1. Perdition

    Insect Eyes 2019-12-07

    Insect eyes.
  2. Perdition

    Glowing Eyes 2019-12-07

    Glowing eye mod, comes in a version for full eye, pupil, and sclera.
  3. ds14048

    Red dynamic hair 1.0

    Red dynamic hair
  4. ds14048

    Red Pigtails 1.0

    Red Dynamic Pigtails
  5. edgelord 3000

    Heart Eyes - red version 2018-02-15

    Replaces her pupil with a red heart. Requires loader. Also check out the pink version.
  6. Dr Bees

    SDT Battle Force 5 kyburi Static Hair. 2.0

    This is as good as it will ever look on a human head, unfortunately the art-style of the show and the heads of the Sentient's conflict with Super Deepthroat by quite a lot, due to this I am not sure if I actually will do Sage's hair.
  7. Funky5622

    Scorpion (superheroine) vs. Keelix

    Hey guys! I found a video of a superheroine taking on a villain. Unfortunately I didn't upload the video because I'm afraid youtube might take it off. Are there any suggestions on a place to share so you guys can see it too? In the meantime here are a few screenshots I took as samples. Let me...
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