Jipang Fantasy: Tomoe Sumeragi vs King Kong Tokugawa


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Like any other nights, Jipang’s arena was full with wrestling fans and spectators from all over Japan; every spot taken. When the last seat was filled, the doors that led to the outside slowly closed and the lights above the audience dimmed. Only the spotlights hovering above the ring remained lit up and aimed its rays at the lonely referee waiting in the ring. When everybody was settled down, the announcer’s voice boomed through the air.


Tomoe ran out from the backstage, her long purple hair tied into two pony-tails and her light purple eyes lit up. She wore her purple eye-mask, leotard, wrestling boots and gloves. Only her small biceps were on full display off her white lithe but toned body. She waved as she ran towards the ring, slapping high-fives with her closest fans. When she reached the ring, she jumped over the ropes and landed perfectly on her feet, beaming and waving her arms. Her smile widened as she caught sight of Ryoma and her friends from Gigamax. When the cheering died down, she stood in her corner as the announcer brought in her opponent.


A large woman with short blonde and purple hair walked out of the backstage, standing intimidating before the crowd. She wore a black crop top and black pants that showed her biceps and six-packs off her white toned body. She also wore black wrestling boots and gauntlets. She flexed her biceps before making her way to the ring, ignoring her cheering fans. When she reached the ring, she grabbed both the bottom and middle ropes; pulling them opened. She stepped into the ring and stepped to the centre of the ring, standing imposingly as Tomoe approached her. Tomoe had to look up as King Kong towered over her, glaring down at her.

‘You little skank.’ King Kong growled as the cheering died down. ‘I’m going to beat you into a pulp for ruining my match against Justice and Tiger Cat.’

Tomoe smiled, bouncing on the balls of her feet. ‘You can try you hairless gorrila. You have to catch me first!’

The bell rang and King Kong roared mightily, reaching for Tomoe with outstretched arms. Tomoe smiled and took a step back and grabbed both of King Kong’s wrists, pushing her arms out before leaping into the air; slamming both her boots into King Kong’s chest in a drop-kick. The bigger woman grunted as she was forced back, Tomoe releasing her hold on King Kong’s wrists as she flipped backwards; landing onto her feet.

Angry as ever, King Kong roared and charged towards the smaller wrestler, stretching her arm sideway for a clothesline. Tomoe ran towards King Kong but instead of colliding with the larger woman, she slid in between her legs and stood up behind King Kong. She wrapped her arms around King Kong’s waist and after grunting loudly, managed to lift her up into the air and slammed her down in a German suplex.

King Kong yelled as she rolled onto her knees the moment Tomoe released her, using her endurance to get up onto her feet a second before Tomoe. She leaned down and grabbed Tomoe by the air, yanking her up onto her feet. Tomoe screamed as her hair was pulled, gasping as King Kong slammed a forearm into her face followed by a knee missile into her guts. The larger woman tore off Tomoe’s eye-mask before lifting her up into the air, slamming her back onto her knee in a backbreaker.

Tomoe screamed as she felt her spine being bent but slammed both her palms onto King Kong’s temples, making the larger woman flinched. Before King Kong could retaliate, Tomoe pulled herself up and head-butted the larger woman’s face. King Kong grunted and closed her eyes in pain, allowing Tomoe to grabbed her top and pulled it off her as she rolled off her knee, showing King Kong’s brown nipples.

King Kong snarled and got up onto her feet, slamming herself onto Tomoe’s stomach. She pummelled her face with her fists before grabbing the top of the smaller wrestler’s leotard. She roared as she stood up, tearing Tomoe’s outfit off her. Now Tomoe was naked with her pink nipples and purple trimmed vagina exposed. The younger woman gasped as she jumped onto her feet, slamming a boot into her stomach.

Tomoe was shocked as King Kong did not react from her attack, simply chuckling as she tossed the ruined leotard over her shoulder. She grabbed Tomoe by the throat and lifted her up into the air, showing her off at the excited crowd. Tomoe squealed as she placed her hands on King Kong’s wrist, kicking her feet in the air futilely. With a nasty grin, King Kong raised Tomoe a bit higher up to slam her down into the white canvas in a choke slam.

To her surprise, Tomoe used King Kong’s wrist to raise both her feet into the knee and wrapped it around her arm. Using her weight, Tomoe brought both her and King Kong onto the mat; locking the bigger woman in an armlock. King Kong gasped as she felt her arm yanked from it joint, trying to pull her arm free. Tomoe screamed as she tightened her hold on her opponent’s arm, trying to force the bigger woman into submission.

Seeing that King Kong will be a tough nut to crack, Tomoe released her from the hold; allowing King Kong to nurse her arm. Tomoe stood up and grabbing hold of King Kong’s head, pulled her up onto her feet. She kneed the bigger woman twice in the face before pulling her head under an arm, slamming her face-first into the mat in a DDT.

King Kong screamed in pain and covered her face as Tomoe slowly pulled off her pants, swinging it around in the air before throwing it into the crowd. Then she kicked King Kong onto her back, showing her blonde hairy vagina. She laid on the left side of King Kong and grabbed hold of one arm and one leg, slamming her boots into the bigger woman’s side. King Kong’s screams grew louder and louder as Tomoe put her in a bow and arrow hold; bending her sideway.

The referee towered both of them, checking whether King Kong was ready to submit or not. King Kong grimaced as Tomoe dug her boots deeper into her sides, pulling her arm and leg harder. Then King Kong roared and rolled towards Tomoe, slamming a punch into her stomach. Tomoe gasped in shock and released King Kong, rolling into a ball and hugging her stomach.

King Kong was the first one onto her feet and growled as she stared down at Tomoe. She raised and elbow into the air and fell towards the smaller wrestler, only for Tomoe to roll away at the last second. King Kong growled as she missed her mark and pushed herself up onto her feet. She screamed when Tomoe got onto her feet first and leapt into the air, drop-kicking the larger wrestler in the face.

King Kong’s eyes rolled back into her eyes as she fell onto her back, shaking the ring violently. Tomoe then grabbed both of King Kong’s legs and dragged her to the middle of the ring, leaving her in the middle of the ring. Smiling triumphantly, Tomoe ran towards one of the corners and leapt on top of it. She posed before the cheering crowd before leaping off the turnbuckle, somer-saluting in the air and falling towards King Kong in a frog splash slam.

Tomoe screamed as King Kong pulled her knees up, allowing the smaller wrestler to impale her stomach onto her knees. Tomoe coughed out saliva as she fell onto her back, hugging her stomach tighter. As Tomoe gasped and coughed onto the white canvas, King Kong slowly got onto her feet; towering over Tomoe like the giant in “Jack and the Beanstalk” story.

King Kong kicked Tomoe onto her back and kicked her legs away from each other, stomping hard onto her stomach and then on her crotch, making Tomoe coughed out more saliva. As Tomoe groaned in pain, King Kong smirked as she grabbed Tomoe’s head with one hand and lifted the younger wrestler into the air. With a roar, King Kong slammed Tomoe into the mat.

Tomoe’s eyes rolled back as her back made impact with the mat, on the verge of unconsciousness. However, King Kong was not done with her. She pulled the younger wrestler onto her feet and punched her hard in the stomach, making Tomoe spat out more saliva. She positioned her small opponent upside down onto her shoulders and paraded around the ring before ending back in the centre of the ring. She roared mightily and brought Tomoe down in a brain buster.

Tomoe only made a small yelp as she went out cold, falling off King Kong’s shoulders and onto her back. King Kong sneered as she smothered Tomoe in her sweaty armpit and hooked one leg up into the air, going for the pin. The referee began the count.

‘1… 2… 3!’

The bell rang to signal the end of the match and King Kong got onto her feet, roaring loudly and flexed her biceps in victory. She smiled as she bathe in the crowd’s cheering and applause, putting one boot on Tomoe’s face. She heard her name ringing through the arena by the arena.


King Kong gave another shout of triumph before turning her attention to Tomoe who was slowly waking up. With a nasty grin, she grabbed the smaller wrestler by the head and shoved her face into her sweaty armpit; rubbing her face up and down her musky flesh and making Tomoe squirmed.

‘That will teach you for gate-crashing into other people’s matches!’ King Kong shouted. ‘Now lick my pits!’

Tomoe’s screams were muffled as she was forced to lick King Kong’s sweaty armpit, tasting her strong musk. King Kong laughed cruelly as she shoved Tomoe into her other sweaty armpit, making her clean it before slamming her onto the mat. She pushed Tomoe’s legs apart and slammed her hairy vagina onto Tomoe’s trimmed one.

Tomoe moaned loudly and lewdly as King Kong continued to slam her vagina onto Tomoe’s, bucking her wildly. Tomoe moaned as she tried to control herself but it was futile. She gasped sharply as she orgasmed all over King Kong’s vagina and abdominal, closing her eyes and breathing heavily.

King Kong sneered as she stood up, sliding out of the ring and ducking under the ring. She returned with a purple strap-on in her hands. She slid back into the ring and put on the strap-on, kicking Tomoe onto her stomach. She rammed the plastic penis into Tomoe’s wet vagina and slid the plastic toy inside and out of the younger wrestler’s insides.

Once again the arena was filled with lewd screams as King Kong rammed the strap-on deeper and deeper into Tomoe’s vagina, spanking her bottoms and leaving red hand-prints on them. Tomoe opened her mouth and screamed as she orgasmed a second time, covering the strap-on in her cum.

Tomoe slumped her face into the cum-covered mat as more cum flowed out from her exhausted vagina, moaning and breathing heavily. King Kong pulled the strap-on out from Tomoe’s leaking vagina, ripping the toy off her. Tossing the cum-covered toy aside, she kicked Tomoe onto her back and slammed her hairy vagina into her face. She smirked as she orgasmed all over Tomoe’s face, coating her in her thick cum.

‘I hope you learnt your lesson princess.’ King Kong taunted. ‘Now be a good girl and clean yourself up. And don’t interrupt anymore matches! Got it?’

Tomoe can only moan in response as King Kong slid out of the ring, flexing her biceps as she walked past the crowd. When she left the arena, Tomoe’s friends rushed into the ring and helped her out of the arena and to the infirmary.