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Apr 9, 2020
Hello, its my first story on this formum and English isnt my main language so i will give it a try.
Thank you for reading.
All characters are above 18.


It was a turning dark as Jef and his father aprouched the house where they were suppose to meet Jeff's father new partner.His father got devorced 2 years ago and Jeff decided to stay with his dad because his mom wasnt able to take care of him financialy,After ca year or so his father started dating a woman and after a year finally decided to meet his son and the woman he was in good relation ship with.

At the door they were met by the woman,She was short with brown hair and looked about 40.As they walked in She smiled and intreduced her self as Sarra and shook Jeffs hand. What Jeff didnt know and probably didnt listen to his dad was that Sarra had a daughter.As they kept walking in taking their jackets off Sarra Called "Triss!! Come down stairs we have guests!."Soon after about a minute or so,from the second floor of the house came a girl 18 years old blond hair thin and in good proportions. "Triss please meet this is Bob and his son Jeff, me and Bob would like to talk abit and i think our conversetion might bore you so how about you to get to know each other."Sarra said.Triss looked at Jeff up and down as if cheking him and then noded.

After the older couple went to on their own having their conversetion Triss looked at Jeff and said"Yo, follow me." and started walking twords a stair way which lead down to the basment , Jeff was slightly nervouse as he followed as he wasnt sure whay they going down to the basment. when he finally got to the basment floor he saw it was a big room with alot of stuff thrown around and a big wresteling ring on the center of the room. Jeff was slightly confused on why are they downstairs in this wierd room as he heard "Take off your clothing and get in the ring." as he saw Triss already in it striping down to her black panties and braw."wai-I just met you...and our parents are toghether isnt it wierd?" Jeff said slightly blushing. Triss sighed"No not in that way we are going to wrestle its a test if you pass it i will allowe your dad to be with my mom if not you two will have to get out." she was streching in the ring waiting for him, He thought to himself {well dad was good to me, i cant ruin it for him..} he noded "so if i win i pass?" he asked, as he striped to his shorts and got to the ring as triss Noded"Mhm".

"The rules are simple no punching only slaping,kicking only to the body, grabing the hair is leagle and the first one to tap out or be pinned looses, Is that clear?" she asked as they started to circle each other. Jeff slightly nervouse Nods "The lents begin!"Triss said before starting to move twords him puting her hands forwords as if inviting him to a test of strenghs.
Jeff accepted and locked hands with her as they started pushing each other both slightly grunting, {I have to do everything to win,For dad}Jeff thought as he let go of her right hand which made her stublme forowrds and he grabed her hiar and started pulling it.She yelped in pain and moved her hands up to the one grabing her to try and peal his hand from her hiar, That left her open as he knees her in the stomach she gasps in pain as her hands go to her stomach to protect it, Jeff lets go of her hair and slaps her across the face her head whip to the other side, he then grabs her arm and sends her to an Irish whip across the ropes and as she runs back he puts his arm out and she slams against it "Ough.." she moand as she hit the ground with her.

Jeff felt bad seeing her in pain but somthing in him enjoyed it.She was getting on her Knees and Jeff had to act, He stomps on her back making her fall flat on her stomach before sitting on her back putting his hands on her chin and he started pulling."YAAAAAAA~" she screamed in pain as her face now looking up at the ceiling, Jeff kept pulling and looking down at her, He saw the painfull look on her face and past that her breasts pressing against her braw,He saw sweat apearing on her skin dripping down her upper body as he kept the hold. Triss was moaing in pain"you give up?!" Jeff asked as he kept the pressure"N..No!" she grunted,Jeff lets go as he sees that the hold leads to nowhere , still sitting on her heturns around folds her legs so one is behind at the knee area of the other and starts to pull."Awwwwww~" she start moans as her back now forming a C shape ,Jeff also shifted so now he was sitting on her upper back and kept pulling,"Augh..Aww~" she kept moaning in pain as her feet kept getting closer to her head and her breasts are squashed from his weight. It got to the point where her toe was almost touching the back of her head and she still didt give up {She is a tough one...perhpas trying to pinn her is the way to win!} jeff thought as he realsed her and stood up. Triss was lying on her stomach her hands massaging her back as she was soflty moaining from pain.

Jeff grabed her hiar and lifted her up, he knees her in the stomach which makes her bend forwords, he than puts her head between his legs and leans in wraping his hands around her waist and lifted her up. She whimperd in surprise and dlight fear as she was upside down she,Jeff now holding her in the air his face super close to her groin starts to blush slightly as her soft thighs are around his head,He then quickly drops down crushing her head to the ground"YAAAAHH~" she yells out as he lets her go and she lays a heap infront of him , he cant but not notice how pretty she looks sweating and panting infront of him with a pained expression,He shakes his head as he grabs her again lifts her to her feet. "Awww~" a soft moan escapes her mouth as he grabs her groin and sholder and fleeps her upside and slams her to the ground."YAAahha~" She arches her back in pain as her breasts pressing tightly against her braw.He would then lift her up again , she gets to her wobbly legs as he bends her down now without any resistance and lifts her up so she sits on his sholders facing him, her crotch super close to him again and her soft thighs pressing against his ears, "Aww~" a soft moan escapes her lips as she feels his warn breth on her groin.He then slams her down to the ground , He slamed her so hard she didnt make a sound as she hit the ground, he pushed her legs and got on top of her, and started counting"ONE" "TWO" "Thre-" she manges to lift her sholder.

Jeff now decides to finish it off no matter what, he pulls her to sitted position and wraps his arms around her throat and he puts her in a sleeper hold, she would start to gasp and wrigle in the hold trying to push his hands off her throat. He kept the preasure feelign her warm body gainst his as she tried to fight off the hold, before he hears a soft moan before he felt she went limp. he holds a bit longer to make sure she is out before laying her down. He looked at her seeing her glistening from sweat body and her chest slowly rising up and down her eyes were close her lips slightly parted ,she was out. He then would lay on top of her grabing both her hands and pining them above her head, he would feel her sweaty breasts pressing against his, He starts the count.
His face close to hers,he sees her sleepy expresion and the messy hair all over it.
He presses him self even more ontop of her he feels her warmth.
He smiles as he finelly won, he looks at her face before somthing over takes him,he leans forwords and starts kissing her,he feels her soft lips and the zero resistance she gives him as she is knocked out cold.He feels way to much joy, he starts to move down her neck to her breasts before parting her legs with his knees and pulling out his dick, parted her panties and without a second thought he strarts fucking her. he would hear soft moans escape her lips but at the moment he didnt care, he kept on going kissing and his hand traveling all over her sweaty body. after he finished he stood up panting.

He would realise what he had done and Jeff starts to panic,He starts walking back and forth in the ring thinking on how to explain it how to make up for it if its posible. he started to think that he ruind it for his dad , he didnt know what to do. "Dont worry, you pass"He heard Triss say as she was sitting on the ground trying to get herself toghether,"I..I..i..i didnt mean it i am SO sorr-"he was cut off"I said you pass,What you did at the end is leagle, its actually part of the rules, i didnt want to tell you to see if you got it in you or not, it seems you you passed" she stands up and walks up to him and gives him a hug to calm him down"Welcome to the familly Jeff and welcome to our family tradition, we host wrestling matches with friends family members and more, winners usually fuck the loser..that how we do it and now you are part of it too." she lets go of the hug and smiles at him, Jeff still seems very confused " So...we are good?" he asks "yes yes! we are good infact i would love a rematch,you quite literly fucked me up super hard and i want revange...Anyways i will go shower, see you later Jeff!" she smiles at him as she starts to leave upstairs.

Jeff was still abit confused but he knew for sure he wanted to be part of this Wretling tradition.


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Apr 9, 2020

A few days later Jeff would recive a massage from Triss "Hey Jeff, I have a match in two days and its a public one..would you like to come watch?" Jeff was put a bit off guard, At first he wasnt really sure if he wanted to watch he knew he wanted to wrestle himself."Yeah sure, when and where?" he replied thinking perhpas he will see first how it goes before being part of a match himself."Great!, i will send you the adress and time later..see you in two days!.".

Jeff got to the location Triss sent him couple minutes before the match itself it was in a basment under a bar not too far from town, some people started to gather as well. He would feel a pat on his sholder as he turned he saw Triss "Hi Jeff" she said seemingly slightly nervouse, "Hello, is it usually crowded in here?" he said "No, its because of Katy....its her fans,she is quite popular, she won her last 5 matches" she replyed with a slight sigh as she looked nervouse."what about you where are your fans?" Jeff asked as he looked around."I dont have many fans..i rare-" she was cut off as a shout from the ring was heard "TRISS!, get your ass over here and lets start this!" , In the ring stood a red head woman looking about Triss age wearing darck black leather boots and black elbow pads with red bikini top and bottom. Triss started to underss next to Jeff and Jeff notices That Triss only wars a blue bikini top and bottom"Why dont you wear pads and boots like her?" he asked "Part of the rules..only people who win alot allowed to wear more clothing..." she said as her face looked abit saddened.

The two girls started circling each other as the match starts,Jeff stood next to the ring keeping Triss cloth for the time in the match.People were cheering and the preasure was on,Triss started the fight by sending a kick that hit Katys leg,Katy slightly grunting sends her left arm to her leg as she feels the pain in her leg,Triss uses the moment to slap Katy across her face as her deffence was down. A groan was heard as Katys head was whiped to her side as the slap conected with her chick, But what Triss didnt excpet was Katy keeping the momentum and hit Triss with a spinning kick to the side of her stomach.Triss would Groan in pain as it hits and immediately Triss hands go down to her side as she feels the pain.Katy uses the uppertunity and slaps Triss twice before grabing her hand and irish whiping her to the ropes,As Triss was Running back Katy jumps up and folds both her legs and kicks both of her legs to Triss's chest.

"YAAAH"Triss screamed as she hits the ground feeling the pain in her chest.Katy fell on her side but quickly recoverred and got to her feet.Without spending any time Katy ran to the ropes bouncing of them and jumped aiming her elbow to Triss chest "OUGH~"Triss moans in pain as she rolls to her side with both hands on her chest panting and the sweat started to glisten her body.Katy would stand up and walk around Triss posing to her fans.Jeff looked at Triss and started to feel slightly bad,He then looked at Katy which had a sisnister grin on her face as her eyes saw Jeff,She looked at him with her evil grin before walking back to Triss which got up to on all fours.Katy grabed Triss hiar lifting her to her fit before sending a knee to her stomach.Triss Grunted as she bent forwords in pain,Katy puts Triss head between her legs and holds Triss to show Triss bottom to her fans she then turns to Jeff with an evil look before lifting Triss, Triss yelped as blood started to rush down to her head and sweat driped down to her face.Jeff saw Trisses frightend and helpless face.

*THUM* Katy jumped and landed on her bottom while Triss head was sent to the Ground "AUgh~"she moaned in pain,Katy didnt let go she managed to lift Triss up again to the same postion before droping down again."Awwwugh~" another moan of pain as Triss head hits the ground. Katy lets her go before stnanding back up to pose some more to her fans ESPECIALLY to Jeff.Jeff felt bad for Triss seeing her laying moaning in pain on gorund glisening and panting.Katy then walked to Triss and got her up by her hair before getting behind Triss, Triss barely could do anything she looked dizy and barely was able to stay on her feet.Katy wraps her hands around her waits before arching her back slamming Triss on the ground gain."Ugh~" another moan of pain,Katy didnt stop there she rollded over Triss folded body before lifting her up again to do the same move."YAHHH"Triss screamed in pain before katy let her go.

"YOU WANT ME TO FINISH HER!!" yelled Katy to the crowed as she climbed the ropes.The crowed roared "YES" she noded before looking at Jeff with an evil grin.Katy would walk to Triss which laid on the ground unmoving except her chest which was going up and down as she was panting.Katy picked Triss up and lifted her so Triss was sitting on the upper ropes she then climbed the middle ropes and wraping her hands around Triss neck in a front head lock before lifting Triss up,Katy then leaned back words slaming Triss on her neck and sholdsrs to the ground.A soft gasped escaped Triss mouth as she laied slightly twichting on the ground eyes closed glisenting in sweat.Katy stood up and put her boot on Triss breast and started to count.
The crowed roars as katys raises her hand in vicoty slightly panting as well, she walked twords Triss head and sat down on it.she would start grinding her crotch on Triss's face while squizing her breasts.She would start moan before she erupted in an orgazam.She Stood up and got out of the ring, she took a towle from one of her fans to whipe her sweat off before approaching Jeff. "you should be my fan boy not hers, you saw how pathetic she is, A looser like her doesnt deserve a fan.unless you are a looser like her?"she said with an evil grin.Jeff grunted and said"How about this, i will prove you wrong, YOU and ME next week on the ring!" Jeff said angrly."Its a deal then, See you next week...looser" she said with an evil smirk as she left.

The rest of the crowed started to leave as well as Jeff rushed into the ring to wake up the twitching and knocked out Triss.He helped her up and brought her her cloth and they both started to leave.Jeff decided to go with Triss back to her home before getting back to his, He looked at Triss which has a saddenned face."I...i am not that strong..."said Triss "She always defeats me...and always mocks me for it...its not like i dont know how to wreslte..its just i am not strong enough.." she said with a slight sob. "Dont worry,to beat her you need to train...we both do, How about this lets train toghether , I have a match against her next week. you know more technique then me that you can teach me and i will help train you more phisicly!." Jeff said with a bit of excitement. "o..ok! lets do this Jeff! i will prepare you so you could kick her ass! and on the way get strong enough to stand up for my self! from now on you will come to my home every day and at 5pm to train! ok?"she said whiping a tear from her chick.Jeff would nod, as they got to her home Triss would hug Jeff before leaving him alone on the street.Jeff swore that day that he has to win! not for him but for Triss.



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Apr 9, 2020

Jeff would walk in the ring back and forth slightly nervouse about his next fight, It was his first serious public fight.He would wait for Katy which was late perhpas to annoy Jeff abit more. After couple more minutes Katys would come to view striping down to her Wrestling clothing before slowly getting in the ring with a board expression on her face.She would strech slightly barely looking at him as if he didnt even exsist which made Jeff even more angry And soon the match will start.

The two would start circuling each other both looking for an opaning to stike,Katys would attak first with a low kick to Jeff's leg. Jeff didnt expect her speed and grunted as he felt the sharp pain in his leg.Katy would have an evil smirk "You arent that fast,It will be an easy fight" she would say before quickly swinging her hand for a slap.Jeff raises his hands up and manges to block the slap but then again he would feel a sharp pain to his leg.Katy manged to kick his leg while he was bussy with deffending her slap.Jeff would grunt in pain and anger as katy still had her smirk on her face.Katy would chuckle slightly before sending another slap but this time Jeff raises his guard and steps forwords catching her off guard her slap was near useless against his deffence as they were very close to each other before she would feel a sharp pain in her stomach making her go "OOF".She would stamble backwords covering her stomach realizing that Jeff manged to knee her.She would seem more angry before rushing in with slaps forcing Jeff to put his guard up before she would get to his side drop and scissor his legs with hers making him fall back.Jeff would grunt before he would see katys boot coming down to his stomach.Jeff would groan in pain as all the air was out of him clutching his stomach."Now let me teach you a lesson!" katy says with an evil chuckle.

She would lift him up by the hiar to his feet she then would duck down and put him on her sholders in a fireman carry before droping him to the side.Jeff didnt expect from a girl, He would get back on his knees before she would help him up putting him in a front head lock and droping back words in a DDT.Jeff would grunt in pain as he would lay down grabing his head in pain, Katy would lift him up to his feet again "Come on are SO pathetic"She would whisper to him as she lifts him up and puts him in a piledrive postion.He was dizzy and felt her soft sweaty thighs against the sides of his head he wanted it to end.She would drop down crushing his head to the ground before rolling on top of him and starting to count.

Jeff was shaking his head in pain but not knocked out.
He would hear the count,{I Cant loose,not to her,I CANT}
The count was interupted as Jeff kicked out of the pin and pushing Katy off of him before standing up panting.Katy would look slightly more angry "Stay down Jeff!,you are a looser like your step sister!" she would roar at him in anger before trying to kick low again to his leg.Katy would gasp in surprise as he manged to catch her leg before it hit, Jeff uses this moment to pull her closer and put both hands around her waits and lift her up to a bearhug.Katy tried to push away from him but he already got his grip around her and he would start to squeeze,"Augh~"she would moan in pain as she would feel the preasure on her back.Jeff would keep the preasure up making her slowly to arch her back pressing her sweaty breasts to his face.A gasp of relief would escape the read heads lips as he lets her go, she would roll to her side putting her hands on her back trying to ease the pain.He would sit on her chest squishing her breast before slaping her twice on her face, He would then grab one of her arm and put it between his legs and he would fall back into an armbar."YAAAAA~"she would scream in pain feeling the preasure on her arm,Jeff would let it go before grabing her hair and lifting her to her feet.She would stand up held by her hiar holding her injured arm before he would picks her up and slams her down on his knee "Augh...Ough~"she would moan in pain as she would lay on his knee.Jeff would put one hand on her chin the other on her crotch before pulling her down straching her on his knee."AWWW~" she would moan in pain as her breasts press against her bikini top, her hands beating on his hands trying to make him let go.

He would let her go and pushes her to the ground, she would roll to her side arching her back in pain moaning. He would then trun her to her stomach and puts her arms on his thighs while locking his hands under her chin,"YAAAAA~" Another scream of pain as he would strech her back."Aough!~....AWW~....Ough!" she would moan as he would keep streching her until her face would look up and her breasts sweaty breasts threating to slip from her bikini top."I will make you pay,Not for me,No but for my step will never insult her"He would whisper to her ear before letting her go.Still sitting on her back he looked down at her as she would start to sob, He then would turn around and prepare her legs into a sharpshooter."N..NO! please!" she would beg but he would pull her legs back."AUGH~"she would yell in pain before starting to sob,"Awww~....YAHH~..AUGH~" she would cry out in pain as her eyes would start to be watery.He would grunt before leaning back all the way maknig the tip of her boots touch the back of her sitting down so her breasts would squish from the wiegh and the ground."YAAAAAAAH" she would scream one last time before starting to cry and sob before yelling "I GIVE!...YOU WIN...Augh!...PLEASE YOU WIN!!...AWW~ STOP!",She would start crying as he lets her go.

He sighs as he starts to undo her top before turing her to her back,Tears running down her chicks as she would sob.He would lean in to kiss her soft lips, She would sob and moan as she would feel his tongue exploring her mouth.He lets go of it before removing her top reavling her glisenning breasts which would go up and down as she would pant and cry.She would gasp as he grabs both of them and squeezes them while his dick is in between,He would start to thrust back and forth as she would keep crying on the ground.After a while of tit fucking her he would Cum all over her crying face and chest. He would stand up and put his foot on her cheek as she was laying on the ground sweaty and coverd in cum, He would rais his hand in victory and the Crowed would roar.

The crowed would start to walk away as Jeff would start getting of the ring and walking twords Triss which would wait with some cloth and towls,He would take the towles and whipe his sweat off,before he would notice Triss going into the ring.Katy would still be laying there sobing slightly every now and then with short gasps of air."Are you...Alright?"Triss would ask as she would kneel down and exstand her hand to help Katy up.Katy would look confuses at Triss before taking her hand and sitting up "W...why?why help me? I was so mean to you..."She would say looking away feeling guilty.Triss would take a towle and hand it to Katy "I never wished you bad...I actually always wanted to be like were always so strong." Triss would slightly blush as she would say it..."i always wanted to be your friend"Triss would say with a slight sigh.
"I am so sorry..i am so sorry i am sorry"katy would say and repeat before breaking into tears again, Triss would hug her and pat her back to calm her down."its fine i forgive you..we can be friends right?And..." Triss would whisper to Katy "sometimes i really enjoyed..being dominated by you..even if it hurt..and yes what you said wasnt nice...but i liked when i felt helpless in your grasp..and perhaps we could wreslte a bit more.,.but as friends". Katy would smile and whipe her tears and nod to Triss.

Triss and Jeff would start to walk back to their homes,"Would..would you mind if i trained with Katy in the next few months?" asked Triss "No problem, Good to see you two are getting along" Triss would smile before they would part to their own ways.
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