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Lisanna Vs Virgo

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by rasutzarsenal, Jun 2, 2014.

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    May 11, 2014
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    Qualifiers Match-3 count pin or submission to win-Lisanna Vs Virgo-Odds=50-50
    Tonight's guest referee is Mirajane Strauss.
    [​IMG]Lisanna starts walking down the ramp with her hand in the air. Tonight Lisanna wears a grey and white sexy cat cosplay. As she nears the end of the ramp Lisanna does a small cartwheel and jumps into the ring.
    [​IMG]Virgo enters in a slutty maid outfit with chains wrapped around her wrists. Virgo shows little discomfort or emotion of any kinda as she walks down the ramp and walks into the ring.

    Once both divas are in the ring Mira makes virgo take off her chains and put them in the corner. She then makes both wrestlers shake hands and begins the match.

    Hmm i wonder if Mira and Lisannas relation will affect her ability to ref this match? Probably.
    Okay guys lets make this clean and fun okay!?
    I dont like the look in her eyes...
    Ill get you two back for hurting my princess Lucy!

    Ding! Ding! Ding!
    Virgo immediatly rushes lisanna, slamming her in the face with a barrage of punches. Virgo gets Lisanna trapped in the corner and continues her attack. Mira quickly starts her count because Virgo didn't give Lisanna her rope break. One!...Two!...Three!...Four!... Fi- Virgo quickly backs away and crouches ready to go on the attack again. Lisanna shrinks lower into the corner; clearly devastated by Virgos ferocity.

    Come on Virgo chill out!
    * Virgo stares down Mira*
    Shit... i gotta be ready for her next attack...

    Once Virgo felt she had given Lisanna the necessary time she rushed at her again; yet this time Lisanna was ready for Virgos ferocity. As Virgo rushed at Lisanna her face smashed into Lisannas elbow. Taken aback Virgo tried the same thing again; but this time was kicked in the face. Virgo falls down and rests on her knees for a few moments.

    That was a quick turn around by Lisanna!
    Heres my chance! With Mira on my side im sure i can pin Virgo!
    Dumb... So dumb...

    Lisanna quickly decides to finish Virgo with a Bunny Hop RKO before she can Recooperate. She raises her right arm up to the crowd and starts stomping. One. Two. Three times. When she has them nice and riled up Lisanna sprints towards Virgos kneeling form. When close enough Lisanna preforms a front flip over Virgo. While in the air Lisanna wraps her arm around Virgos head and slams it onto the mat. Lisanna quickly rolls Virgo over and lies down on her in a pretty unsecure pin. The arena becomes silent and Mira begins the count.
    One!...Tw- and Virgo kicks out on the two count. Lisanna quickly gets up and glares at Mira.

    If Lisanna had done a more secure pin she might have won right there.
    What the hell Mira! Why didn't you count faster!?
    Don't you rely on me Lisanna! you have to win this yourself.
    Damnit you'll pay for that Lisanna.....

    Not wanting to give up her momentum Lisanna locks Virgos head and neck between her thighs. Lisanna then begins constricting her legs and chrushing Virgos wind pipe.

    Virgo will you give up?
    N- No!.... I gotta get out of this...
    Why wont you just give up!?

    Panicking Virgo starts squirming and fighting as hard as she can; making it a struggle for Lisanna to maintain the hold. Virgo soon gets her leg within a few inches of the rope but its too late; Lisanna manages to lock in her hold once again. Virgo is slowly blacking out. Mira Notices this and begins to check to see if Virgo is unconscious. Right before Mira begins her count and before Virgo blacked out she manages to get her heel onto the bottom rope.
    Mira lifts and drops Virgos Hand. One... Two... Three...
    With the three count Lisanna releases her hold and hugs Mira. Its at this moment that Mira notices Virgos heel on the bottom rope.

    That was a close one! Lisanna almost unjustly won this match.
    Im sorry sis but you haven't won yet.
    What do you mean?!
    Virgos foot was on the rope, you have to pin her again.
    You idiot why couldn't you just let it slide!?

    Lisanna, Infuriated by Miras call, begins to lose focus and starts shoving Mira. At this time Virgo is slowly regaining consciousness. Lisanna climbs to the top turn buckle and faces away from the ring. Lisanna drags her finger across her throat indicating her intention to do something dangerous.

    Looks like lisannas going for her moonsault! this could end badly for both contestants.
    Lisanna get off the turnbuckles! your gonna kill yourself!
    Its over!

    Lisanna jumps off the top ropes and preforms a backflip; she is atleast 10 feet in the air when Virgo regains consciousness. While Lisanna is still airborne Virgo quickly rolls over allowing Lisanna to slam into the mat. Virgo backs up onto the ropes and tenderly feels her bruised throat as she glares at Lisanna. Mira bends over her withering sister to check on her.

    Looks like lisanna just gave up all her momentum. Im kinda dissapointed
    Lisanna are you okay? do you want to forfeit?
    Goddamnit mira....

    As Lisanna is slowly getting to her feet Virgo wraps her right arm around Lisannas neck and pulls Lisannas left arm across her own neck. Virgo then hooks Lisannas left leg and lifts all of her weight onto her right shoulder.

    is this? it is! Virgos trump card the deep driller neck breaker!
    This is for my princess!

    Holding Lisanna upside down in the air Virgo jumps up a few inches and drops down onto the mat ass first. *SLAM* lisannas neck comes down with the full force of gravity and her own weight right into virgos shoulder. Virgo releases her hold on Lisanna and lets her collapse onto the mat. Virgo drags Lisanna by her ankle into the middle of the ring and collapses onto her. with Lisannas shoulders pinned down Mira starts the pin fall.
    One...Two... Mira pauses for a moment before finally counting to the last number... Three!

    And the match ends with a bang! Virgo almost kills Lisanna and moves on to the semifinals!

    Virgo stumbles off of Lisanna and allows Mira to raise her hand. Virgo suprises the crowd by suddently hugging Mira.

    You actually did a legit job as a ref today. Thanks
    *Mira smiles a little*
    your welcome Virgo. you did well to.

    Virgo and Mira shake hands and wave to the crowd. Lisannas battered form lies a few feet away. Lisanna manages to slightly open her eyes and sees Virgo and Mira shaking Hands. The last thing Lisanna feels before passing out again is betrayal and Anger.