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Hello there!

I wish you all a good day and I hope my writing and muses won't bore you down or disappoint you. :)

My favorite character for ryona/fighting is Nina Williams in her leather outfit from Tekken Blood Vengeance and Tekken 7 story mode. My favorite 'kinks' are martial arts catfights with neck snaps and choking. My favorite setting are secret bases, military bases (Terminator 3 T-800 vs. TX), offices (Matrix Reloaded Trinity vs. Agent) and rooftops, mostly good with spy and mission plots.

I am much not good with sexual or smut themes in writing. Not like I was against romance or kissing, but I do not find it nice when someone is playing with a defeated foe or their corpse...

Thank you for understanding.


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You've already posted, but let me say this.
Welcome to undertow. I hope you enjoy visiting us. If you have not already done so, please read the site rules. There's a link in my siggie.
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