Hi, From Oats! (Shadow5000)

Are you a Sub or Dom?

  • Sub is the best way!

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  • Dom is love, Dom is life

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  • I like both <3

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  • What the fuck is a Sub and a Dom? (GTFO, seriously, you don't know?????)

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One With The Shadows

Swell Supporter
Jul 7, 2013
In your mind, in your head
Just a little FYI:
Not many probably remember me from the old site, I used to be Shadow5000 there, but this site reverted my name back to my original I guess. Anyways....
Hey there guys, I'm Oats! I got that nickname from Synonymous... errrrr probably, heh. I guess it's because my name was long and Oats is waaaaaaay better than OWTS (my abbreviation :wink:). Tasty too ^^.
Not gonna lie I was a little "immature" when I was on the old site, but I've changed a lot, sooooo you don't have to worry about me MG (if you're still on here). I hope this site is as good, if not better than the other site though.
Used to be a modder/artist on the old SDTMods, but I don't really know if I'll get into it again, considering I lost all my modding files... and I changed art suites. If you want my past mods, look to the last page of the comments on my Shadow Thread and you'll see that BuckWild has them hosted on dropbox.
Modding actually got me into drawing, and I dabble in a few NSFW stuff now and then (@FurAffinity), which is why I came back (I'm considering modding again if you didn't get that :tongue:) .

Sooo... uhhhh, how has your day been? :grin:
Also, are you a sub or dom?

I'm a little bit of both tbh , heh ^^.
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