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Oct 19, 2015
The sun glared brightly upon a small sandy island, the size of a football field and standing in the middle of the vast blue sea. The blue waves softly crashed onto the sandy beach and only one coconut tree standing in the middle of the island. Strangely, the water surrounding the island was boiling hot; bubbles reaching the surface violently. It was as if there was an active volcano beneath the ocean.

On the island were twenty-four girls, all in their early twenties and naked; with toned bodies and hairy vaginas. They were: Kyoko Kirigiri, Aoi Asahina, Toko Fukawa, Sayaka Maizono, Mukuro Ikusaba, Celestia Ludenberg, Junko Enoshima, Komaru Naegi, Mahiru Koizumi, Peko Pekoyama, Ibuki Mioda, Hiyoko Saionji, Mikan Tsumiki, Chiaki Nanami, Sonia Nevermind, Akane Owari, Kaede Akamatsu , Maki Harukawa, Himiko Yumeno, Kirumi Tojo, Angie Yonaga, Tenko Chabashira, Miu Iruma and Tsumugi Shirogane. All of them stood around the tree, staring daggers at each other.

Then a portal appeared just above the island and a flying television screen hovered over the group. It switched on as the portal closed, showing a mysterious girl hidden in the shadows. The only thing that was visible in the screen was the black and white striped shirt she wore, showing that she was some sort of referee.

‘Hello there ladies!’ Her voice can be heard all over the island, provided it was small. ‘I know all of you want to get into each other throats so I’ll make this quick! The rules are simple; the last one standing will not only win but will be teleported back to civilisation! As you can see, the water surrounding this island is boiling hot and it will slowly flood the island! So you guys better start fighting right…… NOW!’

At the sudden signal, Komaru yelled as she kicked Miu; knocking the pink-haired girl into the sand and earning the first hit. Soon the island was filled with the screams of rage and pain as the girls entered a free-for-all rumble, taking in pairs or taking on two girls at the time. Komaru was immediately knocked off her feet by Mukuro before Aoi jumped on her, wrapping her arms around her throat and her legs around her waist.

Akane roared as she right hooked and grabbed Celestia by the head, head-butting the red-eyed girl onto her bottom. Kaede and Kirumi growled as their arms tangled into each other, trying to grapple one of them into the sand. Junko leapt into the air and dropkicked Himiko into the hot water. The red-head girl screamed as she was boiled alive, sinking deeper into the water.

Junko smiled and jumped into the air as she gave a “peace” sign but she did not had time to enjoy her celebration when Ibuki wrapped her arms around her waist, delivering a German suplex on her into the sand. Toko and Sayaka exchanged slaps while Chiaki dragged Angie by the hair, making her screamed loudly. Tsumugi had kneed Tenko in her crotch before grabbing her by the wrist, Irish whipping her towards the water. Tenko screamed as she fell into the water, sinking like a rock as the boiling water took her.

Peko had both Mikan and Mahiru by their hairy vaginas, both her victims moaning lewdly. Meanwhile Sonia and Kyoko formed an alliance as they both grabbed Maki’s long ponytails and yanked it hard, one foot on Maki’s back. Hiyoko pulled Miu up onto her feet but when the pink-haired girl was on her feet, Komaru was already on her feet and grabbed both girls by the back of their head.

Komaru growled as she slammed Hiyoko and Miu’s faces into each other, making them yelped and dazed. As both of them took a step back from each other, Komaru stepped in between them and slammed the back of her hands into their face, sending them into the sand. As Miu and Hiyoko laid knocked out in the sand, Mukuro walked backwards and slammed Aoi into the coconut tree.

Aoi screamed as she let go of Mukuro and slumped down to the base of the tree. She looked up just in time to see Mukuro looking down at her and kicked her in the face. Aoi screamed as she fell to her side, still conscious. Before Mukuro could continue her attack on her, she was turned around by Komaru and was punched in the face. Mukuro grunted as she uppercut Komaru in the gut before head-butting her on the forehead. Komaru cried out and swung her arm for a punch but Mukuro ducked and delivered a powerful uppercut into Komaru’s jaws, sending her flying backwards before landing onto her back; knocked out.

Akane grabbed Celestia by her ankles and swung her around, knocking her into Kaede and Kirumi. Both Kaede and Kirumi went down, Kaede out cold while Kirumi groaned as she massaged her head. Akane smirked as she threw Celestia into the sea, watching her boiled alive as she sunk into the water; more bubbles reaching the surface. Akane pumped her fist into the air, only to be tackled into the sand by Kirumi.

Ibuki delivered two more German suplexes onto Junko, causing her to groaned loudly as the horned girl lifted her slowly into the air. She grunted as she slammed Junko’s back onto her knee in a backbreaker before sliding her fist into Junko’s hairy vagina. Junko’s eyes rolled back as she moaned, feeling Ibuki’s fist inside of her. Before she could orgasm, Tsumugi came to her rescue.

Tsumugi pulled Ibuki away from Junko and slapped her hard in the face. Ibuki snorted as she scooped Tsumugi up into the air and slammed her down into the sand. Meanwhile Angie and Chiaki, who formed another alliance, sneaked towards the moaning Junko and rolled her onto her stomach, sitting on her back. Junko screamed in agony as Angie and Chiaki bent her back in a camel clutch and double boston crab hold combo, putting pressure onto her spine. Then at a snap, Junko’s eyes became unfocussed and drool flowed out from her eyes; unable to get up.

Toko and Sayaka were still in the middle of their slapping match, moving back and forth as their hands slammed into each other cheeks. Toko was about to land another slap into Sayaka’s face when she yelped, jumping towards Sayaka and looking back. Apparently the boiling water had begun flooding the island, rising at every second. With Toko distracted, Sayaka simply pushed her opponent into the water. Toko screamed as the boiling water burned her and she slowly submerged into the sea.

Sayaka smiled and turned back to the fight. She gasped as she sunk into the sand, the first one to trigger a hidden trap. Sayaka groaned in pain but before she could climbed out from the hidden pit, the boiling water flooded the pit and drowned her. Peko managed to make both Mikan and Mahiru orgasmed all over her fingers before slamming her palms into their faces, knocking them out.

Before both of them could even fall onto the sand, Peko walked towards Chiaki and Angie, slamming her palms into their stomachs. Angie and Chiaki both gasped as drool flew from their mouths as Peko stepped behind them, delivering karate chops on the back of their neck. Both of them fell down into the sand but surprised Peko with a kick in her stomach and hairy vagina. Peko gasped as she fell onto her knees, holding her stomach and vagina.

Maki’s screams filled the air as Sonia and Kyoko continued to pull her hair. In desperation, she grabbed her own hair and pulled it forward. The surprised Sonia and Kyoko were brought towards Maki as she slammed her elbows into their faces. Sonia and Kyoko screamed as they fell into the sand, holding their faces in pain. Before they could get up, Maki leapt into the air and slammed her knees into their hairy vaginas, making them screamed further.

After dispatching Komaru, Mukuro turned to her earlier opponent and was immediately attacked by Aoi. She managed to block the punch and kneed Aoi in the stomach before grabbing her by the head and smashed her face onto the coconut tree. Aoi groaned as she crumbled into the sand, drooling into unconsciousness. Akane growled as she back-kicked Kirumi in her hairy vagina, sending her back. Kirumi was on her fours as Akane approached her, her hands reaching out for her.

Before she could lay a hand on her, Mukuro ran pass Kirumi and clotheslined Akane into the sand. Akane gasped in surprise as she was on her back while Mukuro pulled her onto her feet. With a roar, Mukuro hip tossed Akane onto the sand, accidentally sending her into a hidden trap. Akane groaned as she laid inside the hidden trap, too dazed to climb out from the pit.

Tsumugi gasped as she was slammed into the sand but punched Ibuki’s hairy vagina. Ibuki gasped in surprise as her hands went to her crotch while Tsumugi stood up. Holding Ibuki by her horns, she slammed the knee repeatedly into the horned girl’s vagina until she orgasmed all over her knee. Ibuki moaned as cum dripped from her vagina but she was furious. She head-butted Tsumugi in the face, breaking her glasses, and kicked her in the stomach. With Tsumugi blinded by her own broken glasses, Ibuki roared and uppercut Tsumugi into the boiling water.

By now the island was getting smaller as the building water flooded in, drowning Akane in the hidden trap stealing a few more unconscious bodies. Maki panted as she slowly stood up, only to be stopped by Sonia and Kyoko. Sonia’s legs were around Maki’s head while Kyoko’s legs were around her waist, crushing her in a head and body scissor combo. Maki choked out as her windpipe was being crushed, tears welling in her eyes. Then Maki stopped struggling as her arms went limb, her glazed looking up into the sky.

Sonia and Kyoko smiled as they let go of their victim but before they could get up, Ibuki snarled and brutally slammed her fists into their faces; knocking them out immediately. With Peko recovering from both kicks, Angie and Chiaki jumped onto their feet and pulled their prey onto her feet. They turned her upside down and hugging her together, Chiaki and Angie pile drive Peko into the sand; burying her face into the sand.

Chiaki and Angie let go of the unconscious Peko and stood up, only to be attacked by Kirumi and Mukuro. Chiaki screamed as Kirumi backhanded her in the chest while Mukuro sent a flying knee attack into Angie’s jaws, knocking her into the boiling water. As Angie was boiled alive, Ibuki turned Mukoru to face her and right hooked her in the face before sending a knee missile into her stomach.

Mukoru gasped and fell onto her fours, saliva falling onto the sand. Before Ibuki could finish her off, she gasped as Kirumi locked her in a full nelson hold; pushing her head down. Apparently she had finished off Chiaki with a knee strike into her hairy vagina followed by a shoulder-push into her. Chiaki gasped as she fell into the boiling water, sinking into the sea.

Seeing her chance, Mukoru slammed her shoulder into Ibuki’s stomach. The horned girl spat out saliva as Mukoru treated as punching bag, pummelling her face and breaking a few ribs. At an unknown agreement, Kirumi let go of Ibuki as Mukoru uppercut her in her hairy vagina. Ibuki moaned and swayed on her feet as she orgasmed once again, her eyes unfocussed. Nodding at each other, Kirumi and Mukoru kicked Ibuki, sending her stumbling backwards.

Ibuki screamed as she triggered a hidden trap, falling deep into the sand. She moaned and looked up but unable to escape the trap due to her weakened state. All she can do is looked up and wait for her watery demise as the final battle took place on the island. Mukoru and Kirumi looked at each other warily, the island now smaller and every one of their opponents now at the bottom of the sea.

‘Looks like this is it Kirumi.’ Mukoru said as she raised her hands in the air, inviting her opponent to a test of strength. ‘Let’s finish this.’

Kirumi nodded and locked fingers with Mukoru, accepting her challenge. ‘Yes, lets.’

Both of them grunted as they pushed each other back and forth, droplets of water splashing onto tier legs. Soon Mukoru was dominating Kirumi in the test of strength but Kirumi was not done yet. She stepped forward and kneed Mukoru in the stomach before striking her twice in the face. With Mukoru reeling with pain, Kirumi stepped to the side and locked her in a wrist-lock, sending Mukoru into the sand.

Mukoru grunted as Kirumi twisted her arm, trying to dislocate her Mukoru roared and rolled onto her back, left hooking Kirumi in the face. With her hold on her weakened, Mukoru slammed her knee into Kirumi’s vagina. Kirumi gasped and fell back, holding her sore vagina. She did not resist when Mukoru pulled her up onto her feet and wrapped one hand around her neck. With a grunt, Mukoru lifted Kirumi into the air and slammed her down in a choke-slam.

Kirumi screamed in pain, arching her back in pain. Mukoru laid next to Kirumi and slowly slide her entire hand into Kirumi vagina, fingering her deeply. Kirumi moaned with pleasure as Mukoru whispered into her ears.

‘Cum for the last time for me.’ Mukoru teased as she pushed her hand deeper into Kirumi’s insides.

Kirumi blushed and shook her head but so weak she was that she could not stopped herself as cum flowed out from her vagina, soaking the sand under her. Kirumi moaned loudly as she was pulled up onto her feet, her cum flowing down her legs. Mukoru smirked and kissed Kirumi on the lips.

‘See you bitch. I hope you find yourself in Heaven.’

Then with a roar, she uppercut Kirumi in the jaws, sending her into the hot boiling water. Kirumi screamed as she sunk into the sea water, her hand the last thing Mukoru saw. Mukoru smiled and pumped her fists into the air, the water closing on her. Then the mysterious woman voice cried out in the air.

‘Well done Mukoru! You’re declared the winner! Welcome back to civilisation!’

Mukoru’s entire body glowed with a light blue light as the hot boiling water were almost at her feet. Then she suddenly disappeared, no doubt appearing back into a city. When Mukoru was gone, the flying television set exploded and it fell into the sea. Then the island disappeared, with the coconut tree slowly sinking into the water as well.


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Aug 23, 2014
Mukuro, the
first character to die in the series (not counting the opening because we technically don't know who he is at the time... well actually we think Mukuro is Junko at the time too, but whatever, semantics).
happens to be the winner of this battle royale. Interesting, but understandable for the "ultimate soldier"!


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Oct 19, 2015
Mukuro, the
first character to die in the series (not counting the opening because we technically don't know who he is at the time... well actually we think Mukuro is Junko at the time too, but whatever, semantics).
happens to be the winner of this battle royale. Interesting, but understandable for the "ultimate soldier"!

It was random :) And I like her short hair

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