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Last Hero's Roleplay Thread

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by lasthero, Jul 29, 2013.

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    Jul 5, 2013
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    Greetings, all.

    I'm Last Hero - a sometimes lurker, sometimes writer, currently roleplayer on the site. Recently, I had the fortune of hooking up with a sterling member here, Raden, and we made a badass collaboration - I'll post it here, along with others I have, eventually.





    Ostrheinsburg - the cursed city. Few dared tread its streets, few were brave enough to walk in its garish shadows. Home to the dead and the dying, plagues with vermin of every kind, it was a retched, fetid place that even the vultures gave wide berth.

    The home of evil. The home of Nightmare.

    I'm Cassandra, and I don't belong here - obviously. I never did look right on the battlefield; the green tunic, the high leggings, the glimmering blond hair of a maiden. But I'm a warrior, despite the decieving looks, and I'm a warrior on a mission- the accursed blade, Soul Edge. If what they say is true, then if there is anything to be learned of the blade and its current wielder, than this is the place to learn it. So, ready or not, here i am.

    Ivy looks around the castle, the sight never failing to enthrall her. "Always such a terrific sight.... but the last battle was reported to have had Soul Edge used in it, right in these very halls. If I am lucky, I may be able to retrieve it... my grand design could come to a head right now..."

    As she pokes around, she sees a blond-haired woman walking around in the room beyond.

    "Sophitia..." she says, mistaking the woman. "I should have known she would be looking for it too. Well, I'll just put a stop to this...."

    [Last Hero]
    The air is rank. Foul. I smell the blood on the walls before I see it.

    I move through the castle, stopping every so often - this place creaks like a rusty door. I hear something that sounds like a footstep, it's nothing. Rats running about. This whole sense that I'm being watched...

    Shake it off. Focus. Keep moving. I can't face the Azure Knight with jitters like this. Gripping my sword and shield almost tight enough to hurt, I keep moving on, peeking around every corner.

    Ivy tiptoes through the corridor, so as to not make any noise of boot on floor. With the castle laying empty like this, the slightest sound could give her away.

    Ivy creeps up behind the blonde woman, and then without warning, she wraps her arm around Cassandra's neck and cranks on a choke hold!

    "So, what brings you here then, Sophitia? As if I didn't know."

    [Last Hero]
    The sudden surpise catches me off guard - one second, I'm just moving around, everything is quiet; the next, I'm fighting for my every breath!

    "Ghhhk!" My only answer is a croak, as I drop the sword from the shoke, pure surprise. Don't have time to think about who this woman is or how she knows Sophitia - the focus is on getting free.

    I struggle like a trapped dear, ramming my elbow into her side a few times, while I try to pull her arms off. "...off...me!"

    "Urgh!" Ivy takes the elbow in her ribs, but holds the choke tight... until another one hits her. And another, and another! The choke hold starts to weaken, luckily for Cassandra, and soon she's free of the hold.
    "Well..." Ivy says, clearly surprised. "It seems I have the wrong sister. Hmm. No matter. You will just have to take her place..."
    [Last Hero]
    I roll forward, and grab my sword, turning to see the woman...and her large breasts, too. Wow, and I thought Sophitia's were big. A little jealous, have to admit; the gods can be unfair, sometimes.
    It's Ivy, that woman with the strange sword and even stranger outfit. We've crossed a few times, but always when Sophitia was around - never took her head on. "Sorry to disappoint you, but don't worry." I get in my fighting stance. "I can beat you ever better than my sister can."
    Ivy breaks into a grin. "Well, I sure do hope so - she was never much of a challenge to beat."Ivy draws her segmented sword, the one she enchanted herself. The blade can solidify, or break apart to form a whip.

    She holds at solidified, at the ready, point extended to Cassandra. "Then try to do so."

    [Last Hero]
    That grin. That haughty, arrogant, self-satisfied grin. Right now, I want nothing more than to slap it off her face. "I'll do more than try."

    With the blade solid like that, I have an advantage with the shield, so I use it - I rush in and try to ram her with it, knock her back, then give her a quick stab while she's stunned.

    "I sure hope you're more of a challe-"


    The shield rams into Ivy forcefully, knocking her backward off her feet, and sending her rolling back! A follow up attack is rendered impossible unless she runs after her, Ivy was hit so hard. Ivy rolls head over heels back once and ends up face down.

    "Ungh. What the... hell..." Ivy gets to her hands and knees and looks up. "Well... you certainly showed me..." She stands up, brandinshing her sword again. "I will not make that mistake again."

    [Last Hero]
    "And that's why nobody wears high heels in a sword fight. Or was it because you're so top-heavy?"

    Despite the talk, I know she's not kidding - her form is too good to let an attack like that get by again. I move in slower this time, with my shield raised, on the defensive so I can test her range and get a sense for the way she attacks.

    "Hmhmhm. Jealous much?" Ivy asks, squaring her shoulders a little to help press her already generous breasts together a little.

    Cassandra's on the move again, with her shield raised. Ivy levels her sword as if to match blades... but then suddenly spins with a leg extended, crouching low to sweep Cassandra's legs out from under her!

    [Last Hero]
    "No, I'm not!" Yes, I am.

    Seriously, how can she move that fast with upper weight like that and high heels? It's crazy. I get tripped up by the sweep and spin a full circle in the air before I come to a landing on my shoulder, jarring it hard

    It's all I can to do to roll back and get my shield raised up, hoping it's enough to block whatever she has coming.

    Ivy simply grins and thrusts her chest out just a little, as if to show off. Maybe she can taunt Cassandra into making a mistake.

    "You know, I think even Sophitia's were bigger..."

    [Last Hero]
    I growl. Yes, growl. Like a dog. Not a proud moment. "Nobody cares about your stupid udders, you cow!"

    I rush in again, looking like I'm going to try another shield rush, but instead I open up my guard and kick straight, planting my foot hard into her chest.

    Ivy grins and shakes her head. "It seems like it bothers you well enough...oh look, some people do not learn..."

    This time though, as Ivy ducks for the sweep, she ends up taking a kick squarely in the chest "Uagh!" She groans out and is knocked flat to her back!

    [Last Hero]
    When this is over, I have to remember that moment. It'll make a great painting.

    Sophitia wouldn't smile on me attacking an opponent while she's down, but Sophitia's not here, right now - when Ivy falls over, I jump into the air, raise my legs up, and land butt-first on her chest. Should be a soft landing.

    For me.

    Cassandra lands on Ivy's ample chest with her equally curvy rump, drawing a sharp "OOF!" from Ivy, who clear ly was not expecting such a tactic!

    She breathes hard a couple times, trying to get air back into her lungs. "That was... a dirty trick... I didn't think you Alexandras were so boundless..."

    Then she grins that grin again. "I didn't think you had it in you." Ivy manages to get up to one knee.

    [Last Hero]
    Again with that grin. So help me, Hera, I'm ramming that grin down her throat!

    "A lot more where that came from!" I hold my shield at the ready as she starts to get back up, ready like a viper to strike. "Just give up, you old crone, and get out of my way. Whatever you have planned for Soul Edge, it's over."

    The grin disappears suddenly from her face at being called an old crone. The air temperature remains steady, but Cassandra could swear the room starts to chill as the atmosphere turns serious. "Your defeat at the hands of this "old crone", as you put it, will be sweet, and delicious..."

    Ivy stands up, the playful look on her face gone.

    [Last Hero]
    Well. She's not grinning anymore. That's something.

    I can't help but shiver at the look, but I do my best to keep it hidden - which probably isn't all that good, really. She's mad, but I can make that work. A mad opponent fights worse, makes them clumsy. Usually.

    Since the element of surprise has worked for me so far, I stick with that and take a bold step forward, thrusting out striaght with my blade, fast and hard.

    Ivy snaps her sword, and it seems to fall apart! That's just the segmented blade coming apart though, as the whipcord wraps around Cassandra's sword, and pulls it out of her hand! Ivy yanks on the cord again and the sword is flung across the room!

    "Why don't we fight without these silly weapons, then? If you think you're so good."

    [Last Hero]
    Damn, she's fast with that whip! Given the situation, I don't have a choice but to take her up on the challenge - if I go for the blade, she'll cut me to pieces when my back is turned.

    I can handle her. Weapon or not, a cow like her? I can handle her.

    "I don't think I'm good." I start to lay the shield down, only letting go when I'm sure she'll do the same. "I know it."

    [Raden] Ivy grins that maddening impish grin again. "I don't fight fair."
    With a quick flick, she's got the whip wrapped around Cassandra's legs four times over!

    [Last Hero]
    I fall down on my back, accidentally letting go of the shield and sending it clattering across the room - stupid, stupid, stupid! Should have seen that coming a mile away.

    I fall on my rump and start to squirm, reaching down to try and unravel the whip-sword and get free, cursing the whole way. "Cheating bitch!"

    "Bitch, eh? That's not very nice." Neither is what follows, as Ivy throws a straight kick into Cassandra's face!

    [Last Hero]
    I look up in time to see her foot heading for my face, but far too late to do anything about it - the kick slams into my face and knocks some sense clear out of me, putting me on my back. I start to rise back up on my elbows, looking her way with all the malice I can muster. "Sorry - I meant to say 'whore'."

    Ivy grits her teeth hard, trying not to show outward emotion.
    Instead, she raises her thigh-high boot and stomps hard on Cassandra's chest! The heel pounds forcefully into her sternum.

    [Last Hero]
    "No, wait-" My eyes widen as I see her long heel coming down with all the grace of a guillotine. "-don't-"

    Her heel slams into me and I swear I feel something crack under the pressure - though there's so much pain, it's hard to be sure. I fall back and scream for a short second before I bite it back with gritted teeth, holding my chest. "You...you witch

    Ivy takes the hilt of her sword again, and even though the whipcord is entangled, it manages to extricate itself from Cassandra's legs flawlessly, even without cutting her. Soon it's a solid sword again. Ivy sheathes it, not needing it right now... and then drops down quickly, knee-dropping Cassandra in the stomach.
    "You want to say that again?"

    [Last Hero]
    Her knee cuts into my stomach, barely better than a sharp knife, crushing the muscles and messing up my inside. I don't even have enough breath to scream - I only make a wheezy, gasping breath.
    Frantic, I fight her with the only weapon I have left - my own two hands. Now that she's close, I use one hand to scratch at her legs and use the other to beat on her leg, trying to force her off. "W...w...witch! You - gah!"

    With Cassandra's attacks becoming frantic and less measured, Ivy reaches down and grabs a handful of Cassandra's short blonde hair, hauling her roughly to her knees.
    Ivy's sinister grin returns as she aims it directly at Cassandra again...and then quickly yanks her leg up, kneeing Cassandra in her beautiful face.

    [Last Hero]
    If my nose wasn't broken before, it's broken now. I can taste the blood now, dripping all the way to my lips.
    Ivy's knee makes whole world spin, and I don't have the sense to struggle at the moment - my arms fall limp at my sides, and I'd probably be flat if she wasn't holding me up, and that wetness in my eyes...
    No, not tears. Don't let me be crying. Not now, please, not in front of her...
    Ivy maintains her grip on Cassandra's hair, holding her up, and looking evilly into her eyes. "You're much more pathetic than your sister. Still, it will be as enjoyable to break you."
    Holding Cassandra up so she doesn't topple over, Ivy gets behind her and then snakes her arm around her neck and throat again. She grabs one of Cassandra's arms and pulls it across her chest, locking in a cobra clutch, and then pulls her to her feet, using her distinct height advantage to pull the poor girl up, whether she wants to go or not!

    [Last Hero]
    "I'll...I'll never beg to you, you-"

    My insult is cut off as she locks in her hold and hoists me up, hanging me with my own arms, choking me. I couldn't beg if I wanted to - all I can do is cough and sputter, struggling for air. My legs kick about like a newborn babes; trying to find some purchase on the ground. But I can't even touch - she's too tall, even without the heels on. How can she be so strong? All I can do is weakly claw away at her arms, even reaching back behind me to scratch her face

    Ivy smiles wide as she shakes Cassandra from side to side like a rag doll, reslishing the choke she's got the poor girl in. Cockiness must have set in a little early though, as she mistook Cassandra's escape tactic as flailing and paid for it with a poke in the eye!

    "GAH!" Ivy yells out, dropping her, her hands shooting to her face to hold her eye. "And you say I'm a cheater?!" Ivy tries to blink away the couple tears that built up as a result of the eye gouge.

    [Last Hero]
    I'm free. I'm free!
    I hit the ground coughing, gasping for air, but my only thought is getting my weapon back - it's my one and only chance. I summon was little energy I have left and make a mad crawl for it, reaching out. So close, so close...

    "Unngh.." Ivy rubs the last of the tears out of her eye, and looks around to see Cassandra making her way for her sword. Just as Cassandra's hand closes on the hilt, Ivy's boot comes down on the flat of the blade, pinning it.

    "And what do you think you're going to do with that?"

    [Last Hero]
    If she's expecting a reply to that question, she won't get it. I have better uses for my mouth.

    I pull forward and bite her leg.

    "OUUUUCH!" Ivy yells out as Cassandra sinks her teeth into her leg!

    "Like the cur I knew you were!" Ivy shouts as she hobbles around a little. She sees Cassandra retrieve her sword and draws her own, her leg still smarting! "I hope I don't get rabies from that."

    [Last Hero]
    I grab the sword and stand - no, not stand. Standing hurts too much. My knees are bent and my back is arched, wobbling from side to side. Dizzy. But I can still fight. I have to fight.

    Have to win.

    "Rabies?" I spit out some blood. Not sure if its hers or mine. "Hope-" I cough, rubbing neck. "Hope I didn't catch anything from you. Gods only know how many diseases have gone between those legs of yours..."

    I hold the sword as strong as I can. Which isn't very.

    Ivy roars in anger at Cassandra's last comment, and charges in at her, looking to knock her head right off with a clothesline.

    [Last Hero]
    I'm too weak to dodge, so I do the only thing I can do - meet her head on. As she runs in, I step forward and swing out with the sword, aiming to slash her across the chest. It's a feeble blow, but it's the best I have.

    Feeble or not, a sword's razor-edge doesn't need much to bite into human flesh, and it bites into Ivy, leaving a slash across her chest so high that it was almost across her throat! The cut is shallow, and after the initial blood is drawn, it stops, but it's enough. Enough to give Cassandra hope...and enough to completely enrage Ivy.

    "EEEYAHHH!" she screams as the metal makes contact with her. She wipes the blood away, and turns to look at Cassandra, a ferocious, unforgiving look in her eyes.

    "I will destroy you, Cassandra Alexandra, and leave your broken body in this castle..."

    [Last Hero]
    I return her look with one of my own. I won't let her make me falter. I won't. She bleeds. She's human. And if she's human, she can be beaten.

    Still standing weak, but I hold my sword at the ready. "I am Cassandra Alexandra's, daughter of Nike and Acheious, sister of Sophitia, mistress of the Athenian Style, shieldmaiden of the gods - and I am going to kick your fat ass, you slithering slattern of a woman."

    Ivy sneers, through playing games. She takes an overhead swing with her sword, a very rookie maneuver... it's so telegraphed that it could only be intentional, but will Cassandra pick up on that in her condtion?

    [Last Hero]
    Figures - she's so dependant on her tricks, she doesn't know real swordsmanship. Even as weak as I am, that's an easy strike to parry, and I take the opportunity to do it. "Big mistake!"

    As Cassandra blocks trhe overhead strike, Ivy raises her knee and drills Cassandra right in her unprotected stomach. *THUMP!*
    "You're right. Big mig mistake... on your part."

    [Last Hero]
    The stomach again!
    My body jacknifes from the pain and I stumble, dropping the sword again as I clutch my stomach. "No, no, no-" I reach for it quick, trying to pick it up before she can take advantage.

    Ivy reaches down and grabs Cassandra by the hair again, puling her back up, then squats fast and wraps the much smaller girl up in a bearhug! She holds Cassandra with one arm and with the other, she flicks her sword... the whipcord snaps out, wrapping around the both of them, effectively trapping Cassandra, pinning her to Ivy!

    Ivy has a firm hold around her waist and her arms are pinned with the sword-whip... and then Ivy begins to lay the bearhug in, squeezing Cassandra's ribs.

    [Last Hero]
    I scream. A pure, unadulterated scream.

    I can feel my ribs cracking, my body starting to break under the pressure. There's no escape from this - even if I could break her hold, the whip around us like anaconda, a living that wants me broken just as much as its master.

    I kicks my legs, squirm, twist, but it's no use. The only offense I can muster is to try and bite her in the neck - a desperate move, but this is getting desperate fast.

    "GRRRRGH!" Ivy groans out, in frustration and pain. Doesn't this broad know when to quit?

    Ivy draws her head back and suddenly, Cassandra's world is swimming as Ivy cracks her with a headbutt. The constriction around Cassandra's waist tightens as Ivy bucks her in the hold.

    [Last Hero]
    Getting desperate fast. With that effort thorough quashed, I fall back into the hold, my head swaying and bobbing and she bucks the hold and pours on the pressure.

    Gods...I can...I think i can hear the bones giving way. "Athena, help me..." I look to the ceiling, praying in vain hope. "...give me strength..."

    "Your Gods can't help you now. The only mercy you're under now... is mine..." Ivy's large size advantage brings with it a strength advantage, as the poor blonde is crushed further by Ivy's powerful arms...

    [Last Hero]
    All the prayers, all the worship, all the dedication - why doesn't Athena aide me in my time of need?
    With the sky silent, I feel another rib break and scream with the pain. Pride is one thing, but this is too much. Feeling my lungs collapse, running out of air - have to use it wisely. "Please..." I speak through wheezes and sobs. "No...no more, please, I-"

    "That's right..." ivy coos. "Beg... beg me to stop." Ivy bucks Cassandra again, reinforcing the hold, relishing the feel of their bodies pressed together, and mostly enjoying her suffering.

    [Last Hero]
    "Oh, gods!" I cry out as she bucks again and something else break. She's so strong, so tough; even her breasts seem to crush mine against them. "Oh, gods..."

    I catch my breath, staring down into her chest, too ashamed to even meet her gaze. "I...I beg you...please, I beg you, stop. Stop. I'll do anything, just...stop."

    "Good girl..." Ivy purrs. She withdraws the whipcord entangling the two of them, and then with no warning, drops her unceremoniously to the ground. Ivy prods her with her boot to roll her over onto her stomach. Then she lashes the whip around Cassandra's throat!
    She walks in front of Cassandra, leading her. "Crawl on your hands and knees for me... cur." Ivy gently pulls on the whip... for now, anyway...

    [Last Hero]
    I hit the ground hard, coughing, sputtering, but before I can even get my breath all the way back, she puts the whip around my neck - a noose. No, a leash. I look up at her, confused, dumbfounded - she can't be serious. "...what?" I pull back as she start to lead, on pure reflex. "Please, you can't..."

    "I can... and I am. With your cooperation or not." Ivy pulls hard on the whip, choking Cassandra with it and pulling her along the stone floor.

    [Last Hero]
    I fall on my chest from the tug and she starts to drag me, a few splinters digging into my leg from the wooden floor, choking me once again. I rush to get to my knees and crawl after, whimpering despite myself as I'm led around.

    Ivy leads Cassandra around the perimeter of the floor, tugging on the whip every so often just to reinforce her dominance. Ivy brings Cassandra to the middle of the room and then squats down, pulls Cassandra's arms back and drapes them over her knees.

    Clasping her hands under Cassandra's chin, she pulls back on her head with her own curcy butt stuck firmly in Cassandra's spine as she bends the blonde back. "Let's see just how flexuible you are, blondie..."

    [Last Hero]
    As I'm lead around, I can't help but look up at her - from here, she seems like a giant. Like she's not a woman, but some demon that only took on the skin of a woman to pretend.

    She's terrifying.

    I shake my head as she looks me in the hold, and all I can do is shriek and holler as she cranks it back - I'm flexible, but not flexible enough to withstand this. My breasts jutt out, jiggliing to and fro and my arm flail around.

    "Stop!" I cry. "Stop!" I plead. "I'll do anything, anything, just stop! My back, my back is going to...too much..."

    Ivy manages to press her rump into Cassandra's spine some more, bending the girl back just another agonizing fraction of an inch...and then she lets go of Cassandra's chin, but takes up the whip and pulls on that! All that force is now strangling Cassandra...

    [Last Hero]
    I thought it couldn't get worse. It can. And does.

    At least before, I could breath, but the whip cuts off even that - my windpipe is squeezed shut, and each and every struggle I make only serves to make it wose, like I'm choking myself.
    My mouth gapes like a caught fish, mouthing silent pleas to Ivy, even though she can't see my face - and wouldn't care, if she could. Head's getting lighter.

    Ivy pulls on the whip with one hand... and then starts battering Cassandra's face with elbow strikes over the top. Each one catching her squarely in the forehead, designed to spill her blood.

    [Last Hero]
    She's going to cave my skull in, and the choking hasn't gotten any better. The best I can do is paw at that whip with one hand and try to swat away her elbows with the other. Neither tactic works. At all. Every blow rattles my brain, shakes me up, my head starts to spin and I think I even black out for a few seconds - and then pain comes right back as reality sets in.

    Even after Cassandra begins to bleed, Ivy lays in a few more shots, like seeing Cassandra's blood crazed Ivy somehow. Finally, mercifully, the beating ends and Ivy shoves Cassandra to the floor, bouncing her head off it.

    Ivy stands up, thinking about what to do next...

    [Last Hero]
    So much blood across my face - the one good thing is that it mixes with the tears, so at least she can't see that.

    I look up her way, as she plans some new torture, I'm sure - she'll kill me. She'll either kill me or leave me so broken I'll wish she were dead. I have to get her to stop - too many depend on me. It can't end, not here and not now.

    I crawl to her feet and, in my darknest moment, start to kiss them. Supplication. Like hoping a lion will leave you alone if there's no sport. "Please...Ivy. Stop. Please."

    What.. what are you- stop that!"


    The boot meets Cassandra's skull, as Ivy kicks her in the head.

    [Last Hero]
    The kick rocks my skull, and my face falls to the floor, sobbing into and nursing the wound.

    "Alright, get up. I've got some more for you yet." Ivy's hands are on Cassandra again, the feeling starting to be associated with "grievous pain" Ivy picks Cassandra up to her feet, leaning Cassandra's body on hers as she pulls Cassandra onto her shoulders in a torture rack. Ivy's hands find Cassandra's thigh and neck, as she clamps the hold on and starts to bounce Cassandra up and down in the back-breaking hold.
    [Last Hero]
    Every bounce is agony, earning another small scream from me as my back strains. It still hasn't recovered from the last assault, and this strange move is just making it worse - Ivy's shoulders are as hard and unforgiving as she is.

    "Ivy-gah!" Another bounce. "Why, why are-ack!" Another. "Why are you doing this? Gah! Gah!" Another, and another quick one after that. "I begged! I'm begging! Stop!"

    "And I did stop, my sweet little plaything... I stopped that hold... and now you are in another..." Ivy's hands travel around Cassandra's body a little, settling on her breasts, and her crotch... She continues the back torment, as well...

    [Last Hero]
    I'm in so much pain, I barely notice where she's moved her hands - but i do notice, and I whimper in pain. "Don't-ugh! Don't do this don't do this don't do this..." I reach over and grab her hair, anything to make her stop...but I can't even put more than a weak tug into that effort. Everything hurts.

    Ivy thankfully doesn't do much more to Cassandra than cop a feel, just enough to humiliate and embarrass her. The backbreaker though... the pain is debilitating...

    Ivy suddenly pushes upward a little, and dumps Cassandra off her shoulders, sending her crashing to the floor again!

    [Last Hero]
    Before I'm given time to even contemplate her hands roaming over my breasts, expecting them like fruit at the market, I'm hurled off Ivy's shoulder. Too weak to even defend myself, my body spins about freely, and all I can do is watch the ground rush to meet. I hit the floor hard, the back of my skull cracking against the stone and my already tortured back exploding with all new heights of pain.

    My back arches and my arms spasm and reach out, as if they might grab hold to some invislbe thing that will ease the pain.

    "Awww, sweetie. You gone and busted your lip. Well, I'll make you forget aaalllll about that..."

    Taking a seat, Ivy gets behind Cassandra, and then hooks her arm aroundCassandra's neck, into a Dragon Sleeper. She wraps her long powerful legs around Cassandra's waist, crossing them at the ankles, and begins to scissor her body while choking her again, at the same time. "Time to say goodnight, sweetcake..."

    [Last Hero]
    "No!" I see what's about to do. "No! Ivy, I'm sorry! You win, you-"

    The wind is squeezed out of me on two fronts; her powerful arms dig into my neck one again, and her thighs introduce me to a new sort of pain around the waist. I don't know what to even struggle against; I keep trying to pull her arms away, then unhook her legs.

    Neither works.
    Ivy grins callously, reveling in the suffering of the pretty blonde. She pumps and softens the holds, creating a sort of wave-like tide of pain and relief, so that her body never gets too used to being in the hold at once. "I'm not quiiiite ready to end your suffering yet..."

    [Last Hero]
    It's hell. Just when I think I'm getting used to it, just when it seems like I'm growing accustomed to the pain or about to pass out and end it all - she give me mercy. But not much. Not a lot. Just enough to drag this out. My strength failing fast, my arms flop to the side, useless. They twitch every now and then, but it's like even my own body as surrendered.

    "Ah, Cassandra. I've really enjoyed our time together... but all good things much come to an end...I'm going to fulfill my prophecy earlier... good night, sweetcake."

    Ivy turned the pressure way up on both holds, choking Cassandra as viciously as she could, tightening the holds. It was akin to a large snake crushing its victim.

    [Last Hero]
    My body spasm, my legs and arms dance wildly, my eyes roll in the back of my head - this is it. This is the extent of Ivy's mercy.

    Everything's getting darker. Quieter. My body's spasms die down. A cold chill starts to overtake me. This is it. The last thing I feel as merciful sleep starts to take over are Ivy's breasts, pretty against me back like fleshy pillows. For some reason, I hate that...

    As Cassandra blacked out from the chokehold, Ivy continued to choke the blonde woman for a few moments more, to make good and sure she was unconscious. Also, because she was too busy enjoying having dominated one of the Alexandra sisters.

    Finally, a little reluctantly, Ivy releases Cassandra's limp, unconscious body from the choke hold and scissor squeeze, and dumps her on the floor, leaving her laying on her back
    Surveying her handiwork, Cassandra had been beat, choked multiple times, bloodied, humiliated and then knocked unconscious. "Ahhh... all in a day's work. Soul Edge may not be here, but I got something nearly as good..."

    Getting to her feet, she took up Cassandra's shield and sword, then dropped the sword at her feet. Looking for a moment at the shield, she gave a decidedly unladylike "HCCHHHH" and then a "PTOO", spitting on the shield.

    She then drops it on Cassandra's chest, leaving her broken and bloody on the floor of Ostrheinsburg Castle... just as she promised she would do.
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