, and her rebellious anti-Diva attitude has won thousands of fans over. She's got the total package- looks, skill, and the elusive charisma from being honest and strong. And as good as she is in the ring, she knows there are just as many cheers to see her body, and she doesn't shy away from flaunting herself on the way to the ring. All smiles and confidence, Paige is ready for her sex slave 2/3 falls hardcore match with the bimbo Cameron.
4a paige entrance cocky.gif
5 paige entrance.jpg 6 paige entrance.jpg
7 paige entrance tongue.jpg
7a paige entrance sexy.gif

8 paige entrance joke.jpg 9 paige entrance.jpg
Before the match begins, Paige trashes Cameron a little more, reminding everyone of how she almost never wins Paige takes great pride reminding everyone about her own experience and accomplishments. She even directs everyone's attention to replays and promos of everything she's done. She brags about being one of the sexiest, toughest, baddest, and best wrestlers among the Divas, certainly leagues beyond someone like Cameron.
10 paige thinks she's tough.gif
10a paige tough cute.gif
Cameron enters second as Paige brags and laughs at her opponent. Cameron shows zero intimidation though and marches to the ring in a skirt and small top, showing total disregard for the proud wrestling talent Paige loves to promote. Cameron even carries a small mirror and a can of hairspray with her, making Paige roll her eyes and laugh at her opponent all the more.
11 cameron entrance.gif 12 cameron entrance.gif
13 paige waiting.jpg
13a paige laughing.gif
The bell rings and Paige dares Cameron to come at her, brimming with confidence. Cameron steps right up to her though after carefully placing her cosmetics in the corner. Cameron gets right in her face as Paige again scoffs at the ridiculous challenge before her.
14 paige laughs at cameron.jpg
Cameron gets tired of Paige's arrogance and shoves her hand right in Paige's face. She pushes Paige back like she's the joke among them.
15 cameron pushes paige.gif
Paige looks angered and gets right back in Cameron's face. Paige is ready to start things off, but Cameron chooses to mock her by offering a handshake. Paige again laughs at the offering, thinking Cameron really is a brainless bimbo. Paige jokingly plays along with the act and pretends to thank Cameron and pleads with her not to hurt her, laughing to herself all the while.
16 paige laughs at cameron.jpg
17 paige laughs at cameron.jpg
Paige begins to shake Cameron's hand with a smirk, but that smirk is immediately taken away when Cameron grips her tight and kicks her in the gut. Paige keels over in pain and shock as the match immediately doesn't go her way. Turns out the bimbo outsmarted her right off the bat.
18 cameron tricks and kicks paige.gif
Paige charges at Cameron in frustration, but she ducks the lunge and bounces off the ropes. Paige expects the bimbo to come at her with a basic clothesline or botch a move, but Cameron spins her legs around the rebel's head and drops her with a running headscissors.
19 cameron headscissors paige.gif
Paige sits up after landing on her ass. She sits in shock for a moment, head spinning as the arena blurs around her.
'What just happened?' she thinks, holding a hand to her shaky head. 'Cameron's just a bimbo bitch! I'm the wrestler here!'
Before she can gather her thoughts, Paige feels a tight grip on her neck and chin as Cameron locks her hands around her. Paige's head is jerked to the side in a rough chinlock. All she can do is sit and take the painful hold with an unwilling grimace on her face.
20 chinlock.jpg
Refusing to let Cameron outmaneuver her, Paige starts to wriggle free of the grip, but Cameron drops a hard elbow on her neck, stopping her short. Cameron doesn't give Paige a second to breathe and traps her head under her arm and cranks back the pressure. Paige is helpless as her head is pulled back and belly and chest are exposed forward for the whole arena to see.
21 cameron chinlock paige.jpg
"Whatcha' gonna' do now, girl?" Cameron taunts Paige as she kicks vainly under her arm. "You like the smell of my armpit, bitch? How's it feel to be outwrestled by me?"
Paige clenches her teeth and does her best to ignore Cameron's trash talk. She kicks her legs like a trapped little weakling, but wriggles and squirms in a desperate attempt to escape the humiliating hold. She manages to begin to stand up, fighting valiantly against the bratty bimbo. She rises up, raising her hand to get the crowd's support, not giving up and not lying down. She's almost free and about to make a counter...
But Cameron releases the hold, spins Paige to face her, and throws a lightning slap smacking hard across her face. Paige drops like a bag of bricks, sore as hell and stunned at the sudden pain in her cheek.
22 paige slapped.jpg
Cameron doesn't give Paige a second of respite from her sore cheek. She drops an elbow right down onto Paige's lower back and grabs her arm, wrenching it back in a hurry. Paige is once again trapped by the bimbo, and once again the arena watches in surprise as the anti-Diva is trapped in another submission, squirming helplessly underneath Cameron.
23 armbar.jpg
Paige cries out as Cameron pulls back on her arm, nearly popping it out of its socket. Paige can't even focus on escaping this time; she just screams in agony as the skirt-wearing Diva tears apart her arm.
"Whatcha' cryin' for, girl?" Cameron shouts out to the crying little rebel. "Does this hurt? Is this winless bimbo kicking your ass, bitch? Huh?!"
Paige cries and cries as her arm is nearly broken. She reaches for the ropes and fights back tears, but Cameron has her down far from safety. All she can do is bury her face in the mat and hide her shame as best she can. Her free hand even begins to rise up a bit, shaky and full of fear, as if she's about to tap out...
Cameron suddenly breaks the hold though and slaps Paige's tapping hand down. She isn't going to let the anti-Diva give up on her yet, not even for one fall. She hasn't finished hammering home the lesson to the arrogant Diva. She can beg and cry all she wants for the match to end, but Cameron knows that the match will only be ending when she's through thrashing the pale little girl at her feet, crawling to the ropes with tears in her eyes and a whimpering in her weary gasps.
Paige makes it to the bottom rope, but only because Cameron allows her to. She hops out of the ring in a flash and leans back for another slap across the weakened Diva's sore face. Paige's head lashes back at Cameron's fierce slap, and once again she's left holding her face in pain as she rolls backwards off the ropes.
24 cameron slaps paige.gif
Cameron takes a moment to gloat outside the ring, and then she picks up her bottle of hairspray before reentering. She slides back in as Paige is struggling to stand up, still nursing her aching cheek. Before she can even collect her bearings and see Cameron standing in front of her, she's blinded by the hairspray. Paige cries out and flails wildly, desperately rubbing her blinded eyes. Cameron shows no sympathy though and grabs a handful of Paige's black hair and throws her down hard onto her back.
With Paige down and blinded, Cameron unleashes a flurry of kicks onto the former champion. Paige weakly swats her hands around to defend herself, but nothing she does has any effect. Cameron rains down a beating on her helpless frame, kicking her until she's barely moving anymore. Even then it isn't enough, and Cameron drops to her knees next to Paige and pummels her again and again, hitting and slapping Paige without constraint.
25 cameron kicks downed paige.gif
26 cameron beating down paige.jpg
Cameron finally lays off on her mugging and gives Paige a chance to breathe. Paige is gasping and helpless as Cameron looks down on her, the formerly arrogant wrestler, now the weakened black-haired bimbo herself. Cameron smirks as Paige slowly crawls away to the apron, each inch taking great effort to cross.
27 paige crawls to apron.jpg
28 paige hurt on apron.jpg
"Running away?" Cameron mocks proudly. "Ready to admit you got your ass kicked by a bimbo, girl? Or maybe that makes me the wrestler and you the bimbo, huh bitch?"
Paige groans helplessly on the apron, trying to push herself off the mat with great effort, but collapsing from her aching body. Her cheek was sore, her head was spinning, her shoulder still screamed in pain, and her back and gut were still hurting from Cameron's total beatdown on her.
Cameron didn't care though. She ran off the ropes opposite Paige and slid down into a dropkick right into Paige's already broken back. The poor Diva flew from the apron with a sudden cry and slammed down on the rock hard floor below.
29 paige on floor.jpg
As Paige writhes on the floor outside, Cameron hops down after her, pacing around the Diva's broken body like a bird of prey. Paige weakly looks up at her conqueror with half-closed eyes, wincing at the lights and roaring crowd. The fans sounded distant and noisy to her, and she couldn't tell how shocked all her fans were to watch the beating before them.
Cameron lifted Paige up by her hair and grabbed her waist. She charged forward into the barricade with Paige, drilling her spine against it and ricocheting her frail body off it and back to the floor with a cold smack. With Paige reeling and barely able to move, Cameron reentered the ring to gloat, loving every second of her ongoing triumph.
30 paige hurt on floor.jpg
Cameron played to the crowd, reveling in their boos and jeers as Paige slowly composed herself outside. She took her time; she would have been counted out had it not been a hardcore match. But Cameron showed no concern. She just taunted Paige and her fans, patiently waiting for the supposedly superior and talented wrestler to get back in the ring.
Paige finally made her way back through the ropes, hoping to turn the tide of the match. But before she even lifted her head up, she was forced under Cameron's arm and dropped backwards into a DDT. She rolled clear across the ring from the sudden move, holding her neck in pain off the move's torturous impact.
31 cameron ddt paige.gif
Paige was still moving but looked just about gone. Cameron crawled over her and hooked both legs for a cover. The ref began to count, and the first fall seemed to be in the bag...
But Paige kicked out at the last possible second. The fans cheered and Cameron sat in surprise, but only for a moment. Paige barely kicked out. She wouldn't last much longer. She was fighting a lost cause now, and because of her resilience, Cameron wanted her to know it.
"You might want to stay down, girl" Cameron sneered.
"I won't... lose... to you..." Paige gasped out, lifting herself off the mat with a look of pained effort. She slowly crawled away to the corner, as far from her dominant opponent as she could get.
"Really? Think so?" Cameron teased back. "You're pretty broken, bitch."
"You won't break me... I won't let you beat me..."
32 paige crawling.jpg
Paige manages to reach the corner as Cameron looks on, amused at the anti-Diva's ceaseless but useless defiance. She was only standing because of the turnbuckle now, yet she refused to be broken. Cameron decided she wouldn't end the match until the arrogant girl admitted just how inferior she was.
Cameron charged at Paige and tore into her gut with a running shoulder tackle. Paige's body folded between the turnbuckles as a deep gasp escaped her lips. Her hair drooped down over her exhausted face, but Cameron brushed it aside so everyone could see the defeat in her eyes.
"Come on, girl, swing at me" Cameron dared.
Paige did as she was told and threw a slow punch, but it was as sluggish as it was weak. Cameron easily stepped under it and grabbed Paige by her head. She leapt up and brought Paige's face down onto her knees, snapping her head and body back in a ruthless facebuster.
33 cameron chinbreaker paige.gif
Paige's body bounced across the ring as Cameron stood back up to admire her handiwork. Paige had a tougher time standing, stumbling and holding the ropes in order to finally get to her feet. She was holding her jaw in pain, but the shock she once felt was gone. It was like she was realizing just how effective Cameron was against her; she was seeing her moves more and more. Maybe she could finally mount a comeback if she could figure Cameron out!
Paige stumbled to the middle of the ring and Cameron lunged at her, but Paige had it scouted. She ducked the attack and pushed Cameron forward, bouncing her off the ropes. Cameron leapt leg-first into Paige, who caught her firmly and lifted her up, thinking she had her in her grasp. Instead, Cameron wrapped her arm around Paige's head and brought it down to the mat, driving her pretty features face-first into the canvas.
34 cameron bulldog paige.gif
Paige bounced off the mat in shock, once again holding her broken face in dismay. Cameron looked back at her with a smirk as Paige was once again crawling away in defeat and humiliation. Soon, Cameron thought, the Diva would be admitting how bested she truly was. Maybe it'd take one pinfall to finally make her admit it though. Then, and only then, would Paige be put out of her misery.
35 paige crawling.gif
Paige made it to the ropes and hoisted herself up, turned, and stumbled a few feet towards Cameron. The bimbo didn't wait any longer though; she ran at he and spun herself around Paige by grabbing her hair and forcing her face down hard into the mat, smashing what little life she had left. Paige was reduced to a near-lifeless heap, twitching her broken body helplessly.
36 cameron face slam paige.jpg
Cameron knew it was time to finish the poor girl. Cameron stood over her dark hair and lifted her head up between her thighs. She was trapped and helpless; she barely even struggled against the hold. Cameron then dropped the helpless Diva face-first into the mat. Her falling ass jiggled upon impact, falling helplessly along with the rest of the broken girl. Just like that, in one humiliating move, Paige was out. Cameron easily rolled her over, head still tight between her powerful thighs, and rolled up her legs over her broken body for the pin.
37 paige face crushed.jpg
37a paige face slam ass jiggle.gif
The first fall went to Cameron, dominant and triumphant. Paige hadn't landed a single hit.
Cameron stood to get her hand raised in victory and gloated to the jeering fans. No one could believe what was on display before them. The great little rebel, the anti-Diva, the former champion and revolutionary woman, was being treated like weak little trash. Her body was broken and beaten, and now Cameron was well on her way to winning the match entirely. Just one more fall and Paige would succumb to the match's stipulation.
"You give up yet?" Cameron mocked as Paige slowly came to.
The defeated Diva crawled to the corner in tears, sobbing at the pain wrecking her entire body and humiliating loss to a bimbo like Cameron. She had lost and everyone knew it. The girl was so far gone she just collapsed near the corner, unable to even move anymore. She just collapsed and cried, holding her body in excruciating pain.
37b paige crawling.gif
38 paige hurt.gif
Cameron crouched down by Paige in the same corner her mirror and hairspray were in. Cameron grabbed her mirror in one hand and Paige's hair in the other, forcing the rebel to look at herself, at the defeated, sweaty, sobbing mess she had become. The sight made Paige cry even more, and Cameron laughed as the knowledge sunk in. Paige had lost, and she finally saw it firsthand.
"Look at yourself, girl" Cameron taunted. "You're pathetic."
Paige only cried. She shut her eyes at the mirror, unable to look any longer. The sight was as horrifying to her as it was humbling and humiliating.
"Why not tell me how broken you are, bitch?" Cameron pressed, leaning in to whisper harshly in Paige's ear. "Tell me and I'll put a stop to this. I'll end it quick. I promise, girl."
Paige gasped and sobbed, but reluctantly nodded. Cameron let the mirror down and Paige cleared her throat sadly. It went against every fiber in her body to say such a thing, but it was too obvious to ignore anymore. No defiant attitude would save her now.
"I... I'm done..." Paige sobbed as Cameron listened closely, taking in every pleasing word with a smile. "You win... You beat me..."
"You're broken, aren't you bitch?"
"You broke me... You broke me..."
"And who's the better wrestler now, huh?"
"You are..."
"And you're just a bimbo- No, you're worse than that. You're a loser, a pathetic little loser."
With Paige's hair firmly in hand, Cameron planted a kiss right on Paige's sore cheek, staining her makeup on the girl's pale skin as a mark of defeat. Cameron then raised her mirror up, ready to end the torture at last.
"Girl, bye" Cameron said before smashing the mirror down over the back of Paige's head. The raven-haired beauty went limp at once, all energy drained out of her. Cameron could pin her and count to ten without a problem. Instead, she dragged Paige's limp body to the middle of the ring and laid her on her back, sprawled out for everyone to see.
39 paige limp.jpg
Cameron stood tall over the devastated Diva, letting the silenced fans take in the scene for a moment. Cameron then dropped and did the splits right onto Paige's stomach, bouncing her body up in a limp splash. Cameron wasn't satisfied though and repeated her splits onto Paige's breasts. The pale Diva was beyond through as Cameron lay spread across her chest, but the bimbo wasn't through. She stood up one last time and split her legs down onto Paige's face.
40 cameron splits paige.jpg
Paige's face was crushed one last time under Cameron's crotch, and she regained consciousness only long enough to be smothered by Cameron sitting on her face. She fought to be free with what little strength remained to her, but her limp arms and legs couldn't flail enough and Cameron didn't budge. She sat proudly as the last of Paige's energy left her and her limbs went limp. She lost consciousness with Cameron's ass in her face as the ref began his final count and Cameron counted loudly along with him.
It was over. Finally over for poor Paige. Cameron had her hand raised in victory with a big smile on her face. She skipped around Paige's motionless body with glee, laughing down at her defeated, lifeless frame. She even danced right over her face, shoving her own attitude right in the rebel Diva's face. If she had been awake, she would have seen that she had been completely and utterly beaten by the kind of woman she hated most.
41 cameron booty dance.gif
Cameron leaned down to Paige's face after her little dance. Paige's eyes were shut and only a subtle breath escaped her mouth. Cameron lightly slapped her lipstick-stained cheek one last time to help her come to, just so she could fully grasp what's happened to her. Not only did she lose, but she just became Cameron's new sex slave.
"You're mine now, bitch" Cameron taunted as Paige's eyes began to flutter open. Cameron mockingly pulled on her black bra with one finger, snapping it back down in total control. "I'll get under there later, girl."
Cameron skipped her way out of the ring, not losing her victorious smile as she left Paige in a defeated heap. The sight was a beauty for the bimbo as she backed out the arena, carefully watching Paige's tearful reaction as she came to. The referee had to help her make sense of her surroundings and told her that she'd lost the match. Paige's reaction was nothing short of a teary-eyed breakdown.
42 paige hurt.gif
43 paige hurt.gif

* * *​
Later that night, Paige sat alone in her hotel room, shaking with haunting thoughts of her match that evening, and most importantly, the stipulation she agreed to. She was officially Cameron's sex slave now, and there was nothing she could do about it.
'How did this happen..?' Paige asked herself, sighing and holding her head. The fear of what Cameron would do with her was driving her crazy. She couldn't do anything but dread a knock on her door from the winning bimbo.
Sure enough, the knock came, and Paige hesitantly answered. Cameron stood at her door, dressed in a workout attire and carrying a small bag. She pushed her way in uninvited, set the bag down, and scanned Paige's body, circling her like she was a trophy.
44 paige hot.jpg
45 paige hot.jpg
46 cameron outfit.jpg
"You look good, girl" Cameron commented. "You're dressed pretty slutty though. See me, I just came from the gym. That's what real athletes do- work out. You can call yourself one all you want, but you lost tonight. You lost bad. I mean, you didn't do shit to me and I just handed your ass to you. I slapped you around like my bitch. And now, you really are my bitch."
Paige hung her head sadly, not even knowing what to say back. It was all true and she knew it, and that probably the worst part. This fake bimbo owned her, both in the ring and now outside it too.
"You remember the stipulation, girl?" Cameron taunted, circling behind Paige slowly. "Loser is the winner's sex slave. So what do you think I should do with you, huh?"
Cameron inched closer behind Paige and leaned into her ear. Ever so softly, she whispered to her in her most seductive tone.
"What... should I... do... with you..?"
As Cameron placed her hands around Paige's hips, the pale Diva stepped away at once. She shuddered at the thought of Cameron laying her hands on her. She couldn't run though, no matter how much she wanted to. All she had left was this little defiance. She took a seat on her couch, crossed her arms, and made sure to not even look at Cameron no matter what. She wouldn't give the bimbo the satisfaction.
Cameron took the seat next to Paige, not letting Paige's futile defiance get to her. She wouldn't be ignoring her for very long. Cameron slowly placed her hands onto Paige's thighs, gradually gliding them up her body, past her belly and onto her breasts. One hand slipped underneath her top and the other drifted back down her body, playing with the button and zipper on her pants.
Paige cringed as Cameron's hand explored her body. She let her arms down and gripped the couch as hard as she could to distract from what was happening. She stared at the wall as the zipper on her pants was pulled down and the button got unlatched. She wanted to throw Cameron out, but she knew she couldn't. Even if she tried, Cameron would just pin her down and do what she wanted anyway. Paige learned the hard way that she couldn't take Cameron.
As she cringed, Cameron's lips suddenly pressed against her neck. They were soft and gentle, but Paige tried shifting her shoulders to block the act. Cameron wouldn't have it though and immediately turned rough, using the hand fidgeting with Paige's pants to force her head back, giving complete access to her neck. Cameron began kissing her as much as she wanted with one hand still down her shirt.
Paige could feel nothing but pleasure on her neck, and her grip on the couch slowly loosened. She still wanted to fight free and one hand drifted around Cameron's waist. But the more Cameron kissed her neck, the weaker and weaker Paige's desire to throw her off became.
Cameron gently pulled back from Paige's neck but inched closer to her side. She gently ran her hand along Paige's bra under her shirt, teasing to pull the cups back but holding off from attacking the girl. The subtle touches and kisses were taking their toll on the anti-Diva though, and she unwittingly drifted her head Cameron's way, inching closer and closer to looking at her at last.
Paige finally turned her head towards Cameron, who crept her lips to Paige's. Paige pulled back on contact, but Cameron pressed forward and turned herself onto Paige's lap. She pressed up against Paige, craning her head back and forcefully locking lips with her. Paige's hand tried pushing against Cameron's waist, but the little bit of force she exuded only urged Cameron on more. She kissed Paige passionately, making out with her just to humiliate her all the more.
Paige's pushes weakened and Cameron knew the girl was all but hers. She leaned back and pulled Paige's arms up, then slid her top off in a flash. Paige was left in a black bra as Cameron went back to kissing her, this time drifting down from her lips and neck and onto her breasts. She slid her tongue down Paige's stomach, through her belly button, and to the top of her undone jeans. Paige barely even fought her anymore. Instead, her hands moved into Cameron's hair, not even trying to pull her away.
Cameron could do whatever she wanted, but Paige hadn't been humiliated enough. Cameron quickly moved back up Paige's body and threw her breasts into Paige's face. The once-defiant Diva struggled with surprise, fighting for air, but she wasn't given any. Her weak struggle faded fast as Cameron smothered her between her breasts, stopping short of knocking her out and only making the sexy girl as limp as a ragdoll.
Paige went limp in Cameron's arms. The bimbo lifted her body up like a feather, limbs hanging lifelessly and resistance gone completely. She laid the girl down over her own couch and stopped to admire her handiwork. Paige was lying barely awake beneath her, covered only by her bra above the waist. She was helpless to do a thing.
Cameron retrieved a pair of handcuffs from the bag she brought and rolled Paige onto her side. She cuffed her hands behind her back and laid her on her back again, even more helpless than before. She wouldn't be pushing anyone away now. Cameron grinned at the sight of a handcuffed Paige and dragged her body over the edge of the couch, draping her back on the armrest to expose her belly as much as possible.
Cameron ran her fingers along Paige's exposed belly, playing with it and feeling it up, loving every second of it. She couldn't resist the perfect belly and leaned in to kiss it, laying her lips around every part of Paige's fit stomach.
47 paige belly.jpg
Cameron got a candle out of her bag next and lit it at once. The heat melted the wax as Cameron continued to molest Paige's belly. Once ready, she held it above the exposed stomach and let just a bit of wax drip down, making Paige twitch ever so slightly at the heat. The wax settled into her belly button as Cameron felt Paige's muscles tense up at the feeling. Weak groans escaped her lips as the wax returned life to her, and she managed to lift her head in curiosity as to what was happening to her fragile belly.
Paige seemed to finally realize her hands were cuffed and belly had been ravaged. She squirmed a little in a panic, so Cameron set the wax down and pulled Paige back onto the couch off the armrest. Now she looked right at Cameron, but she looked afraid of what was still to come. Paige tried backing away, but there was no room on the couch and her cuffed hands stopped any chance of escape.
Cameron smirked at the girl's vain struggle and ran a lone finger down her body, starting with a flick of her lips and gliding slowly down her breasts, belly, and onto her undone pants. At long last, she grabbed her tight jeans with both hands and pulled them off, smacking Paige's sensitive stomach anytime her legs kicked in resistance.
With Paige reduced to her black panties and matching bra, Cameron grabbed the girl by her cuffs and hoisted her off the couch. She walked the defiant Diva to the end of the couch and got behind her, enjoying every subtle scoff and grunt of displeasure Paige let out. It was all for nothing though. Once again, Cameron wouldn't settle for a rebel; she wanted Paige to give in to her.
"You're going to enjoy this" Cameron whispered, leaning in behind Paige. "Before the night's done, you'll beg for more."
Cameron's hands wrapped around Paige's trembling body, feeling every inch of her skin with a delicate touch. She rubbed her hands all over her, from a soft choke around her neck down to a soft rub overtop her thin panties. Paige squirmed the most when Cameron's hands touched her below her waist, but that weak squirming faded the more Cameron felt her pussy.
Paige couldn't move much with Cameron's arms around her, but she looked down at herself with shame and began to sob. Her body betrayed her thoughts and her resistance left her. She couldn't run anymore. She wanted to push Cameron's hands away or try to cover herself up, but with her hands cuffed she was utterly exposed, completely at Cameron's mercy.
"You're shaking..." Cameron noted softly in Paige's ear. "What's wrong? Not enjoying it yet? You sure look like you are. Why not stop me then? Push my hands away. Here..."
Cameron let up on her seduction just enough to unlock one of Paige's cuffs. Her freed hands moved to push Cameron's hands away immediately, but they didn't offer much resistance as Cameron slipped one hand under Paige's panties. Her feeble attempts to fight back were swatted away with ease. Instead of fighting harder, Paige lifted her head up and let a groan escape her mouth just before she bit her lip, desperate to not focus on what Cameron was doing to her.
"Just admit it, girl, you like this" Cameron whispered, loving the sight of Paige biting her lip and giving in. "Admit it and this will all be easier for you."
"N-No..." Paige gasped, reaching back down to fight Cameron's touch. "Stop it..."
Cameron kept one hand down Paige's panties, but she used the other to suddenly unhook Paige's bra. Paige's defiant hands immediately lifted up to cross over her breasts, trying to cover herself up as her bra loosened over her shoulders. Cameron had her easily outdone though and pulled her hands away by force, letting her bra fall away.
Paige let out a whimper and a cry as she became exposed, and Cameron wasted no time reaching her hands around onto Paige's ample boobs. She squeezed and squished them, playing with them to her heart's content. Paige didn't even fight her; her arms dangled to her sides and she just cried as Cameron had her way.
All defiance left Paige as Cameron molested her boobs. First she dominated her belly, now her breasts. Paige's body was slowly becoming hers. Every satisfied moan Paige released made it all the more clear. She wasn't fighting anymore, and every sound she made was of reluctant pleasure.
Cameron suddenly pushed Paige down, forcing her head down to the couch and bending her in half. She pulled her hands back behind her and handcuffed them again, then grabbed her final toy from her bag. It was a big purple strapon, and she put it on so Paige could see what was in store for her, then went behind the bent girl for the fun.
"What are you doing..?!" Paige gasped with tears in her eyes at the sight of Cameron's new toy. "You can't do this..! What are you doing?"
"I'm gonna fuck you, girl" Cameron replied simply.
"No..! No, please. Stop... Stop it..!"
Cameron ignored Paige's pleas and rubbed the tip of her toy along her pussy, teasing penetration but not going in. She just taunted her for a moment, enjoying the betraying sounds of pleasure Paige made that completely opposed her begging. With a wicked grin as she conquered the helpless rebel, Cameron raised her strapon up a bit higher and finally penetrated into Paige's ass.
"Ah!" Paige gasped in shock at the cock in her ass. "Ohhhhh..... Fuck..!"
Cameron moved back and forth into Paige's juicy ass. Her pale plaything struggled slightly at first, but Cameron soon leaned in deeper and stronger. She pushed Paige's face down into the couch, stopping her from moving at all. All the little weakling could do was moan and gasp as Cameron owned her ass. With each thrust, Paige's resistance vanished and her gasps of shock and enjoyment grew louder and louder, muffled only by the cushions of her own couch.
"You my little bitch yet, girl?" Cameron mocked, relentlessly fucking Paige's ass.
"A-Ah! Oh! F-Fuck..! Ohhhhh... N-Nooooo..... Stop it..!"
Cameron pulled out at last, relishing the final gasp Paige made as she was briefly freed from her torment, and lifted her fragile little body back up. She then pushed Paige down onto her back on the couch and stepped right over to join her.
"No, stop... Please!" Paige begged, squirming away from Cameron.
Then Cameron thrust her purple cock right into Paige's pussy. She was done teasing and waiting. Paige's begging stopped short with a surprised gasp with Cameron inside her. She moaned and groaned with even greater pleasure, holding her mouth open as if begging for more attention. Cameron leaned in as if to kiss her, just stopping short of letting her lips meet Paige's. She drilled the little rebel again and again, fucking whatever energy she had left right out of her. She was nearing the end. She was almost finished. But Cameron pulled out before it could happen. She wasn't going to let Paige orgasm without admitting just how pathetic she was.
"You ready for this to end, bitch?" Cameron sneered, grabbing Paige hard by her hair and staring down into her weak eyes.
"Ohhhh....." Paige groaned, unable to even form a response.
"You're not gonna cum until you tell me what I want to hear..."
"Ohhhhh... I... I'm your bitch... You own me..."
"You're so pathetic, girl!"
"You win... You got me... Please, end it..."
"You want me to fuck you?"
"Yes... Please..."
"Then get on your knees" Cameron ordered, tossing Paige off the couch to the floor.
Cameron stood tall above the broken girl kneeling before her. Paige looked hesitant, but her body wouldn't let her defiance continue. With wide, almost innocent eyes, full of dread and terror and humiliation, she knelt before Cameron and took her strapon between her lips. She took Cameron's purple cock in her mouth and sucked it over and over as Cameron looked down at her, knowing she had completely conquered the poor girl's spirit.
All that remained was to finish conquering her body. Cameron pulled her cock out of Paige's mouth and slapped her with it. She pushed her down onto her back, exactly where the girl had once said Cameron should be. She wasted no time penetrating Paige once again right on the floor, riding in and out of her as orgasmic sounds escaped the black-haired girl's pale lips. Cameron leaned in tight to her soft body to feel every vibration running through her, not stopping her domination the whole time. Paige was fucked raw, completely ruined, humbled and humiliated. She came loudly with Cameron inside her, finished at last.
Paige collapsed as she cried out in a gratifying finale. Her body was soaked in sweat and shame, her chest heaved in exhaustion, and her eyes shut on her ruined body. She couldn't bear to see herself with Cameron on top of her, the total victor.
Cameron stood up and admired her victim, her worthless little slave. She took the strapon off and tossed the toy down onto Paige's wrecked body. She could keep it for the next time they played around. The girl seemed to enjoy it enough.
"Sleep tight, little slave" Cameron told Paige as she left her in a heap on the floor. "This will be our routine from now on, kay? Maybe this'll teach you to watch that mouth of yours. You're my trash now. Just my little rebel sex slave."
Cameron left the hotel after that. Paige didn't move from her naked heap on the floor. Her body was sore and ruined, wrecked and ravaged. She couldn't move. All she could do was sob all alone, curl up in a weak little ball, and cry herself to sleep. Her sweaty, dominated, humiliated, humbled little body had been completely owned and destroyed.
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