Discussion, How open are you all about this fetish?


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Mar 12, 2011
Georgia, US
I am just curious how open everyone is about this stuff we enjoy. It's certainly not an *uncommon* fetish, but it is absolutely not on the top ten either. I was just curious to see where everyone stood here.

I am a big fan of the physical side of ryona, mainly in the SH sub-category. I like to see superheroes get the hell beat out of them and then their bodies taken afterwards. That's my fetish specifically. However has always been, and remains, *very* hard for me to share or discuss with others.

I am an adult, married even. I still find it very difficult to discuss this fetish of mine. My wife has no idea. In fact I haven't really shared with anyone except a good friend of mine who has similar interests. Even discussing with him I keep pretty rare. I have always known it was odd to talk about, but only recently when I was typing the script for a custom I am ordering did I realize how difficult it actually is for me to discuss. *Even typing the script* I found my myself feeling uncomfortable knowing I would be sending this to the producer. lol

I guess my question is do you guys feel similar or do I just to be a little more secure? I am rarely insecure about anything, so this is bothering me wondering.


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Apr 16, 2012
Quoting from the site rules
"There is no moral high ground here. As long as your kinks stay in the realm of your erotic fantasies, all things are equal. You're free to disagree, but you will be keeping that negative shit to yourself as long as you're here."

Translation: You may safely discuss your fetishes here.


Ryonani Teamster
Jun 10, 2010
I don't think I've ever come close to talking about my ryona fetish with anyone I know in real life. Maybe when I'm watching wrestling with some friends, we might crack jokes about a female wrestler being put in a sexy looking hold or ending up in a compromising position, but I get the feeling they're not enjoying it in the same way I am (or like me, probably wouldn't want to talk about it, ha ha)

When it comes to talking about it online, I don't feel uncomfortable about it at all, which probably isn't too surprising. And I actually love writing customs, because for a moment I can feel directly connected with someone who understands our world and won't judge me. I can just share my ideas freely and the custom company gets it, you know? I mean, I'm giving them money, they have to! :grin:

I think it is normal to feel insecure about this, especially since our fetish tends to err closer to the dark side of things. But I do love talking about it with y'all.


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Apr 25, 2015
I like to see high emotion and reaction. This sometime best show in fighting scenes. I think super hero can be very good also because they are tough and can take a lot of punishment. This fantasy is also show side of hero we do not see normally so I like that but I also think it can be good if concensual too. and not always need super hero.

One of my favourite scene is mr and msr smith fight and then sex. I think that scene is hot and great.

Usually I don't talk these topics to people in person. No reason to, better to talk this thing in forum here where we can share. Some topic not for everyone so no need to share openly. I think do this is ask for trouble. Not everyone understanding.

The only time I come close is when i tell people sometime I like disgusting and a little pain can be fun. I sometime like to explore uncomfortable but always safe. this seem acceptable and no detail. only with partner this talk.... we were playing biting....:grin:
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