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May 25, 2019
Seong Mi-Na was extremely unlucky to be matched against...

The Baron of Hell. A beast towering over the little female, her only advantage was that she had a weapon, a halbert of sorts. It was sharp and dangerous, but Baron had thick skin and most of his weak spots were protected by thick armor layer.

To her honor it was a long fight, surprisingly long considering their weight difference. Baron was also quite fast considering his size. She managed to dance around him moving her weapon just in time in front of him every time he passed, leaving deep cuts at his chest and legs, but only some of them showed any blood, others were like an inch deep but his skin and armor were just about as thick.

Eventually he got more and more agitate and finally he targeted her weapon instead of herself. He let her attack him again and grabbed her halbert by the blade, cutting into his own arm with it, but he did not care. He ripped it out of her hands and cracked it over his knee, and from that moment her fate was sealed.

She tried running around him for a while, but it only took her one mistake and he grabbed her by her neck. He lifted her up into the air and slammed her into the floor. Then again and again, breaking the tile of the arena they were fighting in ( ) and finally letting go of her. He leaned and roared into her face, before lifting his hoof and slamming it down onto her head. The crack and splash were audible all over the arena. The beast roared, before grabbing her by her ankle and dragging her body out of the ring into it's lair, his cock was quite hard as he walked away.


NEXT: Victoria

( EDITED, changed girl, thanks for the warning Tilltomorrow, was not intentional)
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May 25, 2019
Did not think she was not adult. If she looks so will change as soon as I get to PC

EDIT: Done
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May 1, 2019
- Pussi is power?
The blonde sitting on the porch in front of the building looked angrily at the man who spoke to her. Of all his looks, the only thing that mattered to her was the fact that he was a man.
- Do you have a problem with that?
The guy smiled. The girl didn't look strong, but she was extremely brazen. And her impudence should be punished.
-You're still gonna stare? - The girl asked angrily. - I'll rip your balls off.
Impudent, very impudent.
-Can you show it then?
The girl whose name was Victoria stood up all tall and walked up to the guy in front of her and grabbed him by the crotch. Feeling his groin, she squeezed it with force. The guy could hardly hold back the cry of pain. The girl kept holding the guy by his groin and dragged him inside the building where she'd previously sat on the porch.
Already inside the building, she turned to the guy and before she let him go, he was knee-deep between his legs. The pain was unbearable and the guy fell helplessly on the floor.
-You're losing your manhood?‖
But the guy was ready for it. And yet, he was going to be gallant with her. In a sudden movement, he took off and threw himself on her, making them hit the floor. Victoria fell on her back, pinned to the floor by her heavier opponent, and started hitting him in the face. In response with one hand he squeezed both of her wrists above her head, and with other began to force his fist into her stomach. The girl's physical condition was lame, so that his fist only found a soft membrane of abdominal muscles, and behind them her soft insides. When hit landed directly in the stomach, it caused Victoria to vomit.
-You really have guts, girl.
Daring girl answered by not holding back another vomiting call and puked stomach liquid out in the face of her opponent. He was almost on edge of furry, but restrained himself and replied by kissing the girl returning her own nasty mass. She fought back, which only made her face more dirty.
But it was time to end it.
The guy wiped her face with Victoria's clothes, and then he took her in his arms.
-You're giving up? - He asked.
-Trash... - She answered.
The answer was that the guy brutally slammed girl's back down on the exposed knee. Her back bent out and the girl sprawl on the guy's thigh.
-You really got guts, girl.
Victoria could've ended her torment at this. But with her last strength, she raised her head, looked at the guy with hate and spat in his face.
Well, she does have guts. And now the guy's gonna find out how strong they are.

Your next target. But I don't like where you always end this. So I don't want to make it easy for you, I'll make it harder for you:
1)She attack how she wants to but you allowed only to attack her in the abs.
2)You are not allowed to kill.
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Nov 10, 2016
The handicap was written to make this an even fight, nevertheless, this was never going to be even, not even close. I dodged three punches and a kick with ease. The only time she even touches me was when she glanced my shoulder with her elbow, and that was because I flinched. And attack to destroy her pretty grinning face with my fist presented itself readily, and I had to hold back.
After she got that hit in, she laughed mockingly, "What's the matter? Am I too fast for you?"

The Pitmaster wanted me to make this fight look exciting, but I can't do that anymore. I'm done playing.

She raised a leg up above her head to perform some ill-advised kick. I caught the leg in my left hand and squeezed. The blood drained from her face and she lost her smile. I shoved with my shoulder, slamming her back against the stone wall of the Death Pit.
That slam dazed her, so I went in.

The Pitmaster was very specific, only attacks to her abs are allowed. That's enough. I can still make her wish she'd never been born.

I went hard with the first one, a left-handed uppercut with a long windup. There was a slap and a crunch as it connected just below the naval. She yelped, her limbs flying.

You still have enough breath to scream, huh? Let's change that!

I used my knee next. There was an audible snap as it shot into her and she coughed and spat. I saw her feebly try to make a fist.

Can't have that.

I pinned both her arms up against the rocky arena wall, high above her head, nearly lifting her, then, in a moment of creativity, I pulled off my belt and bound her arms. I hooked the belt to a rusty nail in the wall. She was my prisoner now. I could take my time. The Pitmaster might be less than pleased with the direction this one-sided torture session was taking, but the crowd would love it. They were all tired of the Master's spoiled daughter getting special treatment in the arena too.

She tried to shake herself free and looked like some kind of stone-faced erotic dancer doing it. Her abb muscles flexed and contracted. Cold sweat ran down her body. There was a delicious look of fear on her face.

You're not going anywhere, princess.

I laid into her for another ten minutes, pushing my stamina to turn her belly into a painter's canvas of red bruises. I stopped to let her puke, and, as she couldn't bend over, she puked all over herself.
To further the humiliation, I tore her necklace off. She managed to utter a sharp "Eep!" as it snapped. Then I went back in, bruising her already bruised flesh with my knees and fists and elbows.

The crowd, hesitant at first, now roared with delight.

She was terrified, knowing no one would intervene to help her, so I kept going, stopping every few minutes to let her puke and cry and finally bed, "Please stop . . . Please have mercy."
Mercy wasn't on the menu. Instead, I tore her top off, revealing her perky breasts to the whole crowd, then I tore into her belly again.

Finally, she passed out and dropped limp, still hanging from my belt.

I ripped her leggings off, then went in for a final round. Any more and I would have killed her, so I knew the game was up.
Finally, I unhooked the belt and let her fall, naked, beaten and half-dead to the stone arena floor, still breathing just slightly and moaning.
She wasn't dead, but I was sure I'd never see her prissy little face here again, and that was good enough for me.

This cyberpunk bounty hunter. (Lethal preferred)


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May 1, 2019
Keren was moving towards the exit when an incomprehensible sound caught her attention. A strange shadow flashed behind her back, to which the girl reacted quickly, delivering a weapon and firing a preventive shot. But the sounds didn't stop. She wasn't scared, but interested. More like baffled.
Listening to the sounds, Karen was slowly moving back down the hall, holding the gun in her outstretched hand. Her robotic eye sight left no doubt that she would definitely hit her opponent the first time she saw him. The sounds were jumping all over the surrounding space. It meant that the enemy instantly overcame amazingly long distances.
A sharp sound was heard right next to her and the girl looked sharply at its source while pulling the gun trigger. She saw nothing but the movement itself in space. For a few moments the cyborg looked around the corridor in search of a potential threat, but could not see anything. Also, she couldn't see that, unlike her, her opponent managed to get to her. She did not feel the pain immediately, as the attack was too sharp and executed perfectly. But now she began to feel the consequences. She slowly examined her body and too late realized what had happened when a diagonal laceration opened on her stomach. It was as if her insides were falling to the floor from like sausages from torn bag. She struggled with horror and did not try to push the collapsed intestines back, continuing to look into the darkness and aim at the invisible enemy.
That's right, invisible. She fights against the invisible.
The awareness came too late. The whole space suddenly jumped up, as if she herself had fallen half a meter into the floor. The sharp pain in her knees made it clear that she has no longer has legs below them. She falls exhausted on the stomach, losing the last opportunity to reach the enemy.
She fatalistically accepted that the next to separate from her body was her artificial robotic eye. Now she couldn't see anything in the dark. And the enemy took advantage of it. She felt as an unknown enemy sat on her back, pressing her down to the floor, with his hands he grabbed her neck, starting to pull the upper part of her body further back. Her back began to give up and not withstand the pressure, and the damage to her neck carried the most. Soon she realized what her enemy was up to. Helplessly, she screamed and kept screaming until her head finally separated from her body.

So next girl to go:
Let's add some famous personalities.
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May 25, 2019
Maria was walking home late after a party. Streets were mostly empty as it was quite late. She took a shortcut through an alley as she always did, and this was the biggest mistake in her life.

Some of the men she worked with were very disappointed that she did not do as they asked in her last game, where she was supposed to lose. It cost them a lot of money, and they were not about to let it go unpunished.

Two large men started following her into the alley, with hoods covering their faces. She noticed it and increased her pace, but there's only so fast you can walk on high heels. She realized that and paused to remove them, but did not have time. One of the guys was onto her and grabbed her arms and put her in a full nelson hold. Second guy stepped in front of her and pulled a fist back.

Maria was a strong woman, however, and she kicked him in the gut the moment she saw him, her heel could leave a mortal wound, but thick leather of the guy's jacket made it only a flesh one, he was bleeding under his clothes, but it did not reach his guts. It did piss him off, however, as he grabbed her leg at an ankle with his left arm and started hitting her knee with his right elbow. Maria screamed in pain, she screamed "NOT MY LEG!" knowing that if he broke it would be the end of her career. Even the second guy who was holding her said "Hey, it's supposed to be an accident!!! Stop!"

Well, she should've thought about it when she won that last game. And maybe before kicking him in the gut. He did not stop. After one of the hits her knee cracked and next hit bent it the wrong way. Her scream now would definitely be heard all over the street, but it was short lived as she got punched in her face a few times knocking her out.

"Fuck, man! How are we going to cover it up now? We were supposed to OD her!"

"This fucking bitch almost gutted me!" said the guy who punched her lifting his jacket up, his shirt underneath was soaked with blood. He hissed, lowering his jacket back and looked around "No matter. I have an idea. Let's move." Her grabbed her sexy strong legs and they carried her over to an emergency stairwell and to the rooftop of the nearest building.

They then injected her with a lethal doze of a recreational drug.

"Wait... I'll take these.." one of them said, and removed her watches. "For my gut, you fucking bitch."

Then they put her up on her feet and let her fall over the edge of the roof. A couple seconds later they heard a thud and some cracks. They did not go checking her pulse, they were pretty sure she was dead by now. If she somehow managed to survive that, she won't be playing ever again for sure.

Will support the famous personalities move, how about fitness model? Maybe she decided that being fit and strong is enough to go and win some underground fights? Other ideas welcome of course.

As usual, I'm hoping for a fatality.



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May 1, 2019
Anliela was preparing to enter the ring, slowly stretching her limbs. Thinning her muscles, she planned how she was going to defeat her future opponent. The situation came to the point where she had to kill him, or die herself. But all psychological difficulties were already in the past. All that was ahead was a fight to the death.
The girl slowly entered the ring, while discovering that none of the spectators are present. The only person in the room except her was her opponent - a young boy with a short hair.
He was most likely in a similar situation as her. But that won't distract her from the fighting mood. She'll kill this guy without regrets or delay.
In silence, they climbed into the ring. In silence, there was a signal to start of the fight.
Anliela threw herself at the guy, but in time she realized that he was going to attack with his legs, she managed to fell back and attack already a less protected opponent. Grouped, she moved her body to the bottom position and made a footstep to the opponent, knocking him down. A moment later she rushed on him, trying to hold him in sleeper hold. But the guy had already managed to react and the girl received a rapid blow to the jaw, followed by a blow to the head from the guy who had already risen to his feet. The girl also did not allow herself to stop the attacks, so when he was tried to get close to her, she threw a few scattered kicks, which hit him in the groin and bottom of the stomach, causing intolerable pain. When trying to continue the attack, she herself received a strong blow to the navel area, which forced her to bend. The guy went around her catching her from behind, wrapped his hands around her neck in chokehold. He squeezed harder and the girl tried to grab her legs on the ropes and lift her body higher to reduce the pressure. Her opponent replied by kneeling down and now adding his whole body weight on her neck, continuing to choke her. His hands freed her only when the girl stopped resisting, and then showed no signs of life.

Back to girl next door, but I like that one and for me she looks like tough one. So let`s make it different. This time she must FINISH YOU.
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May 1, 2019
Sorry if I write not so long stories but I am just not so much inspired with most girls I saw in that trad. I try to get some interesting one.


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May 1, 2019
What are you call a spirit? Ghost thread?

But no, it is not against, it is different. In most stories here weak girls goes beaten to a pulp barely resisting. It became to predictable.


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Aug 8, 2011
I named her Anne since you didn't put a name.


Anne had made it through a lot more than she would’ve thought possible. But rather than that encouraging her, she was still having doubts as she made her way to the present journey. The parts of her body that had been hit were still hurting while she tried to keep her focus up in order to keep the dizziness from taking over. Her pink dress has been shredded by the beating she had taken in the previous levels of the warehouse. The beautiful red-head tumbled and teetered in her white wedge platforms. She tried to shake the dizziness away but couldn’t

Unfortunately for her, it would appear the warehouse wasn’t done with her. The reason for that was a man who stood at the middle of the level as Anne walked unto the floor. The heroine inspected her surroundings noting it had pallet racks by the sides of the wall. There was a large square opening at the floor, which was surrounded by guard railings right behind her opponent.

However, the look of the room didn’t matter. Instead, it was the single guy standing there. He seemed alone, as he had his arms crossed over his chest while Anne stood there for a moment, holding the doorframe to support her.

“Is he…Is he by himself?” Anne wondered thinking if she had the stamina to continue fighting on. She wiped the blood from the side of her head as she contemplated the variables. The man stood quietly with no one in sight, even as Anne looked around. Her vision wasn’t exactly as good as it was before, but she could tell there wasn’t a sign of any other foe around. So without much of a thought, she walked to his direction and came to a stop.

“So…it’s just you and me.” The young woman said tiredly.

However, the bad guy thought otherwise. He seemed very composed despite being alone as he continued to stare at Anne in silence. But when he heard her, he pointed behind her just to get her attention to her back, which worked. Anne turned her head around and saw two large guys walk out of a door next to the stair case she came down from.

Now it made sense to the young woman. This fight wasn’t going to be a one versus one match; it was going to be a three versus one match. The whole level was a setup trap to deal with Anne as she was in her weakest and completely unsure of herself. If this situation had her at her best, she may be able to make out of this ordeal with a better condition.

The bad guys seemed to notice this too as they remained claim. They also had their eyes on her as she seemed worried for a bit before they then went after her. However, Anne wasn’t keen on being defeated without a fight. She showed this as she raised her fists up to her chest level a bit as she looked at her foe before her.

Unknown to her though, the fight was going to be different. The bad guy didn’t bother get close to her as he made a big jump at her and swung his foot against her face. He was sure to add much of his strength because once that kick made contact with Anne, she was almost knocked off her feet.

“Argh!” cried out Anne as she stumbled to the side. By being hit in such a way, the young woman should’ve fallen. However, she wasn’t allowed to do that yet. The bad guy behind her had another thought in mind as he jumped straight up and swung a kick at the back of her head.

“AAH!” Anne cried out feeling the kick smash against the back of her skull. But the pain-bringing didn’t stop there. She hit the ground hard with a loud cry and remained that way. Her body felt numb while her head felt dazed as she could do nothing than to stay that way. She may have fought her way through numerous bad guys at one point, but the situation was far different than that.

Unknown to Anne, she was right. These men weren’t just thugs, they were martial artists. They knew what to do against a woman like her even while she was in this weakened state. She just didn’t have the strength to fight.

Just then, the third guy decided to have his own turn. He was the only one to grab Anne by her blonde hair and lifted her up to her feet. Anne shrieked in pain. The bad guy than pushed our heroine forward. Anne had no control of her body as she stumbled forward. She saw in horror as one the bad guys was already in the air. By then, there was a way for her to escape, it was too late. The bad guy had jumped at her with a swing kick that hit her at the face with so much force she cried out in pain and blood spurted from her mouth as she hit the floor.

It was very clear now that Anne had no fight in her. She lay on the ground faced down, panting heavily, as she shut her eyes from the pain in her head. She didn’t know what to do nor could think of a way out of her present situation. It was a miracle that she was still conscious despite all the head hits she had received.

But that wasn’t to say the bad guys wanted to finish her. One of the guys grabbed her legs while the other guy grabbed her arms just to then lift her up in the air. They had an idea to try out on the weak woman whether she wanted it or not.

So with that, the three men were ready. Anne’s back was facing down when the men brought her down for her to receive the worse punishment she had ever received. It was a backbreaker, which came courtesy of the third guy who had his knee raised and ready as her back fell on it. It came as a shock at first than excruciating pain.

“AAAAHHHHHH,” Anne screamed in agony as tears streamed down her eyes

The bad guys laughed as they carried the read head towards the floor opening that led to the first floor. The villains flung Anne’s limp body over the balcony and grinned as they say the woman’s body fall from the second floor unto the first. Anne’s body fell down till it crashed right through a table below. “AAAHHHH!” Anne cried out again as her broken body twitched in pain. She hurt all over bu


Next Heroine



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Aug 24, 2019
Why not both?


MaryJo and Lyssa were both pulled from the audience in a special event match. Bonebreaker, the current Death Dojo champion, offered to fight two people at once, but only if they were from the crowd. One may think that two against one would be an unfair fight, but not in this case.

MaryJo and Lyssa both did very poorly.

The two never learned to team up. MaryJo was more willing to fight to try and take down the champion, but Lyssa mostly just ran away and cowered in the corner. Lyssa watched in horror and MaryJo was beaten senseless. MaryJo wore a shiny black dress and heels. She took many punches all over her body, and she was currently being held upside down by her ankle. Her dress fell upward and revealed her red thong, much to the crowd's excitement. MaryJo was flailing wildly trying to escape from Bonebreaker's grasp, but his grip was iron tight. He swung her like a baseball bat and slammed her body into the cage wall. She fell in a lifeless heap.

Bonebreaker turned his attention to Lyssa, who squeeled in terror.

Lyssa wore a black sports bra and super short zebra print shorts. Bonebreaker stomped his way towards her and she tried to scurry up the wall and out of the cage. She didn't make it very far before Bonebreaker grabbed onto the back of her sports bra and yanked her backwards. She crashed to the ground, and before she could get back to her feet, Bonebreaker lifted her up high above his head.



Bonebreaker slammed Lyssa down over his knee and her body went limp. He rolled her off of his knee, then went over to MaryJo and dragged her over to where Lyssa was sprawled out. He pulled both women up to their knees by their throats. Both women regained consciousness as he started to squeeze.

"One of you lives, and one of you dies. Whoever knocks the other out is the winner."

He shoved them both backwards. Lyssa had one hand over her face and her other rubbing her neck, sobbing. MaryJo on the other hand, wasted no time and climbed on top of Lyssa. She started to choke the life out of Lyssa, but Lyssa's survival instincts finally kicked in and she punched MaryJo right in her face. MaryJo fell off of her and Lyssa was now the one on top. She started beating on MaryJo's face, but MaryJo managed to overpower Lyssa and simply threw her off. MaryJo wrapped her legs around Lyssa's neck and squeezed. Lyssa clutched MaryJo's legs and tried to pry them off, but MaryJo's legs were her strongest asset. It wasn't long before Lyssa's arms fell limply to the mat and her eyes rolled back. Drool dripped out of Lyssa's mouth on to MaryJo's legs.

"Ew, gross."

MaryJo shoved Lyssa away from her and tried to wipe the spit off of her legs.

Bonebreaker grabbed MaryJo's arm and lifted her up to her feet. Keeping her arm in the air, he said, "Congrats, you win!" Then he looked down at Lyssa's body.

"And you, my dear, are dead."

He reached down and grabbed both sides of Lyssa's head. Then he violently cocked her head to the side. Her body twitched once before going still. Bonebreaker then slammed Lyssa's face into the ground. MaryJo walked over to Lyssa and stomped down on the back of her head.

"Take that, loser! Hah!"

Then she turned to face Bonebreaker, who headbutted her without warning. MaryJo fell to the ground like a dropped sack of potatoes. MaryJo was knocked out but would live to see another day, unlike Lyssa, whose neck was snapped and would never be seen by anyone ever again.


Next match: A girl cosplaying as Christie from Tekken


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Apr 9, 2020
So if you dont mind i will try.I am quite new and my english isnt that good.

She would pant and breath heavly and barely stand on her feet as she woul cluch her damaged arm and look at her oponent.It was an underground fighting arena and Christie thought she had a chanse but so far in the past 10 minuts she was barely able to hit the man once.He would wear a mask that would cover his face and would start approaching her.She would try to step back but instead her ankle would hit somthing and she would fall back.Scared she would keep trying to crawl away still facing her oponent but he would grab her legand pull her closer to him.He would then spread her legs apart and bring his leg down on her crotch forsing a scream out of her.He would then twist her foot forcing her to scream again in pain as now she wasnt able to walk again.He would then walk around her and stomp on her falt stomach,She would scream and moan in pain rolling tring to protect her stomach but he would keep kicking her back so she would lay on her back.One of his kicks would break the ring of the top part of her outfit and now her hands were bussy covering her chest.

He would pull her up by the hair and would knee her couple of times in her crotch just for Good mesure. Even in his grasp she would fall on her knees barely awake only held by the hand that grabs her hiar."please..Stop!..I beg you..You won.."She would sob as tears would run her chicks.He would walk around her and wrap his hands around her thoat in a choke hold .She would gasp and moan before going limp in his grasp He would chuckle as he would look down at the pretty girl in his hands as her top half barely covering her soft and round breasts."Gentelman! I think my prize shouldnt be money...I think i have it right here!" he let her limp body go before grabing her foot and draging her out of the arena to enjoy his prize.

If we are in the mood for Tekken I would request Zafina She saddly doesnt get alot of love.

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