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Electro Conquest

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Psycho333, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Psycho333

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    Oct 15, 2011
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    (This is an Evil Cole vs Videl Satan fic that will include death as well as spoilers of the evil ending of Infamous 2 so if you havent played it and dont want it spoiled be warned that it will be spoiled! SPOILED!!!)

    Videl heared on the news, Cole McGrath, the new Beast, has claimed yet another city and was headed for Satan City.

    "First the plague hits us hard and now THIS" Videl said out loud. remembering that on the news it was discribed as a big explosion that kills most people and reports of people with strange powers emerge from the wreckage.

    Videl felt she was ready to confront Cole... she thought she was ready andshe didnt have time to second guess herself as she heared the news update. "THE BEAST IS IN SATAN CITY!" the news lady yelled... Videl coughed some and flew out to confront Cole...

    meanwhile Cole, along with a following of Conduits, arrived at the city.

    "Just like all the times before" Cole uttered... Quo nodded "The plague hit this city hard, we have to save as many people as possible" She said.

    it was then that Videl landed in front of Cole "BEAST! I'M HERE TO STOP YOU!" She said out loud " "The Beast"that's a name born of fear? do you fear me?" Cole asked as he checked videl... he saw the plague in her but no sign of the conduit gene.

    "I'll take this one, the rest of you gather everyone in the centerof town" Cole said

    "So you could do your job in just one blast?" Quo said "Naturally" Cole replied... it was then the other conduits,along with Quo, scattered in all directions leaving Cole alone with Videl.

    "Once I defeat you I'll stop them" she said "Then you wont be stopping them at all oreven trying" Cole said and launched a long scythe blast at Videl who lept over it and launched an eagle kick which hit Cole in the chest,sending him flying backward and into a building, however Cole, in mid flight backward, launched a Hellfire missle,a grouping of missles, at Videl which hit her, blowing her shirt off as well as her bra and causing damage to her...

    Videl doubled over, her chest brused and hurting as her breasts were exposed. "Your a perv arent you" Videl said "Your no ordenary human, that would of killed you normally" he replied before launching a cluster grenade at Videl's feet, she lept up but the explosion did catch her feet, destroying her shoes, socks and burning her feet... when Videl landed she felt pain shoot up her legs from her damaged feet...

    "Good thing I can fly" Videl thought as she flew upward but Cole used a Lightning Tether to get up on a nearby building and launched yet another Hellfire misslie at her while she was distracted, this one hit her in her vaginal area and exploded causing her tremendious pain, she let out a scream of pain as her tight shorts were shreaded and her panties were obliterated revealing her nude vagina... the damage to it caused Videl tremendious pain but shetried to ignore it and flew at Cole, attempting another Eagle kick but this time Cole caught her with a Nightmare Blast... this caused her to be surrounded by a dark smoke... as Videl coughed and was blinded Cole launched a series of Hellfire Missles that hit Videl in her chest and stomach causing her to be knocked to the ground. Videl screamed out again and coughed up blood, the missle attacks caused tremendious internal damage to her as Videl felt like her insides were on fire.

    Cole meanwhile supprised a civilian that he confirmed also had the plague and wasnt a conduit by knocking her to the ground and forcing his hand on her face, draining her of her life energy to refill his.

    the civilian also dropped a glowing purple energy ball that Cole picked up, "This is perfect" Cole said out loud.

    Videl managed to sneak up on Cole and landed an Eagle kick to the back of his head, sending him face first into a street light but he simply drained that to recover. Videl saw the electricity draining from the light and into his body with shock but then rushed Cole attempting to land a series of punches but Cole pulled his Amp out, a two pronged fork like weapon that was empowered by his lightning power, and slammed it into her chest, shattering her ribs and causing Videl to puke up blood, but Cole wasnt finished yet...

    he then kicked her in the stomach hard, causing her to vomit onto the ground and then put Videl's head in his Amp and proceeded to slam her face first into the ground. When Videl attempted to stand back up she was greeted by the sight of Cole throwing his arms to the ground, She didnt have enough time to wonder what this ment though as a MASSIVE Lightning bolt hit her, causing her to let out a cry of agony as the voltage coursed through her body. her muscles spasmed as pain filled her very being, Videl fell backward when the attack ended but then struggled, trying to get up, however Cole forced her to the ground with his left forearm against her throat...

    "YOu put up a good fight, but it's over now" He said coldly as he pushed through her resistance with his right arm, Videl was fearful as to what would happen if Cole managed to grab her face but she no longer had enough strength ot resist... so Cole grabbed her.

    then Videl felt asif her very life force was being violently extracted, her toes fanned and curled as her whole body twitched and wrathed... Videl felt like her entire being was on fire as the bio energy was being leeched from her. soon her senses began fading... more and more... Videl's eyes began rolling up as her mouth foamed... soon Videl was dead. her body let out a few final twitches of life...

    Cole left the lifeless body of Videl and went to rendevus with the other conduits to resume what they had planned for Satan City.