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Death of Catwoman

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by cheeseLLAMAS, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. cheeseLLAMAS

    cheeseLLAMAS Guest

    Hey, I am new to this and have decided to share my first story with all you guys. It is the demise and humiliation of catwoman. This is a lengthy and sexual story so be prepared. Hope you like it and comments are apprciated

    Curiosity killed the Catwoman
    Two burglars walk into a house. Both are wearing casual clothes and ski masks. One burglar (B2) is bigger than the other.
    Burglar 1: This family is on vacation for the entire week so we got time on our hands.
    Burglar 2: I hope your right, because I don't want anybody to walk through that door and find us here.
    B1: Relax, I know I'm right. I have been scouting out this house for the past weeks. The neighbors won't even catch us; they are too old to hear anything.
    B2: Let's just have our fun and get out.
    The scene changes to catwoman who is in the backyard and sees the commotion inside the house. She is wearing a one piece purple uniform with black satin gloves and black thigh-high, flat latex boots. She thinks to herself, "I have been planning this robbery for the past month. I'm not letting these amateurs ruin my day." She moves towards a window, opens it, and climbs inside.
    Looks around a corner and sees the burglars putting things in bags. She steps out in front of them.
    Catwoman: Shouldn't you boys be playing outside on this purr-fect day?
    B1: Oh shit, its catwoman!
    B2: Relax she's just a girl. (Faces catwoman) shouldn't you be getting ready for some whore-fest, slut?
    Cat: You really shouldn't call me that (slowly walks towards the burglars). Girls, my type, usually get feisty when given that much attitude.
    B2: Fuck off! We were here first!
    Cat: I've been planning this day a month ago. Plus, I have more experience. So if you boys don't mind...
    She pounces and with a few punches and kicks beats the men. Both lay on the ground in pain.
    Cat: You get the claws when you pet this cat. (Turns away and looks around) Now let's see what is going be my souvenir.
    Burglar 1 gets up and hits catwoman over the head. She falls to the ground but recovers as the men get up. She holds her head in pain.
    Cat: Do you still want to play with this girl? You guys are no match for me.
    B2: We'll see about that, bitch!
    Both burglars charge at catwoman. She blocks a few of their punches until a kick gets her in the leg. She is on one knee and a burglar kicks her in the face. She rolls back but gets back up, feels her leg, and makes a gesture to "bring it on". The burglars get back at it. One throws a punch she avoids while the other tackles her to the couch. Both get on top of her and start punching her rapidly. She kicks them away, stands up and starts to beat B1. B2 comes from behind and bear hugs her. After some struggling, he manages to get her hands behind her back, while the other gets his fists ready.
    He starts off at the face, throwing some punches and slaps. Then he punches her in the gut a few times. He begins to feel her body while she grunts, moans, and yells "stop it!" He caresses her boobs and then begins to twist and grab hard. B2 encourages this and tells his friend to continue on harder and more painful. He then starts to spread her legs and punch and knee her crotch. Catwoman yelps in even more pain.
    B1: How do you like us now? Are we still no match?
    Cat: You guys... will pay for this. (Still grunting from the pain)
    B2: For now, no one can help you. Not the cops, not the neighbors, not even yourself...
    B1: Why don't you show this kitty cat your old wrestling moves.
    B2: Hey, that's not a bad idea.
    Cat: What are you going to do with-?
    Her line is cut short as B2 grabs catwoman by the crotch and holds her horizontally. He shakes her a bit, and then begins to force her body to crash into his knee. He does this a few times and then rolls her off his knee. Catwoman lies on the ground in pain and curls up as she holds her body parts in pain.B1 pulls her up by the hair and sets her up for the other's turn. B2 begins to feel her body.
    B2: Oh this is real nice. Now I see why you didn't want to stop. You're a cute little pussy cat, you know that?
    Cat: GET OFF OF ME!
    B2: Oh, but I really hate the struggling.
    B2 begins to beat catwoman around her sides where he kneed her. He applies a few blows to the crotch and begins to beat the part of her leg where he had kicked her before. There are bruises everywhere and she is still screaming in pain. Part of her costume is ripped at the leg and her side and there's a trail of blood from the mouth.
    Cat: Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?
    B2: We'll we weren't the ones who started this fight, now were we, bitch?
    B2 applies a heavy slap to side of catwoman's face. She falls down on the floor and groans, barely conscious.
    B2: I'm going to move her to a bedroom; meanwhile you find some toys around this house that this pussy can play with.
    B1: Okay boss. (As he begins to head to another room) See, I told you we were going to have fun today.
    B2: (Looks down at catwoman) you chose the wrong house to rob this time. Finder's keepers, loser's weepers.
    He picks up catwoman and carries her over his shoulders to the bedroom. He lays here down while B1 comes in with a variety of sex toys. They begin to strip catwoman. First, they took off her boots, then her gloves and mask ("she's got a pretty face"). They rip her costume at her boobs and crotch and begin to have her fun. After a while, B1 says the costume is in the way. So, they unzip and take off catwoman's entire costume so she is completely naked. They continue on with their fun. They find out that the sexy and seductive catwoman was a virgin the whole time and laugh at her. Catwoman groans and begs her suffering and the rape to stop. She constantly thinks to herself how she let this happen.
    After reaching the climax, the burglars exit her body. Catwoman lays on the bed in pain, guilty pleasure, and shame.
    B2: How long is it until the owners come back?
    B1: We have an entire week, all to ourselves- and this slut.
    B2: This is going to be the best week of our lives!
    Black screen comes on saying 3 days later. The scene comes on and shows the burglars finishing another session with catwoman. She is completely bound with rope tied around here hands. The bed is completely covered with cum and catwoman still lays there with tears on her face.
    B2: Ah, that felt good. I'm going to head out and grab some food. I'll be back in a minute.
    B1: (while putting on the ball mouth stopper on catwoman) Just be careful not to get caught.
    B2: The neighbors are deaf and dumb. You take care of our new pet here.
    B1: Don't worry; this pussy will be okay in my hands (laughs).
    B2 leaves and B1 is left alone stroking catwoman's face and body. A quick peek shows catwoman cutting the rope with her nails.
    B1: You know I never wanted to do this. But you did start the fight. So it was your entire fault. I never thought we were going to win. I mean, with your strength and agility and experience and skill... How can a pretty woman like you posses all these traits? How are, or were, you a virgin? And how the hell did we beat you? I guess a bitch will always be a bit-
    Catwoman breaks free from her bonds and wraps the rope around B1's neck. As he is been strangled, he takes catwoman on his back and bangs her into walls. However, she does not let go and B1 eventually falls dead.
    She puts on bras and panties before grabbing her ripped uniform and accessories and puts them on slowly. Her uniform is torn at places so her underwear is visible. She is weak, catwoman thinks to herself, but there is only one man left, but he is much bigger and tougher. Scene fades out. We are now facing the front door and B2 is coming in with bag.
    B2: Lucy, I'm home! (Puts bag on table and moves towards the stairs) John? I'm back. (Starts to climb the stairs) John? John? (Looks inside room and sees John dead) That slutty bitch!
    Cat: I told you not to call me that. (As B2 turns around catwoman punches him in the face)
    B2: That's it! You're dead!
    B2 tackles catwoman outside the room. Both exchange punches, but B2 manages to push catwoman down the stairs. As B2 goes downstairs, the whole floor is dark.
    B2: Come out; come out where ever you are. Is the big bad pussy cat afraid? Is she scared? IS SHE WEAK! (He continues to search around. He turns on the light only so that we can see catwoman behind him.)
    Cat: I'm not afraid, (punches him in the back and he falls) I'm pissed.
    Catwoman jumps on the burglar and starts clawing his face. He kicks her off and then tackles her to the ground. B2, while sitting on her, tears off the bra and starts beating her upper body. He pulls her up by the hair and applies blows to her stomach and throws her to the floor. He tears her costume even more in the process. Then again, the burglar pulls her up and goes for the crotch. After some screams, he releases the cat and she falls to the ground in pain. Catwoman struggles to get up and tries fights back with some punches but she misses and is then overpowered when he reverses an attempted punch into a backbreaker over his shoulders. He walks around in triumph and then brings her down to his knees. She screamed every time. On the ground on her stomach, the burglar grabs her legs, spreads them, and stomps on her crotch multiple times. He flips her so catwoman is on her stomach and stomps on her vagina in the same way. We see her on the ground crawled up in a ball. She groans and yells in pain with blood all over her as bare skin is showing more than her outfit. B2 takes in deep breathes as he wipes the sweat off his face. She struggles to get up.
    B2: I told you that you robbed the wrong house (kicks her in the stomach as she tries to get up and lets out a yelp)! Of course you had to be a bitch about it (kicks her again)! Now you finally get what's coming to you (kicks her again), you little (kick), fucking (kick), cock-sucking (kick), piece of shit (kick), whore (kick)!
    With that finally kick, you can hear all of catwoman's ribs break on one side. She spits out blood and no longer tries to get up as she knows it is no use. She lays there as the burglar places his foot on her ass. He kneels down. His face comes close to hers. He moves her chin so she is facing him.
    B2: You're no longer a match for me. (She spit in his face)
    B2 slaps her with great force. He begins to punch her ferociously and we are left with catwoman on the floor covered by her own blood. He grabs her by the tear uniform and pulls her so she is sitting up. He gets behind her and sits and places her in a submission hold. He begins to choke her.
    B2: After you're dead, I'll enjoy a last good fucking and leave your body to be found by the family or the police, whichever comes first. (As she is hearing this, catwoman begins to let out her last purrr's) There will no longer be a catwoman in history. Just a woman who thought she was a cat and went around stealing people's stuff. Then, one day she decides to rob a house when two brave men were around. Of course one is dead like you and the other is a hero (she begins to cry and let off a soft "no, no").
    B2 kisses her on the neck and the lips and the checks. As one arm is choking her to death, the other is preparing her sex organs for her last coming. However, she manages to claw his face and delays her fate. She tries to crawl away.
    B2: THAT'S IT!
    He grabs the crawling catwoman by the legs and drags her outside in the backyard.
    B2: This is where your adventure started. This is where it ends!
    He takes her by the hair and starts punching her in the face. He rips part of her mask of her face and continues beating her body. Dirt grabs onto her body and whatever is left of her uniform. The looks in Catwoman's eyes begin to fade out as she is beginning to see black. To finish her off, B2 grabs catwoman, or what's left of her, and puts her in a final chokehold. She shakes violently as the burglar applies more and more pressure. Finally, CRACK, catwoman's neck snaps and her struggling stops. The burglar throws her to the floor and spits on her. He drags her to where she belongs now, the trash cans. She sits there, defeated and with a blank expression and a torn uniform while covered in mud and blood. She's missing a glove and her boots are loose around her knees. The left side of her mask is missing. The burglar takes one final look at her as he is ready to take his fame as the man who killed the dangerous catwoman.
    B2: Good riddance. (Starts to leave, but then turns back and faces the body) ...actually...
    Scene fades so that catwoman's dead body is being fucked by B2. She is unmasked and her costume is pulled around her knees. Her face is frozen while B2 exits and unleashes a shot all over her face and body. He pulls his pants up and leaves.

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  2. Seto Kaiba

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    Jan 31, 2011
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    How can catwoman lose to 2 burglars? I mean seriously, good ryona in your story, she got what she deserved.
  3. cheeseLLAMAS

    cheeseLLAMAS Guest

    Got some free time nd working on another story... hopefully you'll like it. Its in a bunch of parts nd i'll try to upload each one as soon as im done with them:

    Cage Match – Catwoman
    Round 1 – Strangulation
    Round 2 – Knife
    Round 3 –Orgasm
    Round 4 – Fist
    Round 5 – Gun
    Catwoman wakes up in a dim room, tied to a chair. Her purple uniform is in one piece. Her mask is still on, along with her gloves and boots. But then realizes that her belt and whip is gone. A flickering light bulb is spotlighting here. There is a mysterious man sitting behind a desk in the dark on the other side of the room. There are a couple men behind him. There are no windows and the door is out of her view.
    “Welcome to your new career, Catwoman. This is Cage Match Central!”
    “Let me explain. My name is Wild Smithy and I am the creator of one of the greatest underground fight clubs in the ground… and the most violent. Here, there are no rules except kill your opponent by the pre-determined means. And now, you are our main event. You have no say, no escape, other that you must fight in five rounds and survive. Then, will you have earned your freedom, and of course, half a million dollars. Please, please, there’s no need to thank me. Really, it’s my honor to have you he-“
    “YOU SON OF A BITCH! Do you know who I am? I can kill you if you only had tied one of my hands. How about I just take one round right here right now? Or you can beg for mercy and let me out with no scratches on anybody.”
    “Ha, see you don’t understand. This is a multi-hundred million business, so we mean BUSINESS! Like I said, you are now my main attraction; you are going to bring in so much more revenue. Do you where this business will be in the future. Hell, I already got a TV. channel on Fios. People are dying on TV, for entertainment. And now I have the greatest thief in the world forced to fight.”
    “I swear, when I –“ but she gets slap in the face by one of the Smithy’s henchmen.
    “Look at it this way, fight against five amateur fighters and win lots of money or have you unmasked and brutally murder on live television. So what will it be?”
    Catwoman turns her face from angered to anguish. She had no other choice, and Smithy sure knew it.
    “Perfect. Juan, will you please…”
    The henchmen who slapped Catwoman before took out some cloth from his pocket and placed it over her mouth. Catwoman struggled but she fell into a deep sleep soon after she breathed in the chloroform.
    Catwoman wakes up, her vision is a blur but her ears are flooded with a roar of a crowd. She gets up and realizes that she is in her first cage match. There had to be at least a thousand people there, and the ring was as big as a high school classroom. The ring was illuminated by spotlights that should be used for a football field. She looks up and sees that there are suites near the top of what seem as a three story high ceiling. In one of the suites, there was a cameraman and his crew filming some commentators. There was heavy metal playing in the background. There were ropes, chains, and Catwoman’s whip all scattered around the ring. On the other side of the ring, a gate opened up to let a man in and was closed behind him.
    He seem as though he was six feet tall. He was dressed in jeans, timberland boots, and a sleeveless leather jacket. He wore a bandana, and had the slightest definition of muscle, though a lot of it was on his broad square shoulders. The crowd was chanting his name, Chocker. In other words, he was intimidating.
    The loudspeaker came on with Smithy’s voice, “Welcome all to the most anticipated Cage Match Central episode yet!” This was followed by cheers. “You are in a treat folks, because for the next few weeks, we have one of the greatest, and sexiest, fighters of all time, Catwoman!” Even louder. “For this match, she faces off against Choker at his best game, strangulation. Whoever kills their opponent by strangulation wins! If he or she is killed by a different method, the murderer will be disqualified and shot on sight. Clear? Alright, LET’S GO!”
    The bell rings, and the match begins.
    End of Intro
  4. Seto Kaiba

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    Jan 31, 2011
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    Nice intro! But it would be soo much better if you put a female adversary at 2 or 3.
    Overall good story. I wish i could make such stories but english isn't my native language and i cant formulate sentances that would fit in a story.
  5. cheeseLLAMAS

    cheeseLLAMAS Guest

    Im going back to finishing the Cage Match story. Would you guys be interested in there being a losing senario after every round? Like an alternative ending to each round.
  6. mm_mml

    mm_mml Vivacious Visitor

    Nov 30, 2010
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    I'd be interested.
  7. cheeseLLAMAS

    cheeseLLAMAS Guest

    Good to hear, I'm working on round 1 right now. If anybody has any ideas for the next rounds, please share. I want ideas of what kinds of villains i should use, how to make it unfair, anything like that. This is your story too ;)

    ---------- Post added at 06:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:08 PM ----------

    Round 1 – Strangulation
    Catwoman, still in amazement, did not realize Choker making his move. He dove towards the whip and in one quick motion used it to whip it around her arm. Too fast to react, Catwoman was quickly brought to the ground. Choker, being surprisingly quick, managed to use Catwoman’s own weapon against and tied her in a position where it was impossible to use her arms.
    Suddenly being nervous, Catwoman was pinned down by the heavy man who began to his arms around Catwoman’s neck. He was going to live up to his name by strangling one of the greatest thieves in the world. And she was almost frightened enough to not know what to do.
    Starting to lose her breath, Catwoman’s eyes move rapidly as though searching for a savior or a weapon close enough to use. But there was no one or anything that can save her. Only herself. The spectators began to boo because the match was going to finish as quickly as a blink. Choker chuckled and began to loosened his grip.
    “Gotta entertain the fans.”
    Catwoman, gasping, was turned to lay on her back. She began to feel blow after blow to her stomach. She still didn’t know how her body was arranged to be tied. But the stomps didn’t help her thought process. “AHH!” Stomp. “GAHH!” Stomp. “UMPPH!” It continued. The crowd begins to chant, “Choker! Choker!” She began to tear. “STOP! AGHH! NO! GHAA!” Then it stopped. She opened her eyes to see her foe walking towards the chains.
    She squirms to try to loosen her whip. However, she was bounded tight. She had no choice but to break her precious weapon, the one given to her by her father and treasured throughout generations of the Kyle family. Using her strength, she broke the bondage and tried to get up and loosen the whip around her feet. A shot of pain hit her face and she flew back. The chains rattled back.
    Catwoman managed to use her whip and struck it at Choker, but it stopped at his face as the whip was only half in size now. Shocked, a second shot of pain came from the chains on the other side of her face. Laying face down, she saw her blood splatter on the floor. She feels more dripping from her mouth. She senses her opponent walking towards her to finish what he started. But not this time, thinks Catwoman.
    She gets up, grabs the chain, and in one quick motion, Catwoman manages to disarm Choker and throw him across the ring. The crowd is roaring. He gets up, clenching his teeth in anger. Catwoman feels the same resentment towards her foe. Choker grabs the rope. They both lunged at each other.
    *CATWOMAN LOSES ENDING*(skip for winning ending)************
    Catwoman uses her agility to jump over Choker and tie the chains around his neck, but Choker lands a devastating counter elbow to Catwoman’s already bruised stomach. She limbs back in pain, her arms protecting her abdominals. Suddenly, countless lashes land on her body in what felt like only a second. She yelped as the pain was too much and her knees buckled. Kneeling on the floor, Choker stood over his victim, bloodied, bruised and her costumed ripped at her arms and legs. He picked her up by the shoulders and threw her against the cage wall. Some fans stuck their hands in to hold Catwoman along the fence. In her pain and the strength of the crowd, she was pinned. There was no escape as the Choker walked towards her. Catwoman lifted her head to catch one last glimpse of her tormentor. He grabs on to her stomach and rips open her costume to expose her bruised body. The crowd cheers.
    Punch after punch landed on her abs for what felt like an eternity for the thief. It stops. She tries to open her tearing eyes. She sees a fist loaded back. It comes back so fast she barely sees it. Catwoman starts vomiting blood. The fans let her go and she crumbles to floor on her hands and knees. A cruel kick lands in her crotch. “YYAAAA!” She flies forward and slides to the middle of the ring. Choker steps over her and places his arms around her throat.
    Her vision is blurred. The crowds roars grow louder. “Finish her! Kill Her! Choke her! Choker!” His grip got tighter. Her back was gradually bent back. She was frightened. Shocked that she was going to die. She felt pain growing as her strength deteriorated. All of a sudden, air is finally available. Choker stopped.
    But before Catwoman could ask why, she felt the texture of rope on the skin of her neck from her costume used to be. “You didn’t think I was gonna let you live baby?” The rope grew tight around her neck. And it kept getting tighter. Even when Catwoman thought it wasn’t possible. Her vision begins to get blurry again. Her hearing going deaf. Her mouth spits out a mixture of blood and saliva as her body attempts to breathe. It was impossible. Her vision grows dark. Pain takes over. Her final words were just gasps and moans. Everything goes dark and she loses consciousness. Choker, having the experience doesn’t stop. He doesn’t stop until there is no pulse in her body. Her limbs go limp. Her lungs collapse, and Choker feels her final faint pulse through her body. Catwoman is dead.
    The Choker lets go of the rope and lets Catwoman’s upper body hit the floor. The rope finally loosened. The crowd’s chants grow loud. “Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner… CHOKER!”
    Choker may have much experience with ropes and his hands, but Catwoman is a master of fighting. Her quickness is too fast for Choker. Using the chains, she unarms Choker. She lands a series of moves and blows on Choker. She trips him. The tides have turned and the crowd cheers, “Catwoman! Catwoman!” She grabs the chains, but before she wins the match, she makes Choker face the same pain she did.
    Lashes of metal strike Choker in every part of his body. Lying on the ground in the blood, she finally puts the chains around his neck.
    He squirms around. He throws fist around in an attempt to get free. But Catwoman has the upper hand. His arms finally dropped. It took him over a minute to finally lose his breath and die. Catwoman stood in triumph. She felt relief. She fought tougher villains but the victory felt so sweet. “Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for the new face of Cage Match Central, CATWOMAN!” Everybody cheered.
    “I can get used to this,” murmured Catwoman.
    “Tune in next time to see Catwoman in a knife match! Now, enjoy these messages from our sponsors.”
    All of a sudden, something pinched her in the back. She grabbed it. It was a dart. Everything stopped and turned black. Catwoman fell unconsciousness.
    Round 2 –Coming soon.
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  8. Raden

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    Please edit your post if you have something else to contribute and it's only been a short time between posts. Thank you. :)

    Other than that, your stuff is pretty good. But paragraphing would make it much easier to read.
  9. cheeseLLAMAS

    cheeseLLAMAS Guest

    Will do, and thanks for the comment. I will make sure it is easier to read the next chapters

    ---------- Post added 08-27-2012 at 09:31 AM ---------- Previous post was 08-26-2012 at 03:43 AM ----------

    I posted pictures in one thread and uploaded a video i quickly made a vid for anybody who needs their imagination jolted while reading round 1. The pictures and video can be found in my yahoo group too
  10. cheeseLLAMAS

    cheeseLLAMAS Guest

    So its been a while... i was really determined to finish this story but i have a new idea. I was thinking of a catwoman trilogy where she faces ordeals when she first dons a costume, in her prime, and when she has gained both notoriety and years of injury. How does that sound? Untitled-1.jpg

    - - - Updated - - -

    So i decided to go ahead and post the first part - im writing these stories quick, so feel free to suggest, comment, or add

    Catwoman Begins
    Selina has just returned from the funeral and immediately heads for the shower. She sits in the bathtub as the cold water drenches her body. She begins to cry. The only person that matter to her was gone, her adopted daughter, her life taken by random alley thugs. Selina had nothing left to live for.
    After hours, Selina finally gets up all wet and falls right on her bed. When she wakes up she sees a cat on the window still. Cats were one of her daughters favorite things in life. And thats when Selina snapped.
    She brought the cat in, talking to it and calling it Holly after her daughter. "Don't worry Holly, I'll make those men pay." She tears through her closet and drawers picking out skintight jeans, a tank top, gloves and combat boots, all black. She shreds some cloth and begins to create a mask, an amateur eyepiece. She suits up and grabs her daughters small black book bag and the whip, a souvenir Selina bought for Holly at the circus. "What do you think?" asking the cat. She heads out through the window and heads for the roof by the fire escape. All the zumba lessons paid off as she hopped from rooftop to rooftop towards the alley where her daughter was murdered.
    On her way she saw a man overpowering a woman. There were screams as the man began to strip her. And it was only a short time from when Selina saw the crime to when she jumped on top the man from a few stories above to knock him out. The would-be victim was still stunned and only saw a hobbling figure climbing the fire escape before realizing she was safe.
    When Selina reached the roof, she tried treating her ankle. "It's sprained, can't do anything now but go on," talking to another street cat on the roof. She got up and continued her journey.
    The alley was empty. She looked around, and she heard a faint bang. It was the sound of a silence pistol, and she knew where it came from. She climbed down to from the roof into a second floor window. It was dark, but she crept towards the door and open it slightly. The light was blinding at first, but she saw the body of a poor girl and the two thugs over her. Reacting without thinking, she pounce.
    "AHHHH!" Catching them off guard, Selina laid a punch on the nearest thug. The pistol flew across the room. She then swung for the next thug, only laying a weak blow as he had time to move away. She kept swinging at him trying to lay a good punch, but forgetting about the thug on the couch. Before she could get a hold of the second thug, the third grabbed her by the hair into a tight bear hug. "Uhhh!" But Selina used to this to her advantage, the momentum helped her kicked the dodging thug into a coma. Then she head butted her assailant, and with an elbow she was free. She turned around and punched him to make him fall back on his couch. Selina then saw the first thug unlocking the safety to the gun that he crawled back to. Quickly she got the whip from her backpack and whipped it on to the thug's hand, pulled it back, and grabbed the gun as it flew to her. Selina pointed the barrel to the thug.
    Suddenly, she began to think of Holly and her innocence. Her hand shanking as the thug began to look more of an young man, a college-dropout, someone too young to die… like Holly. That's when the other thug grabbed her hand so hard and the gun and whip fell out of her grasp.
    He was strong, lifting her up by the arm and laying blow after blow to her abs. "UFF! UGH! AHH!" Then he threw Selina to the ground and sat on top of her with his knees by her shoulders. A couple punches to the face made Selina weary. "Time to teach you a lesson, Bitch." He looks over her. "Maybe a lesson in sex ed," and he smirks. He takes off her blood stained mask and starts to pull down her tank top by the straps. He grabs her neck as he begins to grope her breasts with his other hand. The young man just watches. She moans as she loses hope. Sorry Holly….
    Wait! She remembers that the gun is probably around her foot. Selina begins to kick violently. "Hold her legs down man!" But the young man reacted too late. Selina felt the silencer break off and then she hit the gun with her heel so hard that the gun went off. Both thugs jumped in shocked.
    Selina acted quickly. She scratched the man off her and then hopped to the other thug. A kick, punch, elbow and he fell back. Then she went for the strong thug. A running tackled and the two were launched together. The glass shattered. The thunder boomed. All at once, as the two fighters fell to the alley. Black.
    It must have been a few seconds but it felt like a full night of sleep when Selina regained conscience. Her opponent was up as well. Covered in mud, water, and trashed, unmasked and her tank top ripped off showing her bra, Catwoman rose to her feet.
    The man ran towards her. She jumped in the air, and in one quick motion laid a thundering kick to his jaw. Cracked. He fell motionless. Selina fell in agony. The kick broke her ankle.
    She hobbled up the fire escape. She peered into the window and saw the young man still laying there shocked at the whole ordeal. "Who are you?" She walks over, swipes at him quick, and knocks the kid out before he can react. The scratches read "CATWOMAN WAS HERE". She smirks and heads out the window.
    The cat waits for her on her bed. She hobbies in bruised and bloody. "Just for you Holly." She falls flat on her bed. " I won't let this happen again." Catwoman sleeps, waiting for a new night.
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    Part two of the Catwoman Trilogy: Catwoman Rises
    Catwoman uses her great listening to begin her night patrol from the her job's building. A convenient place to begin right after a day at work. Her life in the day has become a burden. Her nights of crime-fighting have become her true identity, it is what she lives for. She vowed to make sure that Holly's fate is not shared by other victims. Although Selina, as strong as she is, is still traumatized. She is not completely sane… she talks to cats as her daughters.
    But she is Catwoman, and for a year she has been a protector of the city. She is not completely welcomed in the city still, however. There are supporters and there are people those who criticized her as a criminal or as an anarchist. She did run around in a black for a while, which may have scared some of the citizens. Now, she wears a gray catsuit. This is first night in this costume with black gloves and boots that reach above her knees. Her mask covers her entire head and hair expect for her eyes and mouth, a definite upgrade from the small eye piece.
    "AGHHH!" Her first assignment of the night. Wait… Selina starts to second guess herself as the scream sounded like it came from inside the building. Was she hearing things? Was her insanity taking over? "UGH!" That second sign made her pounce inside. Catwoman climbs in the vents and crawls toward the origin of the screams.
    She squirms inside the tiny vents with her small and flexible figure. The summer night temperature wasn't much of a help either. She began to sweat inside her costume. The heat is getting to her, she is human after all, but she reaches the spot. Selina looks down on her boss' office. She sees Ms. Tas and two men carting a huge covered object away.
    "Come back after and clean the spill boys," says Tas. She returns to her cellphone.
    "What do you think professor? I say the subjects need more doses… NO NO, we cannot wait that long… That's not my problem, they volunteered… how much money will take for you to forget that you care… if people get killed in the streets, so be it. Most people in this city are just a waste of space." She hangs up.
    Selina is fuming. All her night work is to no avail due to her day work. During the day, she is working for a monster. She starts to squirm out, but her tiring body starts to make noise in the vent. "Boys, check the vents!" Damn! how could I let my guard down thinks Selina as she scurries out.
    She climbs toward the roof vents. A faint "get to the roof…" echoes in the vents. Catwoman finally breaks free and summer air never felt cooler. Her wet costume weighs her body down and she lays on the gravel to rest. BOOM! the door opens and the two men head towards her. They pull out their guns and Selina has no time to think. She jumps off the nearest ledge. During her fall she thinks how she will improvise her way out of this ordeal. She reaches for the whip hidden in her right boot and cracks it at a gargoyle. She hangs tight, but the momentum was fast and she hear a POP and a CRASH as she tumbled onto one of the tower's lower floors.
    She awoke to police sirens in the distance and the sound of footsteps. Bleeding, sweating and hurt, Selina had little time to think. But the floor looks familiar… because that is where her desk is. She jumps behind the desk and starts to tear off whatever was left of the costume. She throws the shreds under the desk and starts to put on a business outfit she had in the drawer. It was so painful to move her right arm. "FIND HER!"
    "DON'T SHOOT!" Selina runs over to the men crying and sobbing to disguise her gasping. She hugs one of them. "She just attacked me… please protect me."
    "Where did she go?"
    "She jumped… jumped out the window."
    The men rush to the window and look out. "She's gone."
    Selina is smiling on the inside. Tas walks in. "What are you still doing here…"
    "I was working over-" Tas begins to walks away then looks back at Selina. "Why are you bleeding… and all sweaty?"
    "Cat… Catwoman attacked me."
    "Hmm…" questions Tas.
    "I'm… I'm going to get the cops. Let them know what happened." Selina runs off hoping that Tas bought it.
    After hours of being treated for injuries, answering questions and looking innocent, Selina was told to go home and rest for a week by the paramedic. "Not only did you have a separated shoulder, you're probably scarred."
    "I'm already scarred," says Selina jokingly. The paramedic just gave her a look of confusion.
    Selina could not rest, especially when she can find out what is going on through her day job.
    Days went by and Selina did whatever she could do to sneak into private rooms or steal certain files. But it was tough since Tas had been eyeing her since the incident. Selina acted cautiously.
    A week went by and that was when the news first reported of Catwoman committing criminal acts. Selina first heard about this before heading to work. She walked by her tv in her apartment. "The once thought to be good-do-er Catwoman has been committing many felonies according to several eye witnesses. A few videos have also been posted online via social media." A video shows a blurry woman in a gray attacking a robbing a common woman in an alley. Another video shows the same cat breaking windows of shops and grabbing whatever valuables falls out. Another shows the woman in the day attacking two cops. Selina knows its not her. She never goes out as Catwoman in the day and has been in at night this week working on her new costume, a dark purple one since the store ran out of gray fabric and purple was Holly's favorite color. The mask was attached like a hood. She needs to find this perpetrator tonight.
    When she got to work, everybody was talking about Catwoman, the evil Catwoman. When she reached her desk, that's when she remembered about the suit she ripped and throw under the desk. She looked, and it wasn't there. Did someone found it? Did someone throw in the trash and that's what started this? Could it be a co-worker? Questions ran threw her head. Though intelligent, these thoughts attacked her unstable mind so much, that Selina felt nauseous and ran out of the office. As she ran out, she felt the burning glare of Ms. Tas on her.
    When she got home, Selina opened up all the files she had to try to put the pieces together to find out what her boss is up to. At the same time, she turn on the police radio for any signs of the copycat.
    Hours and hours until finally something suspicious comes up in the radio. "Reports of Catwoman attacking a citizen in South Harbor. Any units in the area please respond."
    Selina grabbed the purple costume and boots and put them on. She was off.
    There she was, the grey suit was jumping out of a broken store window with a big fill with something. She threw the bag into another store window and a huge explosion went off. The copycat jumped onto a roof and Selina met her there.
    "Stop right there, honey. I'm kind of the sherif around here."
    The copycat runs off. "I hate it when they run." Catwoman pounces.
    They jump from rooftop to rooftop. Both so fast, both become blurs to the people below.
    The copycat jumps through the window of Selina's workplace. Catwoman follows through. They ran up stairs to the roof and the copycat jumped into a vent. Catwoman followed. The chase had slowed to a crawl until the copycat jumped down from an opening. Catwoman jumped down only seconds after.
    WHAM! Catwoman was on the floor, her mouth warm with blood.
    She looks around from the floor. Everything is all blurry. Three figures stood above her, one with a bat by its shoulder.
    "Aww, poor Selina."
    "Who's Se-"
    "Cut the crap Selina," says Tas. The view is all clear. The copycat takes off her mask. It is her boss. The two henchmen pick Selina up by her arms. Her legs are weak.
    "I first thought you were insane, but I see why you run around as a cat now. It's such a thrill!" She's wearing the gray costume, but it's covered in stitches.
    "What are you planning Tas?"
    "I'm glad you asked. I'm surprised you haven't figured it out yet with all your snooping around. Well then, I'm trying to get rid of all the low-lives low-class scumbags, like you, by making people like me the most powerful beings ever."
    "Huh?" Selina starts to regain balance.
    "You see, after so many tries we have finally developed a serum, one that's harmless and can make any human so strong and muscular… and well beautiful in my eyes. Of course it will only be available to people like me who are wealthy enough in this city. And there's also the 'small' army I have waiting to get a dose and wreak havoc on the dirty neighborhoods you rats call home. Could you imagine a utopia filled with wealthy people all with superpowers? All like you, but richer… and cleaner…"
    "I don't have powers."
    "Really? So if I do this…" Tas slaps Catwoman and a blow to the abs. "you would feel it?"
    Selina gasps for air. "Here, let me take your mind off that." A knee connects with her crotch. "UFF!"
    "Of course, I have a special dosage for me right here because who else would rule a utopia?"
    "You're insane."
    "No I'm a visionary. Everybody will think you're insane after committing so many crimes… and then taking your own life… Well, thanks for working for us Selina. Bon Voyage!"
    The men throw Selina on the ground and take out their guns. Catwoman kicks their hands in time and guns fly across the room. She gets up and punches one of them in the chest. Ow! His chest felt like steel.
    "Oh yeah, these guys already have the serum. Have fun!" exclaims Tas.
    Catwoman swings for the head, but a quick dodge leads to her pulled by the hair by one guy and a few punches by the other. She slide across the floor. In pain, she struggle to get up. She looked around, trying to use her wits to beat these guys. She dodged attack after attack. They were quick. She grew tired, but she had to be defensive. A slip. A mistake. One grabbed her right arm and threw across the room into a shelf. A scream from Catwoman and a "Watch the furniture!" from Tas were the result.
    Catwoman got up, her costume was ripped around her abs. Immediately a shock of pain ran threw her arm. Her shoulder was separated again. She moaned in agony, panicking as she looks around for anything useful. One man was going for a gun. Catwoman decided that it was time to be offensive.
    She went to swipe at the nearest thug. He dodged and in one motion, kneed her in the ribs, pulled her hair back, chopped at her neck, unmasked and bear hugged her. Tears rolled out and she gasped for air as her windpipe was almost crushed.
    The second man aimed the gun at her. Tas was at the edge of her seat. Selina acted quick. She scratched at the man's arms and kicked off the ground. BANG! a shot rang out.
    The man fell on top of Selina and they both lay motionless. "Well check!" ordered Tas. The henchman inched closer with his gun aimed at the bodies.
    In one sudden motion, the body rolled over and a whip cracked at the gun. Catwoman stood up with the gun in her hand. The henchman froze. Then smirked. "What's so funny big guy?"
    WHAM! Tas hit her with the bat again. Catwoman flew back, the henchman ran at her, she raised the gun and shot, missed, the guy tackled her, and both went throw the glass window. She threw her whip and it caught on something luckily. She grabbed the henchman with her right arm, but it hurt her shoulder so much that she had to let go.
    She dangled there, she can't believe she just someone died. She climbed up. Something yanked her by the back of her hair and threw her back into the room.
    "Well it's a shame they won't see my utopia, they were very loyal men."
    "Stop this… before it's too late," begged Catwoman.
    "It already is," as Tas injected herself with the serum. She grew twice her size and gray costume began to rip at some stitches. "You're in for a world of pain."
    Catwoman put her mask back on.
    Tas grabbed Catwoman and slammed her down. She then grabbed our hero by the leg and swung around like a rope and threw her at the vents. Everything crashed down on top of Catwoman. She is pulled out of the rumble by her ripped costume and dropped at the foot of Tas.
    "Curiousity killed the cat."
    BAM! BAM! BAM! Her fists land blow after blow on Catwoman's chest. She yelps after every blow. Her ribs begin to crack.
    "I was about to fire your bitch ass!"
    "But you just had to play hero didn't you!"
    BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Tas takes the beaten Catwoman and rips off her mask. Her mouth overflowing with blood, Tas throws Catwoman across the floor until she hits the window. Tas walks over and grabs her by the neck. and thrusts her rag doll of a body through the window and dangles her out in the air.
    "Game over."
    Catwoman, beaten, bruised, bloody, unmasked and broken was in too much pain to come up with a witty comeback. She knew she had one last chance to survive this.
    As Tas let go, Catwoman raised both hands, grabbed her right glove with her left hand and tied it around the villainess' hand. As she fell Catwoman held on to the glove with her left hand and brought Tas down with her.
    Her weight brought Tas below Catwoman. One shot thought Selina. Using the strength she had left, Catwoman used her legs and pounced off Tas in freefall. The force exerted launched her through a window. Catwoman rolled and then lay unconscience on the shattered glass.
    She awoke to the sound of sirens. De ja vu she tought. Selina got up and head towards the window. She looked down. The police were busting in the building. A crowd surronded a couple bodies. Catwoman put on her mask and started to head out.
    It took a while but Selina finally made home by limping on rooftops. Pain was everywhere. She fell onto the floor in her shredded costume when she climbed through the window. Her family of cats surrounded her almost broken body.
    You would think after this she would call it quits. Not Selina. "I'm ready to take our this city Holly. Right after some sleep." Catwoman has earned her stripes.
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    blah blah.jpg
    Here is something to help visualize the second story. Cant wait to find/make pics for this one. Here is the first part of the last story of the trilogy where she is broken mentally then physically. Here is Catwoman Falls, part 1:

    Ten years after the incident at Tas Tower, Catwoman is the most notorious figure in the city. Crime is at an all time low, including murders. The rate is so low that Catwoman bores herself some nights hopping along rooftops. During the night the adreline disguises her injury pain but it does take a toll on her during the day. She no longer works at the office. Its been shut down since the night Tas went missing. Tas knows her true identity and survived the fall, but that doesn't scare Selina because Tas is probably "queen of the sewer utopia".
    At her new job as a secretary in a tax office, Selina looks like she needs a cane to walk. Her fatigue is reduced though now that she can rest on quiet nights. Although, it took more than good-doing to get the city this clean.
    Catwoman has killed some criminals. Arguably deserved, every life taken does lead to a week of nightmares and Selina's mind has a history of being unstable. Since the night against Tas, Catwoman believes that it is better to take one life than for more to be taken later.
    Sometimes Catwoman even takes a reward for herself when jewelry or some cash is dropped. She takes enough to support her daily life but not too much for it to be suspicious. Her expenses are high on cat food. She even wears some jewelry on her night patrol. At this point, she is not afraid to be flashy in the shadows.
    Even with these sins, Catwoman is supported and adored by most people in this city. She had saved countless families and safe seems to last always.
    Catwoman now wears armor and it almost makes her look like a robot. Still light and agile too. She has lens over her eyes as her sight is diminishing. The armor is shiny, just like the jewelry she wears. She is not afraid to stand out in the night as most criminals surrender as soon as they see her. She likes to introduce herself with a witty and cocky comment. Its too easy now.
    Selina is past forty and might have to retire from her night life soon. but still is slim and sexy. The way she dresses keeps relationships away in her day life, but she has taken a liking to one of her co-workers. Tom is a few years younger but she plans on asking him out soon. They have a good connection and she thought about telling him the truth and it will be good timing should she choose to hang up her catsuit.
    Catwoman now returns home after a rare busy night and tries to get some sleep before sunrise.

    Selina was working at her desk across from Tom. Both giving each other flirty looks. That's when it happen.
    A man with a ski mask broke in. "Hands Up! Nobody move!"
    Selina reached for the unarmored extra costume in her drawer. She rarely was Catwoman in the day. But she has to figure out how she will be able to change into now.
    "Hey Hands UP!" The man pointed the gun at her.
    "Don't point the gun at her," Tom reached for the gun.
    "Shut up!" The man whipped the gun at Tom's head. BANG! A shot rang out the gun pointed at Tom's lifeless body.
    "NOOO! TOM!" Selina ran and knelt by Tom's side.
    "This was your fault," said the masked man as he ran out.
    Selina just welt with Tom's head in her lap. "Someone call 911" "oh my god..." Some of what people around were saying. "I'm sorry Tom," Selina whispered in his ear and then placed his head down. She ran towards the stairs and to the roof as she changed into her suit.
    She looked for hours but the man disappered, vanished. At sunset she gave up. Tears in her eyes, she let another person close to her die. Catwoman headed home.

    Her cats greeted her when she walked through the door. BOOM!
    The explosions didn't kill her, but it did tear her costume to pieces. Dazed Selina did not know what was going on. She froze at the sight of her dead cats, her daughters. She hear meows in the bedroom. Frantic she ran in. "Hurry" she coughed as she rushed them out. She then went for her armored costume. She grabbed the box. She looked for Holly, her most precious cat. She looked around, the smoke in her lungs, but no luck. she heard beeping. BOOM!
    Another explosion just as she jumped out the window. She landed onto another roof, the box with the armored costume next to her. Only a few cats survive. But her mind was on Holly, the cat that represented her daughter that she lost many years ago. "Hey you survived."
    The masked man from before was behind her. Hatred filled her. Catwoman did not care that she was almost naked, that her lungs burned, that people inside the building were in danger. She pounced. And just as quick she drove her nails into the mans chest. She felt his blood, his heart. The man coughed a little blood and fell back.
    "Where is my cat?!?"
    Spitting blood the man said, "where we first met..." Then he died.
    Confused she unmasked him. The face was young and familiar. She opened up his shirt. "Oh no..." His scars read 'CATWOMAN WAS HERE'
    Catwoman undressed right on that roof and put on her armored costume. She ignored the burning building "the firemen can deal with that" and ran off towards the alley where Holly was killed.

    To be continue...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Part two of Catwoman Falls:

    She reached the alley way. After being devastated, Catwoman heads down the fire escape without the thought of it being a trap and heads in the second floor window.
    It was dark, and she heads towards the door that leads to the room where it all began. She opened it up. It was dark too unlike last time. She walked forwards and bumped into something. The lights flickered on. Selina gasp in horror. It was a glass coffin with both Holly the dead daughter and the living cat inside.
    Catwoman fell back, she froze. Her mind was racing, practically breaking down.
    "So glad you can join us," said a man in a creepy voice in the corner. His face was shadowed. He wore a suit and tie outfit that was just as purple as her costume. "Holly and I were just getting to know each other as we waited for you," said the man as he walked out into the light. His mouth was stitch at the sides. "I was telling all the about the first time I met you… and you knocked me into a coma!"
    He was the thug that Catwoman first knocked out with a kick to the jaw.
    "You see, I didn't think our first date went so well. So, I've been trying to get some friends together for a party made just for you. I've been watching you Selina," he snickered at Catwoman's blank face.
    "Yes, kitty, welcome to your homecoming party," said a large man from another corner. As he walked into the light he too became a familiar face. It was the last thug from the first night that almost killed her. But he looked much bigger and stronger. "I didn't formally introduce myself last time. People call me Bane."
    "Nice to see you again Selina," said another familiar voice. In the other corner came out Tas, and she injected herself with a serum as she introduced herself. She grew to her monster size.
    Catwoman sat there, shocked at the fact that her daughter's decaying body has been exhumed. It was like she was unaware about the foes around her.
    "I don't think we have her attention," said the clownish thug. "Let's get this party started then," and with a loud laugh he lit a spark on a string on the side of the glass coffin. The spark followed the string inside the coffin and immediately Holly and the cat inside were up in flames.
    "NOOO!" screeched Catwoman. She started banging on the coffin, scratching it to no avail. Her heart pounding, blood rushing through her head. Catwoman snapped "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!"
    She punched the clown in the face. He rocked back still smiling, still laughing. She landed on top of him. Gave him as many blows as she could before her hair was grabbed by someone behind her. She turned around and gave Bane a punch to the face. He swiped back, she dodged, and backflip kicked him. Wham! Tas punched Selina down. She got up. Joker still laughing. Catwoman countered with a few scratches to the head and punch Tas in the face. Bane came back.
    Boom! with his right Bam! with his left. Catwoman blocked the next move. Bane came with a knee, kicked her back, and landed a mean punch that shattered the lens off her mask. Pinned against the wall she took a beating. Bam! Bam! Bam! her rib cage couldn't take any more. She dodged, the wall pretty much fell apart with a few Bane punches. She rolled right into Tas. Greeted by an uppercut. She was sent to the ceiling. When she landed, she puked. The clown still next to her, laughing. "Ain't this fun!" Catwoman gasp for air.
    Tas picked her up by the hair and threw her on top of the coffin. The glass was so hot, it felt like it was burning her back. Tas started stripping her of her armor. She couldn't rip off Catwoman's chest plate, so she started pummeling it. After cracking it, she flipped Selina over. She pushed on her back into the coffin, like a spatula on a grill. The glass started to crack. Catwoman began to sweat, began to scream louder, began to sizzle. Tas then slapped Catwoman's ass a few times. "This is for being a BAD worker, and a NAUGHTY PUSSY CAT!" After ten slaps she let Catwoman lay there. The heat unbearable, she couldn't take her eyes off the burning face of her daughter. Tas leaned in close next to Catwoman and whispered in her ear, "this is what you get, you worthless little bitch. your daughter was just a stained wiped from the earth."
    Catwoman didn't retaliate, she just laid there staring, crying, wishing this was all a nightmare she can wake from.
    Tas pulled her away from the coffin. Catwoman stumbled towards her, and Tas hold her steady. She winded up, and then unleashed a fury of devasting punches. Her nose broke, mouth filled with blood, and teeth came loose. Her masked was ripped, but still stayed on.
    "My turn," requested Bane. Tas pushed a stumbling and weary Catwoman towards Bane.
    Bane took her and threw her against the wall. Punch after punch delivered on her body. Ribs cracked, the unarmored costume was ripping, her abs became bruised. He lifted her up by the neck and crotched over his head and spread out his knee.
    "Wait!" The clown thug halted his laughing. "We'll break her later… physically that is. Let's not waste all the fun now."
    Bane forcefully threw her down… Catwoman's crotch connected with his knee. "YOOWLL!" Catwoman fell to the floor grabbing her crotch. Her pelvis felt like it was snapped like a wishbone. Her head was lifted by her hair.
    "LOOK AT ME!" said the clown. He smiled. "I want to cause you the pain. I want to see you burn. But not in a serious straightforward-shot-to-the-head-kinda-way. Oh no… we're going to have a lot of fun. I promise you that. WHAAHA!"
    The next two things Catwoman saw was a boot and darkness.

    To be continue...
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    Part three of Catwoman Falls:

    The lights come on.
    Still half the room was dark. Catwoman's arms were wrapped around with metal chains. Her own whip was tied around her neck.
    Her nerves were racing in pain but, she did not feel despair, or panic. She was not humiliated or heartbroken. She only felt... defeated... broken.
    "The cat finally woke up from its nap," said the clownish thug as he walked into the light. The handle of her whip in his hands.
    Spotlights illuminated behind him, making him just a silhouette. A beep came from behind him, Catwoman could see the camera light up behind him. There was a TV behind the camera showing a live view.
    "Welcome! People of Gotham Welcome! I'm your host the Joker here to give you the show of a lifetime! We have a great line up here today, but first let me introduce our first guest: the hero of the city... worshipped by all like a fucking god, you're beloved Catwoman!"
    He steps out of the camera's view. Catwoman looks up at the TV and sees a body in shambles, almost lifeless. It took her moments to realize it was her.
    "Gasps! Why does our hero looks like she been through hell?!" That's probably what you are all thinking right now. Well I say, how rude! I think she looks lovely." he smirks. "Although I'm afraid it looks my good friend, the beautiful Ms. Tas, is quite jealous."
    Catwoman sees Tas come into view in the TV before she said her at her side. The amazon-like woman looked so tall to Catwoman as she is knelt by her side. Tas grabbed her head. She then knelt by Catwoman, raised her head with her hand, then started licking Catwoman's lips.
    "Well gentlemen and ladies, or just gentlemen..." Joker faced the camera with a huge grin, "looks like things are getting excited.
    Catwoman didn't resist. Tas continued groping the heroine. She kissed Catwoman, and Catwoman just had blanked eyes as she accepted it. Tas felt her entire body. She reached into some of the ripped parts of Catwoman's costume. Tas reached and touched her legs, then her crotch as Tas continued kissing her and licking her neck. Tas then started kissing her, using her two hands to feel up Catwoman's breast and messing up her hair. Catwoman closed her eyes and began to kiss back.
    Then out of nowhere WHAM! A shot of pain rang in Catwoman's cheek. Tas just slapped her so hard, some of her mask ripped. The amazon began to wail on Catwoman's abs. With little gasps, Catwoman took the shots.
    "Well, that was a quick show! Thank you Tas, let's give her a round of applause. Hmm... I don't hear you clapping. You still support the underdog? Even after she robbed some of you of priceless possessions." He holds up jewelry that was stripped from her to the camera. "This one neckless belong to a Denise according to the inscription. And what about the people she killed in COLD blood??" The TV flashed with pictures of the criminals Catwoman killed. She wanted to responded with 'I HAD NO CHOICE' but her mouth was dried and it pained her to try.
    "And more recently, when SHE caused the deaths of many as she blew up and trapped people into a burning building and then KILLED a bystander, and then RAN AWAY!" A video showed the event that happened only hours ago when her apartment was rigged with explosives.
    It was edited to make her look like she caused everything and did nothing to stop it. "You see why I must do this. Why I must expose this savior of yours. Why she is the cause of the scum that is contaminating this city. Not only were they innocent citizens... they were her neighbors. You'll see what I mean in a minute... now it's time for our next guest: Bane..."
    Bane walks in and immediately kicks Catwoman. He does multiple times to her face, her body. He then rips the chains from the walls. Catwoman was free but she could not move. He lifted her up against the wall by holding her left arm as her legs could not support her. He then punched her. All over her upper body. She spits out blood. Bane knocks one into her crotch. She yelps this time. He takes her right leg, and with all his might, he elbows it. CRACK! AHHHHH! Her knee bent backwards. Her femur was now split into two. Bane rips off half the boot and lets her go. Catwoman lies there, rubbing every part of her body to ease the pain. But this pain was worst than anything in the world. She did not give birth yet, but Catwoman was certain that this was worst than that.
    "This what a true villain looks like! And when our justice system fails to take down this so-called-hero, we must take down all evil ourselves! WE MUST rise up and DESTROY the scum from OUR city streets!"
    Bane lifts up Catwoman from the ground by her neck and crotch and raises her above his head.
    Bane thrusts Catwoman's body down onto his head. The whole thing was in slow-motion for her. Joker's laugh slowed down, Bane's battle cry was a lower pitch, and she could feel the wind through her hair. After a moment of peace as she stared into the spotlight, it was taken away from her in an instant, like the snap of a finger. Her back was snapped, blood flew out of her mouth as she began her scream, she closed her eyes to the light. She was conscience. But she could not move. She could not speak. She could only spill blood and shiver in place. All three villains... or vigilantes according to Joker... stood above her. They began to stomp on Catwoman.

    To be continued....

    - - - Updated - - -

    The gang moved back. The camera showed a poor body in the middle, the head surrounded in a pool of blood that she spit out.
    Catwoman's pain so unbearable, as though every bone was broken and every inch of skin bruise. She could not see out of one eye and her ears felt as though it was smashed in. Her nose was numb as it dripped with blood and her leg was bent oddly. She was curled up since her back was broken. It was painful but the slightest move resulted in a giant jolt of pain.
    The TV switched scenes and what Catwoman saw broke her ego. Her statue, dedicated to her by the city as its protector, was being knocked down by citizens. Families were cheering. Everything she had done was for nothing. She was betrayed and broken.
    "Bane... finish her..." Joker said.
    Bane sat on her back and bent her head back by putting his arm around Catwoman's neck. Jolts of pain rang threw her body. Her mouth gaped open to scream but it hurt to do anything. She was in a chokehold by the strongest of her villains. No way out she thought, this is it. The chains around her arms began to rattle as she tried to scratch Bane's arms, but the claws were gone, and the gloves covered most of her fingernails. Wait! the chains!
    With one last effort, Catwoman swung up one arm. "ARR" as the chains hit Bane in the eye. He let go and tried to get up. Catwoman swung around on her back and whipped the other arm so the chain wrapped around his neck. SHe pulled down as Bane landed on top of her. This hurt her more than it hurt him. Her screams were louder than Bane's gasps. But she would not let go, not for anything. SHe will not go down without a fight. Bane was dead but she would not let go. She wanted to pull so hard so his head would fall off.
    Joker pulled on the whip. "Stop that! You're not suppose to win!" She let go and tried to claw at the whip. No use again.
    The grip loosened as Tas came into view. Tas lifted Bane off Catwoman and then raised Catwoman by her chains. She yelped at the slightest movement. Tas swung the ragdoll around and threw her into the wall. With a loud SLAM! followed by screams of immense pain, Catwoman flew to the ground, her back more than broken. Tas lifted her again by the neck. She brought her arm back ready for a hail storm of punches. Catwoman had another plan.
    With a muffled "wait..." Catwoman reached for Tas' crotch and began to rub it. She felt up Tas' hips and then her breasts. Tas whispered, "I always had a thing for you Selina" she smirked and then began to kiss Catwoman. THey felt up each other bodies. They began to moan. Tas left Catwoman on her feet as she began to bite into Catwoman's neck. Tas then violently kissed Catwoman. That's when she made her move.
    She bit off Tas' lip. Tas yelped and held her mouth. Catwoman again wrapped the chains around the neck. Tas shook violently. A broken girl on top of a strong amazon, but Catwoman would not let go. Tas' arm swung around and hit Catwoman in the right shoulder, a shoulder that had a history of being separated. The arm fell limp but Catwoman did not loosen her grip as she held onto 2 chains with one hand. The amazon fell motionless after a SNAP!
    Catwoman took a deep breath. Then she was kicked off, landing on her back she again yelped.
    "Folks, we're running out of time so we will have to hurry up this show." Joker then injected himself with something. Catwoman knew what it was and grew immediately fearful. It was the serum used to create Tas, used to make Bane bigger. Joker immediately grew, his muscles blew up. He was the size of Bane and Tas combined.
    He walked over, ripped off the chains, and began to wail on the ragdoll of what was left of the hero.
    ________________________Extreme Ending (with sexual content)________________
    "You think you can make a fool out of me?? WHo do you think you are? You are just a piece of shit nobody who decided to put on a sleazy costume and thought you can save the world. As you die, remember that you failed. Remember that you are still nothing. You think Catwoman is your identity? You think being a cat is your real life? You're just another stain in this world that was wiped out. "
    Joker sat her against the wall. "Go ahead boys."
    Out of the darkness, walked in a horde of men all dressed in orange. All of them convicts. Joker walked to camera. "I have released all the innocent people this so call law-bringer but behind bars. It's now time for some good old justice..."
    They surrounded her. "Come her kitty cat" "I've been looking foward to seeing your pussy" They came closer. They grabbed her. Her costume torn, they ripped it almost totally. "Those look nice!" She felt violated. "Hey, she's a virgin!"Then she felt something thrusts in her. She screamed. SHe cried. Catwoman kept rocking back and forth. "Not anymore she is!" Then she felt something stuffed in her mouth. SHe bit, it was pulled, but she was slapped and punched harder. Then more stuffed in. Everywhere. SHe felt like she was bone amongst dog. "I'm turning this cat into my bitch!" After the pace quicked, after her gasps, everything stopped. SHe opened her eyes and was immediately covered in a warm liquid. It was all over her cover her eyes, everything.
    "Round 2?"
    "Hell yea, let's go"
    "ENOUGH!!" yelled Joker
    he walked back to the almost lifeless body that was once a hero.
    He lifted her by the hair. Catwoman was motionless. Her limbs were limp. Here head down, eyes close.
    "This is it Catwoman..."
    Joker rips off Catwoman's mask. Then grabs her by the back of the neck and thrusts her through the wall. He does not let go. After the dusts clears, Catwoman opens her eyes. She could see her statue fall. As it collaspe, Catwoman gives up... on everything. It's over. The crowd looks up and see the broken Catwoman. They cheer. A tear falls from her eyes.
    Joker brings her back in. He brings her close to the camera. Selina's bloody face fills up the whole view. "This right here is Selina Kyle. SHe is why this city has fallen so far into darkness. Well, it ends here..."
    Joker gently puts her down. Catwoman stares back, giving him a look of acceptance through her black and blue eyes.
    BAM! one punch. BAM! another. then BOOM! BAM! CRASH! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! SNAP! Catwoman lets out one final moan.
    Catwoman has finally fallen.