Lili´s elimination

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Jul 24, 2016
Lili stood her ground as this thing called Bryan came charging at her. She wondered what was wrong with him. Judging by his grunts and screams, Lili assessed that he was more animal than human. With his bare chest and bulking muscles he certainly looked the part. As Bryan was just about to crash into her, Lili ducked to the side and performed a graceful cartwheel whilest Bryan stormed passed her. Lili could not hold back a smirking laugh. Leading this mindless brute around, exhausting him and eventually bringing him down might be even more fun than she had anticipated.

Playing his part perfectly, Bryan let out a frustrated howl and came charging at Lili again. Just like before Lili waited for the last second to evade. This time, jumping over Bryan with a sideways flip, her white dress and hair waving through the air. Right after she had landed and congratulated herself for such a stylish evade, an arm wrapped around her from behind. A voice, far to close for comfort, menacingly proclaimed in her ear, "Got you now!" With a surprised cry Lili was lifted into the air by her shoulders and waist and brought back down back first onto Bryan´s knee. Pain exploded in Lili´s spine forcing her to cry out in anguish. Her cries were mercilessly silenced by a giant hand wrapping around her throat and lifting her up. As her legs dangled in the air, finding no ground to support her she was brought face to face with Bryan and for the first time, looking into his manic smile, fear rose up in Lili like a storm. In panic she started uselessly to try to pry her throat free from Bryan´s iron grip whilst feebly kicking at him. She might as well have tried to move a mountain.

Bryan laughed at her weak attempts to free herself. "Scream for me!", he ordered as he punched his free hand into Lili´s stomach whilst releasing his grip with his other hand and rearing it back. Lili´s feet hadn´t touched the ground when he delivered a devastating uppercut to Lili´s chin. Groaning Lili flew backwards and painfully landed on her back. She was allowed no time to catch a much needed breath as Bryan immediately mounted her, pinning her arms with his legs an started pummelling away at Lili´s head. Lili could only squirm under her assailant, watching as his fists rained on her unprotected face. Hearing Bryan´s manic laughter, she suddenly realised with horror that she was going to die. And there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. Still she tried, every muscle in her body tensed in an effort to avoid the inevitable. Right before she lost conciousness she heard Bryan scream, "Die!", as he brought both fists down on her face simultaneously.

When Lili regained her senses some time later, she half wished she hadn´t. Every piece of her body was in pain. She opened her eyes and noticed that she was in the same place she had encountered Bryan. He had probably thought her dead and left. The next thing she noticed was that her dress and bra were torn open, laying bare her chest. A feeling of horror overcame her again, as she thought on why her breasts were exposed. With much pain she managed to set herself up just enough to look herself down. With one look she realised, that her worst imaginations were true. She was missing one of her boots, her panties and a small pool of white liquid had formed under her womanhood. Tears formed in her eyes. She had been raped, humiliated and defiled forever.
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