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My RP Logs (darkchameleon1)

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by darkchameleon1, Jun 14, 2015.

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    Killer King (Tekken- heel) vs Blair Dame (SF EX)
    darkchameleon1 The CrimsonRisk

    Blair Dame :The crowd was already worked up into a frenzy and there had only been two fights so far. This was the bottom level of Iron Fist tournament, where anyone could enter to try and get a shot at making the big show. That often resulted in untrained brawlers being slaughtered, much to the pleasure of the bloodthirsty audience.

    Blair Dame :Their roars became even louder when the laid their eyes on the lovely Blair Dame. She stood in the ring, stretching out in her skintight white leotard, giving everyone an eyeful of her incredible body. She knew what she was doing too. If she could win their support and defeat her opponent, the organizers would have no choice but to give her a spot. She brushed her blue hair out of her face and awaited her opponent.

    Killer King:Its a moment of truth where the man behind the leopard mask coming out to the stage in the Iron Fist tournament looking for another opponent to face, not sure who would it be but soon King, the masked wrestler is about to meet this person very shortly. Heading out to the arena where the hundreds of thousands of people watching this match, stepping up on stage where King is wearing his dark red trunks and black boots, bit different than his usual attire just only thing that kept true is his mask. He comes down toward to the ring seeing a girl in white leotard that stands out the most, climbing in the ring as King just growls at her, everyone chanting. "Killer King! Killer King!" Due to the fact that he is much vicious than other wrestlers, and willing to do whatever he can to win, cheating or just plain destroying them, didnt matter if shes hot, shes going down!

    Killer King:He moving in from his side and stepping closer to the center of the ring, staring down at this girl who he havent heard her name yet, but soon the announcer would call on the mic to introduce to him first, "Killer King!" "ROAR!" King roaring out loud with his muscle arms flexing, and his chest pumping, all muscles, ready to put in a good use, on her. yt

    Blair Dame : Blair didn't need to hear the announcer call out her opponent's name, his reputation preceded him. Those rippling muscles, that terrifying mask, it was the infamous Killer King! *What is he doing here?* she thought to herself. He was already a famous fighter and likely didn't need to qualify for the tournament. Beating him would be a huge feather in Blair's cap but even she was starting to feel doubt sink in as the massive wrestler approached her.

    Blair Dame : "King...an honour to face you..." she said, trying to hide her nervousness. "But, but, I don't understand. You're already an Iron Fist warrior...wh-wh-why are you fighting to qualify?" In truth, Blair was stalling. Maybe she could figure out his weaknesses if she had time to analyze his movements.

    Killer King:King standing in the center waiting for this girl to come and somehow he does remember her seeing somewhere but not too sure to be honest, though once the announcer would introduce her then he would know. At the time being she would come up to him and trying to talk to the masked wrestler, his low growls coming out from his mask as he didnt really respond to her, but instead when the bell do rings, he would try catching her off guard with a big hard toe kick squarely right to her stomach. "GRRRRR!" yt

    Blair Dame :The announcer introduced her as "The Magnificent Blair Dame", but it was not a name that King (or most of the audience) would recognize. She had always struggled to compete with the World Warriors and this was just another attempt for her to enter an elite fighting circle. She had even paid the announcer to introduce her as "magnificent"

    Blair Dame :When King didn't answer, Blair knew she would have to defend herself. She hopped back just out of the range of King's boot, her perky bum sticking out behind her. "Too slow!" She did a cartwheel to the side which drew some impressed "aaahs" from the fans and then fired off a couple of kicks into the meaty part of King's thigh. If she could hurt his legs, maybe she could use her speed to take him apart.

    Killer King:**Blair Dame?** He thought without anyone able to read his mind, someone who he never heard of or face, great for him since he'll add her to his collection of opponents to defeat, and will dub her 'magnificent' into 'jobber'. As soon the bell rings he did try to catch her off guard with a sudden kick to her stomach but his speed is his weakness and apparently she was fast enough to avoid. Her atleticism skills is impressive but not a whole lot to him, only impressed when how much she can handle his deadly powers. When Blair coming at him with couple of kicks to his thigh he grunt from the hits, though he hoped to catches her second strikes by his arm to hold her and yanking Blair into him, into his incoming other arm to clothesline her across her chest! "RAWR!" yt

    Blair Dame :"Whoa!" Blair yelped as her leg was grabbed. The long black boot accentuated her sexy leg and would draw King's attention to her luscious thigh. She could see his spandex tightening already...

    Blair Dame :...as she was pulled in, Blair had to think fast. She arched her body back as far as it would go causing King's thick arm to pass dangerously close to her chest and chin. Somehow, she was able to do a backflip, slipping out of his grasp and resetting herself into a fighting position. The crowd clapped at her impressive evasive abilities.

    Blair Dame :"Zero for two, big boy. If this is what the Iron Fist tournament has to offer, maybe this won't be so hard after all." She blew him a mocking kiss and winked to the crowd.

    Killer King:King knows shes sexy and willing to fuck with her after he wins the match, and sure will make her pain very handsomely for not able to take her down from the start. So, thinking that since caught her shapely leg and yanking to pull her in for the clothesline, amazingly she avoid narrowly from getting hit and escape from his attacks, now he felt even more humiliated and just roaring out loud angrily! "RAWR!" **That bitch!** He thought. He huff and puff more angry steams out of his mask as he suddenly rushes toward her pushing his feet against the mat to make him run faster than usual, couldnt attack fast but when its running, pushing alot of powers into his legs, he can run fairly quick. Hoping that he could catches her by his arms, shoulder to her midsection and shoving Blair into the corner for a big heavy ram, slamming the girl in white tight one piece into the turnbuckle! "RAAAAWR!" yt

    Blair Dame :Seeing the big wrestler charge in, Blair knew she had him right where she wanted him. She even pretended to look scared as he closed in...but at the last second, she planted her hands on his back and vaulted over him. While she was jumping, she spread her legs out wide causing her leotard to wedge up between her butt cheeks. The fans in the audience were drooling at the sight of her.

    Blair Dame :With King charging in, there would be no way for him to stop himself from smashing headfirst into the turnbuckle. *I might not get a better chance. Need to finish this now!" She jumped onto King's back as he stumbled towards her and wrapped an arm around his neck and her legs around his waist. Once locked in, she tried to choke him into either passing out or submitting!
    Blair Dame :"Just give up before I really have to hurt you!"
    Blair Dame : (yt)

    Killer King:King charging blindly towards to Blair and though he would be a bit fast enough to catches her but she was more faster and have more reflexes than the big beast himself, she vault over him and getting himself rammed into the turnbuckle with a loud bang, everyone ohhhh-ing at it as King stumble back holding his head and even the mask doesnt soften the blow. Not aware until its too late when Blair jumps behind him and locking her arms around his neck and holding his waist by her shapely legs, squeezing him into submission. "GRRRR!" **No way!** He thought angrily, trying to shake her off but knowing it wont work cause her limbs clinging on, what King try to do next is reaching over to grab her by the head and putting her chin on his shoulder so he could quickly drop down on his ass to slam her jaw to shoulder into his Stunner!" yt

    Blair Dame : Blair heard the big cat growl and she thought she might be wearing him down. She could feel his hands
    clawing at her, but she wouldn't let go of this hold no matter what. By the time his hands were on her, it was too late to pull away. "HNNNGH!" The blue-haired bombshell's skull rattled as King dropped her with a counter stunner! She fell onto her side, grabbing onto her head and mouth, making sure none of her teeth had been cracked. "Owww...wh-what was that...?"

    Killer King:King sitting there to take a breather while rubbing his head and neck, panting a little that he finally got the girl down for a moment as he turn his side to see her laying there holding onto her pain, he shook his head and now he could give her many powerful moves for being cocky against him. The man beast slowly rolls over and reaching for her ankles to grab onto, lifting it up as he stand to his feet slowly spread her legs apart while the crowd shouting 'Noo no no!' but King just nodding at them before looking at Blair face, then down at her crotch, then dropping to his knees with his head coming down to headbutt her sex. "GRRRRR!" yt

    Blair Dame : Blair tried to kick her legs free from King's grip, but it was no use. A look of fear crossed her face again, but this time it was for real. "No no no, wait, don't do that!" Her speech was cut off by the cruel low blow! For a second, her thighs tightened up around the side of King's head, holding it in place so he could get a whiff of her sweet smelling crotch. Luckily, Blair was able to roll away from King. Her hands moved between her legs to massage the area as she tried to get to her hands and knees. Her butt was sticking up, right at King.

    Killer King:King connects a vicious rude awakening headbutt to her crotch, popping his head up to see her clutching
    herself and her fine ass that barely covered by her outfit, he smirks hidden under the mask, slowly moving over while rubbing his head, its feeling a little better since its filled with joy of kicking her ass. Moving closer behind Blair and reaching down to grab the back of her blue hair, pulling to her feet until King can slide her backward, lifting her up across his shoulders with one hand grabbing her soft n sore crotch and other grabbing her breast, giving both a good squeeze and pull to bend her body backward in his back breaking Torture Rack, roaring as he pulls. "RAWR!" yt

    Blair Dame :"Wait...please..." Blair begged as she could feel the ring shaking from King's footsteps. He was almost upon her and she gasped as he yanked on her hair. She wanted to fight back, but the low blow had made her powerful legs go weak. There was no resistance as she was planted on his shoulders. Any attempt to keep her body straight was soon foiled by King's impossibly powerful hands gripping her tits and pussy. The thin leotard did little to stop the feeling of his probing fingers.

    Blair Dame :"NNNYYYAAAAAH!" Blair screamed loudly as her body was instantly bent at an insanely painful looking angle. Her black boots kicked wildly and her gorgeous face was scrunched up in agony.

    Killer King:King dirty big hands squeezing on her crotch and breast while pulling onto her body over his shoulders at the same time, whats hes good at is doing some sort of double submissions or moves at the same time to be more effective as he could, now that shes bending pretty nicely and her crotch is warming up as well, King pulls her body backward one hard jerk for the last time before putting her down on her feet, getting Blair to turn around where King would grab her by the collar and snapping his forehead suddenly at her own forehead, trying to stun the babe. "GRRRR!" yt

    Blair Dame :Tears welled up in Blair's eyes as she was not only being broken in two by the brutal torture rack, but King was clearly enjoying having his hands all over her. She let out another ear piercing scream as King yanked down hard, her back making the worst sound she'd ever heard.

    Blair Dame :When King put her down, she was on wobbly legs. She spun around only to be met by King smashing her with a headbutt. All she saw were dark spots as she fell to her knees. She slumped forward, her soft cheek bumping right up against the bulge in King's tights. "Nnnnuuuh..."

    Killer King:King forehead sting a bit but not as much as Blair took it like a pro jobber, stunning her as she goes down with her face against his hot bulge crotch, he turn his head side by side to look around and does the 'X' mark front of her face, which she could do that once he completely defeats her. King pulls her up by scooping her between the legs with one arm and other over her shoulder, lifting up to have her belly on his right shoulder and holding her head in other hand, rubbing her face against his bulge before running to the side and dropping the side, pulling her body down to slam her in his Emerald Flowsion. "RAWR!" yt

    Blair Dame : Blair nearly vomited from the sensation of being flipped head over heels, and then her mouth and nostrils being filled with King's manly musk. "You...disgusting...bastard..." she managed to squeak out before...*THWOOM*...with seeming no regard for Blair's fragile female form, King dropped her right on her head and neck! Some members of the audience cried out in fear, but most were starting to enjoy King destroying the sexy street fighter. She went completely limp after the impact. A couple of spasms shot through her body, but other than that....nothing.

    Killer King:King dropping his opponent down on the mat with a vengeful impact slamming her head and body right down to the mat as she laying there spasms until she stop moving for a brief moment, King however starting to feel the momentum and energy bursting inside of him, feeling excited and proud what he have done to Blair, the so called 'magnificent' , only thing thats true about it is her being thrown around like that. Now King can pick her up in his arms by scooping her up and placing her back over his knee where King is kneeling down to pick her, placing her back over his knee so he could put one forearm on her thigh and that hand on her other thigh, pushing it down.... the other hand moving to her chin and his arm between her breasts, sliding it down and pushing her, once again arching her backward to test her flexibility in another backbreaker. "GRRRRRR!" yt

    Blair Dame :"Nnnnoooh..." Blair cooed as she was gathered up in King's arms. Her face looked pitiful, none of her trademark confidence visible anymore. She lightly pawed at King's mask as he took his time forcing her over his knee. "I can't...can't take anymore..."

    Blair Dame :Just as it had in the torture rack, Blair's back started to make awful cracking noises as she was destroyed by the over the knee backbreaker. Her feet beat weakly against the mat and her hands continued to slap against King before going limp and falling to her side. The white leotard she wore was stretched to its limits, pressing tightly against every inch of her body.

    Killer King:King kept stretching her back further and further over his knee until her arms start going limp and falling beside her, can see her fine ample breasts just right in front of him, already felt it not too long ago and feels pretty good, scanning her whole body and her crotch is also a great view as well. Now only thing to do is completely defeat her regardless of her slapping against him, doesnt count in his mind! "RAWR!" He roar like hes ready to take her out. King scooping her up in his arms once again as he stood up, flipping her upside down so her face is up against his crotch and vise versa, arms around her waist while holding her up and turning to display her ass and shapely legs in that sexy boots, once making a full circle to show everyone, he then stands on his toes and drop down to his knees, slamming Blair skull right onto the mat into his Tombstone Piledriver! yt

    Blair Dame : Blair's whole body was quivering and she moaned as she was being completely wrecked. Her loud moans were enough to drive any man crazy. It only seemed to make King more eager to crush her. She was only vaguely aware of being flipped again, though the sound of the lusty men in the crowd hooting and hollering at her sexy ass up in the air filled her ears. The 69 position she found herself in was completely humiliating. Instinctively, she clamped her legs around his head. The scent of her sweaty thighs would fill King's nostrils.

    Blair Dame : *THUNK* Blair's whole body stiffened like a board as the Piledriver connected! Her whole body collapsed in a pathetic heap in front of King. She was clearly beaten, but nobody was stepping in to stop King from doing whatever he wanted. They knew better than that.

    Killer King:King took her down with a bang, a very loud bang that her skull connects the mat before her body follow afterward, the beast on his knees watching her lovely body timber to the mat as she lay there looked defeated, great for him, King wants to win and then, have his fun with her body right after, his usually thing. The beast scoot in where he would have his bulge pressing over her face while on his knees, reaching over to grab both of her shapely legs to fold it over her body and hook under his arms, pinning her down until he gets any numbers from 3 and above. "ONE!....TWO!......" yt

    Blair Dame :The sensation of King's crotching pressing down right on her forehead and nose was absolutely disgusting. It jarred Blair from her slumber and she awoke to a world of pain. Everything was sore. She barely knew where she was. It wasn't until the referee started to count that the situation came back to her. One...two..."No!"
    Blair Dame :Who knows why she did it? Did she really want to be known as a great fighter that badly? She was able to get one of her shoulders just barely off of the mat to break the count. The crowd couldn't believe it. The referee couldn't believe it!

    Blair Dame : Blair looked up at King and in one last act of defiance, taunted him: "Is...is that all you got...ya big...pussy?"

    Killer King:King was so close on defeating her, going for the count and almost to the three but as close the referee hand hitting the mat suddenly Blair kicks out and King was just stunned, shocked, surprised to see her not getting defeated like that. King just even more annoyed that Blair just taunting him even when she is just hanging on the thin line of her energy, King is going to sever it! "RAAAAAWR!" **BIIITCH!** King roared in anger, he would just in rage, grabbing her hair and pulling up as he gets to his feet, yanking her head down between his legs where he quickly leans over to grab her arms hooking behind her back then grabbing back of her legs, lifting it up and spreading her legs apart for a brief moment then dropping down hard to slam her skull once more into his Package Piledriver. "Hurrrgh!" yt

    Blair Dame : Blair was a complete ragdoll as she was pulled once more onto her feet. Her breast and butt jiggled playfully as King got her into position. The crowd chanted King's name in anticipation of his next move. The package piledriver positioned Blair's gorgeous ass right under King's face, a tempting sight. Then she crumpled into a pile of useless body parts as she was driven headfirst into the mat yet again.

    Blair Dame :"Okay, that's enough!" Finally the referee stepped in to try and convince King to stop his onslaught.

    Killer King:King took her down with another piledriver type that was even more vicious than the previous one, the beast would pop up to his feet ready to put in one more move but the referee would telling him to stop this but King simply ignores him and goes to grab Blair by the hair pulling her up to slide under his right muscled arm, draping her arm around his head then grabbing her legs to lift her up on his shoulder, spreading her legs apart as the beast jumps to drop down on his ass to compress her body in a vicious impacting move of the Muscle Buster! yt

    Blair Dame :Out of the corner of her eye, Blair could see herself on a large monitor that was displaying the action in the ring. She looked like she'd been hit by a truck. How could someone do this to another human being? As he gathered her up for the muscle buster, she had no clue what he was doing. All she could see was a close-up of her glorious crotch as King forced her legs apart. She tried to shake her head in protest, but it was too late...soon, she felt a shockwave run from the top of her neck all the way up her spine as she was folded on top of King's body. King could hold her in that position as long as he wanted...

    Killer King:King held onto her legs spreading it apart to reveal her crotch that barely covered by her outfit, not that he cares at the moment but to really give a big beatdown, thinks she can call him a pussy now? Probably not from the lack of energy to stay alive pretty much. The beast slowly pushes his feet to the mat and stand himself up, he would pull her legs down to roll her off his shoulder and slamming her on his knee right between the legs where he would give her a 'seat' and snapping his right fist up as he stands up quickly to uppercut her right to the jaw. "RAWR!" yt

    Blair Dame : Blair oozed off of King's shoulders expecting to fall to the mat...instead, her pussy landed hard against King's knee. The shock from the muscle buster travelled back upwards from the base of her spine to her neck this time! Her mouth hung open in a silent scream and she looked at him with her tear-filled eyes for mercy. The ensuing uppercut shut her up again and she flew up into the air before landing on her back, spread-eagle. The crowd was in stunned silence now at the brutality they were witnessing.

    Killer King:Now that King took her more beating than she wanted, seeing his fist connects to her jaw and send her flying and down on the mat in spread eagle, the crowd just roaring with boos and awes, King doesnt care, its her fault for kicking out. The beast moving towards to her body and kneeling down beside her, one hand on her crotch and other on her breast, disgustingly pinning her down that way for the pinfall. "ONE!............TWO!..........." yt

    Blair Dame : Blair's soft parts made a satisfying squish beneath King's heavy hands. She whimpered and openly cried as the referee started to count. There would be no kicking out this time. His hand struck the mat three times and the match was officially over. Blair would not be advancing to any tournaments on this day.

    Killer King:"THREE!" King defeated Blair Dame in his first match against her, the referee would try grabbing his arm to raise up as the winner but King refuses to do so and instead, he have a different way to celebrate his win. "Grrrrrr..." The beast taking his hands off her breasts only to grabbing the outfit to pull it apart to pop her breasts outside of her outfit, revealing her bare breasts before turning her over, sitting on her back and grabbing her breasts to pull back, squeezing and rubbing her nipples, front of the cameras and crowd. yt

    Blair Dame : Blair was laying on her back, trying to catch her breath when she felt King grab onto her outfit. "Nnnh...wait...you won...stop..."

    Blair Dame :*gasp* Blair was once again revived by the sensation of her boobs being exposed to the cold air of the arena. Her perfect orbs jiggled sensually as they were freed from the material. Before she could do anything, she found herself on her belly with King taking a perch on top of her. Not only were her breasts being played with, but his weight was now on her sore back and she was being stretched uncomfortably. More tears streamed down the sides of her cheeks as she realized there was nothing she could do to stop this.

    Killer King:King squeezing her fine ample breasts that is both perfect and soft, squishing the orbs and feeling her nipples
    as the girls just tearing thinking he is done with her, not after humiliating him from the start, shes getting a special yet painful experiences of her life. After he fondle and pulling her back some, letting her go as he gets up with his hand grabbing her hair to take both to the nearest turnbuckle, having Blair facing the corner while King getting behind, pulling out his long n hard cock where he would snake it between her outfit and up inside her ass before his hands reaching around to grab her breasts, squeezing some more and pulling back while thrusting inside of her. "GRrrrrr!" yt

    Blair Dame : Blair allowed herself to be walked over to the corner like an obedient pet. "Please...please..." it was all she could think to say. She just didn't want King to hurt her anymore. Her pretty face came to a rest on the top turnbuckle. Her bountiful breasts were squished up against the ring post. She felt the warmth of his body against her and prayed he would stop, but...

    Blair Dame :"MMMMPPPH!!!" Blair let out a muffled scream as the thin material wedged between her legs was shifted out of the way so that King could penetrate her. She shook and shuddered, but that only caused her ass cheeks to further stimulate King's invading member. It only took a couple of thrusts to make her feel like she was being torn apart.
    Killer King:King pushing in deeper and deeper into her ass while his hands busy fondling with her bare lovely breasts, trapping her in the corner as all she can do is muster the thick cock pushing inside of her, thrusting in repeatedly enough that she might of scream at some point but if not thats good for her, just be silent and let a man fucks her up. "Grrrrr mmmm mmmm!" yt

    Blair Dame : Blair's lip was bleeding as she bit into it to stop from screaming. She didn't want to give him more satisfaction than she already had. Her amazing ass was caressing his cock more perfectly than he could have imagined. And the feel of her breasts was unbelievable. Most men would pay millions for a glimpse of her naked body and King had free rein to do whatever he wanted to her. She stood on the tiptoes of her tight black boots as he pumped away. "Nnnnh! Aaah! Aaaah! Aaaaah!"

    Killer King:King can feel his cock just growing bigger and stronger with each thrusts into her ass, but soon he can feel that its getting closer to climaxing, after all during the match when beating her he was getting turned on anyway. The beast pulls his shaft out of her and turning her around where he would lift her up by the legs and getting it around his waist, sliding his cock into her sex by snaking between her outfit, then pulling her head to lock under his arm where he have her in a ball shape and start thrusting in his next slot, her sex. "Mmmmm mmmm mmmmm!" yt

    Blair Dame : Blair's ass felt like it was on fire and she didn't know how much more of the butt fucking she could take. She let out a pathetic blubber in protest. It seemed like it took forever for him to pull his enormous dick out of her and it hurt almost as much coming out as it did going in. There was a brief moment of relief that she knew would be short-lived. He forced her to wrap her legs around him, then tucked her head in his armpit, her body having no wear to go but onto his cock. She settled right down onto it and continued to blubber and whine as the thrusting began again, this time in her delicate vagina.

    Killer King:King gotten her trapped with his cock pushing deeper into her sex just like her ass, he stretching her neck out by a pulling back while his cock pushing up inside of her repeatedly, like rocking back n forth while she couldnt do a thing other than admit her defeat by the man beast King. Soon he couldnt hold his climax in and shooting out hot seeds inside her sex, blowing everything into while he give her one hard thrust just to get it all out. "MMMMMMM!" yt

    Blair Dame :There was no escape for Blair. Every limb was trapped, every movement only sunk her deeper into this sexual trap that King had invented. The walls of her vagina were pushed further apart than she'd ever experienced. She wondered how much bigger he could get and soon her question was answered. The champion wrestler exploded inside of her, completely filling her up. It was more than her little body could take and there was a noticeable bulge in her belly as the semen poured into her. His hot juices leaked out of her as he forced out every last drop.

    Killer King:King have finished fucking with her body with everything he got, panting out inside his mask and slowly reaching down his free hand to pull his cock out of her sex and tucking in his trunks, pulling her legs to get it off his waist but still holding her head under his arm, one more thing to do before ending the night of destroy on Blair Dame. King getting her head out of his arm to take a good look at her pretty hot face, smirking under his mask the beast would grab her face and squeezing tightly to slowly pulling her down to the mat laying her back, continues to squeeze her in his Iron Claw waiting for the girl to weaken herself out. "Grrrrrrrr!" yt

    Blair Dame :As King pulled his cock out, more of his cum spilled out of her stretched out vagina. Her stomach gradually returned to its normal state, though she was still filled up plenty. She panted loudly, showing off her exhaustion. A layer of perspiration covered her precious skin. When Blair let her head free, it lolled back dumbly before he took a hold of it. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth and her eyes looked back at him blankly. It wasn't until he slapped on the Iron Claw that she reacted once more. Her teeth gritted so hard she thought they might crack, and it felt like her head was getting crushed into pulp. All the strength was drained from her body as she was laid to rest.

    Killer King:While King is making sure his strong grip on her pretty face getting squeeze, he watched her body to see how much more shes moving until she finally could stop spasms then thats when King would let her go and slowly up to his feet, placing his foot on her bare breasts and posing over her, getting another win in his King of the Iron Fist tournament, defeating Blair Dame with everything have. "RAWR!" yt

    - - - Updated - - -

    Since I cant put this in its own thread sharing with my other logs... guess this will do.

    Killer King vs Paige (WWE)


    Paige:‎ Paige didn't know what had happened to the WWE recently. Ever since Vince McMahon announced the signing of Killer King, an international wrestling superstar known for his brutal tactics, the whole company had seemingly changed. Ratings were going through the roof with King's unique brand of violence and that seemed to encourage everyone to become meaner and nastier.

    Paige:‎ None of them could match the viciousness of King; the strange thing was, he did not set his sights on the World Heavyweight Championship. Instead, he was targeting the Divas division. Nobody knew why, but the fact was that
    millions were tuning in to watch those segments and he was not only allowed to attack the female roster, he was
    encouraged. First, it was Layla. Then Summer Rae. Then Paige's best friend, Emma. All of them were squashed and
    submitted by King, who had a habit of trapping them in his camel clutch and holding on long after they'd given up.
    Paige had seen enough. She had to stand up for the whole women's division. She had challenged King to a 2-of-3
    submissions ONLY match. Fans thought she was crazy, but they also cheered her for her bravery. She stood in the ring
    with her Divas title, staring at the entrance ramp, waiting for the monster to arrive...

    Killer King: ‎ Killer King been around the world to do only one thing in his mind, kicking some ass on the ladies and then,
    when he can, have his way with them, it felt good for the beast and thats the only thing he is willing to do. Already
    surpassed over 100 women by far and forget how many years he been around crushing them, now signing the contract
    with the WWE for not only making the conpany grow stronger with a new roster joining, but what he is capable of
    doing to the Diva division. Already taken out some of them just to make a point he isnt wussing out no matter how hot
    they are, it just encouraging King to do some more lovely damanges to them, One by one they start tapping out to the
    great beast of the world and now, setting his eyes on another Diva who he heard shes waiting for him, challenging him,
    putting a stop to the monster, King is looking forward to put her down and tap out like the rest! "RAWR!" His music
    starts playing after his loudest roar around, showing up on stage wearing his signature black leopard mask, dark red
    trunks and black boots, he could see that girl waiting for him in the very ring like her pals were demonlished, grinning
    under his mask as he make his way down the ramp and pointing at her, moving closer and closer until he grabs the
    ropes to pulling himself in, slipping in the ring until he moves in closer to this girl, Paige, standing in front and staring
    down at her. "Grrrrrrr...." yt

    Paige:‎ Paige had chosen a special attire for King. It was a variation of an outfit she'd worn for a Total Divas shoot, a
    one-piece black outfit that showed off her cleavage, and thigh high black boots that contrasted with her lily white
    skin. Her long black hair flowed down past her shoulders as she stared back up at King without blinking. She was ready
    to throw down then and there, but the bell hadn't even rung yet. The referee jumped in between them to break up the
    heated staredown and Paige nodded before returning to her corner. A teenage fan was calling out to Paige from the
    crowd and she turned to blow a kiss to her.

    Killer King: ‎ King would so wish he could sock her right now and quickly put her in a submission hold just to make a
    quick work on her sexy body, weaken enough for the beast to put another and another and another until her body can
    no longer be useful. The referee would step in between the two and telling em to back to their corner, all can King do
    is low growl at them before backing up to his corner and resting there, one his arm over the top rope as the other,
    rubbing his crotch showing her this one wants her, showing what he did to the other Divas, will surely happen to Paige,
    whether she likes it or not. Once both wrestlers would get back to their corners and wait for the bell, as soon as it
    rings King would step out with his hands out, looking to circle around her and for a lock up. yt

    Paige:‎ Paige looked to lock eyes with King from across the ring, but she couldn't help but notice him touching himself.
    "Ugh! You disgusting bastard!" she shouted at him, loud enough for everyone to hear. The camera had caught King's
    rude gesture and the fans all booed him together. She was so incensed by King's perverted behaviour that she charged
    at him and locked up, just as he had hoped. She was one of the stronger Divas, but would she be able to out muscle
    the king?

    Killer King: ‎ With King chuckling at Paige for getting all mad and worked up from the way he was rubbing himself front of
    her, its just amusing to see how she would react to that, like the rest of the Divas. He soon seeing her coming right at
    him and locking up to the bigger wrestler, He growled at her can feel a bit of strength behind her but it wont be long
    before King would use her momentum by stepping back trying to get his arm under hers and around her shoulder
    wrapping the back of his neck, grabbing her outfit with his free hand to lift the girl up aiming to slam her down hard like
    a Rock Bottom/Clothesline Press. "GRRRR!" yt

    Paige:‎ For a second, Paige thought she was actually pushing King back...but he was just setting her up. She ended up
    falling forward right into his move, his head ducking under her and his arm crossing her chest. His hand yanked up on
    her one-piece outfit, immediately causing it to wedge up between her ass cheeks. Paige yelped as she was quickly
    taken off of her feet and just as quickly slammed down onto the canvas! She rolled around clutching the back of her
    head and neck, eventually settling down onto her front beating the front her feet against the mat. Her world famous
    ass was sticking up slightly, and almost completely bare after King had given her that wedgie.

    Killer King: ‎ "Grrr hehe..." King chuckles when he managed to take her down by surprise, weaken her back for his favor
    knowing that when soften her back up, very tender, will see put her in the hold like all other girls they were in before
    her. King reaching down for her lovely hair to pull up standing to face him, he would try to lower his shoulder pressing
    against her stomach, arms around her waist and powering his feet against the mat to charging forward, pushing Pagie
    backward aiming to slam her right into the turnbuckle! yt

    Paige:‎ This wasn't good. That powerful slam had already taken its toll on Paige's back. She'd been dealing with some
    nagging injuries as it was, but she hadn't told anyone besides the trainers. Had one of them told King?

    Paige:‎ Paige slapped at King's hands as he made her stand. It was like smacking her hands against a steel bar. She
    kicked her feet as he wrapped her up and drove her into the corner hard! The metal underneath the ring post cover
    dug right into her spine and she flopped backwards before slumping down over King's powerful back. *groan*

    Killer King: ‎ The great big beast using his power to pushes Paige far from the center and slamming her poor back right
    into the corner where he would hear her body making an impact and slump over his bare back, groaning in pain, just
    like he wants it, but clearly not enough to do the damage, not just yet, still more to soften her up. King slow moving
    his shoulder out from her gut and standing in front of her, glaring down through his leopard eyes of the mask. Pulling
    her out from the corner as he turn and arm out to have his right arm around her waist trying to lift her up to show he
    can lift women with just one arm, holding her up horizontally in the air before dropping her back right over his knee,
    more back inflicting pain to drape her over! "GRRRR!" yt

    Paige:‎ Paige's soft breasts rubbed against King's back as she tried to catch her breath. "Have to...fight...back..." She
    looked to the ref who half-heartedly asked King to get her out of the corner. Every second might help her to
    recover...she yelped again as she was once more taken off of her feet, this time horizontal to the mat. Her struggles
    were useless and all she could do was wait for the inevitable impact.

    Paige:‎ *CRACK*

    Paige:‎ Her whole body went limp for a few scary seconds as she was temporarily paralyzed. She looked like a broken
    mannequin on King's knee. Then the pain came rushing through her body and she jerked up violently, trying to muster
    up the strength to push herself away from King.

    Killer King: ‎ Now having Paige back slamming down hard enough to make a loud crack, draping over painfully over his
    knee as she laying there looked broken over his knee, the beast chuckles just seeing how amusing it is. But now when
    King taking his hand up and thumb out, moving across his throat as a signal ready to put her in the move! King tries to
    roll her off and quickly getting on her back while shes belly down, hoping to drape her arms over his thighs before one
    hand reaching under her chin, slowly pulling her back to let the pain setting in into her spine, letting her know the pain
    is growing strong and flowing in. "Grrrrrrrr!" yt

    Paige:‎ Paige was happy to be released, but it felt like she could hardly move. Everything King had done to her was
    designed to weaken her body and it was working! "My back..." she moaned. She began to crawl away, only for King to
    plant his weight down on her. "Nooooo!" She pulled her arms in close to her body, knowing what was coming next..."not
    the camel clutch, not the camel clutch"

    Paige:‎ She felt one arm pulled back. Then the other. Soon, they were both trapped and she could already feel her
    spine arching. The camera zoomed in tightly on the desperate look on her face. Vince and the rest of the suits in the
    office would be ecstatic. Before she could say another word, King's hands clamped her mouth shut and she was soon
    being stretched out in the camel clutch, a move she feared more than any other. "MMMMMMPPPPH!!!" Her breasts
    strained against her one-piece, tantalizing bits of flesh peaking out past the material.

    Killer King: ‎ King caught her in his deadly Camel Clutch that put his opponents out in the past, so many have fallen to
    his deadly grip and now, Paige is his latest victim with her mouth clamp by his massive hands as well her body slowly
    being bend backward enough for her to look at the lights in the ceiling, he would grunt with each pulls on her chin and
    watching her hair being flying a bit by his jerks and wishing he could see her nice breasts to jiggles around. But while
    he continues to keep up his Camel Clutch, his hands over her mouth is almost covering her cheeks and side of her
    head, slowly pressing in to just add a bit of pressure to squishing her skull, just for kicks. Now the referee near by
    checking if she wants to tap out or not. yt

    Paige:‎ Paige couldn't believe the amount of pain she was in. Her back was being crunched like an accordion, he was
    threatening to snap her neck, and now he was squeezing her head like a grapefruit. "Mmmmmph...nnnnnnh..." she
    moaned, her dark eyelids fluttering. As King wrenched back, Paige was somehow able to slip one of her arms free. This
    caused her body to twist at an angle, which drew more moans from her, but at least there was some progress. The
    referee kept checking to see if she gave up, but she wouldn't! The fans had never seen her submit before and she had
    to stay strong for them and the other Divas.

    Paige:‎ "Nnnnh..." The movements of her body began to die down. If she passed out, that was as good as submission
    and King would take the first fall. Her free hand rose from the mat and it looked like she might tap out before she was
    KO'd. It went up in defiance and then fell...two of her fingers landing on the bottom rope! Luckily, she had managed to
    get close to one side of the ring before being placed in the camel clutch. The referee saw her resting just two fingers in the ropes, but that was enough for him to call for a rope break.

    Paige:‎ "Okay, King, break the hold!" the ref shouted. "1...2...3..." If he got to 5, King would forfeit the fall.

    Killer King: ‎ King continues to hold onto Paige a bit longer while shes getting weaker and weaker by the second, can feel her struggling even more and not for long as her body is not able to handle his hold for long, until her freakin
    fingers reaching the bottom rope as the referee telling the man beast to let her go and start counting, he didnt want
    to until the very last four count and letting her go, getting off her back and taking a step back, just giving her a short breather before coming back for her, hoping to grab her by the hair to pull up to suddenly swing his forearm against her
    back, just to let her know the pain is still there. yt

    Paige:‎ Paige could barely stand after being in that camel clutch for almost a full minute. Still, the referee had done his
    job and there wasn't anything else he could do to help her. Her knees wobbled as she was forced to stand.
    "Huuunngh!" She cried out as the thick forearm came down on her like a club! Her beautiful body collapsed back down

    to the mat. The crowd groaned as Paige's delicate cheek smacked against the canvas and she lay there twitching.

    Killer King: ‎ Paige back felt pretty soft already, like a pillow with nothing hard within it, must be super tender after
    being smacked over and over again, the beast soon seeing her went down suffering of her back pain, chuckling as he
    looking down checking out her ass. The beast grabs hold of her ankles to drag her to the center of the ring where he
    would get down on his knees and pulling her legs around his waist, pressing his bulge between her legs before reaching
    over trying to get his hands over her mouth and pulling back, an modified Camel Clutch once again applying onto the
    weaken woman! yt

    Paige:‎ "No, no, no, pleeeease..." Paige whined uncharacteristically. It was obvious to King how afraid she was of the
    camel clutch. Her fingernails scraped the canvas as he dragged her into position, far from any ropes. She gulped as her
    lower body was placed in a position where her legs were forced to wrap around him, and her crotch...

    Paige:‎ "Aaaaaaah!" Paige squealed! She felt his hardness immediately, but there was nothing she could do as she was
    trapped in a sick variation of the camel clutch that created a noticeable crease in her back. Even though her hands
    were free, it only took a few seconds in the move for the strength to be drained from her body and her arms to plop
    down to the mat in pathetic fashion.

    Paige:‎ The intense pain in her back broke her spirit and King's crotch pressing down deep between her legs broke her
    will...this time, the submission came much faster. She was able to nod her head slightly and whisper weakly in response
    to the referee asking for a submission. He immediately signalled for the bell to end the first round, then he grabbed on
    to King's arm to get him to release the hold.

    Paige:‎ "She submits! She submits! Let her go, King!" While the ref yelled at King, Paige continued to whine and moan in
    the camel clutch.

    Killer King: ‎ The beast enjoys this position where she would be able to reach for the ropes while King standing at the
    center of the ring, pulling on her chin stretching her out as the girl in black holding up in the air, pressing his bulge
    against between her legs, he soon notices the referee checking her and signaling that King won the first round and
    even the referee yelling at him to let her go. King nodded, he did hear the ref saying 'let her go' and by that he means
    to move his hands off her chin and holding to her waist, lifting her up high enough before dropping to down to slam her
    whole front right onto the mat while the beast sitting there from impact. "GRRRR!" yt

    Paige:‎ The unceremonious drop resulted in Paige's chest and face colliding with the canvas. The crowd booed furiously.
    They knew that was unnecessary. Paige was still on his lap, her lower body almost sticking up from the increasing
    erection in King's tights. Thankfully, it was mostly hidden from the view of the audience and cameras. The referee
    gingerly took hold of Paige and tried to slide her off of King and take her back to her corner.

    Paige:‎ Paige was only dimly aware of the referee's instructions. Something about getting a three minute rest period,
    that she had submitted even though she could hardly remember that after having her head bounce off the canvas,
    something about wanting to continue..."Yes, yes, I can...I do...I...I..." She agreed to go on even though she wasn't
    entirely sure what she was agreeing to. The three minutes flew by quickly. Paige didn't look like she had recovered at
    all. She was sitting on the second turnbuckle in her corner, looking in the general direction of King, though her vision
    was completely blurry. Her chest was heaving and her legs were quivering. A look of confusion was spread across her
    pretty face.

    Paige:‎ *DING DING DING* The bell rang to signal the start of the second fall.

    Killer King: ‎ King sitting on his ass while checking out Paige ass, just right in front of him like a silver platter just waiting
    to dig in, maybe he could do it now but knowing that he might get DQ for doing something do horrible front of everyone
    when he havent won the full match yet, at least for now his bulge crotch can press firmly against between her legs for
    a brief moment before the referee helping Paige out away from him and to her corner, for King, he slowly moving up and
    backing to his corner to rest up for a moment as well. It would seems the referee not wanting to tell him anything
    about how long he needs a break in between round and instead, giving Paige the idea on how long it would be. The
    manbeast doesnt care, he feels invigorating for dominating her so far and craving for more, more out of her delicious
    body. As soon the bell rings after that long ass 3 mins, the beast quickly charges at her hoping to hop in the air aiming
    his large body at her going to crushes body slam Paige into the corner like a big sandwich. yt

    Paige:‎ *THWAM*

    Paige:‎ Paige couldn't move a muscle. She was absolutely splattered by King's running splash. For a moment, she
    completely disappeared under the mass of the man. His strong, sweaty body completely invaded hers, his manly musk
    filling her nostrils. When he let up, she slumped down in the corner, her legs spread to each side as she sat on the floor
    with her head resting on the middle rope. Even towering above her, King would get a nice view (and maybe even a
    whiff) of her heavenly crotch.

    Killer King: ‎ King is still dominating the match against Paige, crushing her with his massive body like a freight train
    slamming her hard into the corner that covered her whole body with his, the beast stay there just to keep squishing
    her for awhile before stepping out and seeing Paige dropping down to the corner, completely beaten but not out he
    thinks. "Grrr hehe...." King soon reach for her hair pulling up to a standing position until he could turn her around and
    moving his one hand between her legs and pressing his big paw on her sex, the other over her shoulder to also play his
    big paw on her breast, lifting her up and draping her back across his wide broad chest, pulling her backward by her
    sexy parts, stretching her out in a type of back breaker. "GRRRRR!" yt

    Paige:‎ Paige winced as King's hand ran over the thin material between her legs, tickling the soft lips underneath. Her
    breast jiggled in response to his harsh touch. She screamed loudly as he pressed her body against his. As fit as she
    was, there was no way her sexy, feminine form could present any sort of resistance to his rock hard physique. Her
    arms flailed in the air as she crashed against him over and over again. "Nooo...nooo..." she whimpered in response to
    the referee asking if she wanted to submit. Her pathetic body language said otherwise...

    Killer King: ‎ King at least now can enjoy feeling her up while covering by a submission move at the same time, his dirty
    hands rubbing over her crotch even her outfit wont protect his dirty temptation as well her breasts, soft and warm,
    feeling the skin by his fingers and pushing it down to squish her chest, while her whole body arching backward against
    his chest, he can hear her whimpering from the painful stretch but King isnt done there, oh no, he quickly turn facing
    the center to sling her body and come slamming her front right onto the mat with him on top behind her, another tasty
    sandwich! "GRRRR!" yt

    Paige:‎ Paige let out a groan that was a disturbing mix of pain and pleasure. Her body was screaming at her to quit, but
    she refused...it was also sending her signals that she should let King keep going. Her boot covered legs twitched and
    bumped against King as he continued to stretch her.

    Paige:‎ Paige disappeared again under King's massive frame, this time against the canvas. The whole ring shook and the
    fans cried out in horror at the sight of her being demolished so completely. When the dust had settled, Paige was
    laying face down with her arms and legs splayed out in all directions, the monster wrestler hovering over her...

    Killer King: ‎ With King on top of her lovely body, having himself laying on top and squishing her down by his heavy
    weights to keeping her flat for a brief moment after the impact on her body, King getting up to his knees looking down
    at her as she lay like spread eagle then turning to look at everyone, putting his thumb against his throat and going
    across, ready to execute the deadly Camel Clutch like he did before! Slowly he crawl to sit on her back, taking his
    sweet precious time to pull her arms one at a time over his thighs, once its all set, he also put his thumb across her
    throat before moving his one hand under her chin, just slowly puling her head back and soon his other hand come in
    and helping out to pulling her chin as well, closing her head in towards his chest, for another painful Camel Clutch.
    "Grrrrrr...." yt

    Paige:‎ *Get up, Paige...get up...* the voice in her head was pleading for her to fight back. She couldn't. She could feel
    King slithering onto her, rubbing up against her, putting the hold on her step by step...and still, she did not move. "Any
    other move..." she croaked weakly. "Anything but this move..."

    Paige:‎ Her back creaked loudly and her body shot back as if she was being electrocuted! She waved her hands weakly,
    unable to move her arms at all in the textbook camel clutch. She fought the urge to cry, just barely. Already, he had
    made her submit to this...how could she let him do this to her again? King's hands pressed down harshly on her
    exquisite lips. Paige's saliva sputtered out, soaking into his already sweaty palms. Her struggles would only stimulate
    him more and she could feel his erection starting to stab into her lower back. Somehow, she did not submit...yet...

    Killer King: ‎ King now applying the Camel Clutch and likes the rest of the Divas he destroyed, he pulls onto her chin and
    watch her head moving backward almost about to touch his chest, can see her saliva start spitting out of her mouth
    and surprising him, she didnt tap out this time, do wonder if King needs to adjust his Camel Clutch to the next level,
    maybe she'll tap out then. "Grrrrr....." But before that, hes gonna make her pay for not tapping out now. Letting her go
    and taking a moment to stand up and reaching down for her hair and getting her head between his strong legs, holding
    her there for a moment while reaching to grab onto her bottom outfit, like a wedgie and slowly turning to show off her
    ass in front of everyone, preparing to do worst. yt

    Paige:‎ Paige thought the camel clutch would never end. She started to spasm until King made the decision to let her
    go. She'd already showed more resistance to his camel clutch than any of the other Divas. It was a small victory.

    Paige:‎ Paige was a mumbling mess as she was positioned for another devastating maneuver. Cameras flashed all around
    the ring as King made sure to give everyone a fine view of her legendary behind. She remained there, between his legs
    until he decided what to do with her.

    Killer King: ‎ King enjoys what hes doing now, though knowing he have to win by making her tap out but doesnt mean
    that he cant do anything else beside that, the beast now finished showing her ass off to everyone before leaning down
    wrapping his dirty hands around her waist, but hidden to place it over her breasts, using to lift her upside down
    hanging by his hands and once more, displaying her to the crowd all around them in the ring getting a great view
    regardless everyone booing at the beast, then King jumps to drop her head hard right onto the mat with a vicious
    piledriver! yt

    Paige:‎ It became obvious to everyone that King was taking a lot of liberties with where he placed his hands for these
    holds; in truth, many of the men in the audience were getting off on watching him do what they could only dream of
    doing. Paige tried not to think about all the perverted thoughts flowing through the audience and King himself.

    Paige:‎ Her black boots shot up in the air, her whole body pointing downward like an arrow...and then *THOOM* Paige's
    neck was compressed awkwardly by the merciless piledriver. She bounced just a little off the mat before collapsing
    onto her back, spread eagle. Her eyes were completely shut and she offered no movement other than the occasional

    Killer King: ‎ The beast sitting there after delivering the deadly Piledriver that laid out Paige on the mat as she shakes
    and spread eagle, panting while he thinks of a way to make her tap but must be in a Camel Clutch form, probably doing
    the same move like he did to her before, just a little tweak. King getting up to his feet and moving near her legs where
    he pull and turning her over facing down and folding her legs and draping her ankles against his broad chest, leaning in
    to get between her legs like before and slipping his hands around to grab over her mouth, lifting her up off the mat and
    leaning back, pulling her chin and head back as far as he could while his bulge pressing hard between her legs and
    stretching her body painfully backward, applying another modifited Camel Clutch. "GRRRRR!" yt

    Paige:‎ As Paige's body rose from the mat, it felt like King was threatening to impale her with his throbbing member. She
    was bent back farther than she'd ever been and she screamed as loud as she could before his hands made sure her
    mouth was sealed for good. Up and down her breasts went as she suffered, only managing short, laboured breaths.
    The feeling of her boots rubbing against King's bare skin would make him even more excited.

    Paige:‎ The piledriver had done critical damage to Paige's neck and now King was yanking on it with no regard for her
    health or safety. The tap came much quicker this time. Tap. Tap. Tap tap tap tap tap. And just to make sure, Paige
    let out a muffled submission that the referee was thankfully able to understand. He signalled for the bell and the end of
    the match.

    Killer King: ‎ King got her in another submission hold and it wasnt for long after she took a piledriver, after her body
    getting slammed, after she went through so much beating and now, she start tapping repeatedly ending the match
    with King defeating her, but is he satisfied? Yes but not done yet, since its best two out of three submission only,
    might as well make her tap one more time just for kicks. King slowly putting her down and letting her go just to grab
    her by the hair, turning her around as she gets pull up to her feet, the beast keep hold of her hair to help her stand
    while his free hand to reach down grabbing her crotch, giving it a tight grip, that well known wrestler Ric Flair favorite
    move. 'Grapefruit claw' "GRRRRR!" yt

    Paige:‎ Paige's whole body froze in King's grip. The only movement was in her face, which went from a look of surprise
    to absolute horror and then to complete agony. "AAAAAHH SUBMIIIIIT!" she cried out loudly. Her fans couldn't believe
    there ears, even though they'd already seen her pounded into submission twice. The referee was already trying to get
    King to leave Paige alone before he'd even applied the claw. "She submitted twice! That's enough!" Paige started to fall
    backwards, held up only by King's grip on her hair and vagina.

    Killer King: ‎ King kept his hand on her crotch and squeezing it viciously while she cried out loud, not letting her go and
    even the referee is trying to stop him but how can he against a giant monster like the beast himself. "Grrrr!" King simply
    easily irritated by the referee when hes pulling onto King and even yelling at the monster, King let go of Paige hair and
    wanted to sock him in the face but instead, blaming him when King swing his fist right at the forehead of Paige as soon
    he let go of her crotch to knock her out. yt

    Paige:‎ The referee backed off thinking the punch was for him...he was even more horrified when he saw Paige get
    hammered instead! No sooner was she allowed to fall to her feet than King connected with a knockout punch that
    would have put down a heavyweight, much less a woman like Paige. The impact made it sound like she'd been hit in
    the head with a baseball bat. She did a half twirl, then fell down to her side, one of her legs twitching violently.

    Killer King: ‎ King socked Paige in the head instead of referee, it was amusing to see her take the hit and goes down on
    the mat as she twitching out in pain, laying there defeated for good. King moving in near Paige body and taking his foot
    on her to turn over facing up, placing his foot on her chest and flexing his arms, posing and like he did to other Divas,
    dominating and won over his opponents in victory. yt

    Paige:‎ The cameras captured every moment of King's victory. Paige remained vaguely aware of everything that was
    happening, though it seemed more like nightmare than anything else. The referee asked King to step aside so that the
    medics could step into the ring to check on the fallen Diva.

    Killer King: ‎ King could see the referee in the face and reading his lips, saying he wants him to get away from Paige so
    the medics can come and help her out, King chuckles under the mask as he takes his foot off and instead of backing
    off, he reach down for her hair and pulling her up while the other hand grabbing her ass cheek to yank her through the
    ropes and out she goes so she can be really away from him and little easier for the medics to check her out instead of
    going in the ring, so King can be the only person in the ring and roaring out loud, flexing his muscles some more.
    "RAWR!" yt
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    Killer King vs Yoko Littner


    Yoko: Yoko was in the female locker rooms,excited about her pro-wrestling match with one of the greatest male competitors in the AFW "Killer King" himself. She took a moment, in the showers, to think about how her night might end up as she soaked in the water to cleanse every inch of her body. After getting done with the shower, Yoko left the showers and proceeded to put on her wrestling gear as she tied up her black and red flaming bra with shiny black leather boy shorts, wtih a belt holding them up. "Time to put on a show" she winked at herself in the mirror before finishing up her wrestling attire by lacing up her boot and wearing her leather jacket that covered her back and shoulders whilst tieing up her hair in a long ponytail. She left her room in a hurry as she skipped through backstage

    Yoko: and moved towards the wrestling arena, she brushed past the curtains that lead towards the ring arena and quickly made her way down the ring ramp, blowing kisses to the fans with a smile on her face, when she came close to the ring she hoped up doing a split against the ring apron then seductively sliding inside the ring doing a Melina enterance copy. She got back upto her feet, then quickly moved towards her corner of the ring as she stretched off at her waist and did some last minute warm ups, eager to wrestle. "Heh lets see if all the hype about this King dude is true" she smirked.
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King is getting ready for his match against his opponent, someone name "Yoko" that sound pretty exotic and unique, do wonder what she looks like and do wonder how she would scream and her durability to withstand his great n impressive strengths. But to do all that, he'll have to meet up with her in the ring against the most deadliest man-beast around, himself, Killer King. He get changed into his signature black evil looking lepoard mask, dark red trunks and black boots, drizzle himself from the water bottle to make his body bit shiny over the muscles. Once hes all set, the beast is ready to leave his locker room and heading out on stage after her intro is finished that is.

    Killer King: Once shes done, he then stepping out with his own music that instantly people start booing at him because everyone recoginized it, everyone knows who he is, and surely they know what he planning to do, dominate and win this match, majority of the time that is. He stepping down the ramp and seeing the girl in the ring waiting for him, looking extremely hot that makes the beast tingle, but knowing he could not do any hentai during the match, but it wouldnt stop him from grabbing her by 'accidents'. Stepping on the steel steps and walking up to the ring apron, getting inside the ring and not waiting to his corner like most wrestlers, he move to the center with his arms cross front of his chest, grinning hidden under his mask as he stares at Yoko. "Ready to lose, jobber?" yt

    Yoko: Yoko eagerly awaited for her opponent to arrive in the ring, she did not know what to expect. When she saw the huge man making his way towards the ring, her eyes widen and she *gulped* in nervousness a bit. Although, Yoko did not want to show her nervousness to Killer King for even a second. "Urgh! Why does it always have to be a big macho boy and not a cute small jobber guy.Although he does have some muscle in there" she licked her lips when she saw his muscle glisten. Yoko knew she had to outsmart him to win this match, since there was no way she could out-muscle or rely on her strength to win. "Focus....focus Yoko! Dont let him bully you" she whispered to herself as she fixed her bra. To make make her feel good about her self, Yoko walked right up towards King as he stood in the center

    Yoko: Yoko pressed up towards him, her breasts pressed against his lower chest and upper abs while putting her hands on her hips, she stared at him right in eye. "Huh, who do you think you are? Just because you are a beef-cake doesn't mean you can win the match! AND Im no JOBBER" she screamed as she looked to catch him off guard by attempting a quick chest slap "NICE PECS".
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: As soon King enters the ring and watching her from the distance, she have lovely red hair, amazing breasts covered by flame top, leathery like shorts and boots, course shes wearing the jacket as well which he'll have to strip those off, need more skin on her than she already have shown so far. The brave Yoko stepping up in front of him, extremely close, close enough that her breasts is pressing against his chest as he looks down to see those amazing twins, he grins some more while looking at her, and hearing her talks. "Oh you dont know? Killer King the name.... and you WILL be my JOBBER, babe!"

    Killer King: After that, she give him a quick slap to his chest, which it didnt jiggles at all, thanks to the muscles, he chuckles at her and uncrossing his arms. "You call that a slap?" He said, whether the bell start or not, King isnt going to let her tiny slap bypass him, the beast is going to show her how strong and powerful he is, and add her to his 'hit list'. King attempt to swing his right hand, vertical chop across her own breasts, hoping to smack both pairs in a row. yt

    Yoko: Her hands backchop King right across his pecs, but that move probably did more damage to her than to him. She could feel her hand being struck against his concrete like chest. "Oww" he moaned out as she shook out her hands, trying to ease the pain from it a bit. "S-so tough!" she huffed as she took just a step back, and looked up towards the big guy. *DING*DING*DING the ring bell rang and at the same time Killer Kings hands came down and SMACKED Yoko's firm breasts, causing them to jiggle in her bra and even leave a bruising red-handprint in between her breasts. "Ooowwwwww Ahhhhhhhh fuck- that stings" she cursed as she brought her hands up against her chest and began to stagger back towards her corner. "Creep" she hissed out in pain and frustration
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King hand was able to chop pretty hard across her amazing breasts but not enough to really enjoy touching it, it was just a tiny 'rub' without feelings except her own pain. The bell rings giving them the signal that the match is starting now, King nodded to himelf and looking at her, seeing the girl backing off while holding her own hand and chest, cornering herself in the turnbuckle. "What? That hurt? I didnt even use my full strength!" He gloated at her, taking a couple steps back before start charging for Yoko, the beast attempt to run his whole body trying to squish the sexy red head into the corner, using his massive muscled body to crush her into the corner. "GRRR!" yt

    Yoko: Yoko was a bit horrified to hear him say that, "N-not your full strength?!" she winced in pain as she clutched the side ropes with one hand while hugging her own breasts with her free hand. She huffed and puffed, taking in deep breathes as she tried to recover. Yoko tiled her head up to see King charging at her at full speed, Yoko hoped her speed would come in handy during this time, she clutched the ropes tighter and looked to pull on the ring ropes to pull her out of the corner, hopefully it would be fast enough for her to avoid the on-rushing bull. Otherwise, the poor busty red head would be crushed by the massive muscled body of her opponent.
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King rushes toward her hoping that he can use his body as heavy and strong like getting crushed by a fridge, unfortunately he isnt the fastest wrestlers around in the speed department, so when King tries to crushes her he ends up slamming his front body into the corner without Yoko to support him in between. "Grahhh!"

    He stumbles backward clutching his chest as he growls at her for not being there to get crushed, Of course that instantly didnt make the beast happy, turning into a mad beast due to his short tempting. "Bitch! Grrr...." yt

    Yoko: Yoko was still not sure how she could ever put in a submission hold against the big guy, however now was the perfect chance to try when Killer King is sort of stunned. She circled around him "Uhhh w-what angle do I? Oh screw it" she hissed as she darted in towards King and attempted to strike her elbow into his rib cage to further stun him just a bit, Yoko was hopeful that she could get her slender arms around his head and pull him down just a bit to lock in a side headlock. "Urghh if I could just...Uh...come here you!" he groaned, clearly frustrated as she cant get a good grip around her opponents larger framed body. Still, the busty red-head tried to lock in a headlock at best as she could.
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: While King was temporarily stunned from running into nothing but the corner turnbuckle pads, that allows Yoko to sneak in a strike with her elbow, strong enough to sting the beast's rib cage as he grunted. Then he felt his head getting wrapped around by her arm and locking into her side headlock, sadly his mask prevented him from feeling her large amazing breasts, but he isnt complaining about it, at least his hands still can feel to the very least. "Grrr what do you think you're doing?!"

    Killer King: King gonna show her what he can do now since shes this close to him, he was lowered down during her headlock, he get his one arm around her waist while his free hand reaching down for one of her legs, both hands together to lift her up as high as he can before dropping her down on his knee using her ass covered leathery shorts, slamming her tailbone hard. "GRR!" yt

    Yoko: Yoko was estatic at getting a few good moves in, her happiness would be short lived however as King would find a way out of her move eventually. Yoko kept up the pressure as much as she could, her slender arms squeezing tight around his strong neck muscles and head. Her breasts mashed against his face, his mask getting in the way of totally feeling her fleshy breasts. "Nnnnrgghhh Im winnin! Thats what Im doing, Do you give up?" she smirked before feeling his hand wrap around her waist and the other gripping her legs. "Whoa! W-what are you? Leme dow-Oooooowwwwffmmmmmm" she groaned in pain as his knee slammed down onto her tailbone causing Yoko to release his grip and hop up and down, rubbing her tailbone " Ow Ow ouch ouch that hurt" she hissed hopping away from King
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King is surely not showing any mercy to whoever he faces, especially to Yoko where he was able to lift her up whlie she was hanging on for the ride and end up having her own sexy ass slamming down on his knee, instantly she let go and start hopping off his knee to rubbing her rear end, make him chuckles inside.

    But he isnt done yet, she didnt really do any serious pain on him so he is pretty good shape unlike her. "How does that feel? And this too?!" He said, waiting for her to turn around so King can reach down for the back of her legs, lifting her up to get his knee underneath for her to land down right between her legs on top of his knee, for another vicious landing. yt

    Yoko: Yoko was still moaning in pain and whinning about being hurt, she was still massaging her ass and tailbone before instintively turning around to face her opponent. She shook her head with her eyes widened as King approached her and began to grab the back of her legs and easily managing to lift the busty red head in his grip and bringing her down on his knee placed right against her crotch. "Owwwwwwwwwwww FUCK! THATS NOT FAIR" Yoko shrieked out as she rubbed her crotch and fell down on her sides, kicking the mats in pain and frustration.
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King is in control, like hes suppose to be and always will be, having Yoko landing down on his knee right between her legs, his favorite ways to hurt his opponent crotch, this was great for him and causing her to go down on the mat clutching herself in pain, he couldnt help himself but to laugh at her. "HA! So it does hurt down there?!" Of course he knew, done it dozen of times, but mocking her he loves to do.

    King then reaching down for her leathery jacket and trying to strip it off her before tossing out of the ring, leaving her more revealing than ever before, the beast starting to feel little happy but keeping his anger up and use his energy all onto her, raising his foot up and trying to stomp down on her side, just right by her stomach. yt

    Yoko: Yoko clutched and massaged her crotch as she was down on her sides, still moaning in pain as she could her King taunt. "Y-you....h-how about I hit you in your private parts and ask you how it feels.....IF YOU HAVE ANY" Yoko burst out in anger as she tried to get back up, before she coudl though King's hands slipped around her jacket as he stripped her off, leaving her back exposed. "AH! Y-you! PERVERT" Yoko yelled as she wriggled and squirmed, trying to resist the stripping but King had his way and threw the jacket out. "Y-you'll pay for tha-Oooooughhhhhh" Yoko's taunt cut short as she got stomped on her sides, causing her to roll over onto her back. Yoko's body glistening in sweat.
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: After stripping her leathery jacket off, which it looks pretty pricey but he doesnt care, her body and his win is just as important than anything else. Her body looking really good and sweats making more shiny just like his own, just more soften looking. He chuckles calling him a pervert, he reply. "Pervert? Oh I would so fuck you but lucky for you I cant, though that doesnt stop me what else I can do!" He already stomp down on her side keeping her weaken as she can be, King is prepare to do some more damaging moves on her.

    Killer King: He kneel down trying to scoop her body in his arms, one between the legs where his hand cupping her soften up rear end, the other over her shoulder and placing his hand on her bare back, just over her top strap, scooping her up to hold her against his muscled chest as he stands up, he hoped to drop her down hard over that same knee but with her back, going to drape her over where he plans on pushing down her chin with one hand, and the other on her thigh, stretching her backward. yt

    Yoko: Yoko looked on with horror in her eyes, "Y-you would w-WHAT?" she stuttered as she heard King wanting to fuck her if he could. Yoko kicked out her legs and wriggled trying to slap at his shoulders and any part of his body when he got close enough, "NO! DONT TOUCH ME" she yelled as she easily got pulled up his arms. She could feel his arms deliberately grope her ass with one hand while the other clutched her shoulders as he placed her against her chest horizontally. Yoko continued to struggle and wriggle, kicking out her legs as she tried to resist it but King suddenly brought her back down on his knee. "GAAHH! M-my back" she screamed in pain, that wasn't the end of it as King held her body against his knee as he cupped her chin and pulled down on her thigh as her body was being bent

    Yoko: against his knee, her chest heaving up and down and getting more exposed as King pushed her body down against his knee. Yoko's hands flailing about in the air aimless "Nnnngggghhhh owwwwmmmmmm" she moaned out, muffling a bit as a tear flowed down on her cheek
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: The mad beast is destroying Yoko, doing worst on her sexy body as best he can be while shes starting to jobber for him, just like he would do, pushing her body backward over his knee and watches her stretch, stretching over to test out her durability and flexibility, mostly looking both her sexy parts- the breasts and her crotch. "Mmmmm so nice very nice, working out much? Hurrgh!" He said with a long hard push on her thigh and chin, stretching her hard.

    Killer King: But keeping her body stretch for a while longer before hes ready to continue his domination. King release her only to reach for her wirst and pulling Yoko up on her feet with him, face to face as the beast placing his free hand on her amazing breast to shove her away from him yet still holding onto her wrist, trying to yank her hard right into him where his free arm going to clothesline her hard across the chest to see if she'll flip in the air or not. "Hurgh!" yt

    Yoko: Yoko was screaming in pain now, her body being bent inwards causing her breasts to get inflated and her bra being stretched out to the max, she could even feel his dirty hands pressing down on her warm crotch. "W-watch y-our hands Uuurrghhhhhh STOP" she yelled as she could feel him press down on her body even more. After a while King pulled her up with him, Yoko was groggy and was almost leaning into King as he had a good grip of her wrists. "No...No more....My back....Uugmmmm" she moaned softly as she got a good shove, King held her wrists and pulled her back in after the shove to nail her with a clothesline! A clothesline which had her flip head over heels once before going down on her belly, feeling completely winded out
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King continues his vicious domination onto Yoko, really weaken her poor back from various moves until he decided to do more than just hurting her back, pulling the sexy red head up to her feet before yanking her right into him for the clothesline, indeed flipped her in the air before dropping down on her front, laying there looked like she completely done with him, course he isnt done with her. "What? Dont tell me you have given up jobber!"

    King will toy with her as long as he can, or at least as long her body can handle and endure his tortures. The beast reaching down for her long red hair that ponytail and using it like a leash, trying to pull her around in the ring and treating her like his own very pet. "Walk you! or crawl! HA!" yt

    Yoko: Yoko never expected her first match to be so brutal! This King guy was absolutely destroying her. "Uuhhhh Y-you shouldn't have skipped a prematch shower, you smell like an animal" she still had the energy to taunt him, if not fight him. King continued the humiliation and domination of the sexy red head as he grabbed a fistfull of her red hair and dragged her around the ring like a bitch, she was forced to crawl on her knees as King dragged her around, making her look like a pathetic weakling. "Uuuhhhhh S-stop.....M-my hair! This ain't a catfight" she groaned as her hands slapped away at his wrists
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: "An animal you say? HA! I suppose I should act like one, should I?" He replied to her words, will dragging her around like a pathetic bitch she is, already in a losing state while feeling his wrist getting slapped trying to let her go, but he isnt going to let her go just yet, until he can reach to the nearest turnbuckle and pulling her up against it with her back, checking her out some more.

    "Catfight is for shit, but I will definitely show you my 'claws'" He said, with her up against the turnbuckle, the beast tries to reach for her large busty breasts and grabbing each one, giving it slow firm squeeze and soon turning it into pain, Iron Claw her twin. yt

    Yoko: Yoko felt really bad for herself, for her to allow this man to treat her like this? She tried to save her dignity by trying to fight back but King was having his way, he pulled her up to her feet and slammed her against the turnbuckle as he got her trapped in their. "W-what are you doing? What are you thinking you FREAK! AHHHHHH STOPPPP AHHHHHHH STOPPP UURGHHHH NOOOOO" Yoko suddenly went crazy in pain, as King began to claw her breasts! His arms squeezing her firm breasts, Yoko struggled in the corner and squimed as her hands went towards his wrists trying to pry his hands away from her breasts. Her feet stomping the ring mats as she was helpless...
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King held onto her breasts that is just large and soft even with her top hanging on, squeezing firmly and slowly increasing the pressure that soon Yoko start screaming and frantically trying to pry his large beastly hands off her, showing that he IS the sick animal he really is. "HA! How'd you like it now huh?!" His hands still clinging onto her while shes still helplessly unable to get free from his hands, but he can let go of her very shortly.

    Pulling her out from the corner and get to the center of the ring by her breasts, King then tries to catch her off guard with a snapping headbutt to her face stunning her so he can follow up with a release of her breasts and swing his right fist up to her jaw for a hard uppercut, hoping she is still able to stand where he plans on controlling her
    Killer King: his own pet. "HURGH!" yt

    Yoko: "S-stop! Th-this isnt wrestling, I-didnt sign up for this" Yoko begged as he felt completely humiliated and embarassed. The pain was all too much as well, Yoko felt so pathetic as she was pulled away from the corner to the middle of the ring , dragged by her own breasts!!!. She tried to squirm away as she even tried a kick to his shin, but soon felt almost blacked out by a sudden headbutt to her face "OOOWWW!" She moaned out, spittle flied off from her mouth a bit after that headbutt was followed by an uppercut, causing the red head to leap up from the ground and go dow on her back. Her arms and legs spreaded like an eagle as she laid spreaded like an eagle.
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King doesnt plan to stop, not while his domination is continuing to get stronger and stronger for his sick pleasure, Yoko is trapped in his loop of torturing moves whether she can try to stop him or not liking it, he'll keep it going and going until hes done playing with her like his toy.

    He stunned her with a headbutt to her pretty hot face and follow up with a hard uppercut to the jaw, thought she would be standing but shes much weaken than he thought, thought red head usually tougher than nails but he is proven that she is just as fragile like a twig, Yoko end up laying on the mat spread eagle. "Hmph! Want wrestling? I'll show you wrestling!"

    Killer King: King slowly moving towards to her downed body and standing over her where shes laying between his legs just above her stomach, looking down distracted by her large breasts then slowly to her face as he reaches down her head, slowly to try pulling her up standing with him where he would pull her head under his left arm, slowly pulling up on her throat to choke her a little, ready and setting her up. "I can show you some, are you ready?!" yt

    Yoko: Yoko got what she wished, perhaps she didn't know what she was exactly wishing for. She looked up on the larger man in horror as she squirmed a bit while being down on her back. "N-no, wait" she weakly begged as she was grabbed by her head and pulled upto her feet slowly. King wrapped his masculine arm around her head as he got her in a front facing choke as Yoko squirmed against his move, her ass jiggling as she squirmed in his grip. She began to scartch,slap and punch his back while being choked out like that. "*cough*cough* Uuuughhh let....go......"
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King gotten her up standing and this time having her cute little red head tucked under his muscled arm holding her in and slightly choking her to keep her awake or weaken, both actually as hes prepared to do some wrestling like she expecting him to do, though didnt make him happy from all those scratches, slaps and punches on his back. "Grahhh! I may have tough skin but that still annoying!"

    He would move and try getting his free hand between her legs and cupping over her crotch, using it to push and lifting her up vertically in the air to show off his impressive strength and let the blood flow down to her brain, hopefully to hold her up for few seconds before dropping her down to the mat, not on her back but her head, going for the Brainbuster! "GRRRR!" yt

    Yoko: Yoko was still somehow determined to get out of his cluthces but her attempts were futile as King simplu was just TOO strong. She tried to hold it in and thought about tapping out " I...Giv" before she could signal her submission, however, King pulled her up using vertically with his hands cupping her crotch . She could feel all the blood rushing down onto her brain as she got some hang time in the air before being slammed down onto her head in a brainbuster. The busty red head laid flat on her back, arms and legs spreaded as her chest heaved up and down but her eye lids were shut tight....she almost looked KO'd
    Yoko: y
    Yoko: t

    Killer King: King has soften Yoko up so much that she must be feeling like a jello and very fragile too, course that means she is ready to be defeated very shortly, since he lay her down pretty hard with the Brainbuster to knock her brain around inside her thick skull, she will soon enough to take another vicious head impact.

    "Want another of that? Here it comes!" King slowly gets up and wipe the sweats off his chest before grabbing her head to turn herself around and pulling down between his legs, then the beast leans over to wrap his arms around her slender waist to hoist her upside down, displaying her at all four sides of the ring before dropping down to slam her head into his classic Piledriver. yt

    Yoko: Yoko felt out of it, that brainbuster really shook her entire body and at this point she couldn't even feel half of her body. She was easily picked up onto her feet, more easily than she was before, this time the poor girl did not even put up a fight as she was straight away put in between Killer kings thighs as she got hoisted up vertically again, her boobs hanging upside down as well as King displayed his toy to all 4 corners of the ring and then brought her down on her head in a piledriver *THUD
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King laying her out with the piledriver and let her flop onto the mat where he sits there staring at her body and grinning that she couldnt see due to his mask, the beast slowly crawls to lay on top of her pushing down her busty breasts with his chest and hook her sexy shapely leg over and going for the pin, counting down now. "One!.....Two!....." yt

    Yoko: Yoko could have probably be pinned after the brainbuster but this beast wanted to have his sick kicks and piledrived the poor girl who was now just sprawled in the middle of the ring, King crawled ontop of her and enjoying the feel of her sweaty boobs against his chest, grinding them with his own pecs as he hooked her long shapely legs up for the pin ".....3" *DING*DING*
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King pinned Yoko down for the one, two, three, the bell rings declaring the beast winning the match by a landslide, getting him the victory over the sexy red head. He let go of her leg and get on his knees looking down at her, panting and enjoying his work over her, or is he done with her yet? "Hmph.... thats just the pinfall.... I havent make you tap out or even, fully knock you out!"

    The beast is panting not just from getting tired but really excited, he grabs onto her hair and pull up the poor Yoko up while trying to slide her backward across his shoulders to lift her up as he stand, grabbing her shapely thigh between the legs and his other hand grabbing onto her chin, forcefully pulling her backward to keep up on her poor back, stretching backward in his Toture Rack. "GRRR! GIVE UP?!"
    Killer King: yt

    Yoko: Secretly Yoko was a bit happy that she had lost this match, atleast this meant that this will be over and done with? Like a bad nightmare or incident, but she had hoped wrong. Killer King wanted to have his way with her and right after the pin he began to force her body horizontally on his shoulders in a torture rack, her body bent inwards again, this time around his shoulder. Her back being pressed against his muscular shoulders as he kept pushing her body inwards against his shoulders blades "Auuuurghhhhhhh STOP! YOU ALREADY Uurrghhhhhh won! I-I give I give" she began to weep, hot tears flowing down her cheeks as she began to tap his sides
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King held Yoko up on his shoulders and began stretching her backward, very painfully backward as he can imagine, or not, her weaken back is being targeted once again, stretching her over once more until she has waken up and crying out in pain, instantly giving up to the beast in his submission hold, now only he can put her in his knockout move, it'll be the end of her, possibly. "Grrr good girl!"

    He jerk her down one last time before slowly putting Yoko down to her feet, yet he place his hand on her shoulder to spin her around, ready to keep up the beating of her lifetime. The beast kneeling down quickly after trying to spin Yoko to face him, he would swing his muscle arm up right between her legs not once, but twice in a row for good measure and set her up. "Hurrgh!.... and another!" yt

    Yoko: Yoko's back felt like it was on fire as pain shot down on her back from being tortured in the torture rack, at this point all she wanted to do was get out of the ring and get away from Killer king, she continued to tap out until King let her down on her feet. She felt wobbly and her knees were shaking but was only being held up on her feet by Kings grip on her shoulders..."W-what.....S-top.....please" she moaned softly before suddenly being stricken right against her crotch in a low blow. Her eyes widen in shock as her mouth was opened wide as she let out a loud groan....and then began to scream out in pain as she got stuck by another low blow right away
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King was vicious, just like any horrible king's out there in history but he is showing his worst in the ring, against women wrestlers no matter how hot or sexy or small or big, he'll destroy em all, his latest is Yoko the sexiest red head today. After his backbreaking torture rack he soon put her down and vicious low blow her twice in a row to add some his sick pleasure and hurting her for fun, now he can finally end her for good with his knockout move.

    Killer King: The beast stands up and reach for her head to pull down and thrust between his strong legs, letting her stand there if she wishes to while he stood himself up and taking his time to breath. "Ohhh you're gonna love this, cause, its over for you!" He said, reaching down to hook her arms behind her back and then reaching for the back of her legs to grab hold of it, lifting her upside down with that shapely legs spread out and suddenly dropping down on his ass to slam her head hard into his Package Piledriver. yt

    Yoko: Yoko was being taught a lesson here and there was nothing she could do, to resist being tormented by the King like that. After the two quick low blow's the busty red head was trapped in between his strong thighs, she didn't even have the strength to use her legs to stand on her feet, and when King trapped her in between his thighs she slumped down onto her knees before King helped up her up and trapped her arms behind her back and reached for the back of her legs to grasp it firmly. She got hoisted upside down with her legs sticking out....then *THUD* her head slammed down onto the ring canvas once again in a package piledrive manuever...leaving the red head out cold, spreaded out and KO'd
    Yoko: yt

    Killer King: King dropped Yoko head first to the mat into his vicious Package Piledriver, probably one of the sickest type of piledrivers out there and she took it like a pro and knocked out like a jobber, she is excellent test subject and laying out on the mat like that completely out cold, King sits theres wiping more sweats off his body before slowly standing up to his feet, looking down at her and placing his foot between her breasts, flexing his arms and showing his victory over her. yt

    Yoko: Yoko was now oblivious to whatever celebrations king would be doing to her right now, she was just laid down on her back with King posing over her with his boot pressed in between ber breasts as he flexed his arms and showed his match winning body to the crowd, the crood booed him in return for beating on such a hot girl but that what was they got....Yoko crushed by King.

    - - - Updated - - -


    Cassandra entered the pit to the cheers and cat calls of the audience. They were getting quite the eyeful of her fine frame, her blue corset hugging her bofy tightly and cupping her breasts, which were offered ever so tantalizing a slight view in a window crisscrossed by leather straps to help keep her secured. Her legs were clad in long white boots that reached up to her thighs, and drew more than a few men's attention as she marched to the middle of the arena with purpose. Drawing her sword, she struck a dynamic pose. She was prepared to win this fight, and swiftly.

    King is prepared to face an opponent and looking to destroy, of any kinds out there as the
    beast coming out seeing her from the distance while everyone booing at the big muscled
    masked wrestler which hes wearing his black boots, dark red trunks, and his signature
    leopard mask to make it look scary front of everyone. The man beast pointing at her
    where shes in the arena with a weapon in her hand, he coming down until he get close
    enough to face her from teh distance, glaring down at the sexy babe, smirking ler> hidden
    behind the mask, large arms crossed front of his chest. "Well, you're my opponent huh? and
    using that to fight me? I fight bare handed babe!" He said, just waiting for her to rethink on
    what she use and even waiting for the match to start, but he decide to start whenever she
    does put the weapon away and tries to sneak in to bring his knee up and smack her between
    the legs! yt

    Cassandra gently laid down her sword and shield.She was a much better swordswoman than
    a grappler, but she would do her best. As soon as she tried to engage him, it was clear
    whoever this was had no interest in a fair match A sudden knee strike found her crotch,
    sending a bolt of pain through her! "HURGH!" she groaned as her legs reflexively closed and
    she doubled over.

    King could see this girl is doing an honorable thing by putting her weapons down as the
    referee taking it away to put in a safer place before King surprises her with a knee to the
    crotch, hearing her cried out loud and double over in pain. "HA! Thanks bitch!" The beast
    reaching out for her head and quickly thrust it down between his strong thighs, tucking her in,holding her still and slowly turning to show off her ass front of everyone, humiliate her a bit before a big move. yt

    Cassandra was in a world of trouble right off the bat. Her legs nearly buckled from the blow to
    her crotch, and now her opponent had grabbed a hold of her and bent her over, pulling her
    head between his legs and showing off the curves of her body to everyone. She tried to pull
    free, to no avail.

    "Ever heard of wrestling? Its a great and powerful skills,I'll show you everything I got!" He
    said while showing off her ass front of everyone, her delicious legs as well and plus her side
    breasts. King then stop for a moment where he leans over to wrap his strong arms around her
    waist hoisting her upside down, hanging her while showing to everyone like a display before
    hop up, dropping on his ass impact her head to the floor into his Piledriver! yt

    Wrestling? SHe'd practiced some of it before, but her sister was much more proficient with
    the grapples than she was. She preferred the sword... She had no defense as she was picked
    up and shown off upside down, held there in place before being slammed hard into the pit
    floor. Her skull impacted the floor, dazing her momentarily. She rolled to her side, laying
    there, trying to get her wits about her. She shook her head, trying to clear the fog and get
    back into this.

    King smacked her head pretty head on the floor as he sits there and turning to see her body
    laying in a heap, her curves is just amazing to look at.... he chuckles to enjoy looking that
    figure and yet, still more moves to put her in. The man beast crawls to her body kneeling
    beside her as he slide his hands under her body, scooping the girl up..... dropping her back
    over his knee before putting one hand on her chin as the other on that smooth thigh and
    forearm on her other thigh, keeping her pinning down and stretching backward. "Hurrrgh!" yt

    As Cassandra tried to stand up, she found herself getting up faster than she would have
    expected... she realized that she'd been helped up in a way she didn't intend and was lifted
    into the air, then brought down hard across his outstretched knee. "AAGH!" She screamed
    out as her spine was viciously bent backwards in the backbreaker. Her legs momentarily went
    numb from the shock of pain, and she felt a hand on her chin pushing her down, keeping her
    bent back. She tried to throw a punch at King's face...

    King putting her sexy body over his knee and stretching her out painfully backward, hearing
    her screaming out in pain, he kept her still while the people booing at King, he looks up and
    wishing he could show his angry face. But then he didnt see that Cassandra swing her fist
    to punch him in the face. "Ugh..... GRRRRR!" He turn his head at her and just instantly get
    angry, his short temper just snaps. The beast scooping her up in his arms and quickly stand up
    before dropping down on his knee, kneeling down aiming to slam her back over his knee for
    another impacting backbreaker. yt

    Cassandra's offense had no effect as her punch not only bounced harmlessly off King's face,
    but definitely got his attention. Standing, he lifted her up, only to bring her down in another
    spine, cracking backbreaker. Cassandra screamed in agony again as her spine bent around his
    knee, seemingly much more easily this time.

    King forcing her back to go through another over the knee backbreaker, now his angry just
    adding a bit of boost of power and anything he could use to beat her up badly, King is ready
    to put her in. He pulls her off his knee, peeling right off to get them standing up together
    with her head tucking under his arm, holding her still. He grabs her outfit and giving her a bit
    of wedige beforeyanking her up straight vertically in the air, letting go of her outfit and rely
    only his one arm thats around her head, holding her in place. yt

    Cassandra tried to fight out of his grip, but it was not only too strong, the pair of backbreakers
    had put a real kink in her spine and prevented her from much retaliation. He pulled her up
    again and this time, took hold of her tight outfit. Using it as leverage, he picked her up in the
    air, holding her upside down with her perfect legs pointed toward the heavens. "Wha...
    whoa! Stop, stop!" Cassandra pleaded.

    King hold her up with just one strong arm, easily hangingher in the air front of everyone
    while Cassandra begging him to stop, he chuckles. "Stop you say?" The beast moving around
    showing her off some morebefore stopping at the center of the ring, leaning back slowly as
    he timbering down to the floor going to slam her back hard soften her back even more. yt

    She couldn't believe he was holding her up with only one arm. "Stop, please!" she yelled
    out... before realizing his interpretation was not hers. "No, I didn't-" she got out before he
    toppled over backward, dropping her to the hard pit floor again with a suplex. "Oof!" she
    grunted as her body hit the floor, knocking the wind out of her again.

    It was a simple yet effect move to slam her back onto thehard floor, weaken her body even further with all those back pains. King loving it. "Oh sorry, I didnt pay attention, HA!" King said, getting up to his feet and moving towards to her body, reaching down for her hair
    pulling up standing in front of him. Once he got her up, the beast let her go, raise his fists upand using his right fist to jabbing her pretty hot face, stunning the lovely babe. "Hurr....
    hurrr.... hurrr... hurrr...." yt

    Cassandra gasped for breath, trying to just find a moment of rest and receiving none. King
    had his hands on her again as he pulled her up to her feet by her hair. "Oww, oww, owww..."
    she yelped as King uprighted her. Just as she tried to launch a counterattack, his fist had
    jabbed her in her pretty face, snappping her head back. "Ungh," she grunted with the blow,
    her vision clouding slightly.

    With those painful jabs stunning her some all over, lovinghow her hair flowing from each hits
    smacking at those bright cheek. "Mmmmm love it...." he said. But his punching is over yet nor
    her punching bag of abody. The beast closing in while shes being stunned, swinging his fist
    up at her stomach for some uppercuts... "Hurr hurr hurr" and ending to see if she would still
    be standing by swinghis fist up at her jaw for a big uppercut, wonder if she still be standing
    up and stun after that. "HA!" yt

    WHack. Whack. Whack. The jabs flicked out at her face, causing her head to snap back with
    each one. Suddenly a huge punch swung out and caught her in the stomach. "URGH!" she
    groaned as she doubled over, his fist buried in her stomach. He pushed her back upright only
    to drive another hammer-like punch into her stomach again. A third one left her wheezing
    and gasping for breath He stood her up again, and she stayed standing somehow, but she
    was clearly dazed. he dazed feeling only intensified when he rocked her with a massive
    uppercut. "HNGH!" she grunted in pain as her head snapped back hard. She fell to her knees,
    eyes cloudy.

    King was socking her head all over the place and evenhitting her stomach so he could make a
    good impact to the jaw snapping her head up before the girl drops down on her knees, really
    stunned. But obviously, King would never be done with her, theshow must go on since
    everyone have to watch his destruction on her sweet ass and body. "HA!" He grabs her by
    the hair pulling the girl up while slidingher backward across his shoulders, lifting her up
    where his one hand reaching for one of her breasts to grab onto. the other hand moving
    between her legs to grab on hercrotch, together pulling both down stretching her weaken
    back in his deadly Torture Rack. "MMMMM!" yt

    Cassandra was moving again, even if she wasn't entirely sure how. She didn't think she was standing up... She was right as soon she was resting oin her back against what felt like rocks... but it was against King's body. He took hold of her and began pulling her backwardin a
    backbreaker submission hold... and seemed to be having a little fun in the process as he
    began to grope and fondle her! "Hey, you bastard, get your haaaaAAAAHH!!" shestarted to
    say, but soon found herself shrieking in pain as her already sore back was being punished yet

    "Bastard am I? You do like it, you just have troubleadmiting it!" King teased Cassandra,
    bending her backward on his shoulders by her breast and crotch. The beast starts marching
    around in the arena pit showing off to everyone to get some great view of her body bending
    back like that, hesoon turn to lift her body up above him and tossing the girl down to the
    floor. yt

    Cassandra cried out in pain as her spine was wrenched backward again. The placement of his
    hands was humiliating and clearly intentional. Soon she had been thrown, landing in a
    painful heap again. "Ouch..." she groaned. "You'll... you'll pay for this..." she said.

    The beast threw her like a piece of thrash and landingpretty hard, laying there just waiting to
    be cleaned up and King would love to pick up his mess. "What did you say, bitch?" The
    slowly walking over her while wiping down his sweatsoff his body, feeling pretty good about
    this, he reaching down for her ankles making sure shes facing down on the floor. He then
    pulls her legs so he can scoop in between herlegs, pressing his bulge against her crotch,
    humiliate her while he does some thrusting as he holds onto her shapely thighs. yt

    "nnnngghhh...." she moaned in pain as she rolled facve down. Surely he would be declared
    the victor now... It was not to be as once again his hands were on her, bending and twisting
    her. Soon she found one opf her legs tucked in and benthard, pressure put on her knee joint
    while he locked his arms around her head in a crossface hold. Flexing, he tightened the hold
    on her, poouring on the pain and bending her fiercely. Soon he starts pressing up against her
    creamy thighs... it took her a moment to realize what was happening, but when she did, she
    started to panic and flail about. "MMMPPH!! MMMMPPPHHH!!" she yelled through muffled

    The beast indeed planned to get his hands over her mouth while pulling her backward, lifting
    off the mat and grinding his crotch between her legs, getting a good view of her ass by just
    looking down. "MMM!" He was enjoying thrusting her while bending her backsome more, it
    was very hot for him. But then he lift her up high and letting go of her mouth, moving his
    hands to hold on her thighs as he drops down.... slamming her front body right onto the floor
    with King sit-out adding the impact slam. yt

    "MMMMMMGGGHH!!!" Cassandra cried out as Kingcontinued torturing her with this hold. She
    could feel him pressing between her legs, more or less dry-humping her. Just as she
    contemplated submission, King let her out of the painful hold, but not without an
    exclamation point. He lifted her up into the air and then took hold of her legs, using them as
    a sort of lever against the rest of her body and letting her fall to the floor. "AAHH-" she began
    to scream, before her chest and beautiful face slammed into the pit floor, making her see
    stars. She lay unmoving on the pit floor now.

    King landing her flat down pretty hard like that, sittingthere with his bulge still pressing up
    between her legs, huffing in excitment of arousal, the beast loving this. "Mmmmm..." He
    soon slide himself out underneath her to grab her topull up while standing behind Cassandra,
    he would spin her around to get his arms around her waist, lifting her up.... dropping the
    sexy babe right on his knee between the legs giving her one hard painful 'seat' to sit down.
    "HA!" yt

    Cassandra was fighting off unconsciousness, but having a hard time of it... ntil King helped
    her with that and picked her upagain. She weighed so little to him that he could do whatever
    he wanted, picking her up with ease. She was brought down hard again across King's knee,
    this time tailbone first! "HRRGH!" Cassandra shouted through clenched teeth as the jolt was
    sent through her pelvis.

    The impact was painful but he wouldnt know until he sees her landing on his knee to
    painfully sitting there. "HAHA!" laughing at her pain. But King would slide his knee out
    underneath her to swing his strong arm up right between her legs smack her sex. "Hurgh!"
    Which he is planning to follow up his next move.... Grabbing her throat and draping her arm
    over his strongarm, the beast grabs her outfit and giving her hard yank lifting her off thefloor
    and instead of throwing her down, he pushes her down with his hand still holding onto her.
    "GRRR!" yt

    Cassandra was allowed to gingerly stand, but again it wasn't long before the dirty fighter was
    at it again. A swing of his arm and he had hammered her in the crotch with an uppoercut!
    "ULPH!" she sputtered as she bent forward again. She found herself caught by the throat, and
    soon eas ligted high into the air. WHAM. The fall was dangerous and the landing painful. She
    was sure she wasn't going to get up.

    King now only he low blow her but he also grabbed herthroat and lifting the blonde in the air
    and slamming her down straight to the mat without letting go of her throat. He does have
    plan on what to do next to her, pulling herup by the throat so he can face her as they stand,
    he would quickly scooop her up and flip upsid down, arms around her waist. Wedging his
    head between her legs and quite possiblefeeling his bulge pressing agasinst her face, waiting
    for her own arms to goaround his waist before dropping on his knees to slam her skull on the
    floor, but King wont let go of her right after. yt

    Cassandra was in a world of pain as he roughly choke slammed her to the floor. Even that
    wasn't enough for him as she was once again hauled up against her will. This time she was
    picked up and turned upside down as he hugged her sexy body close, enjoying her crotch in
    his face do doubtbefore he dropped to his knees, spiking her with a vcicious tombstone
    piledriver. Her eyesd rolled as her skull smashed into the hard floor.

    The beast slamming her head right on the floor into hisdeadly yet sexy Tombstone Piledriver,
    He held onto her for a brief momentjust to show her fine ass, her dangling legs, and cant be
    seen by the crowd but his bulge against her pretty face. King is never finish with his
    opponent just yet, not yet, still having some fun with her. Slowly pushing his feet to get up
    standing and pulling herup with him, reposition her body so she is resting on her stomach on
    his rightshoulder, charging to the wall where he slam her back into it then turn to drop down,
    slamming her back on the floor, double slammers. yt

    King's manhood was still pressing into Cassandra's face. She was thankful it was covered...
    Showing off his strength, instead of letting her bodyfall tot he floor, he instead pushed up
    and stood, repositioning her across a shoulder. Building up some steam, he charged a wall,
    plowingher into it with a thud and laying another hard and deep blow into her stomach. With
    a pivot, he spun and powerslammed her to the floor, demolishing her again. She hit with a
    splat and lay on the fight arena floor, arms pointed out to her sides and legs spread, eyes
    closed.The only movement was the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed...

    "WOO!" King shouted as he stood up, getting the peoplebooing and cheeering mixing up in
    the arena as he dominating her so far, but now he does his cut throat with his thumb, ready
    to end her. He reaches down for her head to pull up to tuck under hisarm, grabbing both of
    her legs and lifting up, resting her head on his rightshoulder and spreading her legs apart,
    pulling down compressing her body into his deadly stretching Muscle Buster. "GIVE UP?!" he
    shout while pulling down, keeping her legs split apart showing off to everyone. yt

    Cassandra was roused from near unconsciousness as he picked her up and positioned her
    over his body again. She could feel him spread her legs and give everyone a fantastic view...
    he then began to stretch her and torque her neck as well! "I give up, I give up!" she screamed.
    "Let me go!"

    "HA! Everyone! She give!" He taunting humiliating herfront of everyone while showing her
    crotch and legs spread out to everyone, very humiliating display of her body and defeated
    like that. King pulls her down to get her feet on the mat, but quickly pulls her head down
    between his legs, wrapping his arms around her waist toflip the girl on his shoulders and
    pulling her down as he sit-out powerbomb Cassandra, pinning her down. yt

    Cassandra groans in pain as she is let out of the submission hold. No sooner is she on her feet
    again than is he bending her over, showing off her legs, thighs and ass to everyone again.
    Wrapping his arms around her waist, he flips her uponto his shoulders before drilling her into
    the pit floor with a sit-put powerbomb. Her head slams brutally against the floor
    again,knocking her unconscious as King basks in his complete and total victory over her,
    pinning her.

    King is showing no mercy to her at all, displaying hisruthlessness, and brutal assault and no
    respect to her no matter how amazing she is. He rolls her backward to get to her feet, enjoy
    having herstanding up for King to place her in another move for beatdown. Once he gether
    standing, King swing his hand down to grab her sex hard and tight, squeezing it while pulling
    her around. "HA! MMM mmmm!" yt

    King picks the unconscious blonde up again, her weight nothing to him. Grabbing her by the
    vagina seems to do the trick as he starts manhandling her! She lets out a loud scream as her
    pussy is punished some more! "STOP! STOP! YOU'VE WON! AAAAHHH!!"

    "I did won, and this is what I want for my prize!" He said,as he step beside her and pulling
    Cassandra up on his shoulders, pulling her down sideway in a type of torture rack but he
    didnt stop there, he give her body a couple of hardjolts by pulling down her head and crotch.
    The beast falls backward slamming her back down onto the hard floor. "Hurgh!" yt

    Once more Cassandra's gorgeous body was reduced to his plaything as he put her up on his
    shoulders again. She was pulled and wrenched and bent, pain ripping through her intensely
    as she was put into positions never intended. The exclamation point comes at the end as he
    fallsover backward, sandwiching her between the floor and his back in a devastating Samoan
    drop. She hits the arena fight pit with another hard splat, laying on her back as the crowd
    cheers her destruction.

    King took her down pretty hard and way weaken her while everyone making some noise in
    the arena, now he thinks its all good to go,The beast moving over her body, slowly taking off
    his trunks off. "Mmmm mmm..." Turning her over with his foot, getting down on his
    kneeswhere he pulls her legs around his waist, getting his thick cock to pushesbetween the
    fabric of her outfit and pushing into her sweet ass, thrusting in. "Mmm mmm mmm!" yt

    Cassandrea whines a little as King continues abusing her, rolling her face down. Soon
    though, she feels something hard go insomewhere things should not! The sensation causes
    her eyes to open wide and her mouth to match as she screams in terror, pain and

    "Mmmmm ohhhhh yes!" He penetrate her sweet ass frontof everyone, hearing her
    screaming out as he equally thrusting her in, hands on her hips to keep her still, slapping his
    balls behind her. "MMmmmm bet you're enjoying this just like everyonewatching!" He said,
    moving his hands from her hips and down over to herbreasts, reaching down to grab both of
    her breasts, squeezing and pulling back. yt

    Cassandra shut her eyes tight trying to wish herself out of this nightmare scene, but the
    reality was that he had soundly beaten her, and was now fucking her in front of a roaring
    crowd. The crowd's cheers filled her ears with the sound and her mind with disgust. How
    could they all enjoy watching her get fucked like this?? King's hands found her bountiful
    chest and he began to fondle and grab her there too now, as he continued to pump into her.

    The beast is pounding her ass repeatedly with his thick cock, already aroused from beating
    her down so hard that he needs a little 'kick' to get to end, pushing deep inside of her.
    "Mmmm! The beast thats fondling her breasts soon squeezing even harder, increasing the
    pace until he couldnt hold it any longer and shooting out hot seeds inside of her.
    "OHHHHHH!" yt

    Cassandra was filled with his raging, hard cock, as if he were spearing her with a javelin.
    Finally after what felt like an eternity, he shot into her, cumming hard. She felt the warmth
    enter her and was humiliated beyond anything she had ever felt before. She let her head
    hang in shame and embarrassment.

    King release all his fills inside of her, giving Cassandra couple of thrusts before pulling out and
    shoving her down to the floor, tucking his cock inside his trunks and slowly up to his feet.
    Panting, slowly moving where he would use his foot to turn her over, facing up and placing his
    foot on her chest as he posing over Cassandra, everyone giving him mix reactions out loud. yt

    After he finished abusing her, he roughly shoved her back to the coliseum floor. She hit the floor and lay motionless, as she had been abused physically and sexually. He prodded her with his boot, rolling her onto her back, and then he stepped onto her chest and posed, pinning her under his boot and solidifying his victory over the gorgeous Greek blonde girl. Would Cassandra ever be able to recover from this...?

    (Too late to spell check it all >.<)
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    Me vs my friend as Erza Scarlet

    KillerV: Coming out to the ring ready to take on my opponent Erza who he never face before but looking forward to
    dominate her regardless, appearing on stage wearing black wrestler mask, dark red trunks and black boots, pounding
    right fist to his open palm then flexing his big guns front of everyone before walking down the ramp and heading to the
    ring. Rolling under the ropes to pop right up to his feet as he went to flexing his arms again, moving to the center to
    absorb all the people hates and cheers then turning around to look at the stage, arms crossed as he wait to see what
    she looks like and how hot she can be, time being, thinking what to do with her body in this very right. yt

    Erza Scarlet: Erza would make her way down to the ring soon enough. Wearing a purple two piece outfit, with
    matching thigh high stockings and long fingerless gloves, she'd be cheered on by the crowd, smiling before she climbs
    into the ring. Hands on her hips, she'd watch you across the ring, shaking her head as she waits for the bell to ring.
    "Sounds like they don't like you very much." yt

    KillerV: Moving towards her after gets in the ring checking her out seeing shes wearing very sexy outfit, glad she pick
    the right choice for this match. Hearing her words as he stepping closer to the sexy red head, scanning her whole body
    and standing couple feet front of her. "Oh I know that, they're jealous of what Im going to do to you, your sexy body."
    He said, before he would suddenly swing his right fist up aiming right to her stomach for a hard belly punch. yt

    Erza Scarlet: Smiling, she'd lean forward a bit as she watches you, still waiting for the bell to ring. "Oh really? And
    just what are you going to do to m-OOUUUFFFF!" Her eyes go wide as your fist buries into her stomach, doubling over
    and grabbing her stomach in pain as she gasps for breath. yt

    KillerV: "....me? Dominate you, of course, silly jobber Erza." He teased after punching her in the stomach to double her
    over, he reach for her head to pull and tucking under his left arm and grabbing her bikini bottom, yanking up straight in
    the air to show off his impressive strength, displaying her by his stalling hold. "HMPH!" yt

    Erza Scarlet: Trying to catch her breath, she'd groan as her head is tucked under your left arm. Trying to pull away,
    she couldn't manage to free herself as you lift her up into the air, blushing as she feels all the blood rushing to her
    head. Groaning as she is held upright, she'd shut her eyes tight, bracing for the impact. yt

    KillerV: KV hold her up in the air to show her lovely body hanging like that, he is much stronger than her and no way
    she could do that to him. Moving to the center where he would slowly dropping her back but instead of slamming her
    down to the mat he would quickly move under her falling body to drop her back right across his shoulders where he
    would catches her chin and thigh, squating down to pulling her hard into his painful Torture Rack. "Hurgh!" yt

    Erza Scarlet: There was little she could do to escape, held upside down like that. She'd tense up a bit as you finally
    start to bring her down. But to her surprise, she didn't land back first on the mat, instead ending up slung over your
    shoulders as you grab her chin and thigh. Pulled down hard, she'd cry out in pain in the submission hold, squirming a
    bit as she tries to get free of the hold. "Nnngg...l..let go..." yt

    KillerV: "Hurrgh! I bet you like being in this hold and maybe more, do you Erza?" He said, slowly standing up while still
    pulling down on her chin and shapely thigh, her body is warm and smooth on his shoulders and felt good pulling her
    backward like this. Moving us near the turnbuckle and putting her down on her feet, letting Erza go and get her back
    against the corner with arms drape over the top ropes, KV raise his fists and swinging each one up to her flat sexy
    stomach, more belly punches. "Hurr..... hurrr.... hurrr.... HUR!" yt

    Erza Scarlet: Blushing as he taunts her, she'd groan as he carries her over to the corner. Finally let go, she'd be
    pushed back against the turnbuckle, holding the top ropes and leaving her stomach exposed. The blows to her belly
    would make her double over a bit, groaning as she shuts her eyes, her stomach turning red from punishment.
    "Uhhhnnn....oouuuugghhh....ouuufff....nnnngg..." yt

    KillerV: Each punches to her stomach seeing Erza double over each hits and her breasts jiggling from the impact,
    making the sexy red head suffered from the belly punches. He grins, grabbing her hair after finish punching her
    stomach, pulling her out from the corner to get to the center and letting her hair go as he raise his fists up. "Like
    boxing?" He asked, waiting for her to answer or not, he would jab her pretty hot face with his left fist to get her stun
    and watch her head bouncing. "Huff..... huff..... huff.... huff...." stop for a moment where he does the cross with his
    hands over his crotch and ending with his right fist punch on top of her forehead. "HA!" yt

    Erza Scarlet: She would groan a bit, her breasts still jiggling a bit after being pulled from the corner. Standing in the
    center of the ring, she'd pant a bit, nodding her head as she watches him. She'd keep her arms down at her sides, not
    bothering to protect herself before he starts to jab her face, left and right as her head spins from the blows, before
    the last punch lands on her forehead, sending her crashing down onto her back. "Uhhnnn..." yt

    KillerV: The punches is sexy to see herh ead snapping around with that long red hair flying around by the reactions,
    and his last punch knocking her down to the mat seeing Erza dazed from the hit, KV wooing as he raise his fists up,
    kissing each one while looking down at her hot body. "Like that? Been practicing." The masked evil wrestler squating
    down as he grabs her legs to drape it over his shoulders and around his neck, nearly pressing his face up to her crotch
    while grabbing hold of her juicy thighs, yanking her up as he stood, lifting her on his shoulders to have her a seat,
    breathing hot breath to her crotch. "Mmmmmm" looking up at her, seeing that large ample breasts. yt

    Erza Scarlet: Her head still spinning from the punches, she would shut her eyes, trying to recover a bit. Feeling her
    legs pulled up against him, she'd soon open her eyes. With her legs around his neck, she'd blush a bit. She could try to catch him, but she didn't bother trying, lifted up off the match. Moaning loudly as she feels his hot breath against her crotch, she'd move her hands to the back of his head, pushing her crotch more against his face as she blushes, her chest heaving a bit as she continues to pant hard. yt

    KillerV: "Huff... am I too hot for you?" The masked wrestler looking at her while breathing out more hot breath to her
    crotch warming her up there, rubbing her thighs as he held her on his shoulders, licking his lips when he suddenly pulling
    her down kicking his legs out aiming to slam her back right onto the mat slamming her in his sit-out powerbomb keeping
    her legs spread out in front of his face, surely she likes it like that. "HMPH!" yt

    Erza Scarlet: Moaning as she feels his hot breath against her, she would tremble a bit, licking her lips as she feels him
    rub at her thighs. But finally he'd bring her down hard onto her back, the powerbomb knocking the wind out of her.
    She'd slump down to the mat, groaning as she shuts her eyes, her struggles looking to already be done for, looking like
    she's quite enjoying being dominated so far. yt

    KillerV: "Mmmm had enough Erza or do want to get dominated some more?" He said having her down on the mat with
    his opponent legs spread out front of him, laying on her back while on his ass, but he isnt going to stop here, no too
    soon and fun not over yet! The masked wrestler pushes her body to roll her backward until her feet touches the mat,
    he gets up and grabs her head to slowly turning with him, almost back to back and quickly drops down slamming her
    head and neck into a Neckbreaker. "HA!" yt

    Erza Scarlet: Laying there with her legs spread, her face flushed red as she lets out a small groan. Keeping her eyes
    closed, she'd nod her head. "D..Dominate me...m..more..." Pushed back up to her feet, she'd stagger a bit before she
    was brought down hard, the neckbreaker making her cry out in pain as she slumps down to the mat, holding her neck in
    pain as she kicks her legs. yt

    KillerV: "Heh, I like what you think." KV soon grabs her by the head and took her down with a hard neckbreaker,
    knocking her down a bit and weaken her, but clearly he isnt done with just yet, not even close. He gets up and moving
    towards to Erza, grabbing her hair to stand her up while slipping behind where he put his one leg over hers, pulling her
    arm back to tuck under his arm, moving his free arm around her sexy body and draping over between her breasts to
    help locking his wrist, pulling and twisting her body in his Cobra Twist aka Abs Stretch. "Mmmmm!" Jerking her while his
    bulge crotch pressing against her sweet ass. yt

    Erza Scarlet: Pulled up by her hair, she would wince a bit as she staggers to her feet. With his leg hooking around her,
    she'd feel her body being twisted and bent to the side, locked in the abs stretch as his crotch grinds up against her
    rear. Groaning in pain, she'd shut her eyes tight as she feels you twist her body painfully in the hold.
    "Nnngg...ooohhhh..." yt

    KillerV: "Mmmm so hot arent you?" he teased, weighting down on Erza while twisting and pulling onto her sexy body
    stretching her out as much she could just to make her groan and moan, grinding his crotch against her ass as he
    keeping up the stretch. "Any moves you want to be in?" He asked, taking his leg off her and removing the hold, turning
    her around to quickly grab her busts to pushes her back against the ropes, squeezing and pushing to have her lean
    over the ropes. "Mmmmmmm!" even moving up close to grind his crotch against hers. yt

    Erza Scarlet: Her body would ache from the hold, groaning as the mix of pain and pleasure, feeling you grind against
    her rear some more. Finally she would be released from the hold, your hands grabbing ahold of her breasts. Moaning
    lightly, she'd be pressed back up against the ropes, her legs trembling as you grind up against her. "Nnn...d...do what
    you want to me...." Leaning back over the ropes, her arms would hook over the top rope, squirming slightly between
    you and the ropes. yt

    KillerV: "Oh turned on are you?" He said while pushing on her ample breasts while having her back over the ropes while
    grinding his hot bulge crotch against hers, enjoying every moment of it. Letting her go as he grabs her wrist to
    whipping her to the other ropes waiting for her to come back for him at the center of the ring where he crouches down
    to the side as he swing his fist to her stomach to stop her track before follow up swing his fist up to her jaw to snap
    her up, trying to get her standing and dazed. "Woooo..... and HA!" yt

    Erza Scarlet: Blushing as he notes how she's enjoying being dominated, she'd groan as he continues to grind up against
    her. Feeling him grab her arm, she'd be whipped across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and coming back towards him.
    His fist would plow right into her stomach, knocking the wind out of her before his other fist slams up into her jaw, her
    head snapping back. She'd stagger, barely keeping to her feet as her head spins, letting out a groan of pain as she
    stands there. yt

    KillerV: Erza took a hit to the stomach when coming back at him to the center then follow with a uppercut that snaps
    her head back as she stands before him, grinning as the masked wrestler reaching for her sash pulling her in up close to
    him. "Mmmmm sexy...." He said, leaning in to plant his passionate kiss to her lips, sticking his tongue into her mouth to
    get all the taste out of her. Breaking the kiss up while licking his lips, yanking her into him as he let her go to catches
    her by with scoop in his arms, lifting her up to quickly turn to drop on top of her with a slam on the mat, Powerslam
    Erza. "HMPH!" yt

    Erza Scarlet: Erza would moan into the kiss, her face flushing red as she squirms a bit. Shutting her eyes, she didn't
    bother to fight back, enjoying being dominated too much to want to try and turn things around. Finally the kiss would
    end, and he suddenly pulls her forward, scooping her up before she'd cry out as he slams her down onto the mat,
    landing on top of her and flattening her breasts a bit from the impact. "Uuugghh..." yt\

    KillerV: "Mmmm alright Erza, get up, more tests for you!" he said to her while on top of the sexy red head, grabbing her
    hair to pull her up standing with him as he stand beside her, pulling her down where he grabs her one arm to pull it
    down between her legs where his hand is waiting to grab her wrist, then pulling her other arm to pull behind her while
    tucking under his arm, quickly yank her up to flip her upside down, her face up against his strong abs where he would
    fall forward yanking her down to powerslam her again, hitting hard with her back for the Pumphandle powerslam. "HA!"

    Erza Scarlet: Erza winced as she is lifted up by her hair again, her arm pulled between her legs. With her other arm
    twisted and puled back, she'd squirm a bit before he lifts her up into the air, crying out as she is once more slammed
    down hard onto her back, arching her back a bit in pain as she lays there. "AHHH!" yt

    KillerV: He took her down pretty hard with that slam, it felt good to have her own hand between her legs using it to
    rubbing herself a little before the big slam. KV gets up flexing his big arms over her while grinning down at Erza. "Want
    more?" He asked, grabbing her wrist to pull the red head up and yanking her on his shoulders, holding her head and ass
    between the legs, Fireman carry her as he groping her sweet as while marching around in the ring, showing her off to
    everyone while enjoying doing so. yt

    Erza Scarlet: Erza would pant as she lays on the mat, feeling quite out of it at this point. She would only nod up at
    KV, groaning as she is once more lifted up to her feet. Hefted over his shoulders, she'd moan as she feels him fondling
    her ass, squirming a bit as she is paraded around the ring like that, being shown off to the crowd. yt

    KillerV: KV having her up on his shoulders and marching around showing off her ass to everyone while groping onto it,
    moving to the center so everyone can see what he got in store for her, moving his hands under her body where one is
    placing between her ample breasts as the other on her warmth crotch, lifting her up high above him displaying her like
    a trophy. Dropping her down suddenly in front of him as he kneel down letting her fall right on his knee with her
    stomach, draping her over. "HA!" yt

    Erza Scarlet: Feeling like he was showing her off like a trophy, she would gasp as his hands placed between her
    breasts and against her crotch, lifting her high up overhead. Dropped down, her stomach would land hard on his knee,
    folding her up as the wind is knocked otu of her. She'd cough and gasp for breath, her belly red from the hard blow as
    she lays over his knee, body trembling in pain. "Oouugghhh.." yt

    KillerV: The masked wrestler dropping Erza down on his knee with her stomach hearing her coughing and gasping for air
    after that big drop like that, her lovely ass sticking out beside him while she bend over on his knee, just looks so good
    like that. "Had enough Erza?" Grabbing her head as he slide his knee out underneath before pulling her head down
    between his legs, reaching over to wrap his strong arms around her waist to hoist her upside down, turning her body to
    keep showing her body displaying some more as she hangs. "Here it comes, the piledriver!" KV jumps to kick out his legs

    as he drops down to slam her head right onto the mat with all his weights. yt

    Erza Scarlet: With her head spinning as she tries to catch her breath, she'd groan as he pulls on her head, slipping it
    between his legs. Lifted upwide down, her body would once more be on display, letting herself hang there as she
    shuts her eyes. But finally her head was driven hard into the mat, the impact knocking her out cold and leaving her
    body falling limp from the powerful move. yt

    KillerV: Erza took a very powerful piledriver that lay her out on the mat seeing her going limp in front of him while the
    masked wrestler sitting there feeling so aroused and enjoying it, but feels like he want more beatdown on her. KV
    signling his hand where another big strong male wrestler comes in the ring to join in with him, looks like shes going to
    get double team without knowing it. KV reaching down Erza hair to pull her up before grabbing the back of her legs to
    lift up and drop down onto his knee right between her legs to have her a seat, ducking down while his partner comes
    running from behind gliding his strong arm to go over him and swinging hard right across her throat for the vicious
    Clothesline to take her down, see if she see that coming. yt

    Erza Scarlet: Out cold after that piledriver, her body would be lifted up, groaning slightly as she is suddenly lifted up
    and brought down crotch first onto KV's knee. Her eyes would shoot open as the impact wakes her up, barely aware
    of what was going on as the clothesline lands against her neck, sending her crashing onto her back, coughing and
    gasping for breath. yt

    KillerV: KV painful attack to her crotch while his partner sending her down with a clothesline, both large male wrestlers
    looking down at her with their sick smiles. "This here is Mr.X, we're now going to double team you, hope you enjoy the
    rides!" Both wrestlers grabbing Erza hair to stand her up front of them, as the two looking at each other with a nods
    before turning at her suddenly both kick right at her stomach to follow up with her head tucking under their arms,
    draping her arms around their neck and both grabbing her bikini bottom, yanking her up in the air and slowly falling back
    double team suplexing the sexy red head. yt

    Erza Scarlet: Her head was still spinning as both wrestlers look down at her. Groaning as they hoist her up, she'd
    stagger to her feet, groaning as her arms hang uselessly at her sides. The sudden double kick to her stomach would
    make her bend over, nearly collapsing before they catch her. With her arms hooked over their shoulders, she'd be
    lifted up high into the air in the double team suplex, crashing down hard onto her back, leaving her arching her back in
    pain off the mat as she groans. "Oouugghhh..." yt

    KillerV: The two wrestlers dominating Erza easily after she took the painful double team suplex. Thinking now that they
    could get ready and taking her out for good, with both submission and pinfall. "Ready man? Ready Erza?" The two male
    wrestlers reaching down her hair to pull Erza once more and sliding her backward across their shoulders as the males
    are back to back, pulling Erza in between and on their shoulders, each one grabbing her legs to spread it apart, KV
    went to grab her breast to squeeze while Mr.X goes to grab her chin to pull down, together, they double teaming her
    with Torture Rack, stretching her out backward with double the force and pleasure. "Give up?!" yt

    Erza Scarlet: Erza would groan as she is lifted up, moaning slightly. She was still quite enjoying being dominated. And
    by two wrestlers too. Lifted up onto their shoulders, her legs were grabbed and split apart painfully, while she feels KV
    grab at her breasts, making her moan as Mr X grabs her chin. With both of them bending her down, she'd moan loudly,
    her body trembling as she shuts her eyes. "Y..Yes...I submit...I surrender...Ooohhhhh..." yt

    KillerV: "Oh yes, you lose once again but there still one more to go, isnt that right Mr. X?!" His partner nodded as both
    strong male wrestlers pullling her down one last hard stretch of her body. Slowly they put her down but KV grabbing
    her sash to hold her up and like before, pulling in to passionately kissing her. "Mmmmm" After that, pulling his lips off
    her soft lips to suddenly snapping forward to headbutt her own forehead just as lets her go. Mr X however waiting for
    their lovely kiss so when Erza turns around he'll be kneeling down to swing his big forearm up right between her legs,
    gets up standing to swing his big right fist across her face to spin her around. yt

    Erza Scarlet: The painful hold kept on for a bit before they finally let her go, staggering on her feet as she is put down.
    Feeling KV grab ahold of her, she was pulled into another kiss, moaning slightly as she kisses back a bit. But then she
    was snapped out of it by the headbutt, sending her staggering towards Mr X, crying out in pain and doubling over as
    his arm comes up between her legs painfully. Holding her crotch, her head would snap to the side as his fist slams
    across her face, sending her spinning around, barely keeping to her feet as it was. yt

    KillerV: The two wrestlers picking Erza apart while she enjoys getting beaten and humilated at the same time, not for
    long that she get spinned around to look right at KV thanks to his partner hook punched her to spin the sexy red head
    around. "Oh? Back so soon?" KV teased her when she turn to face him while his partner Mr. X goes behind her and
    swings up another forearm uppercut to her crotch, waiting for her to double over for KV so he could pull her head down
    between his legs, hooking her arms behind the back and quickly jump, dropping on his knees to faceplant her hard into
    his Pedigree. yt

    Erza Scarlet: Turned around again to face KV, she'd groan in response before she feels Mr X's arm come slamming up
    between her legs again, making her sob in pain as she doubles over. Legs trembling, her head is once more tucked
    between Kv's legs, arms hooked back before she is slammed face first into the mat, knocking her out cold once again
    as her body goes limp from the powerful move. yt

    KillerV: It was a very quick and painful set-up as Erza crotch would take the some punishments before she goes down
    by the Pedigree, thinking its time for some fun. Mr. X goes at her legs while shes facing down, reaching the legs to lift
    and getting around his waist, reaching for her wrists then leaning back to lay on the mat to lifting her up off the mat,
    pressing his bulge crotch against her own while stretching her out. As for KV, he slowly takes out his thick cock and
    looking at Erza face, patting her cheek and grins. "You know you lose, now suck this." He leans in to slide it into her
    mouth, using both hands to hold her head and forcing her to bobbling his cock while trapped by Mr. X submission hold.

    Erza Scarlet: Groaning as her legs are slipped around Mr X's waist, she'd start to come to as he grabs her wrists and
    bens back, pulling her into a painful hold. Her eyes flutter open as KV pats her cheek, looking up at his cock as he
    stands in front of her. Opening her mouth, she'd feel his cock slide past her lips, bobbing her head the best the could
    while sucking on his member, moaning in pleasure as they continue to dominate her. "Mmmmff..." yt

    KillerV: "Mmmmm gosh damn you're so fuckin hot mmmm!" He said having her bobbling on his cock while she cant escape nor he doesnt think she will anytime soon. Continues to let her bobbling a little longer to make his cock wet
    before he could pull it out while Mr. X letting her go, sliding himself out underneath her before grabbing her to pull the
    red head up standing as he gets behind her, pulling her backward to tuck under his arm and locking in tightly,
    squeezing her in a Dragon Sleeper. KV on the other hand goes in to get between her legs, spread it out and sliding his
    cock between her bikini bottom to thrust into her sex, holding her hips to thrust her deeper and harder into her.
    "Mmmm mmm mmm double team pain and pleasre, like it Erza? Mmmmm!" yt

    Erza Scarlet: Gasping for breath once KV pulls his cock out of her mouth, she'd groan as she is released from the hold.
    Swaying a bit on her feet as they pull her up, she'd be bent backwards, her breasts almost popping out of her outfit as
    she feels KV's cock push deep inside of her. Trapped in the dragon sleeper, her arms would hang at her sides, her
    body rocking back and forth with each thrust deep inside of her. "Ooohhh...mmmm...m..mooore..." yt

    KillerV: KV thick cock pushing into her sex, deeply thrusting in while he could hear her moaning and enjoying the
    pleasure as for his partner, squeezing around her neck and stretching it out under his arm. KV just enjoying the
    pleasure fucking with her hot body pushing it in repeatedly while she gets all the goodness inside of her. Not wanting
    to unload into her just yet, not until he gets all the funs out of her. Pulling his wet cock out of her sex so his partner
    can let go of Erza to take her to the nearest turnbuckle having her back against it, lifting her legs up to drape over the
    middle ropess, keeping her still while Mr. X raising his face to jabbing at her ample breasts, pounding, beating her
    breasts to make em jiggles under her top. "Grrr..... grrr grrr grrr...." yt

    Erza Scarlet: She would be rocking her hips with each thrust, moaning in pain and pleasure as the two double team her
    like this. Her sex was quite wet from arousal at this point. But she'd groan as KV pulls out of her, leaving her trembling
    as she is pushed into the nearest corner, her back against the turnbuckle as Mr X starts to pummel her breasts, making
    them bounce as she moans loudly. "Ohhhhh!" yt

    KillerV: KV watching his partner beating her up while he grabs his cock to slowly jerking on it, making it more harder and
    hotting, just getting ready to fuck her and unload his juice. Mr. X pounding that ample breasts of Erza as she moans
    from the beating, he isnt done with her just yet he quickly placing his hands on her head as he raise his knee striking
    up to her crotch. "GRR.....GRR...." before he could step away while KV coming in to climb up on the second ropes no
    stepping on her legs course, grabbing her hands to place it on his hips before grabbing her head to pull in to get her
    mouth on his wet cock and going over it, making her bobble and sucking on his cock. "Mmmmmmm" before he could
    shoot out his loads into her mouth. yt

    Erza Scarlet: Her breasts were red from the abuse, moaning with each blow as she is trapped in the corner. With her
    head grabbed, she'd cry out as his knee slams into her crotch over and over, tears streaming down her cheeks from
    the pain. Her head spinning, she'd have her head lifted up by KV as he grabs her head, pulling her mouth over his
    cock. It didn't take long from her sucking on his member for his hot seed to fill her mouth, swallowing it as she lets out
    a small groan. yt

    KillerV: Both wrestlers weaken Erza so much that she couldnt do anything other than allowing herself to get humiliated
    defeated by their hands. KV unloads all his juices into her mouth moaning out loud that felt so good, panting for a
    moment before using her mouth to finish licking and cleaning his cock up before pulling it out and tucking back in his
    trunks. Hopping off as he grabs Erza hair to pulling her out from the corner and tucking under his arm in a side headlock
    taking her away. "Do you like that Erza? Do you want Mr. X juices too?" He asked, pulling her to the center where he
    pulls her head down, wrenching her neck and adding with his free hand to punch down on top of her skull. "Hurr....
    hurr..." For Mr. X, he goes behind her pressing his hot bulge against her sweet ass while reaching

    KillerV: under her body sliding under her top and grabbing her breasts, squeezing and rubbing her nipples, feeling her up
    as he humping her behind. "Mmmmmmm" yt

    (Match ends since it was very long)
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    KV: The masked wrestler is ready for his biggest match of the night, taking on the hottest babe he have ever seen so far, her name is Angel and shes going up against him the deadlist heel so far, KV. Coming out to the ring wearing his signature black wrestler mask, dark red trunks and black boots. Coming to the ring and climbing up to get inside, moving to the center so Angel can see him waiting, flexing his big strong arms
    waiting to check out this babe. YT

    Angel: Angel would soon make her way out to the ring, watching KV as he flexes in the middle of the ring.
    She would smile, adjusting her gloves and jacket before climbing up into the ring. Placing her hands on her
    hips, she'd move forward, standing in front of KV, still smiling as she gets quite close to him. "You ready to
    face me?" She would lean forward a bit towards KV, looking quite eager to get the match started. yt

    KV: KV turns to see Angel, looking super hot by the way, coming to the ring and wearing really unique outfit
    as she comes up to him and sounding shes pretty confident on taking him on. "Oh Im ready already, I hope
    you are too Angel. Why dont you zip your jacket down a little, show me that busts of yours....." He asked,
    waiting for her to do so so he can check out those smooth skin of that busts, before he would suddenly try to
    catch her off guard with a swing of his open palm right across her face. YT

    Angel: Hearing your request, she would grin and chuckle a bit, moving her hands up to her jacket. "Oh? You
    want to see a bit more do you?" Licking her lips, she'd start to unzip her jacket. "Well enjoy the view while
    you can." Giving you a bit of a show, she wouldn't see your hand coming around, your palm landing hard
    across her face. Her head would snap to the side, staggering a bit from the blow before she'd suddenly kick
    her right foot out, aiming to hit you hard in the stomach. yt

    KV: KV did get his request granted when she unzip her jacket to show bit of her chest before his hand
    slapped her across the face, almost made him laugh but she retaliate with a hard kick to his tough stomach.
    "OUFF!" He double over and actually dropped down on one knee, clutching himself as he grunted from the
    painful strong kick, girls legs apparently pretty strong. "Ugh shit...." YT

    Angel: Grabbing for your head as you double over, Angel would smile at you as she leaps up, intending to
    bring her leg up behind your head and come down hard. intending to slam you face first into the mat
    underneath her thigh. "Hah! Are you sure you're ready?" yt

    KV: "You little....!" He grunted from the pain while he double over holding his stomach from her hard kick, he
    soon felt his head being weight down by her shapely leg that pushes him all the way down to the mat
    slamming his face along with his body. "Ugh!" Bouncing until still, laying there while trying to move. YT

    Angel: Climbing to her feet as you lay on the mat, she'd brush her hair back a bit as she walks around to get
    behind you. As you start to get up, she'd grab for the back of your trunks, aiming to pull you up and quickly
    lock her arms around your neck for a sleeper hold. "I gotcha now big boy. Whatcha gonna do about it?" yt

    KV: He lay there until he could move his hands up to clutch his head from ther legdrop. Shortly after he
    slowly moving his knees to try getting up until feeling his trunks getting grabbed to pull him up and felt his
    neck being wrapped by her slender arms, locking him in a sleeperhold, grunting as she taunt him. "Ngh.....
    you're so... stunning... too stunning!" He said, reaching over trying to grab her head and quickly drop down to
    slam her jaw onto his shoulder for his surprise Stunner! YT

    Angel: Holding on tight to your neck, she would chuckle as she tries to keep you locked tight in the hold. But
    with you suddenly grabbing her head, her eyes would go wide before you drop down, slamming her jaw onto
    your shoulder! Losing her grip on the sleeperhold, she'd drop back onto the mat, groaning as she holds her
    chin, the impact having caught her off guard. yt

    KV: KV only short struggle with her sleeperhold and she took a horrible drop by his Stunner to get Angel off
    him, now sitting on his ass coughing a bit before turning towards Angel as she lay there clutching her jaw.
    "Ngh.... I did that... now, what are YOU gonna do now?" Reaching for her white hair to pull the sexy Angel to
    her feet before he could slip his strong arms around her waist in front of her, lifting Angel up and began
    squeezing her hard in his Bearhug, pressing his bulge between her legs, brief humping and crushing her. YT

    Angel: Staggering up to her feet, feeling a bit unsteady after that stunner, she would groan as you lift her up.
    Feeling your arms locking around her waist, she'd start to squirm, grabbing at your arms as she tries to pull
    free even as you start to squeeze her tightly with the bearhug. "Uhhhnn...n..not bad...." Her face flushed red
    as she feels your bulge grinding up between her legs. "B..but I'm not done yet...." yt

    KV: "Grrrr.... you will be done tough girl.... after I work you hard!" He grunt to squeeze her harder and
    grinding his bulge even rougher between her legs, the masked wrestler then stepping forward to start charging towards to the turnbuckle aiming to slam her back as well ramming his shoulder to her stomach,
    once he reach the corner he grabs the middle ropes to help him ramming his shoulder back into her stomach couple more times. "Hurrrgh! Hurrrgh!" YT

    Angel: Angel would cry out as she feels the hold tighten even more, her body trembling as you squeeze even
    harder on her. Shaking her head, she'd try to brace herself as she feels you charging forward. But the
    impact still knocked the wind out of her, feeling her back hit the turnbuckle hard as your shoulder digs
    painfully into her stomach. But she wasn't given much time to recover before you start to slam your shoulder into her stomach over and over again. "Ouuugghhh...uuggghhh..." yt

    KV: After his shoulder ramming that sexy flat stomach of hers, he pull himself out to stand up grinning down
    at Angel, making sure to keep her arms over the top ropes then grab her zipper to pull down enough let her
    busts blooming out to show more skin then grabbing one side of the top ropes to hold him up as he kick out
    his right foot at her sore stomach, continues to punish her belly with some hard kicks. "Hmph!....Hmph!.....
    Hmph Hmph!" YT

    Angel: Having her arms hooked over the top rope, she'd slump back into the corner, trying to catch her
    breath. With her zipper being pulled down more, her breasts becoming more exposed, she'd groan and
    squirm. But you'd start to kick her stomach over and over again, pummeling her already sore belly with each
    blow, her body jolting with each impact. "Uuughhh...guuuhhh...nnggg....." yt

    KV: After he finished kicking her in the stomach, the masked wrestler letting go of the rope and grabbing the
    collar of her jacket to pull Angel away from the corner and moving to the center where he gets a good look at
    that hot face before pulling her collar to yank her head down as he tries to tuck her head under his arm. Once he did that, he use his free hand to swing up under her to smack his fist to her soft sore stomach. "Hmph! Hmph!" until he ends with a slap on her back, falls backward to drive her skull to the mat into his DDT. YT

    Angel: Her head was spinning at this point, feeling quite out of it from all the punishment her belly had taken.
    Groaning as you grab ahold of her outfit and drag her out of the corner, she'd be pulled under your right arm,
    her stomach taking a few more blows that make her legs tremble underneath her. But then the sudden DDT
    slams her head first into the mat, leaving her flopping down, groaning in pain as she just lays there for a moment. yt

    KV: The masked wrestler showing no mercy to the sexy Latian as he give Angel couple hard punches to her
    sexy flat stomach before her head goes down to the mat by his DDT, weaken her further more. He soongets
    up to his knees to roll her over facing up, patting her face to make sure shes awake. "Hey, not over yet,
    right?" He teased, getting up to his feet then stepping back until he touches the ropes, bouncing back until he
    gotten close enough to her as he jumps up, arms and legs out to come down and splash on top of her belly. YT

    KV: ** where he would go for the pin, hook her leg for the count YT**

    Angel: Laying on the mat, she would groan as you pat her cheeks to see if she is still concious. Trying to sit up, she'd collapse back down to her back as you run to the ropes, coming back and landing hard on top of her with a splash. Her body would jerk up from the impact before collapsing to the mat again, head spinning as you hook her leg and go for the pin, feeling quite out of it at this point. yt

    KV: When he splashed right on top of her sexy body, knocking even more wind out of her, hooking that sexy leg over and covering up her nearly half naked body, it was an easy 1-2-3 count to the pinfall. "Yeah!" Letting go of her leg and slowly standing up, looking down as he pose over her to get the win over her by pinfall, but feels its waaaay too easy to beat her just that. "Think we're done Angel?" Went down to grab hold of her white hair to pull the sexy Latian up to her feet, forcing her to stand up before him. YT

    Angel: Angel would groan a bit as she is pinned down for the three count, her head still spinning from the beating she'd taken. WIth her hair grabbed, she'd stagger up to her feet, swaying a bit as she tries to steady herself. "Nnn...damn you...." But she'd already lost, feeling quite defeated with her arms hanging at her sides. yt

    KV: "Wheres your cockiness now huh? I dont think you're finished yet, want to beat me best 2 out of 3?" He teased, glaring at the girl hot face before letting her hair go and quickly grabbing her arm to drape over his right shoulder as he brings his right arm under her arm and over her shoulder, giving her a lift and dropping forward which he comes to slam her back onto the mat by his arm for the Rock Bottom. "HMPH!" YT

    Angel: Hearing you tease her, Angel would start to bring her arms up, only for her eyes to go wide. Before she can start to fight back for round two, you managed to grab her arm and pull her in, lifting her up off the mat before slamming her down painfully onto her back with the Rock Bottom. "AAAHHH!" Crying out in pain, she'd try to roll away from you, grinding her teeth as she tries to muster her remaining strength. yt

    KV: "Mmmm I love your sexy scream Angel!" He said after she goes down hard by his Rock Bottom, slamming her body right onto the mat with force. He gets up and flexing his arms, gloating over her as she rolls away from him, taking a moment to breath and wipe some sweats off his body before following his prey. Trying to get behind Angel with his hands up, waiting for her to muster the strength to get up before he closing in, placing his hand on her shoulder to spin her around facing the masked wrestler, KV then reaching for her legs to grab and lift up, dropping down in kneeling position to slam Angel crotch on his knee, giving her a vicious seat to sit on. "HA!" YT

    Angel: Angel would slowly push herself up to her feet, grinding her teeth a bit as she tries to push through the pain. Her whole body aching from the beating you'd given her, she'd be spun around as you grab her legs. Trying to push away, she'd drop down crotch first onto your knee, doubling over as she screams in pain. "GAAAAAAAH!" Moving her hands to her crotch, she'd tremble, still seated on your knee as she shuts her eyes tight in pain. yt

    KV: "Poor Angel, NOT!" Having her crotch landing on his knee like that, he slide that knee out between her legs and pulling her hands out to protect it so he can suddenly swing his forearm up to stick it hard to her crotch. "Hurgh!" Guiding his low blow forearm out to grind slowly against her crotch and inner thighs until his hand can get a good grip of her crotch, squeezing it while the wrestler stands up to hold the girl. "Mmmm mmmm!" YT

    Angel: Whimpering a bit in pain from the low blow, her arms would be pulled aside as you slide your knee out from under her. With your forearm coming up hard between her legs, her body would jerk upwards as she cries out in pain again. "AAAAHHHH!" With her legs shaking, she'd feel your arm slide along her crotch until your hand takes a firm, painful hold of her, making her squirm as she grabs at your wrist. "Nnnn..s..stop..." yt

    KV: "Admit it Angel, your crotch is hot for me." He teased her while his fingers digging on her fabric covering up her crotch, gripping a little more before grabbing her head to tuck under his arm as he let go of her crotch. Grabbing both of her legs to roll her up on his shoulder while spreading her legs apart, splitting her legs and compressing her body into his deadly Muscle Buster Stretch. "Hurrrrrghhaaaa!" YT

    Angel: Feeling the hold tighten on her crotch, she'd start to sob a bit. But the hold wouldn't last long before
    you lift her up, flipping her upside down as her legs are split apart painfully, folded up with her neck pressed down hard onto your shoulder. Squirming in the hold, she'd tremble from the pain, trying to endure the hold, not wanting to submit already. yt

    KV: "Mmmm not going to admit you like it? Thats fine, you will soon." He said, pulling down onto her legs to keep her speard apart and stretching, plus compressing her body on his shoulder to show her crotch like that. He move to the nearest turnbuckle to slowly putting her down sit on top of the pad, releasing the hold. Thats when he climbs up on the second ropes, then thrid, grabbing her head to pull under his arm and draping hers around his neck, grabbing the waistline of her bottom to show whats gonna happen next.... giving her a lift as he jumping backward, aiming to come down with Angel into his Superplex right to the mat, gonna hurt him but not as much as her! YT

    Angel: With her body folded up, Angel felt like submitting to the hold, whimpering in pain as you start to carry her over to the corner. Finally though she was released, given a moment to recover as you climb up onto the turnbuckle with her. WIth her head tucked under your arm, she'd squirm a bit as you hook her arm over your neck. "N..No AAGGGHHHH!" The superplex left her back slamming down hard onto the mat, pain shooting through her body as she rolls onto her side, holding her back in pain. yt

    KV: "UGH!" His body landed pretty hard from performing a Superplex to slam Angel right by him, he lay there just like she is but he is in much better shape than her, slowly rolling to get on all fours, grunting that his back hurts a bit. "Heh, huff, ready to lose round 2?" He said, slowly rolling out of the ring and hid under is a water bottle, open it up and gulp couple of times and pour some over his body to cool down. He roll back in with half the water left, stepping closer to Angel as he looks down at her, she must be pretty hot during the beat down, so he pour the other half amount of water over her head and body, make her wet. YT

    Angel: Slowly rolling over, Angel would get to her hands and knees as you pour water down on top of her. Feeling quite humiliated and in a good bit of pain, she'd hiss as she slowly pushes herself up to her feet, her legs shaking underneath her as she glares at you. "I'll get you for that...." yt

    KV: "What? I wanted you to cool off before our fun gets even hotter, Angel." He grins at her while she glares at him, really weak and pathetic she is. He would casually stepping up to her as she weakly stand, reaching out his hand to grab her outfit just between her busts to yank her in where he would scoop her up in his powerful arms and drop her back over his knee, putting his one forearm over above her chest while the other rubbing his dirty hand down over her crotch, warming her up and stretching her back out. "Mmmmmmm, backbreaker" YT

    Angel: Her arms felt like lead at this point, struggling to bring them up as you get close to her. She could only cry out in protest as you grab her outfit and then scoop her up, only to drop her back first over your knee. "AAUUUGH!" Crying out in pain, she'd feel you pressing down on her body, bending and stretching her out while you rub against her, making her face turn bright red. "S..stop! AAAHHH!" yt

    KV: "Mmm stop what? Dominating you? I dont think so." He looks down at Angel face while shes arching backward, his hand over her crotch increasingly rubbing little rougher while his forearm pushing with more force, stretching her body even more. Then the masked wrestler taking his hands off her body for a brief moment letting her lay over his knee as he clamp his hands together, raising above him to swing down pound right over her sore belly. "Hmph!" YT

    Angel: Squirming as you push down harder, she'd groan as she feels you rubbing her crotch harder and rougher. After a bit more of the pain, she'd groan as you finally let up, only to have you hammer both your hands down hard into her stomach, her body jerking a bit from the blow as she starts to cough and sputter, gasping for breath. "Uhhnnn...n..no...." yt

    KV: "So Angel.... are you ready to admit your defeat?" He asked after pound her stomach with his double hammer fists, grabbing her outfit between the busts like he did before, yanking her up standing front of him to hold her. Yanking her in as he turn to wrap his arm around her head and tuck it down in a Side Headlock so he can look down to see her head sticking out front of him and behind, her fine ass showing, back to her head using his free hand punch down on top of her skull ringing some bells. "Hmph.... hmph.... hmph...." just to soften her head a little before his hand turn claw, grabbing her hot face and squeezing, trying to make her submit to him. YT

    Angel: She could only cough and gasp for breath as you once more yank her up to her feet, only to pull her into a headlock. Her arms would hang at her sides, unable to even manage enough strength to pry at your arm. With your punches raining down on her head, she'd groan in pain, feeling the ring spin around her before you grab her face in an iron claw, making her slump down to her knees, feeling like she might pass out soon. yt

    KV: His iron claw hand wrenching on her pretty hot face and feeling the weight in his arm as she drops down on her knees, really weaken and out of it, but surely still awake to endure such pain. He pulls her up and leaning back while her head still in his arm, looking at her and goes in for the passionate kiss sticking his tongue in to play with hers while his free hand sliding over her fine breasts and down over her sore belly to her warm crotch. Moving his hand back up to get both hands holding her head to stand face to face, breaking up the kiss. "Mmmm tasty..." before he could quickly raise his knee up right between her legs. YT

    Angel: Her head was spinning, trembling in your grasp as you pull her up and back. She could only let out a muffled groan as you kiss her, feeling your tongue invade her mouth as she shuts her eyes. She couldn't manage to fight back at this point, feeling more like your plaything as you lift her up and slam a knee between her legs, making her buckle as she tries to grab her crotch in pain. "Nnnnn..." yt

    KV: "Mmmm, I think you had enough Angel, now... for the real fun part..." He said, pulling her to the ropes where he sticks her head down between the middle and top, pulling her over the top with her arms draping over to keep her there. The masked wrestler KV then grabbing his cock out all think and juicy for her to feel when he slowly going up behind her to slide it inside her juicy ass while pressing his whole body agaisnt her, reaching over to grab her chin to pull back stretching her some. "Mmm mmm mmm!" Thrusting in to push deeper inside her. YT

    Angel: Her whole body ached by now, barely able to move herself at all. With you putting her between the ropes and then draping her arms over the top rope, she'd groan before feeling your hard cock thrust inside of her ass. Having her chin pulled back, she'd let out a small sob as you thrust inside her while stretching her back painfully. "Uhhnnnn...nnngggg...." yt

    KV: "Unnn ummm mmm.... tell me... who is the best?!" He asked while continuing to thrusting his thick cock deeper inside her ass, his hands pulling onto her chin a bit more before sliding off and down to her chest where he grabs the belt part of her top and pulling it loose, see if he could let her busts free and exposed before grabbing both to squeeze and feeling her up, enjoying his reward with her body. YT

    Angel: Groaning in pain and pleasure as you thrust harder from behind, rocking her body against the ropes with each thrust, she'd whimper as you pull on her chin before finally letting go. "Y..You are..." With her top being removed to expose her breasts, she'd moan as you start to squeeze them, her body shaking against the ropes as you continue to thrust inside of her. yt

    KV: "Mmm thats right, I am" He grins, still enjoying her sweet ass of pleasure and even double by her firm breasts, KV giving her few more rough thrusts before letting her go and pulling it out, not yet ready to climax. He pulls her off the ropes and get to the turnbuckle with her back against it, reaching down to lift her legs up as he slide his cock between her bottom fabric and inside her sex, thrusting in roughly as he keeps his arms around her waist not to squeeze her but hold her up, humping the sexy Angel to get his arouse up. "MMMM!" YT

    Angel: Gasping as you finally release her and let her go. She would have collapsed, but you would grab ahold of her, moving her into the turnbuckle. Lifted up off the mat, she'd wrap her legs around your waist as your cock once more pushes inside her, groaning as you squeeze and thrust deep inside of her, pinning her to the corner. "Ooohhhh...." yt

    KV: KV fucking with the loser Angel, pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside of her sex as he looks at her, reaching his one hand to the back of her head to pull her face in so he could plant his kiss on her lips once again, forcing his tongue to get inside her mouth for a brief moment before breaking up and leaning her back to push her chest out, putting his mouth on one of her nipples to suck onto. "Mmmmmmm!" By that time, he couldnt hold it in any longer and shoot out his hot seeds inside her sex. "Mmmmm!" YT

    Angel: Letting out a muffled moan as you once more kiss her, feeling your tongue push into her mouth, she would squirm a bit as she feels your thrusts becoming harder and rougher. Gasping once you break the kiss, she would moan louder as you start to suck on her nipple, making them hard as she leans her head back. Finally, she'd feel your hot seed fill her sex, making her cry out as she arches her back a bit, head spinning after such a long and rough match. yt

    KV: KV feels his cock filled up her sex as he moans out loud pushing as hard as he could and keep it there, breaking off his sucking on her nipple, licking his lips as he turns around with her, putting Angel down on the mat while pulling his cock out of her sex, making sure its all out of him before tucking back in his trunks. "Mmmmm that was delicious Angel." Grinning down on her, already have fun with her body all night, placing his foot on her sore belly posing over her. YT
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