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DOA5: Kokoro's Beating

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Relampagos, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Relampagos

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    Dec 12, 2012
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    So this is my first story. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated. And just in case my descriptions suck, kokoro is in her 5th default costume. Also, some of the attacks may not exist in the game, but whatever. Enjoy!
    Rig cracked each of his knuckles, one at a time, with a loud pop. Despite being skilled in the kicking art of Taekwondo, he was quite the puncher as well. He was aching for a fight.* “Yo, Christie! How much longer do we wait until our target… who is she again…? Kokoro? How long until she shows up?” Rig questioned impatiently. “This disgusting little abandoned alley really doesn’t smell awesome at all.” Christie leaned against a wall and checked her watch casually.

    “Another half hour. Do not fret; I’m absolutely certain that it’ll be worth the wait. In fact, I probably paid you too much just to help me rough her up a bit. It won’t even be too tough on you. Think of it more as a… little peak into how much fun you’ll have if you continue to work with me.”

    Rig grunted. “Whatever you say. I’mma go take a nap. Tell me when you see her,” he mumbled as he dozed off.

    Some time later, Rig awoke to Christie’s voice. “She’s here. Feel free to look over her first before you start.” Rig immediately sat up alert and saw a beautiful Japanese girl walking along the street. Her eyes were a nice almond shape, and she had a nice, full figure. Kokoro’s long, luscious black hair cascaded down her shoulders. She was garbed in a blue one-sleeved kimono with the legs cut 1/6 of the way down her graceful legs. White ankle socks and traditional Japanese sandals called zori graced Kokoro’s feet.

    While impressed by her cute looks, Rig wasn’t intimidated about fighting Kokoro at all. “What martial art does she know?”


    “Alright. Piece of cake.” Rig stepped out of his hiding spot in the dark alley onto the street, blocking Kokoro’s path. Christie followed suit. “’Sup?” grinned Rig, with a menacing look. He reveled in the fear in Kokoro’s eyes as her eyes darted to both sides.

    “Christie? What do you want? Who’s this?” Kokoro asked, her voice slightly trembling. Christie ignored her question. Instead, she gave a slight nod to Rig.

    With lightning speed, Rig drove a sidekick into Kokoro’s stomach with a brutal thud, causing a gasp of pain as wind escaped her lungs. She staggered backward, clutching her belly.

    “The name’s Rig.” Rig decided to let Kokoro recover a little before he continued with the attack. After all, half the fun of beating people in fights was overcoming their resistance. Kokoro gave one last cough and brought her hands up in a standard Bajiquan defensive stance. She spread her feet slightly wider than shoulder width to help stabilize her body in case Rig launched any heavy blows that’d be hard to block. Kokoro had a bad feeling he would. Seeing that she had prepared herself, Rig took a single step forward, his arms at his sides. Taking the opening, Kokoro advanced toward Rig with a series of palm strikes directed at his chest and solar plexus, all of which Rig shrugged off his hands. Next, Kokoro fired off a spinning hook kick at his head. Surprised by the intensity of Kokoro’s attack, Rig slipped up and let the sole of her foot to smack against the side of his face by accident. Kokoro allowed herself a small smile of satisfaction. However, her smile faded as she saw that her mysterious assailant was totally unharmed. Just who was he? Already she could tell that this Rig person was very dangerous.

    Rig took a small step back and raised his hands up at chest level, bouncing on the balls of his feet in a classic Taekwondo stance, meant for maneuverability and a way to launch fast attacks and counters. While unhurt, Rig was ticked off.

    “That puny little kick there didn’t sting at all. I’m more annoyed by the fact that your foot smelled terrible. What did you do, stomp around in a rotting pool of corn chips? Man is that gross.”

    Now it was Kokoro’s turn to be annoyed. “What the hell do you mean? I— aaack…!” Rig didn’t let her finish her sentence, instead opting to backhand her in the face, rocking her pretty little head to the right. Only an amateur would let some made-up trash talk throw her off her game. Rig took advantage of his spinning momentum and shoved his heel into Kokoro’s chin with a jump front kick, lifting her into the air so that her toes left the ground.

    “Guhhhh!” vocalized Kokoro, in pain. Rig didn’t let her return to the ground; however. Still in the air, Rig executed a spinning combination of hook kicks and roundhouses, launching his victim a little higher with each blow. After four kicks, Rig let loose a vicious back kick that blasted Kokoro into the wall. Kokoro moaned with the impact. He pinned her to the wall with an uppercut to her gut, resulting in low groan that almost didn’t sound like any sound a human girl could possibly make. Rig kept his fist buried deep in her belly.

    “Wh… why… a-are you… UGH…! HUHK…! Uuuuhhh…” Kokoro moaned. Her stomach had just been forced to go through the pain of three more of Rig’s devastating punches.

    “Alright Rig, that’s enough for now,” called Christie, who’d been lounging against the opposite wall to the one where Kokoro was getting pounded. “Let’s actually carry out our orders now.” Rig looked up, startled. He’d almost forgotten Christie.

    “Right…yeah…okay,” grunted Rig. Christie approached the beaten Japanese girl, who was slumped against the wall, head down and hands clutching at her aching belly. Christie took Kokoro’s chin in her fingers and gently tilted her head upwards so that the girl’s gaze met her own.*Kokoro's face was contorted in pain.

    “I’ve been told by my superiors that you have information on Helena Douglas’s whereabouts… is this true?” interrogated Christie.

    “I don’t…know…where she’s…at,” gasped Kokoro, struggling to get air in her lungs. Christie slapped her across the face. Kokoro collapsed to the side.

    “Nonsense. That was a trick question. Of course you know where she is. Our spies reported that Helena was residing in your home just yesterday. How could you possibly not know?” Christie gestured to Rig with her long, slender hand. “Hold her up for me.”

    “You got it,” said Rig, as he yanked Kokoro’s arms to the sides, leaving her body exposed to any punishment hurled at her. He then lifted her up off the ground, with Kokoro’s upper arms in the crooks of his elbows. Kokoro desperately struggled to get loose, but Rig was much too strong to allow for that. Instead of freedom, her struggles were rewarded with a snake-jab from Christie to the breast.

    “If you’d told us earlier we wouldn’t have to do this…but now we have to use more…intense interrogation techniques,” smirked Christie. “Hold Kokoro tight, Rig. This is going to be a rough ride…” Christie didn’t wait for her hired help to respond. Instead, she dove right into a punishing sequence of snake-fists aimed with the intent of causing the most pain possible. The snake-fists found their way all over Kokoro’s body…her ribs, her belly, her shoulders, her face, her legs…some even found their way onto her breasts, and one especially brutal jab found Kokoro’s crotch, eliciting a sharp squeal of pain. The rapid-fire jabs were so fast that Kokoro looked like she was being tortured through electrocution instead of a beating, as various parts of her body jerked around from the impacts.

    Christie fired off several more jabs and decided to finish up with this portion of the interrogation. She cocked back her right snake-fist and let it fly. Rig’s eyes widened. He could see that the power in this strike far-surpassed the strength put into all the other strikes, if that was even possible. Kokoro was going to be hurting even worse fairly soon. Just before Christie’s jab connected, Rig let go of the girl and rolled to one side to avoid feeling of Christie’s devastating strike through Kokoro’s body. He watched as Christie’s snake-fist buried itself up Kokoro’s gut from below. The beautiful girl screamed, and her body shook violently as the blow connected, folding in half. She hacked out bright red blood. The strike had lifted Kokoro into the air, and Christie kept her off the ground, her fingertips holding her victim up.

    “Are you up to revealing her location now, Kokoro?” Christie questioned.

    Kokoro gave a small grunt. “Please…stop…I really…don’t…know…” Christie dropped her like a wet tomato.

    “Guess we’re still not done here…Rig, do your thing. I need to contact some of my agents. It’ll only be a minute.”

    Rig cracked his neck casually. He kicked the vulnerable girl like an athlete would kick a soccer ball. He kept up the beating with a stomp here, a kick there, or a nudge to get his victim back in position. Each blow forced a shriek of pain from Kokoro’s lips. The poor girl’s will was totally broken.

    “Oy…Rig…turns out this weak little girl doesn’t know where Helena is. My sources tell me that Helena left in the middle of the night yesterday, and she had quickly lost all my agents when they tried to follow her. Come, we should go now,” Christie said as she began to walk away. Rig gave Kokoro one last punt, doubling her over, before joining Christie.

    “That was fun, wasn’t it?” smirked Christie. Rig had a nonchalant expression on his face but she could tell he’d enjoyed it.

    “I guess,” replied Rig. The dangerous pair departed from the abandoned alley, leaving Kokoro moaning and writhing in pain on the dirty ground, broken and bruised. Every inch of her had been thoroughly beaten.
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  2. Raden

    Raden Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 24, 2011
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    Ooh, poor Kokoro. I was going to write a story about her, but I never did get around to it. Very nice!
  3. onlinehero

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    Dec 15, 2009
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    Thanks for the story!
    I took privilege to add image of Kokoro to it.
  4. Ryona_Scribe

    Ryona_Scribe Guest

    So... Is anyone going to give Kokoro a cookie to make up for the mis-aimed thrashing? Knowing her luck at this point, it would likely punch her if she tried to bite it. Great story, looking forward to reading more from you.
  5. anotherguttersnipe

    anotherguttersnipe Ryonani Teamster

    Mar 15, 2011
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    I like how Rig stays true to his character and remains apathetic over the whole thing.
  6. Relampagos

    Relampagos Potential Patron

    Dec 12, 2012
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    Glad to hear you guys liked it! Thanks for the adding the picture too