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Dialogue to control his/her position

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by SyntaxTerror, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. SyntaxTerror

    SyntaxTerror Content Creator

    Jul 24, 2014
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    I read the dialog guide by Pim_gd and in the Tricks/Reactive interrups section, he explains how to interract with the girl ingame, mentionning the pull up/down method along with his interrupt talk method.

    Player input is one of those things that's hard to handle. Communication is important for achieving better performance. So... how do you allow your player to interact with your dialogue?

    One of the commonly used ways is using pulled_up and pulled_down. But those are rather limited functions - you only have 2 of them, and implementing a choice menu on that is just hard to do and clumsy to navigate.

    Pim_gd came up with a solution for this. When the girl talks, you can interrupt her. The game will automatically add interrupt text, and then the line will eventually stop playing. But internally, SDT still has a next line queued.

    So what if you changed the next line that SDT will play after the current line is finished... whilst the line is playing? The player could interrupt the line at the option that he wants.
    An example, hooked up to pulled_up:

    pulled_up:"Position switch? [switchHandjob]Sure, how about I use my hands? .БББ.БББ.БББ [switchFacefuck]Okay, how about facefucking me? .БББ.БББ.БББ [switchBlowjob] Just a blowjob, then? .БББ.БББ.БББ[dontSwitch]"
    dontSwitch:"Or I could just continue."
    switchHandjob:"Handjob it is![ARMS_HAND_JOB]" {"style":"Thought"}
    switchFacefuck:"Facefucking it is![ARMS_LEGS][FACE_FUCK_STYLE]" {"style":"Thought"}
    switchBlowjob:"Blowjob it is![ARMS_LEGS][NORMAL_STYLE]" {"style":"Thought"}

    A few notes:
    - You have to start with a speak line (no style or "style":"Speak"). Otherwise, no interrupts can be done.
    - The follow up lines should be Thought or Him style. If her mouth is filled with cock, how is she gonna talk?
    - You might have to explain to the user how to use this line. Have a line before the selection line explain how this works. f93 uses the following line for his shapeshifting succubus dialogue:
    shiftdisguisechoice:"[NORMAL_MOOD]It's your choice. Just fill my mouth with your delicious cock when you want me to stop.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ.[shiftoffice] I could be that pretty lady you work for, she's so dominant.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ.[shiftfriend] Or maybe that friend you wish was one with benefits.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ.[shiftsister] Maybe you really do want me to be your sister for a while? Nobody would know.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ.[shiftsuccubus] Or maybe, just maybe, you really want to fuck me as I really am - a smoking hot demon girl.[general]Maybe you've changed your mind about me changing?БББББ.БББББ.БББББ.[shiftdisguisechoice][ANGRY_MOOD] Or maybe you've not been listening at all.[TAP_HANDS][NORMAL_MOOD]"

    The main problem is to interrupt her talk (i.e. make her suck his dick), because she is pulled up, and she can continue to speak by the time you stuff her mouth...

    Instead, I present an easy way to hold or release the girl's head and make her stroke on release his dick and a more elaborate method to do nearly whatever you want.
    The code may be alittle longer than Pim_gd's, but the girl is easier to control I believe..
    The player just have to pull her up or down and push her back when he/she is in the desired position.

    Stroke & Hold easy method

    This is an easy method to [HOLD]/[RELEASE] the girl's head and make her doing a handjob or release the dick.
    Her hands are basicaly on her legs and she does the handjob with the left hand while the right one is on his leg, but this can be modified.

    dialogue_name:"STROKE & HOLD"



    intro:"[RELEASE][ARMS_LEGS]If you pull me up, you will hold or release my head. %0AIf you pull me down, I will stroke or release your dick."

    pulled_up_no:"[HOLD]Grab my head please!"{"set":{"hold":"yes"}}
    pulled_up_yes:"[RELEASE]Please release my head..."{"set":{"hold":"no"}}

    pulled_down_no:"[LEFT_ARM_HAND_JOB][RIGHT_ARM_HIS_LEGS]I want to give you a handjob."{"set":{"stroke":"yes"}}
    pulled_down_yes:"[ARMS_LEGS]I am tired to stroke your dick."{"set":{"stroke":"no"}}

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  2. Pim_gd

    Pim_gd Club Regular

    Jan 25, 2013
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    Pulling up and pulling down is another form of player input that MANY dialogue writers before you have figured out. Its prevalent in quite a number of dialogues, but has multiple issues:

    - It's not good when you have multiple options.
    - It can take a while for the game to register a pull up or pull down.
    - I'm not sure whether pull up and pull down are animtools compatible.
    - It requires more coding for complex interactions (Weewillie suffered from this with Mistresses playthings dialogue).

    For these reasons, invention of multiple choice via interrupt was a valuable discovery. It adds another tool to the writers toolbox.
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