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Doris Lang, The brave Vampire Huntress

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Baku|Haku, Jul 28, 2012.

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    Mar 25, 2012
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    The beast roared, His howling was heared all over the vilague. His fur was black and his eyes
    were red, But i wans't always like that. He was once a man. Not any man, It was her brother
    a man of a noble heart and clean soul witch maked him perfect candidate for the werewolf curse.
    But it wans't the mere fun of seeing a clean soul corrupted from the inside what maked the Count
    choose him. Being her brother would make her vulnerable, The count loved seeing her vulnerable
    more than one time he didn't kill her just to see the look on her eyes, the despair and the
    defeat reflected on them.
    Indeedly she was once a thread to the count, killing all of his servants and giving the town
    hope of being freed from the curse.But that was all in the past, she would still kill some of
    the count servants. But she couldn't kill the count himself, This time however was different.
    You could say it was an experiment, done just for the sake of seeing those blue eyes of her
    cry in terror.

    Doris Lang was her name, She lived in a country where darkness had ruled for centuries. Few
    opposed this and those who did where destined to fail.
    Doris was about 5´6, her eyes were blue, her hair was yellow and her skin was as pale as the
    moonlight. Her usual clothing for the hunting were odd but it gave her more movility.
    Her dress reveled her beatiful long legs, It was so short that in fact many folks calimed they
    could see her underwea, she used a blue choke collar to protect her neck from any surprise
    attack, Her dress was mostly white exept for the leather shoulder paths and similar leather
    protection around her breasts. She used sleveedless dress. She used stocking and a pair of black
    stringed shoes.
    Also two belts, One carring her common weapons (Galic, Holly water etc...) and the other
    carring a red whip. It was said that the whip could slay any creature of the night and
    it shined a scarlet color in the moonlight.

    Doris went out into the woods hunting for the beast, she had her whip ready at hand, She heard
    a sound. She stoped and looked around, She saw something moving in the bushes. She whipped the
    creature or at least what she tough it was the creature. WHen her whip retturned there was
    nothing there. She went into the bush to check what was there. When she look there was nothing.
    Sudenly she felt how the beast attacked, It was to fast for her and she could see was a black
    blur, But the pain was very real. Several more times the beast strike. Dori's skin was left with
    a lot of scratchs. As the blood runned throgh her body Doris trembled. Her breathing was fast
    and her wound runned with the cold sweat of fear.
    She was not beaten however, No the count knew this
    Doris closed her eyes and the beast stroke again, Only this time she managued to see where it
    attacked and whiped the foul creature. The creature was force to pull back, But Doris kept
    attacking.However the beast soon catched the huntress whip, This didn't surprised Doris and she
    threw a bottle of holy water at the beast. The beast growled in pain. The water had a side effect
    and revealed the face of her brother.
    Dori's eyes widen as she saw her brother covered in fur and screaming of pain. She stepped back
    while shaking her head as she wished that this was nothing than a nightmare or a foul illusion
    created by the count. But the blood on her wounds was real and so where the ones she made on her
    brother. She called his name, She screamed and cryied but it was all in vain. Once the curse
    had taken over his mind. His brother was no more, Only the beast remained.

    The beast eyes glew once again and the brother's face dissapiared,She felt how his claws were
    quickly cracthing her skin. THis were quick attack so the beast could open lots of wouds.
    Doris screamd in pain as the marks on her skin increased, Suddenly the beast stopped. Doris
    fell on her knees breathing heavily. She knew this was no longer her brother, Not that i mattered
    the mommets she doubted were enough for the beast to gain the upper hand.
    She crawled into a nearby tree trying to get up, However the beast pushed her agaist the tree
    and grabbed her with his claw. She tried to punch his attacker arm, But it was futille.

    The beast licked one of the wounds on her cheeck, Doris looked away. But then the beast started
    bite her gently on the shoulder, As she felt the teeth and siliva of his teeth the vampire
    huntress trembled.

    "N-Nooo....Please brother no..."