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Losing Faith

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by any name you wish, Jul 24, 2016.

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    Jul 24, 2016
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    Faith stood outlined by the setting sun at the edge of a rooftop, gazing upon the City of Mirrors stretching out before her. Taken in by its almost glowing white that slowly turned a warm orange red in the evening sun, she could almost forget its rotten core, its political schemes, its brutality beneath the mask of normalcy, that it was constantly showing to the outside, and see what it was she was fighting for. Eves like these made her daydream of flying over the City, unbound by its restrictions, its force unable to reach her. Running, to her, was the next best thing.

    "Faith, what are you doing?", Mercury asked over their comm-link. His question ripping Faith out of her daydreaming. "I was just catching my breath.", Faith replied. She still carried a small, yellow-black bag that needed delivering and since that was not going to happen by itself, Faith turned on her heel and started again towards her destination.

    Finding her way over the rooftops cam easy to her, almost natural. Leaping from rooftop to balcony, from pipe to ledge she could almost see her path outlined before her.
    "Faith, I don´t have good feeling about this.", Mercury´s voice came worried to her ear.
    "Don´t worry.", Faith replied, "This is just a standard delivery, what´s supposed to go wrong?"
    "I´m not sure, just watchchrrg", static cut Mercury´s warning short.
    "Mercury?", Faith asked and as silence was her only answer she added: "Shit!"

    This could only mean, that the blues, the City´s police, had recognised her and was now closing in. Picking up speed Faith checked left and right of her hoping to outrun them, a feat, that was a lot more difficult without Mercury guiding her. Faith dashed across an extensive balcony as suddenly the balcony door came crashing into her side, taking her balance. Faith could barely get her hands before her face as she crashed hard into the marble stone floor beneath her.

    "Shit!", spitting out her second curse on this evening, Faith started to scramble herself of the floor and start running again. Before she had even gotten to all fours, something hard was rammed into her lower back, crushing her on the ground. Faith arched and screamed as pain shot through her and just as she could gather a glimpse of the black shadow blocking the sun, that was her assailant, the first blow was followed by a barrage of kicks and stomps. As she curled up one vicious kick caught the side of her head, making Faith go limp. The last thing she could vaguely recall before falling into unconsciousness was her being helplessly dragged by her feet into the building.

    Faith woke up with a headache leaning against the cold metal of a turned off space heater. She was in a small, fairly sparsely decorated living room containing only a small table, a couch and a TV hanging on the wall. When she tried to move she realised that she was stripped of her top, which currently served as a makeshift armbinder behind the heater. Faith blushed at the thought of a stranger seeing her out cold with only her bra to cover her breasts and anger rose in her over this violation. She started working on the armbinder as she heard a shuffling in the next room and for the first time since the assault she started having fear. What would happen to her, especially if this man, that had attacked her, found her helplessly bound? With almost feverish motivation born from panic and desperation Faith undid the knot that held her hands together just in time as her attacker came into the room a rope in hand and a wolfish grin on his face.

    "You are up early.", he proclaimed, "Good." Without the sun behind him Faith could make out his features. He was a young, athletic man, 20-something years old Faith guessed, with brown hair cut short wearing a dark green shirt, army-style pants and heavy work boots. Without a second thought Faith jumped up from the ground and rammed her shoulder into him in just one motion. She was going to get out of here and that fast. Clearly taking the man by surprise, Faith drove him into a wall, immediately turning on her heals and making a run for the balcony door.

    Hope and confidence flared up inside her like a roaring flame as she made it to the door unhindered, but as she found it closed shut, all those warm feelings were gone in an instant, leaving her shiver. Before she could really think about what to do now Faith was grabbed from behind and thrown over the couch whilst emitting a surprised cry. Again Faith found herself scrambling herself off the floor only this time she got up without a beating.

    Turning she found the man advancing on her slowly with seemingly all the patience and confidence in the world. Fine. If it was fight he was looking for, Faith was more than willing to give him that. She was no stranger to hand to hand combat and this guy was clearly underestimating her. Faith charged her adversary, leaping over the couch and looking to deliver a kick right into his disgusting grin. To her surprise he avoided her attack seemingly with ease and stepped back from her.

    "Oh! You are a feisty one!", the man assessed, his voice sounding like he was addressing a misbehaving child. Hearing him like that, anger flared up in Faith. With, what sounded like a feral war-cry and all the determination to beat this prick bloody, she charged at him again swinging punches wildly. It took her to long to realise that none of her punches had connected and before she could retreat the man used an opening and rammed his fist into her belly. Her breath gone Faith toppled over only to be struck in the face by the man´s knee, rightening herself again. Shocked and unable to react she was met with multiple punches into her torso, all of which aimed to cause pain and not damage.

    Her body aching Faith stumbled backwards, struggling to hold herself upright. When the man did not press his charges she realised, that he was only playing with her. At this realisation all her anger puffed out leaving her with fear. Faith did not know what this guy wanted of her, but at the way he had approached her she assumed that whatever it was was probably not in her best interest. Faith charged the man again, this time helped by desperation but as she went to strike his face the man simply sidestepped her and grabbed her throat. Without giving her time to react the man rammed Faith into a wall, his fist pressing against her windpipe. Smiling at her feeble attempts to loosen his grip, the man reached behind her back, unhooked her bra and pulled it off. Shock and a new kind of fear rose up in Faith dulling all the shame the she might have normally felt over her exposed breast. Where before she had feared not knowing what this man would do to her, she now saw the lust and longing in his eyes, knowing exactly what he was looking forward to do and fearing it evermore.

    Despite being choked Faith renewed her struggles kicking wildly. Upon noticing her increasing defiance the man´s expression changed, and for the first time faith saw him angry. Suddenly she was thrown to the ground yelping in surprise. Without a break the man mounted her and started wailing at her, this time not pulling his punches in the slightest. Whenever Faith pulled her hands up to protect her face the man would punch her torso and when she pulled the down to protect her torso he would punch her face until she would finally led her hands sink to the ground. When everything Faith knew was pain and only a thin veil lay between her and unconsciousness, the man finally got up.

    Laying on the floor Faith saw the last orange shimmer of the setting sun through the window, imagining her escape. With her last strength she started crawling towards its, dragging herself on the floor towards her salvation before a heavy boot stepped on her back stopping her. Whimpering she realised, that she was not going to escape, that she did not have the strength to escape, that she was completely at the mercy of this man. The boot on her back retreated just to come crashing into her uncovered side, now glittering with sweat. Faith grunted as she was forced to turn on her back. With no will to fight she just laid spread eagle on the hard floor.

    With an audible thump the man brought his knee down between Faiths exposed breasts completely knocking the wind from her lungs. As Faith desperately gasped for air the man bent down to her and pressed his lips on her mouth in a forced kiss. Quickly he released her mouth and moved on to tenderly kissing her neck, then her chest, then the side of her breast. With every kiss Faith felt more defiled, dirtier, and as this man slowly moved down her body, Faith grimly realised where he was going to end up. "No.", she muttered weakly, as the man was kissing her breast. Faith desperately tried to shove him back with what little strength was left to her, but she might as well have tried to move a mountain. "No!", she repeated more fiercely as his kissing was moving down her belly, but she might as well have tried to command the oceans. "No.", she whispered fofeitingly as the man stripped her of her trousers shoes and socks.

    Only covered by her gloves and tanga, Faith´s heart filled with terror of what was about to come. She looked her assailant in the eyes and weakly pleaded: "No. Don´t.", but where she was looking she found only brutish lust and no compassion. "Please.", she stumbled as tears burned her eyes. Blushing with shame Faith averted her eyes as the man took her last piece of clothing. To Faith it felt like her last layer of defence had broken. Like the innermost wall of the castle that was herself had crumbled to dust.

    With a laboured huff the man heaved Faiths back onto the couch´s backrest, leaving her to painfully stretch over it. Welcoming the pain that distracted her at least a little bit from her fear, Faith looked up at the white ceiling as she heard him undo his belt and zipping his pants. She knew what was about to come but she was absolutely unprepared as the man forced himself on her making her scream from pain beyond anything she had experienced before. Tears freely streamed down Faith´s face as the man repeatedly thrust himself into her. With each thrust Faith thought she was going to break apart, but only as the thrusting finally stopped, as the man grunted in pleasure, as he pulled out of her and as she felt a hot liquid running down her legs, something did break.

    She had not been a virgin, but never before had someone ejaculated inside her. She felt mortified, disgusted, not only at the man, but also at herself for allowing him. Without him to support her, Faith slumped down the couch. She curled up in front of it and just cried until she could no more.

    Her sense of time had abandoned her long ago when she finally stopped crying. Outside it was dark and she was alone. Looking out at the window Faith dragged herself towards it, drawn like a moth to a flame. The moonlight was reflected brightly by the City. She could almost hear the City call for her. Without thought Faith hammered her fist into the glass shattering it. She was bleeding from multiple cuts as she fell more so than climbed out the window. She climbed on top of the balcony´s railing and stood with shivering legs, observing the beautiful City. So, her naked body outlined by the cold moonlight, she thrust herself of the balcony into her City´s embrace.
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    nice one but i never play mirrors edge before so i dont have any opinion or feelings for faith the only thing i dont like was the ending, it was a little to real and sad to enjoy
    well i hope next time i will be more lucky i will know more about the protagonist