Paige Returns Ep. II: vs. Summer Rae


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Sep 25, 2015
Paige Returns Ep. 2: Paige vs. Summer Rae
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The camera fades in on Paige being interviewed backstage, one week after returning to Raw. Things didn't go too well for her in her return match against Alicia Fox, but she's back and ready for more.
"Paige, what are your thoughts after your loss last week? You made it clear how excited you were to step back in the ring, but things... didn't quite go your way."
A frown flashes across Paige's face but she shakes it off. "I don't want to talk about last week. When I came back, I decided to move away from the past. I'm back and maybe a bit rusty, but I've been training and getting back into the swing of things. I'm not about to back down from one fluke loss."
Nearby, Summer Rae overhears and a scowl crosses her face. She struts up on her long legs and interjects herself on the interview, getting right in Paige's face.
"Are you kidding me?" Summer asks in disbelief. "You really want to call what Alicia did a fluke? Okay, tell me then- how did it feel to have wet, sticky beer trickling down your panties? Or how about how long it took to wipe 'Welcome Back' off your ass?"
A mix of anger and embarrassment crosses Paige's face and she hesitates, too stunned to respond for a moment. "Why don't you say that to me in the ring then?" she finally fires back. "You can be my second match back!"
"And I'll give you your second loss" Summer spouts arrogantly. "Fine, I'll see you in the ring. Just do me a favor and take an extra shower first. I don't want to touch any sticky beer still on you."
As Summer struts off, Paige is left alone, reminded of everything that happened to her the week before. She fights the memories, but she can't stop tears from welling up in her eyes as the camera captures every single second of the embarrassment in her eyes.
'Call to me! Call to me!'
Summer's music hits loud and the modelesque blonde struts her way to the ring, tall, proud, and knowing just how sexy she looks with her toned belly and booty shorts showing off her endless assets. Some fans boo her, but most of their eyes are too drawn in to hate her. She refuses to get close to anyone and brushes them off, but still they reach for her, wanting her despite her attitude.
Summer enters the ring and takes up a microphone as her music fades. "So guess what, guys?" she says to the crowd, sounding excited. "I'm wrestling Paige tonight!"
A cheer runs through the crowd, making Summer frown for a moment. "Wait, wait, wait... You still like her?" she asks, curiously confused. "You guys remember what Alicia did to her last week, right? How she got dominated and destroyed in her first match back. Or wait... maybe you guys just enjoyed seeing the brash little rebel finally get what's coming to her. Maybe you want to see her little body get wrecked and ravaged again? Would you guys like that? What if I beat her and make her beg? Strip her down?"
Faint cheers grow louder through the crowd, and Summer grins with pleasure. "I promise all of you..." she says with determination, "I'm going to make my mark all over poor little Paige and destroy her even worse than Alicia did!"

Summer stretches in preparation as Paige's music hits. The pale diva makes her way out wearing her trademark leather jacket and a shirt underneath, almost like she's hiding her body, still ashamed from last week's assault. Despite it all though, the fans still show their love as she makes her way down the ramp.
The announcers pay little attention to Paige though.
"Summer looks great tonight, Michael" Jerry Lawler muses.
"Certainly a lot better off than Paige, King" Michael Cole agrees.
"Paige always needed a tan, and Summer's hotter than a summer day! It's no comparison! Look! I think Paige is trying to cover up!"
"Maybe she's still all sticky from last week, King."
"I wonder if Summer will rip the clothes right off her!"
King and Cole are far more focused on Summer, still stretching her long legs in the ring, showing just how far she can bend. More eyes are on her than Paige, and the leggy blonde knows it. It all just feeds her ego more and more.

Paige hops onto the apron and smiles lovingly at her fans. She teases them with taking her top off, getting more eyes on her as the crowd's cheering helps her get over her shame. Summer just rolls her eyes at the display though and shows no impression once Paige discards her jacket and shirt.

As Paige plays to the crowd, Summer takes to flaunting herself, flirting with fans at ringside and strutting her stuff on the top rope. With virtually no effort to be appealing, the fans and cameras all go to Summer, betraying Paige before she even steps between the ropes.
"What's happening, Paige?" Summer asks mockingly as Paige enters the ring. "Sounds like your fans aren't so into you anymore. See, I think they liked you because they thought you were tough and hot. But fact is, you're not tough and I'm hotter. So who in their right mind would cheer for you now?
The crowd seems to turn and Paige senses it. Summer just might be right, she realizes, and that starts tears to well up in her eyes. A look of betrayal and defeat covers her face before the bell even rings.
"I didn't think it was possible, but Paige looks even more embarrassed, Cole!" Jerry Lawler notes with an odd sense of glee.
"She sure does, King" Cole agrees. "Where does she go from here?"
"Oh, I bet if Summer has her way, she'll be even more degraded than this!"

Paige's embarrassment quickly turns to white hot rage as the bell rings. She charges at Summer straight away, scaring the leggy blonde out of the ring. Summer flees around the outside as Paige gives chase, but when Paige suddenly rounds the corner, she's caught with a sudden stunning slap, flinging her whole body back. Summer follows it up with a standing clothesline, taking Paige down hard.
Summer throws her head back and points down at Paige with laughter. "This is almost too easy!" she brags to the announcers nearby.
"Wow!" Lawler shouts with surprise. "Summer just totally outsmarted Paige!"
"The match has barely started, King, and things already look bad for the anti-Diva!"

Summer throws a dazed Paige back into the ring and takes a moment to gloat on the apron, flaunting her fit body to the fans as Paige rolled into the ring, wounded and looking less than ideal. Paige quickly got back to her feet to retaliate though and charged at Summer at once. But instead of landing a blow, she got caught with an arm toss into the corner.
Frustrated, Paige charged at Summer again, but the leggy blonde had her scouted. She pounced on the smaller woman, taking her down and pinning her under her weight. Summer laid into Paige with furious slaps and fists, swinging wildly at her face, rearranging the pretty rebel's makeup in her flurry of strikes. Paige tried to roll aside to catch a breather, but Summer relentlessly pounded away, beating her down until she was finally still.
Paige needed a moment to rest, and she lay flat on her back as Summer stood over her, tall and proud above her prey. Paige could do nothing but inhale and exhale as the blonde strutted her superiority.

"Is that all you got, Paige?" Summer asks as she struts her stuff. It seems like more fans are watching her than cheering Paige back to her feet, and the dark diva can sense it. As she crawls to the ropes, a look of heartbreak crosses her face. It's all she can do to fight her disappointed tears and climb to her feet, ready to turn to Summer and fight back.
"Paige needs to land some offense here, King" Michael Cole notes from ringside. "Summer is in firm control here."
"I don't even think Paige knows where she's at!" Lawler agrees.
"She's back to her feet though, and you can never count her out. All she needs to do is turn around and mount a comeback-"
Paige indeed turns around, but Summer plants a spinning heel kick across her face. The pale girl drops like a bag of rocks in front of thousands of watching eyes, and the announce team gets cut off by Summer's stunning strike.
To celebrate dropping Paige again, Summer does the splits and plays to the crowd again, relishing their growing cheers. They're actually cheering on the blonde beauty as she picks apart the little raven-haired girl on her back.
Paige manages to sit up, but looks like she's in pain, so Summer fakes a gasp and leans in close to her. "Aw, are you okay?" she asks as though she were speaking to a child. "Did you fall down and get hurt? Poor little thing..."

Summer suddenly latches on a tight headlock and cranks on the pressure, badly twisting Paige around by her neck. Paige kicks with her legs but can't escape, and her energy slowly saps as Summer tightens an arm around her neck. The hold even turns into a choke and the referee forces it to break, but the damage is already done.
Instead of the headlock, Summer instantly shifts her legs behind Paige's back and pulls back on her arms, stretching her in new ways to torture her more. Again, Paige can do nothing but sit, cry, and kick in vain. Summer, meanwhile, leans back and grins with delight as her legs do all the work.
Paige's futile squirming changes into cries as Summer asks a mic be handed to her. Once she's got it, she sits up as close to Paige as possible to hear her whimpering cries. She raises the mic to her lips, still grinning.
"Aw, poor Paige" Summer mocks in Paige's ear before looking to the crowd. "She sounds like she's really suffering, guys."
Some boos fall on Summer, while others try chanting for Paige to escape the hold. Summer just grins and goes on taunting.
"This is really fun, you guys. You should all totally try this sometime. She's just so fun to dominate! You could all have your way with her!"
"Ahhhhh!!!!!" cries Paige.

Summer finally breaks the hold after enjoying Paige's anguished cries. She drags her down by her dark locks though, splaying her on the mat. Summer then stands over her, calm and smiling, and drops a leg down on Paige's throat, splashing the girl's body up with surprise.
Paige coughs and holds her throat, gasping for air, as Summer grabs her again, this time by her legs. Summer wraps up Paige's thin legs and stretches them using her own, making the scrawny girl cry out and lean back in pain.
Again, Summer takes up the mic to address the fans and further humiliate Paige. "I've got an idea, guys" she tells the crowd. "Let's see if we can get this bitch to beg!"

As Paige screams out in pain and reaches for her sore legs, Summer smashes her back with the mic in her hand. Paige drops backwards in surprise, helplessly on her back, groaning from the punishment she's receiving, as Summer modifies the hold. The leggy blonde stretches one boot against Paige's jaw, pushing down onto Paige's pretty little face and crushing it into the mat. Paige's groans and cries are muffled under Summer's boot as her body torques, stretching farther than it should thanks to Summer's long legs.
With Paige muffled and her body breaking, Summer takes up the mic again. "I think she's almost ready, you guys" Summer excitedly tells the crowd. "She ought to be begging for mercy soon, right? Want me to go ahead and put poor little Paige out of her misery?"
Some fans cheer Summer on, utterly betraying the wounded Anti-Diva. Paige is too bent and broken to cry out, but the pain on her face reveals she can hear them. Tears start to well up in her anguished little face as Summer's boot presses down on her throat.

Summer finally pulls her boot away and stands up, mic still in hand. She ushers Paige to sand too, daring her to get up.
"Come on, Paige" she says, taunting and degrading the already-broken woman. "Come on, you can do it..! Just get up! Come on... Come on, girl! You can do it!"
Paige staggers up as Summer laughs at her barely make it up. "Come on..." Summer taunts, "Come on..."
Paige turns, and is swiftly met with a spinning heel kick, blasting her down with emphatic force.
Paige rolls onto her side holding her neck, writhing in pain as Summer stands tall. The ref checks on her as she curls up in pain, but Summer brushes him aside.
"She's tough" Summer claims. "She's the badass Anti-Diva. She can take it."
Paige doesn't look at all fine though as Summer grabs her up by the hair. Paige groans and cries, holding her neck and hair, but offers no resistance. Summer easily bends her back with the pale girl's head under her arm, then drops her with an impactful leg drop slam, splattering Paige's little body to the mat.

Summer begins to go for a pin, but suddenly hesitates and grabs the mic once more. "You know what?" she begins to say. "I think we should make this a 2/3 falls match. One fall is for me, and the other is for all you guys."
Summer points out to the audience as more fans get on the flawless blonde's side, abandoning the disheveled girl KO'd on the mat. With a laugh, Summer finally hooks Paige's pale leg and folds her in half, letting the rest of her body lay limp on the mat, offering no fight to kick out with.
"One!" counts the referee.
Paige is pinned... again. For two straight weeks, she suffers a brutal loss.
But Summer isn't finished. She sits by Paige, content and smiling, and lightly slap the beaten girl awake. With Paige still half out-of-it, Summer whispers to her seductively.
"Hey, Paige, can you hear me?" she asks.
"Ughhhhh..." Paige groans weakly, barely rolling over.
"I'm going to pin you again now, 'kay?" Summer whispers. "You could probably kick out, but if you do, I'm going to torture and humiliate you even more. But it's up to you if you want our playtime here to end."
Summer pushes Paige onto her back and then slowly, sensually sits on top of her, grinding herself down into Paige's face before settling in on her chest. The leggy blonde arches her back and flings back her hair as Paige whimpers underneath her and the referee begins his count with Summer counting along slowly.
"One!" shouts Summer as Paige shifts her legs uncomfortably.
"Two!" a sob escapes Paige's lips, but she doesn't get up.
"Three!!!" Summer hears the bell and bites her lip with a devilish grin, loving the sight of Paige underneath her, defeated and covered in sweat and tears.

Summer's hand is raised as she stands tall and wipes her feet next to Paige. "You're pathetic, girl" she spits down at the pale little thing. "Maybe you should give up and go try your luck on Smackdown. You're worthless here on Raw."
Summer's music blares as she celebrates and eventually heads to the back, proudly holding her head up high. Back in the ring, Paige can do nothing but sob as the realization of her second consecutive defeat washes over her. With a look of shock and despair, she sits helplessly in the center of the ring with all eyes on her, looking down on her in the wake of her spiraling destruction.

up next: Paige vs. Lana!​


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Am really enjoying the series. Thank a lot. Looking forward to what you are going to put Paige through next!


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Next episode will be up this evening!
Sometimes it takes a month to write one (like the Summer one here), but this one only took a day. Odd.
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