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Immortal - just a small Excerpt

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Ceciliaracia, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Ceciliaracia

    Ceciliaracia Guest

    Well I wrote this today for my creative writing class, the whole Short story isn't ryona based, but this part of it was, so I thought that it would be nice to share what kind of ryona with you guys. This is my first time posting literature on any site actually, so be gentle ;-;


    Gilgamesh began to laugh the longer he laugh, the harder he laughed, his laughing eventually turned into a yell and that yell turned into a ferocious screaming. And suddenly he stopped yelling and hung his head. He snapped his head up and looked at Cecilia with a twisted grin, “How about I just chop off your head instead!” Gilgamesh dashed at Cecilia who instantly unsheathed her twin swords to parry the blade, Excalibur. Cecilia’s twin swords are named The Vanquishers. Most of the Gods fear them, as they are known as the god killers, in the early creation of the human race Cecilia was chosen to be the Executioner of the gods. An Executioner is only called when the most vile and the corrupt of the gods. The Vanquishers were made with a sample of each and every god’s power so that it would have the power to vanquish any god at the will of the user.

    Cecilia parried the blow with one of her Vanquishers and rolled out of the way of the next strike. Cecilia counterattacked slashing at Gilgamesh with both blades crossed. Gilgamesh managed to pull up his Excalibur in time to block the blow, but the force pushed him back into the building behind him. Angry, Gilgamesh rushed to his feet, and destroyed the building around him. He jumped at lightning speed towards Cecilia. The gods clashed swords and the earth underneath them began to crack. Cecilia jumped back to a safe distance that would give her a few seconds to survey the damage she and Gilgamesh had caused during their clash. The entire marketplace of Midgar was destroyed, where stands had once been, now only stood shattered boards of wood. The cobblestone walkways within the plaza has been rendered nonexistent, the buildings around the plaza are nothing, but piles of rubble and ruin.

    “I can’t let this go on.” Cecilia said she took her necklace that of which resembled an hourglass off from her neck. Hoping the distance between them was enough, she began to chant an incantation when Gilgamesh appeared in front of her face catching her off guard, he kicked her in the stomach causing her kneel down and clutch her stomach in pain. Gilgamesh picked Cecilia off from the ground by clutching her throat. He took Excalibur and pushed it slowly inside Cecilia’s chest. Cecilia who had been secluded for over the millennia had forgotten the feeling of pain. She did not know how to react when the blade entered, slowly the blade pierced her insides and blood gushed from the wound in her chest. Gilgamesh removed Cecilia’s robes in order to see his blade cut through the delicate flesh of his enemy. Cecilia hung helplessly as she was continuously impaled by Gilgamesh’s Excalibur.