Liza VS Street Gang


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Aug 24, 2019
A commissioned story. This one is about a young model who goes through a Final Fight / Streets of Rage type scenario of fighting through a gang in the street.


Liza is an eighteen year old Instagram model who is on the rise. She's close to breaking one million followers, and she hopes that today's photo shoot will be what she needs to finally cross that barrier. She is naturally beautiful, with long dark hair that flows down her back. She's small, but she keeps herself in shape. Men would hit on her all the time, and fans would sometimes get a little too touchy-feely, so she thought it would be a good idea to teach herself some martial arts techniques in case a fan encounter went south. She found fighting invigorating, and part of her wished that someone WOULD start a fight with her, just so she could test out her abilities.

Liza spent the whole day in a local studio getting her picture taken in various outfits and settings. It cost her a lot of money to get these photos! She hoped that someday soon people would be paying to take pictures of her instead of the other way around. Once she broke a million followers, she knew things would be much different for her.

Finally done with the final photo shoot of the day, Liza headed home. She walked home, wearing her outfit that she had wore at the photo shoot: a loose navy blue sweater that left her midriff bare, tight blue jeans, and black knee-high leather boots with heels. The walk was only a few blocks away, so she didn't feel the need to change into anything more practical.

She turned down an alleyway near her house, and stopped dead in her tracks. A rough looking gang were hanging out there, and they all looked at her and stood up when she got near. Liza turned around to go back the other way, but saw that two men got behind her and blocked her path. One was wearing a green tank top, and the other was in orange.

"Let me pass," she said, very seriously.

One of the men behind her laughed. "Heh, not today, sweetheart. We've got a message for you."

The man pulled out a phone, and held the screen up to Liza's face. A video played. It was a group of women. The tall red-headed one in the middle of the group spoke. "You think you're hot stuff? You think you own the world? Let's see how you feel after you're just a smear on the pavement!"

The video ended, and Liza looked up at the man with confusion on her face.

"Seems like you angered the wrong people, sweet thing."

Then Liza realized what this was. Knowing how important today's photo shoots were, she had thrown in a bit of extra cash to clear out the whole studio for the day. These women in the video must be the models who were previously scheduled to use the studio. Apparently they hired these goons to teach her a lesson. Well, looks like she would finally get an opportunity to show off her fighting skills!

Not waiting around for the gang to strike first, Liza roundhouse kicked the man holding the phone in the face. He went spinning in the air, and both he and the phone crashed hard into the ground. Liza tried to do the same to the second man in orange that was blocking her path, but he was smarter than the first guy. He stepped back, and Liza hit nothing but air. She felt a shove in her back, and suddenly she was thrust into the guy's arms. He spun her around and held her arms behind her back.

"Ugh, let me go!"

"Not today, sweetie!"

"And stop calling me that! OOOF!"

Another man wearing a black leather jacket drove his fist into Liza's bare stomach. She struggled to free herself, but the man holding her arms was not letting her go for anything. She took two more hits hard in the stomach.


Liza, knowing that she couldn't just keep getting hit all day, brought her boot up and kicked Black Jacket hard in his gut. He wasn't expecting the hit so he lost his balance and fell back on his ass. Orange, still holding on to Liza's arms, received a stomp on his foot and a headbutt to his face when Liza threw her head backwards. His nose burst open and splattered the back of Liza's head.

"Ugh, my hair! You got blood in my hair!"

Orange fell to the ground, and Liza kicked him hard in the face, knocking him out. The guy in green with the phone finally got back up to his feet, just in time to get knocked back down again. Liza performed her favorite move: a cartwheel kick! She cartwheeled next to Green and kicked him hard in the face. He smacked his head hard against the ground and was knocked out, laying right next to his friend in orange.

Liza felt herself get yanked backwards by her hair. Her head was pulled back, and she was looking up into Black Jacket's face. He didn't look very happy. He drove his fist into her stomach, and she doubled over. He let go of her hair, and she sank to her knees, clutching her stomach. Black Jacket then put his hands under her arms and lifted her up, then tossed her deeper into the alleyway. She hit the ground hard and rolled over several times before finally coming to a stop. She quickly got up to her feet, and saw that she was now surrounded by the gang. Some held up their fists, others had weapons. One even had a pair of nunchucks! She sighed, then put up her fists.

"Just take them out one at a time," she said to herself. "You've got this."

A man wearing a light blue denim vest charged at her first. He threw a few wild punches at her face, but she dodged them easily. She countered with a few punches of her own, and each one of hers actually hit its intended target. She smiled. "And here I thought you guys might be trouble."

Blue Denim threw another wild punch, which Liza ducked under. She punched him hard in the stomach. Liza relaxed her posture for just a second, feeling overconfident. To Blue Denim's credit, he saw this and went in for a quick strike. He backhanded Liza in the face, and her head snapped to the side. Realizing her mistake of underestimating her opponent, she quickly regained her composure and retaliated with an uppercut that Blue Denim wasn't expecting. It connected, hitting Blue Denim under his chin. His teeth clacked together and his head snapped backwards. He stumbled back and rammed his head into a brick wall. He fell to the floor unconscious.

Another gang member, this one wearing gray sweatpants, kicked at Liza and nearly took her head clean off! She retaliated with a kick of her own, but Gray Sweats kicked her leg away. He kicked at one of her sides and it connected. Liza winced and tried to punch him, but he kicked her arm away and landed another blow on her side. This one caused her to fall to the ground. Gray Sweats came at her with a stomp aimed at her head. She managed to grab his foot just in time. She twisted it and drove it into the ground. The twist and his own body weight caused his ankle to pop. He fell to the ground screaming, and she whipped her booted foot into his neck. He gagged once and fell silent. Liza scrambled back up to her feet before anyone else could attack.

Liza was breathing heavily now. She was confident that she could take out any one of these street thugs one on one, but she was starting to feel tired. Today was a long day already, this on top of everything else was becoming too much. She shook her head free of these thoughts and focused herself back on the fight at hand.

Another man with brass knuckles came at her, and she ducked and weaved out of the way of his attacks, but eventually he got one through. Liza got hit hard on her left cheek. The force of the punch caused her to bite her tongue. She spit a glob of blood onto the cold pavement under her feet.

Now it was serious.

Liza performed a jump kick, and the heel of her boot hit Brass Knuckles in the middle of his forehead. He was out before he even hit the ground. Liza watched the man as he fell with a bloody smile on her face, which was a mistake. She didn't see the man with the baseball bat coming at her. He swung his bat and hit Liza in her stomach with a loud smack.


Before she could fall to her knees, a man with a backwards cap grabbed her arms and held them behind her back. Another man, this one wearing a white T-shirt, dove for her legs. Liza had both her arms and legs pinned, and for the first time, she was actually afraid. She wiggled around, but couldn't get free. She closed her eyes tight and braced herself for the oncoming beat-down.

It didn't help.

The bat was driven into her stomach again with another satisfying smack, followed by Liza gagging and gasping for air. She was hit three more times in the stomach. Then the bat was swung at her face.


Liza was hit hard in the jaw with the baseball bat. Blood sprayed out of her mouth. She gave out one loud grunt, then her head hung limply.

Baseball Bat laughed heartily, then said, "Time to finish you off!"

He swung the bat intending to hit Liza's head, but instead hit Backwards Cap instead! Blood splurted out of his head as his cap went flying and he fell to the floor, completely motionless.

"What the...?"

Because Backwards Cap thought that Liza was unconscious, he had loosened his grip slightly on her arms. This was just enough for Liza to wrench her arms free and fall to the ground to avoid getting hit with the bat again. Now she was on top of White T-Shirt who still had a grip on her legs. She brought both of her hands together and started beating on his spine. She kept hitting the same spot over and over again to weaken him. Eventually he lost his grip and Liza managed to kick him in the face. She got up to her feet and stomped down with her heel on the back of his head. He went limp. She saw the baseball bat swinging towards her head, and she ducked at the very last second. She stood back up, but almost fell over due to her dizziness. That hit to her face must have knocked something loose, because she could feel the world spinning. The baseball bat hit her in her chest, which sent her to the ground, laying on her back. Baseball Bat held his weapon vertical and drove it down into Liza's stomach.

"OOOOOH! UGH, damnit!"

He tried to do it again, but she rolled away and kicked at Baseball Bat's knees. She heard a crack and a scream, and she knew she broke something. She shakily got back up to her feet, and she zigzagged her way to the fallen man with the baseball bat. She stomped down on his wrist and he finally let go of his weapon. She picked it up and started beating on him with all her strength.


She fell on top of him, but kept beating on him with the bat. Before she could land her final blow, the baseball bat shot out of her hands. A man with nunchucks kicked the bat out of her hand.


Nunchucks just stood there.

"Get up. I'll not hit you while you're down on your knees. Stand up and fight me!"

Liza stood again, but could barely stay standing. She was wheezing now, and she could see two versions of the same guy standing in front of her, fading in and out of focus. Hopefully she could find the real one. She shook her head to see if that would help with her focus, but that only made things worse.

"Attack me. Go on."

Liza rose her fists and bared her teeth. She charged at Nunchucks and swung a fist wildly in his general direction. She hit nothing, and almost completely lost her balance and fell over. She swung again, and he just laughed at her. He started twirling his nunchucks around, then hit her several times in different places on her body. He struck her in her arm, once in her side, and once on each shoulder.

"You took down quite a few of us, but you're no match for me!"

Nunchucks smashed Liza in the side of her head, and she fell hard to the floor. She must have lost consciousness for a few seconds, because she found herself lying a pool of blood. She was confused where she was for a second, then realized, it was her own blood she was laying in. It was pouring our of her nose and mouth pretty steadily. She got up to her hands and knees, but she couldn't stand back up. The world was spinning way too fast! She looked up, and saw nunchucks coming at her. They smashed into the side of her face, and she fell to the floor again.

"Ungh. Ughhhhhh. COUGH! Unnngh."

All Liza could think about was her followers. She was almost at a million, and now her career may be over. She needed to get out of here. One million! She was almost at one million! She was better than those stupid models who hired this gang! She was prettier and more talented! She deserved fame and fortune! She worked too hard to give up now!

Somehow, Liza managed to gain a second wind. She slowly got back up to her feet, spat some more blood on to the ground, and rose her fists again. She had a determined look on her face. Nothing was going to stop her from her success. She would end these losers, one way or another.

Nunchucks swung his weapon at Liza again, but she twirled around out of the way and grabbed at the man's arm. She twisted and heard the man yell out in pain as he dropped his nunchucks to the floor. She was going to end this fool, and she was going to do it with her favorite move. She took a step back and performed another cartwheel. Instead of the expected feeling of smashing in the guy's face with her feet, her cartwheel was stopped halfway through. The bastard grabbed on to her feet, and now she was hanging upside down!

"HEY! Let me go, idiot!"

Then she saw something approaching her and her heart sank. It was Black Jacket, and he had picked up the brass knuckles from the guy she knocked out earlier.

Liza's sweater had fallen up, revealing more of her toned midsection. Black Jacket smashed his brass knuckles all up and down her midsection.


Black Jacket was relentless. The only thing that stopped him was the sound of the gang leader's voice.


Black Jacket held off his punishment to Liza's midsection, and Nunchucks let go of her feet, causing her to hit her head on the pavement as she fell.

"You nearly took out my whole gang!" He looked to his unconscious gang members. "What is wrong with you fools?! You can't take out an eighteen year old girl? A professional model?! Worthless, all of you!" Then he pointed to Nunchucks and Black Jacket. "You and you, gather up these... idiots... and get out of here. I'm going to finish this myself."

The two nodded and they spread out, gathering up their fallen friends and dragging them deeper into the alley out of sight. Liza staggered back up to her feet. All of her strength was gone. She just stood there with her eyes half open and her arms hanging limply at her sides. The gang leader took off his red tank top to reveal his large and muscular body. It was completely covered in tattoos. He cracked his knuckles, and spoke.

"You know, those models paid us a lot to teach you a lesson, and now I'm gonna have to spend it all fixing up my gang! I just want you to know, I'm no longer doing this for the money, I'm doing this because I want to!"

Tattoos punched Liza's face left and right. Her arms flopped side to side with the force of the attack. Then he grabbed Liza's throat which caused her to gag, then he punched her hard in her stomach. Blood shot out of her mouth and her arms flopped limply. He punched her again with the same result. Then he drove her back into the brick wall and lifted her up off of her feet by her throat. One of her hands tried to weakly pry his arm off of her, but with no success. He beat her in her bare stomach again and again, until her whole body went limp. He held her up by her neck for several more seconds, then he lifted her up over his head. Her arms and legs dangled limply, having spent all of her strength already.

"Good luck modeling after being broken in half! URRRGHHH!!"

Tattoos slammed Liza down over his knee into a backbreaker. Something audibly snapped. Liza's arms and legs spasmed and twitched. Tattoos put his hands together and smashed them into her bare stomach. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Each hit caused Liza to spasm and twitch. He shoved her off of his knee and she smacked hard face-down into the pavement. Tattoos stood up straight and admired his work.

"You weren't so difficult. I'm gonna have to teach this gang some fighting techniques..."



Tattoos looked on in amazement as Liza stirred. She sat up, and wiped blood from her mouth.

"Is that... all you... g-g-got?"

Tattoos couldn't help but laugh. But it didn't take him long before he got very angry again. He grabbed a wad of Liza's hair and delivered knee strikes into her face, over and over again. He slammed her head into his knee eight times, her arms and legs flopping with each hit, then threw her head backwards. It crashed into the ground and she was silent again.

"God damn girl, you need to learn when to quit!"

As Tattoos was walking away, he heard Liza stir again.

"Oh for the love of..."

"H-h-hey ugly.... y-y-you want..."


Tattoos picked up the wooden baseball bat and swung it like a golf club into Liza's face. Her head snapped backwards and slammed into the pavement. Her eyes were crossed and partially rolled back into her head. Blood and drool dripped out of her mouth into a pool next to her head.

"Finally, god damn!"

Tattoos dropped the bat to the ground with a loud clang, and left to retrieve his phone. He recorded a short video of Liza's limp body and sent it to the models. He decided he would take his payment and use that money to leave town and start another gang somewhere else. Maybe the next one wouldn't struggle so hard with fighting an eighteen year old girl.


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Aug 24, 2019
The follow up story!


Nadia was an aspiring investigative journalist who was struggling to find her place in the world. Everybody these days had a phone, so it was more difficult to stand out among the thousands of videos uploaded daily on the internet. But Nadia was determined to become a professional one day, with her own TV show. She struggled to find any interesting stories to report on, but then one day, the perfect story came to her.

The story was herself.

Nadia's younger sister, an instagram model named Liza, had been beaten half to death in a back alley by a local gang. Nadia had to adit she was always a little jealous of Liza's success as a model, but she still loved her sister, and the news of her beating had really shaken her up. Liza was always a bit hot-headed, so no doubt she had angered somebody who wanted to take her down a few pegs.

Nadia took it upon herself to find the gang responsible for this, and to teach them all a lesson. Nadia and Liza's mother was a trained martial artist, and she attempted to each everything she knew to her daughters when they were children. Nadia took everything her mother taught her to heart, though Liza was resistant, and ended up going her own way. Nadia knew Liza recently got back into martial arts and taught herself some things, but Nadia had been keeping up with it her whole life. She had no doubt that she was a better fighter than Liza, so she felt like she had a chance against this gang.

But she had to find them first.

The gang had reportedly broken up, but Nadia had been keeping a close eye on things. Eventually she found that the gang leader and a couple of his lackeys moved a few towns over and was starting to cause trouble again. It took her two months of searching, but finally she had found where they hung out. She would have her story and her revenge all at the same time.

"This is Nadia, coming to you live from the streets of Villageville."

The aspiring journalist had brought along her trusty camerawoman, Sarah, to livestream her confrontation with the gang. Her camerawoman was one of her friends she had made in college, a woman with shoulder length blonde hair , fair skin, and a fit physique. She wore a red and white baseball cap, red sports jacket, blue denim shorts, and white sneakers. She was in direct contrast to Nadia herself, who was tan, had long black hair tied in a bun in the back, and wore a white long sleeve business shirt tucked into a short black skirt with biege heels. Where Sarah was lean and considered by many to be a tomboy, Nadia was more curvy, and much more feminine. Nadia's femininity sometimes gave her an advantage in more dangerous situations, because nobody would ever guess she was a competent martial artist.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Naddie?"

"Yes! And quiet down! I don't want you talking over my 'meeting' with the gang!"

"Whatever you say, boss!"

The two stopped talking to each other, and now the only sound that could be heard was Nadia's heels clicking on the pavement.

"I was sure this was the alley the gang had moved to." Nadia looked back into the camera, and smiled. "Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe!"

Nadia returned her focus to the task at hand: looking for the gang. While continuing to look around, she spoke to her audience. "For those of you just joining in, I'm looking for the gang that beat up my sister two months ago. I tracked them here, but I don't see them anywhere. Maybe they're out causing trouble? That's OK. I can wait here. I've got all night. And so do you, right Sarah?"

Nadia waited for Sarah to respond, but heard nothing.


Nadia looked behind her, and she found herself completely alone.

"Sarah! Where'd you go?!"

The journalist's attention focused in on the corner of a building that they had recently passed by. She heard a bit of movement coming from the corner, then gasped in horror as she saw Sarah's body go crashing face down into the hard pavement. Her face slammed into the ground and her hat went tumbling away from her.

"No! Sarah!"

She went running up to her friend, but then stopped short when a man walked out from behind the corner holding Sarah's camera.

"Don't worry, babe, I'll keep filming for you."

"What did you do to Sarah?"

The man looked down at the blonde girl face down on the ground.

"Oh, her?"

He smiled an evil grin, then he stomped down on the back of her head. Sarah's arms and legs twitched once, then went still.


"I'd worry more about yourself, love. What you've got coming to you will be much worse than this."

Then the man whistled, and people came out from behind buildings, trashcans, and doors. It was an ambush! They knew she was coming!

"Yeah, I know who you are. We beat up your sister, and now you've come to take your revenge. I'll I've got to say about that is, good luck!" The man, who Nadia now recognized as the heavily tattooed leader of the gang, started laughing. "My gang is new and improved, I dare you to try and take us down!"

Nadia felt bad for Sarah, but she had to take care of herself at the moment. She pushed aside her feelings of guilt for leading Sarah here, closed her eyes, and cleared her mind of all thought. Everything was completely silent for several seconds...

Then Nadia heard the first person move.

He was loud and clumsy, so it was easy for her to counter him. He came running at her with what looked to be a nightstick, but Nadia was able to grab his wrist, twist the weapon out of his hand, take the weapon for herself, and throw the man to the ground, all in one simple movement. She took the weapon and clubbed the fallen man once in the side of the head, knocking him out cold. Nadia returned to her meditative stance.

Another gang member came rushing in at Nadia. He threw wild punches at the aspiring journalist, but she ducked at weaved away from all of them. She decided to show off a bit, and struck him lightly all over his body after each time he missed a punch. Then after a few more misses, Nadia struck him in the neck with two fingers. He gagged once then fell to the floor unconscious.

"You gotta be shittin' me... Hey!" yelled the gang leader. "I trained you guys specifically to be able to handle shit like this! The rest of you, do better, or else!"

The gang leader started mumbling to himself, which was audible on the livestream since he was the one holding the camera. "stupid fucking gang pieces of shit can't even fight a girl godamn stupid not changing towns again..."

This time two gang members approached Nadia from opposite sides. They fared slightly better. Nadia had smacked the one in a blue shirt in the face with the nightstick, but the second man, who wore a yellow shirt, landed a kick to her stomach, which made her drop the weapon. Yellow kicked the nightstick away so that it was out of reach. Blue rolled on the ground, clutching his face, while Nadia quickly recovered from the blow to her midsection. She lashed out with a few well practiced palm strikes which hit Yellow in the chest. The last strike hit Yellow in the middle of his forehead, and he fell backwards, completely unconscious. Nadia then stomped down her heel into the side of Blue's head, which knocked him out as well.

The gang leader was beyond mumbling, he merely stood there in a seething rage, holding the camera and hoping that at least one of his lackeys would actually show themselves to be not totally incompetent.

A man and a woman, presumably twins since they wore matching colors and looked related, approached Nadia. The man wore purple sweatpants and a purple tank top, while the woman wore purple gym shorts and a purple sports bra. Purple Tank threw a few punches at Nadia, but she ducked and weaved out of the way. Purple Bra threw a few kicks, and Nadia evaded those as well.

"Hey idiots!" the gang leader shouted. "Work together! And use that move I taught you!"

The twins nodded, then attacked Nadia at the same time. She was able to avoid most attacks, but she took a hard punch in the gut, and a hard kick in the knee which made it pop. Nadia's knee wasn't broken, but it definitely hurt now. Then the twins both kicked at either side of Nadia's head.


Nadia's head was caught between two feet. Her arms went limp and brushed against her bare thighs. The twins brought their legs back and watched as Nadia sank to her knees. Then they used the move the gang leader made them learn. First, Purple Tank took a step back, then cartwheeled towards Nadia, smacking his foot across her face. SMACK! Then Purple Bra did the same thing. SMACK! Then the twins both did Liza's signature move at the same time. SMACK! Both of the twins' feet slammed into Nadia's head, which wobbled around from all the attacks. Half conscious, she went to fall forward, but the twins each grabbed on to an arm and held her up. This caused her to fully regain consciousness, and she looked side to side, trying hard to find a way out of her predicament. In the meantime, she would have to take a few hits.

The twins took turns kicking Nadia. In the stomach, in the head, in the chest, wherever they wanted. Her arms were trapped and she couldn't escape.

"Fucking finally," the gang leader mumbled.

Nadia tried to force herself to stand, but the twins' punishment kept her down. When the twins decided they were bored, they each placed a foot under Nadia's armpits. Then they yanked her arms until they popped.


The twins finally let Nadia go. Her arms flopped uselessly at her sides. She put her head down in shame and stayed put on her knees.

Purple Tank put his hands on his hips and got up right next to Nadia.

"What were you thinking, taking on a whole gang by yourself? You're just a little girl!"

Nadia headbutted Purple Tank in the crotch.


Purple tank fell to the ground clutching his crotch. It took Purple Bra a few seconds to register what had just happened, but by then Nadia was already on her feet. Nadia kicked with her good leg and broke Purple Bra's knee. It popped loudly and she fell to the ground grabbing at it. Nadia wasted no time and got down on the ground and wrapped her legs around Purple Bra's neck. She squeezed and squeezed as Purple Bra slapped uselessly at Nadia's legs. After a few seconds, Purple Bra's eyes rolled up and she went limp. Nadia rolled over to where Purple Tank was and kicked him hard in the crotch again. Then she kicked out both of his knees, ensuring he wouldn't be standing again for a long time.

Nadia stood there, looking down at the fallen twins. She was breathing heavily now, and wasn't sure how much longer she could fight with two broken arms and a dislocated knee. Then out of nowhere, Nadia felt a horrible pain explode all over her back, as a wooden chair was broken over her body. Black Jacket, a gang member who was there for the fight against her sister, had grabbed a chair from the gang's makeshift eating area and swung it across Nadia's back. It exploded into many pieces as Nadia fell forward into the ground, smashing her nose against the pavement. Black Jacket grabbed Nadia's hair, which had become undone, and pulled up her head.

"Your sister made us look like fools. She got off light. You're about to suffer a much worse beating."

Black Jacket slammed Nadia's head back into the ground, then pointed at a rather large gang member. "You, hold her up for me."

Big Dude pulled Nadia up by her hair and lifted her up to her feet. She could hardly stand on her own, but Big Dude kept her upright as he held her arms behind her back. Black Jacket proceeded to punch Nadia all over her body.


Nadia's head hung down limply. Blood dripped out of her mouth onto her white shirt. Black Jacket bent down and picked up a chair leg that remained in tact from the exploded chair. Then he looked over to another gang member.

"You, come on over here. No reason we can't share!"

The man holding nunchucks, who was also there for the fight against Nadia's sister, approached the limp woman being held up by Big Dude.

Nunchucks grabbed the top of Nadia's head and brought it up so that they were face to face. She was mostly out of it, with her mouth slowly opening and closing, as if she were trying to speak. Nothing came out but unintelligible noises.

"You're pretty. Let me see your smile."

"Unnnngh... nnn...nnnuh..."

Nunchucks sighed, then stuck his fingers into Nadia's mouth, forcing it into a smile.

"Ah, just what I thought, perfect teeth!"

He removed his fingers from her mouth. Then, while still holding on to Nadia's head, Nunchucks slammed his weapon across her jaw, which sent several teeth, and lots of blood, flying away. Black Jacket and Nunchucks took turns hitting Nadia. Black Jacket would smack the chair leg into her stomach, and Nunchucks would slam his weapon across her face.


Over and over again, Black Jacket and Nunchucks delivered their punishment. Big Dude started getting restless.

"I wanna go at her! Let me do something!"

"You are doing something," Nunchucks said. "You're holding her up! Your role is very important in our operations!"

"But it's boring! Boss, lemme do something!"

The gang leader sighed heavily. "Goddamnit it's like I'm a fucking babysitter. Fine! Break her back!"

"Yay! My favorite move!"

Big Dude lifted up Nadia and draped her across his shoulders into a torture rack. One arm was wrapped around her neck, and the other around her legs. He started pulling down, bending her backwards. Nadia's arms and legs twitched as the pressure was breaking her back. She screamed out for help, but no one came.

Then Black Jacket and Nunchucks swung their weapons over her stretched out stomach. The gang leader got in close to get a good angle at the brutality.

"See this? This is what happens when you cross us. Don't ever cross us. Remember that. Alright, put her down."

"Sure thing, boss!"

Big Dude, while continuing to put pressure on her back, carried Nadia's limp body towards the gang's makeshift eating area.

The gang leader realized what he was going to do.

"Wait! Don't..."


Big Dude lifted Nadia far above his head, then slammed her limp body into a wooden table. The table broke into pieces as Nadia fell through.

"I JUST BOUGHT THAT A WEEK AGO! That is coming out of YOUR PAY!"

The gang leader almost forgot he was holding a camera. "Oh right, I should get some shots." He got in close to Nadia and filmed her from head to toe. He started with a close up of her feet. One of her heels had fallen off, but the other was still on. Then he slowly panned up, showing off her curvy legs. Her skirt had ridden up and her white panties were on full display. He continued panning upward and showed off her white shirt, which was stained red with her own blood. Then he zoomed in on her face. Her mouth was hanging open, and her blood mixed with drool was dripping onto her shirt. Her nose was crooked and bloody. Her eyes were slightly open and crossed. Her hair was a complete mess, and was sticking to her sweaty face. Then he zoomed out and showed off her whole body, which was drenched in sweat and blood.

"Alright," the gang leader said. "Go get the other one and take them..."


The gang leader paused, and slowly turned his head towards the sound he just heard. It was Nadia, and she was pulling herself out of the broken table!

The gang leader sighed the heaviest sigh he had ever sighed.

"I hate these women. I hate this family. I hate them, so... MUCH!"

Nadia staggered up to her feet. She put her shoe back on, pushed down her skirt, straightened her shirt, and put up her fists.

The gang leader turned to Black Jacket, said, "hold this," and shoved the camera into his hands. Then he cracked his knuckles and prepared himself for a fight.

"I've got to hand it to you girls. You really don't know when to quit, do you?"

Nadia spit a glob of blood out of her mouth, then said, "If you disband the gang now, I'll leave peacefully."

The gang leader was too pissed off to laugh. He punched Nadia hard across the cheek. Her head snapped to the side, then she brought it back to face him. He punched her hard again on the other side. Her head snapped to the side, she spit out another tooth, then faced him again. She tried to punch the gang leader in the face, but missed by a mile. The gang leader wrapped his arm around her neck and put her in a sleeper hold. Nadia went limp almost immediately. The gang leader then turned her around to face him. He held on to her throat to keep her standing.

Then he went to town on her.

He delivered hard knee strikes into her stomach. He slapped her across the face multiple times. He threw her down and stomped on her back. He kicked her around and she rolled around on the floor. He pulled her up and slammed her face into a nearby building. He pinned her against a wall and drove his fist into her stomach. Finally, he pushed her to the ground so that she was laying spread eagled on her back. He turned to Black Jacket and said, "gimme that." Black Jacket brought the camera back to the gang leader. He grabbed it and looked straight into the lens.

"Nobody FUCKS with US! Leave us ALONE! OR ELSE!"

People watching the livestream saw a close up of the gang leader's face as he said these words. Then as he spun the camera around, they saw Nadia's body laying on the ground. Then suddenly, it zoomed in super fast on her face, then the stream ended.

The gang leader slammed the camera down on Nadia's face and it exploded into tiny pieces. Then he grabbed on to one of her legs and dragged her over to where Sarah was still laying unconscious on the ground. He rolled Nadia over so that their bodies were laying face down next to each other.

"See?" the gang leader said to the unconscious Nadia. "I told you it would be worse for you."

Then the gang leader stomped down on the back on Nadia's head. Her arms and legs twitched violently once before going still, just like what happened with Sarah. The two lay down next to each other as blood pooled underneath their faces. The gang leader walked back to where Black Jacket, Nunchucks, and Big Dude were.

"Clean up the mess, drop 'em off at the hospital."

As long as they didn't kill anybody, the gang was allowed to keep their operations going, as long as the mayor got a cut of the money they made. They had a good thing going in this town, which is why the gang leader refused to move again. He would have to train his lackeys doubly hard now. He was sick and tired of being made a fool of. If anyone else dared to come at them, they would be more than ready.

He would make sure of it.



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Aug 24, 2019
And now, the conclusion...


Click click click...

It was a quiet night in the town of Villageville. The only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of heels clicking against the hard ground. A lone woman walked the streets. Her name was Linda, and she was currently a part time model, which for a woman at fifty, was an impressive achievement. She was also a martial arts instructor, which gave her the confidence to walk the streets alone at night without fear. Villageville was a mostly peaceful town, but recently a gang had moved in and started causing trouble. Unfortunately, it appeared the mayor was reluctant to do anything about it, so it looked like they were here to stay.

Linda, however, was determined to get rid of them. The fifty-year-old martial arts instructor had two daughters, and both of them were brutally beaten by this gang. Liza, her younger daughter, had had a run in with them in her home town. Liza was known for picking fights, so it was inevitable that she would run in to trouble sooner or later. After the attack on Liza, the gang had supposedly disbanded, but Nadia, Linda's older daughter, had tracked them down to Villageville, where they had rebuilt themselves into a formidable threat. Unfortunately, Nadia was underprepared for her fight, and found herself beaten at least as bad as Liza was.

Linda had heard the news of her second daughter getting beaten by the gang, and she immediately stopped what she was doing and searched them out. Having both of her daughters beaten by the same gang was too much. She now stood outside of their hideout. She had come late at night so she could catch them off guard while they were sleeping. Nobody hurt her family and got away with it! If nobody was going to put a stop to them, then she would take that responsibility herself!

Linda approached the alley where Nadia had her fight. She looked around to find an entrance to their hideout. She walked past trashcans, crates, and what appeared to be broken furniture. Then she spotted a large blood stain on the ground. She put her hands over her mouth in horror. She knew Nadia was beaten pretty badly, but the blood stain was just so large! There were blood splatters all over the alley that the gang apparently decided not to clean up. Perhaps they left it all as a warning to those who would dare enter their territory.

The blood had an opposite effect on Linda. She wanted nothing more than to find them and end them.

The thin martial arts instructor had long black hair, and was still in her modeling clothes: a red silk blouse, a short black pleated skirt, and black knee-high boots with heels. Linda had trained herself to be able to fight in any environment and in any type of clothing, including heels. She had been training most of her life, and she felt like it all lead up to this moment. Her fighting abilities could finally be put towards something that mattered. She would teach these gang members not to mess with her family!

She approached a large steel door. "This must be the entrance to the hideout!" She gave it a push, and to her surprise, it opened. "Didn't even bother locking the door! These arrogant bastards are going to be in real trouble!"

The warehouse was pitch black. She couldn't see a thing! She felt around on the wall for a light switch, but couldn't find one. If she had her phone she would have used the flashlight feature, but she had left it in her car. Just when she was about to give up hope, she heard a click, and suddenly the room was lit.

The room was large and mostly empty, except for several large crates and a pair of nunchucks on the wall. There was also a flight of stairs to the left. That's probably where the leader was. However, the most alarming thing about the room is that there were several men standing in the middle of it, staring at her.

"Uh, hello boys," she said in a casual manner, though inside she was panicking. There goes my element of surprise!

"Say, I think I'm in the wrong place... I don't suppose you could..."

"Shut it, bitch," said a man who was wearing a black jacket. "You are in exactly the right place. Two women who both knew martial arts and were able to take down half of a gang? Obviously they were trained by someone. We figured it was only a matter of time before they showed up too. Well, here you are, and I hope for your sake that you do better than those two whores!"

"Those are my daughters you're talking about, you bastard!"

"Ah, so you're their mother? Excellent. That will make this even more fun!"

Linda forced herself to remain calm. Martial arts were just as much mental as they were physical. If she were going to take on a whole gang by herself, she would need to stay focused.

A man wearing a green beanie ran up to her and threw a punch at her face. She easily ducked out of the way and retaliated with a punch of her own. Hers also missed. The two exchanged punches with neither one landing a blow, when finally Linda got frustrated and pulled down the man's beanie over his face. This caught him off guard, which was enough for Linda to throw a punch directly into his face, which sent him backwards to the ground.

Not one second later another man was already on her. A smaller man jumped on her back and had his arm around her neck. She tried to fling him off of her, but she couldn't quite reach. Just then, a very big man approached her and started throwing heavy punches at her. Linda tried to avoid his fist, but the man on her back was making it difficult to maneuver herself. One fist hit her hard in the stomach, which knocked the air out of her. She had trouble regaining her breath because of the man on her back with the arm around her neck. Realizing she needed to get him off of herself as soon as possible, she threw herself backwards on the ground. She landed on her back, but the smaller man broke her fall. The second they landed, he eased up on his grip. She rolled off of him and threw a kick at the bigger man's legs. She managed to trip him and he fell hard on his ass.

She got back up to her feet and found Green Beanie charging at her. She sidestepped and kicked him once in the back. He lost control of his body and slammed into the wall, then fell down unconscious. Small Dude was still on the ground clutching his back, but Big Dude was back up to his feet. Suddenly, she felt her head being pulled backwards. The man who spoke to her, the one in the black jacket, had grabbed a wad of her hair and pulled back. Linda's hands instinctively went for her hair, which left her wide open for Big Dude to smash his fist into her stomach again. Black Jacket then punched her in the back, hard. The two gang members took turns punching Linda front to back, causing her body to keep bending forwards, then backwards. Finally, the two synchronized their attacks and slammed their fists into her at the same time. Big Dude's fist went deep into her stomach, and Black Jacket's fist slammed into her spine. Linda let out an ear piercing screech which quickly faded away as the air was knocked out of her. The two stepped back and Linda fell on her hands and knees.

"And here I thought you'd be more of a challenge than your lousy daughters," said Black Jacket.

Linda lifted her right leg and kicked behind her. Her heel struck Black Jacket directly in the crotch, which sent him to the floor in the fetal position. Big Dude grabbed ahold of Linda's head and lifted her up to her feet. Then he started throwing her around the room. He threw her into the wall, picked her up, then threw her into some crates, then tossed her upwards into the ceiling, then let her fall and smack her face into the cold hard floor. Then she felt herself being lifted up again. Big Dude lifted Linda up over his head and held her there for several seconds. Linda tried to wriggle free, but his grip was too strong. Then Big Dude slammed Linda down over his knee. There was a loud crack, and she bounced off of his knee and crashed to the floor.

"Awww, I hope you're not broken already..."

Linda was in unimaginable pain, but she was still awake and fully aware of her surroundings. The voice that had spoken to her had come from the staircase. She looked that way and saw a man calmly walking down the stairs. He slowly walked over to the nunchucks on the wall and picked them up. He twirled them around a few times for show, then walked over to Linda.

"Lift her up," he said to Big Dude.

Big Dude complied, and pulled her up to her knees by her hair. Linda winced in pain, but remained defiant. She tried to get to her feet, but Big Dude kept a hand on her shoulder, holding her in place.

Nunchucks held his weapon out in front of Linda's face. She noticed they were covered in blood.

"See that blood? That came from your daughters."

Linda felt very hot. Like there was a volcano inside of her, and she was about to erupt.

"Neither one fared very well against these. Personally I like the red color, though... I think they could use a little bit more!"

Nunchucks swung his weapon across Linda's face. Big Dude kept her on her knees and didn't allow her to fall over. Nunchucks kept slamming his weapon across her face, left and right, over and over again. Blood splattered the ground left and right. Her cries of pain got louder and louder, until suddenly they stopped completely. After a full minute after Linda went silent, Nunchucks stopped hitting her. Linda's head hung limply on her chest, but her body remained on its knees from Big Dude's grasp. Blood dripped off of the nunchucks, as well as from Linda's open mouth.

"Blood from a mother and her two daughters. My nunchucks really have never looked better! Alright, you can let her go now."

Big Dude did as he was told. Linda suddenly sprang into action, catching both of her attackers off guard. She got up to her feet, then jumped up in the air. Linda wrapped her arms around Big Dude's neck, and her legs around Nunchucks' neck. All three fell to the ground. Linda's years of experience had taught her where all the weak spots were on a human body. She squeezed her arms and legs in just the right way to send both of the gang members off to sleep almost immediately.

Linda held her position for a few extra seconds, just to be sure, then she slowly staggered to her feet. She started to walk, wobbled quite a bit, then lost her balance and fell back down.

"Ow, shit!"

Linda closed her eyes and forced herself to regain her focus. She was in a lot of pain, but she needed to get upstairs and find the gang leader. If she could take him out, then the rest of the gang should fall apart. She slowly got back up to her feet again, but instead of trying to walk, she stood in place. She remembered her years of training and managed to slow down her breathing. She started walking again, and just as she got to the stairs, three more gang members came running down. They stopped on the last step and blocked her path.

Linda sighed, but then prepared herself for another battle.

The three got a good look at Linda and laughed.

"Who's this old bag?"

"You lost, love?"

"Another stupid bitch gettin' in our business?"

Linda put up her fists in a well practiced martial arts pose. The three gang members laughed again. Then Linda lashed out with a well placed kick that sent the gang member in the middle flying backwards. He cracked his head against a stair and lost consciousness immediately.

The two remaining gang members looked at each other in shock, then looked back at Linda with serious expressions on their faces.

"Are you sure you two are ready for me?"

Both jumped off the bottom step and took Linda to the ground. The three rolled around for awhile, then finally the two gang members got control of the situation. One of them pinned Linda's arms down, and the other got her legs. Then they took turns pummeling her body all over. Linda wriggled and writhed, struggling to get free. She managed to get a leg free, and she kicked the gang member on her leg in the face. Her heel struck him right in his eye.


The gang member on her arms let up for a second, which let her pry her arms free. She swung her leg up in the air behind her head and hit the gang member in the forhead with the toe of her boot. Both were rolling on the ground in pain. Linda got up to her feet, satisfied in her abilities. Then she felt a horrible pain in her right arm, along with a loud crack.


Black Jacket had recovered, and roundhouse kicked Linda in her arm. She was angry that she didn't hear him coming. The second she let her guard down was just long enough for Black Jacket to make his move, and now her arm was broken. He put a hand on the back of her head, then he threw her down into the stairs. Her face smacked the corner of a stair and left a splatter of blood. He then lifted her back up to her feet and kneed her in the stomach several times. Then he punched her in her jaw, which spun her around. He grabbed the back of her head again and walked her towards the steel door, which was still open. He slammed her head into the side of the open door. She crumpled to the ground.

"Goddamn! You bitches are resilient" Black Jacket stood over Linda's body, then turned around to look to see who was still conscious. Small Man was slowly recovering.

"How do you feel?" asked Black Jacket.

"Like something's broken. Ah, shit, it hurts!"

"Let me see..."

Linda came to and saw that the two gang members were facing away from her. She quietly stood back up and made her way towards them.

Click, click, click...

Shit, my heels...


Black Jacket grabbed Linda by the throat and was about to smash her face in with his fist, when the smaller man said, "Wait! Lemme at her!"

Black Jacket refrained from knocking Linda out, and instead pinned her arms behind her back. Since one of them was broken, this hurt quite a lot. Small Man started pummeling Linda as hard as he could. He was angry, and Linda knew she needed to get out of this mess as soon as possible. She threw back her head and slammed it into Black Jacket's face. He let go of her arms, and when he did, Linda jumped up and threw her leg behind herself, kicking Black Jacket in the gut. He stumbled backwards and slammed his head into the side of the steel door. He fell to the ground, unmoving. At the same time that she kicked Black Jacket, Linda threw out a fist at Small Man and hit him square in the nose. Then she picked him up and tossed him at the door. Her aim was off, and he came to a rest in the doorway, clutching his nose. She stumbled over to the door, grabbed it, and slammed it against Small Man's head with a loud CLANG!

He wouldn't be waking up again for a long time.

She barely made it to the staircase. Despite the fact that she was completely worn out, Linda refused to give up and go home. She came here to take out the leader, so that's what she was going to do!

She lost her balance and fell into the stairs.

"Ah! Ow! Ugh!"

She lay at the bottom of the stairs, next to an unconscious gang member, wondering if she should even bother anymore. Then she remembered why she was here. They had wronged her family. They had mercilessly beaten her girls half to death! No, she couldn't leave, she would make it up these stairs, even if she had to crawl.

And that's just what she did.

Step by step, she crawled, using her one good arm to drag herself up. One step. Two steps. Three steps....

Finally at the twentieth step, she had reached the top. Still laying on the stairs, she rested her hand on the floor, and looked up to check her surroundings. She was inches away from the Tattooed gang leader.

He put his foot on her hand and pressed down. She screamed.

"I knew there'd be one more, and here you are. The mother, right? You're their mother?"

"Aghhhhh! Yes, bastard, yes! Get off my hand!"

He complied. "You know, you're family is a real pain in my ass." Tattoo turned around and grabbed the baseball bat that was propped up against the wall. "See this bat? I used it to finish off your youngest daughter. You can still see the blood stain from her face. Would you like to take a closer look?"

Linda couldn't help it. She was exhausted, and she knew she was already defeated. She imagined her youngest daughter getting her face smashed in, and she started crying.

"Look at it!" He thrust the bat towards her face.

Linda looked at it and it made her sob even harder.

Then Tattoo swung the bat at her head. It smashed into her face, and she went tumbling end over end down the stairs. Tattoo tossed the bat aside and casually walked down the stairs. He grabbed one of Linda's legs and dragged her back up the stairs. Her head banged against every edge of every step. When he got to the top, he put both hands on her leg and then swung her like he did the baseball bat into a metal support pole. Linda's back cracked against the pole, then she fell to the ground. Then Tattoo yanked her back up to her feet and pushed her against the large picture window that overlooked the back alley. He slammed the back of her head into the glass, and she slunk down to the ground, resting on her ass with her legs spread apart and her head hanging down limply.

Tattoo walked over to the bloody bat and picked it back up. He placed the end of the bat under her chin. He pressed it against her neck and lifted up, forcing her to stand. She was fully standing now, with the bat pressing against her neck, making her choke and gag.

"Your youngest daughter tried to take us on, and she failed. We were hired to take her out. So young, and already she has so many enemies. And your older daughter, thinks she's some hotshot reporter, but she's nothing. She's failed at everything she ever tried, including taking us on. You really failed them, didn't you? You failed to raise them, you failed to protect them, and you failed to avenge them. You really are a shit mom."

Linda could do nothing but sob and gag.

"You know, I should break your fucking neck. But we got a good thing going in this town as long as we don't kill, so I'm going to give you a choice. Do you want to hear it?"

Linda, with tears streaming down her face, nodded as much as she could with a bat pressed against her throat.

"Good. Here are your options. You and your slut daughters never, and I mean NEVER EVER show your faces in this town ever again, and we forget this ever happened. Your other option is to come back again like the annoying little whores that you are, and we finally put an end to you. All three of you. Permanently. Which one do you want to do?"

Tattoo removed the bat from Linda's neck, and she fell to her knees in a coughing fit.

"I need an answer soon, or else I'm going to hunt down your daughters and..."

"ALRIGHT! We'll go! You'll never see us...COUGH! Ugh...You'll never see us again.

Tattoo smiled. "Good girl."

Then Tattoo swung the bat and smashed it against Linda's body. The bat exploded as her body went flying back into the window, which then shattered. Wood splinters and glass shards scraped, scratched, and sliced her body as she fell two stories into the crates below. Tattoo heard the crates break apart, but he didn't even bother looking down. He dropped what was left of the bat, walked over to his bed, got under the covers, and slept the best sleep he ever slept.

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