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My OC Natalie

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by galvatron88, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. galvatron88

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    Natalies Elbow.png
    This is my oc character from my comic and from one of my stories. " Natalie's big mistake"

    Name: Natalie

    Age: 23

    skin color: white

    country: America

    height: 6'0ft

    weight: 156lbs

    status: collage student

    measurements: 39/37/40

    blood type:AB

    fighting style: MMA, Karate

    likes: beating up guys, lots of junk food, to argue and fast food

    dislikes: teachers, math, thinking too much, ( Her brain loses oxygen if she thinks too much)

    Personalty: She is very bubbly at times and then she turns around and can be a bully the next. she can be happy go lucky not caring about others feelings being quite vulgar and undignified. She can be tough on the out side but deep down she has a weak spirt, she whines alot and she eat just a little too much.
    As a fighter she is very good using her size to over power her opponents. she likes to fight up close but what she fails to realize is due to her over night feedings and fast food cravings. Natalie has a VERY soft body that cant take too much punishment, Natalie isnt smart enough to know that.

    vitality: 700

    stun: 750

    Strengths: Shes very strong and can hit hard when she wants to. She has a powerful flying punch.

    weaknesses:Shes overconfident and full of herself, So she lowers her guard. She dizzy easily having a glass jaw, head weak to impact and a soft belly that hurts like hell. she cant take a punch. she also panics when thing dont go her way in a fight.

    She wants to prove how strong she is and become a street fighter against her friends judgement.... She hasnt been heard from since.
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