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Medli from Zelda Wind Waker vs Jura from Vandread

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mariposa, Oct 8, 2014.

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    Oct 7, 2014
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    After leaving the Great Sea and settling into a new country, life continues as normal for the new immigrants. Almost normally. Tetra married the Hero of Winds and the two of them had a beautiful baby girl they named Daphne in honor of the last king of Hyrule who gave his life for them, and Link taught Medli to fight. He had heard about this arena where women fight to the death for honor and glory. Link was not willing to put Tetra, Aryll, or Daphne through the rigorous training necessary to fight these matches, knowing that his training style could kill them, especially Daphne. After Medli turned 21, Link deemed her ready for the matches. Link, Tetra, Daphne, and Medli left for the arena. Medli soon won her way up to the top and earned the right to fight the champion: a big, busty woman named Jura. The match was scheduled and the tickets sold. The crowd was looking for their favorite champion to defend her title for the 1 millionth time. Since none of the guards could handle her, Jura was allowed to milk the crowd, her crowd. She goes out into the ring and gets them hooting and hollering for her to use her teeth to rip the new challenger's heart out of her breast. The crowd is so on edge that when the MC calls for Medli, the crowd is throwing things into the ring. Before the gong, Jura starts tormenting her obviously outclassed opponent. "You should e stayed at home, Little Girl. Before I kill you, I will give you one last comfort: I will make you piss your baby diaper."
    Looking down from the coach's box, little Daphne asks, "Daddy, does Medli have a chance?"
    "No. Her opponent is drunk on the crowd. A fighter that out of it is almost impossible to kill." Link replies.
    "We defeated an opponent like this before." Tetra chimes in.
    "We were not alone." Link returns.
    Back on the ring, Medli decides to taunt Jura. "You seem nicer than your bio makes you out to be. I was not expecting such a kindness. The most I was hoping for a long, slow, painful death as I lay writhing in agony begging for you to end me. That is how you usually are before you eat your dead opponent."
    Jura starts seething in pent-up rage at the sheer audacity this child had not to cower in the presence of a goddess.
    Up in the coach's box, Link pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration.
    The gong rings and Jura is on Medli so fast that she cannot react. Jura has Medli bent over the rope such that her throat is pressed down on it rather than her stomach. Jura then starts ass raping Medli through her ripped panties with a 2-meter long, spiked, steel cock. Blood is just pouring out Medli's ass at an incredible rate. She manages to get some wind under wings and throws Jura into the opposite rope long enough to breathe before being set on again. This time, Jura grabs Medli by the throat and starts choking her manually and slamming her into the mat. As Jura slams Medli the last time, everyone hears a resounding snap. Medli's ribcage just shattered. Jura throws Medli into the far rope, draws her saber and stalks toward Medli. Medli is on hands and knees taking ragged breaths trying to recover enough to beg for a painful death. "Make it... make it hurt." She chokes out.
    "Oh, honey, it will hurt. I promise you that." Jura replies with undisguised glee.
    Before Jura can finish closing in; however, Medli smiles wickedly. She moves with incredible speed considering her shattered ribcage. The crowd grows silent. Medli removes the dirk holding her bun in place and throws with deadly accuracy. Jura is taken off guard by how impossibly fast Medli moves and cannot bring the saber up in time to block. The dirk goes clean through Jura's skull. After the surprise fades, the crowd goes nuts for Medli.

    Now I leave it up to you. Which girl, videogame or otherwise, do you want Medli to fight next and do you want her to win or lose?