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Mar 2, 2019
Post a pic of a fighter and the next person writes what happened at the end of the fight and how she was beaten. Can be death or non death finish and any type of girl.

I'll post the first picture.




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Mar 25, 2018
Weakened and with her arms caught between two thugs, Constance was unable to protect herself from the last thug, who launched three powerful uppercuts launched into her flawless belly.

"UNGH!" She shut her eyes and doubled over, clearly in pain.

"AGH!" Her face betrayed that the pain was growing as the second uppercut dug into her navel.

"OHH!" Her mouth formed an O shape as the air was knocked out of Constance's lungs. She stayed doubled over, just about ready to crumble to the ground. The man who had just punched her grabbed Constance's face and forced her up until they were eye to eye. Constance's eyes were still shut, her face frozen in an expression of pain. "unnnhhh... "

"It's time to say good night, bitch." And with that, the third thug kneed Constance in her pussy.

"AAAAHHHH!!" Constance was in terrible pain, but not for long as a rising kick met her face, knocking her backwards and out instantly. Her body went limp in the arms of the two thugs holding her up. They set Constance's defeated figure down on the floor and stood over her eying her hungrily. Finally, Constance's body was theirs for the taking... The beaten woman slept, unaware of what was going to happen next to her...



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Jun 10, 2010
Despite her best efforts, Darna proved to be no match for The Ocean Master. She had made the mistake of fighting him at sea, the two perched atop a rock formation in the middle of the ocean, and the villain appeared to draw his strength from the rollicking waves. His powerful fists came down like thunder on Darna's soft-looking body and he had also been able to pick her up and slam her down on her head, back, and neck with ease.

The Ocean Master grabbed the front of Darna's skimpy red bra, exposing further her delightful cleavage. "Beg me," he taunted. "Beg me for a quick death, Darna."

Though her face was scrunched up in pain and embarrassment, Darna was able to compose herself for a moment, long enough to weakly defy her conqueror. "Never... I'll never give in..."

"Very well," The Ocean Master said, sneering underneath his ornate helmet. He delivered a brutal right cross to the heroine's face, causing her to fall limply to the ground, still on the edge of consciousness. Reaching to his belt to retrieve a small horn, The Ocean Master blew into it and created a sound that no human had likely ever heard before. It was a song of summoning.

The water seemed to roar and soon a massive, thick, dark tentacle shot out of the water to coil itself around Darna. Sticky suction cups forcefully attached themselves to her flesh, increasing the disgusting feeling of being taken by this creature, and the tentacle wound itself tighter and tighter. Darna would start to feel her bones creaking from the pressure and a few seconds later, she let out a shrill scream! "Nooo! Noooo..." she cried, struggling, her red boots kicking weakly before the octopus restricted her to the point that she could hardly move her legs.

"I gave you a chance," The Ocean Master said. "Now you can beg all you want. It's too late, ha ha ha ha ha!"


Darna felt some of her bones give out and she screamed even louder! "Pleeeeeeeease... please! MERCY!!!"

The Ocean Master blew into his horn once more, drowning out Darna's words. And the octopus continued to squeeze.


You guys can figure out the rest from there




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Mar 25, 2018
Jane was punch-drunk, barely able to stay standing upright. Her eyes were fluttering, unable to focus before her opponent launched a brutal roundhouse.
After taking a ton of hits, one final kick to the side of Jane’s head finally did it. The blow spun her round, then she slumped down on her knees before finally falling to her side. She was immediately knocked out by the hit, unconscious already even before she started to fall. Her opponent rolled her onto her back and placed a foot on Jane’s stomach. Jane's body was spread eagle on the mat, arms and legs spread with her head turned to one side. The bell rang, signalling Jane’s defeat.

Her opponent dragged her limp body up by the back of her swimsuit, inadvertently making the suit ride up her ass and wedgie her. He jabbed at Jane’s face causing her head to get whipped behind her, but she was too far gone to even respond. He scooped Jane’s limp body up and she dangled in his arms completely helpless and unconscious as she was carried away...


Jane’s body was tied to a pillar with ropes; her hands behind the pillar and her entire weight off the floor. Her head dropped forwards, clearly still KOed. She was completely vulnerable in this state, with her face and abs defenseless against whatever abuse was gonna be thrown at her. Her captor cracked his knuckles, ready to make a punching bag out of Jane.

Lucy Heartfilia


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Mar 2, 2019
Erza couldn’t believe in what was in front of her eyes. The beautiful frame of her friend Lucy wobbling around in a desperate attempt to keep its stance while pain was gaining the advantage on every single cell of her young body. What had started as a simple training fight between the two, soon degenerated in a no hold back one-sided beating as the red haired proceeded to methodically destroy the weaker soul of her “friend”. Erza always considered Lucy as a best friend, or so she thought. Deep down her, a dreadful ideology of hate and disgust nested in her when they first met and remained dormant until this very moment. With every hit she connected to the body of Lucy, this desire for destruction spread like a virus and soon she could feel nothing but wrath. All the blonde magician could do was accept the beating that the incredibly more powerful friend had reserved for her.That is how Lucy Heartfilia was defeated at the hands of Titania. But this wasn’t enough. Erza was still far from satisfying her thirst for pain.

Lucy, dazed from pain, had lost the control of her body but was still fully conscious when a heavy blow connected with her jaw projecting her small frame off the ground and into the brick wall in the back of the room. As she bounced off the hard surface, she was met by an even harder blow the her chest that pinned her to the wall. She managed to avoid the break of any ribs only thanks to the softness of her voluptuous chest that had absorbed most of the blow. Nonetheless screams of pain erupted from her lungs but Erza was completely deaf to the moanings of her friend. Instead, she spun Lucy’s body around, grabbed her skull from behind and smashed it against the wall, again, and again, and again. She went on with the assault until the brick wall finally gave in and Lucy ended up stuck into the wall, all her body weight resting on her neck. Luckily for her she has always been bullheaded.

Erza was pure madness. Equipping her Heaven’s wheel armor she grabbed her friend tights wrapping her left arm around them and raising her feet off the floor then she used her steel covered fist to drive some of her hardest uppercuts into the soft belly of Lucy. From the other side of the wall muffled screams of agony could be clearly distinguished over the sound of metal hitting flesh. Soon Lucy had no more air in her lungs and her screams turned into gagging noises and then nothing while Erza continuously rammed punch after punch into her belly. Lucy’s body started spasming under the heavy blows as probably Erza made her empty her stomach multiple times before dry heaves developed. The weak abs of the blonde magician offered little to no protection to the internal organs and they were witnessing the full wrath of Scarlet, being squashed and rearranged in her tummy without mercy. It was as if Erza was trying to burst Lucy’s spine, in a few instances the steel knuckles of the berserk fighter could be clearly distinguished rising under the skin of Lucy’s back. Damn those punches were deep.

After what seemed an eternity Erza stopped. Lucy’s body was destroyed, her soul shattered as much as her stomach. Yet the red haired demon strived for more. She freed Lucy of her lock, keeping her up with a strong hold of her blond locks. Lucy’s face was contorted in pain, in was incredible that after all she went through she was still conscious…well…semi-conscious. It wouldn’t last far longer. Erza turned into her Black Wing Armor and raised into the sky smashing the roof of the building. After a long distance she stopped mid air giving a last look to her old friend. Behind trembling lips she heard “….pls…..s..sstop…”. Lucy felt like she was being stabbed by a thousand scorching swords just to pronounce these words but it was all useless. Still hold her up by the hair, Erza smashed her fist into Lucy’s cheek sending her flying to the ground at an incredible speed and she followed right back. Lucy limp body smashed through the roof and bounced off the concrete floor just to be met by Erza who drew her once again into the ground. Moments before the impact, Erza equipped her Purgatory Armor and landed on top of Lucy’s belly with an immense strength. The power of the impact shattered glass of nearby buildings and created a huge crater with the frame of the poor young blond girl in the center. When finally dust settled and Erza rose up, the body of Lucy became visible, her eyes widened by unmatchable pain and the deep shape of three spikes from Erza’s Purgatory Armor still clearly visible aligned down the middle of Lucy’s belly.

Cassie Cage (from Mortal Kombat serie)


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Aug 8, 2011
Angered by Casey Cage, the boss entered his own rage. He let out a loud battle cry and swung his fist straight for the teenage girl’s face. He missed, however, as Casey moved out of the way and landed another punch to his face. Then, as he backed away, she kicked him twice at the chest before adding another kick as a roundhouse kick. The kick hit him right at the face and caused him to fall to his right on his knee.
With this scene, the battle seemed to be over. Casey didn’t hesitate for a second to raise her right leg above the boss’s head. She knew she had to end the fight there, thus she finished it right there. She brought her right heel forcedly down on the back of the man’s head, knocking him down to the ground.

Finally, the battle was over. Casey was relieved by it but quickly held her head. She was straining herself too much that was needed. But the battle had reached its end, so she saw no need to stay around.

However, there was a problem. Casey didn’t know about it until she passed the boss and heard something from behind. She then feared the worse.

The boss chuckled as he rose back to his feet. His face was bloody, but he wiped some of it off with his hand. Then he turned back to Casey and grinned.

“You’re a tough one, girl, but…it’s going to take more than that to take me down.” He said.

Casey turned back, wanting to face him again. However, her pace was slow, and soon she got hit by the back fist of the boss. She stopped herself from falling but stumbled to keep herself standing.

The boss was fine with this. He dug into his trousers pocket and displayed a pair of nunchucks to her with a mad grin. Casey was worried about this and even considered running from the scene. However, it wouldn’t matter anyway. The boss charged at her, swinging his nunchucks crazily.
Casey didn’t stand a chance. She did try to punch the man, but her arm was hit by the nunchucks.

“AH!” Casey yelped.

Just that single hit was enough to stop her. The boss found this to be good, before then shipping the nunchucks all over her body.
“Argh! Urgh! AH!”

With each hit the boss made, Casey could barely keep herself from standing. The boss kept hitting her over and over with his nunchucks against her face, chest, arms, stomach, and stomach. She was becoming a brutally beaten girl and losing the battle.

This time she didn’t have any fight in her left. Her body was badly beaten and bruised to the point that she couldn’t even muster a little bit of strength. In other words, she was defeated. But to cement that fact, the boss pulled back and swung the other side of his nunchucks to end her. Casey was on her knees at this point and barely able to see him through her dizzy eyes.

“Goodnight, girl. Stay down next time.” He said.

With that, the boss swung his nunchucks down on Casey’s head. It was the final fatal blow and the last one Casey would remember.

The damage was over. Casey hit the ground and blacked out after the final battle. The boss was the triumphant one, making all of her progress so far for nothing. She was completely defeated.

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