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Vegeta hasn't been paying attention to bulma so bulma calls you over to help relief some stress (P.S this is my first dialogue so i apologize if it sucks also this dialogue uses dragonball supers bulma)


Want more anime dialouges just say so and i'll try making them P.s I've only seen so many animes here's a lsit




Fairy tail

Soul eater


can you make some fairy tail, dialog


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Cheating on Vegeta?
so little,did you really watched the series bulma had sex with almost everyone (rich bitch) so something canon is boring.
Well from DB super would be good but what can be done that hasn't been done or shown or implied on the series itself.
.- Videl cheated gohan with several mens maybe too many since she wasn't even sure if gohan was the one that left her pregnant (lucky was him)
.- Android 18 well something can be done but other people made it better on doujins.
From dragon ball GT
.- Pan chasing mens is the only thing she cared since episode 1 so what can be done.
From fairy tail
.- Lucy canon by Mashima Hiro is she is a prostitute (those millions she got indebted have to be paid somehow and natsu just keep destroying more) so there you have it is easy and simple (Mashima said this about the characters on his series red hair is for comedic relief characters,yellow or blond are prostitutes or nymphos ,gray hair are sluts,and blue hair are masochist so there more info if you really want to make more of this series)
From yugi oh
.- besides the original series there is no much point on doing more it was revealed that anzu canon was she became a dancer in USA but was an exotic dancer having sex with BBC (this is why they made her more erotic in DSOD) she kept mentioning the doujin name when she talked of going to USA.

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