Cyberdimension Neptunia 4 Goddesses Online nude mod


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hum how does it work? did i use the wrong folder?
i hoped it with change that hot spring picture ingame.
but it doesn't q.q

aaaand.. could you edit some other pictures too? like the "low angle" event shot or the "Put Me Down Already!" image? XD


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It was done in a way written by modSmurf.
Delete after unpacking pak file.
You can change the picture by replacing uasset.
UI_GalleryCG11_00_TEX.jpg uni.jpg


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amazing blanc <3

and about uni.. do you thing you can edit her image with noire into a topless one?
with some saliva threads between their lips as if the just kissed each other O///O


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You seem to be good at Texture editing. Have you done any with the other games or are you only interested in this one?


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I see. I was going to place down a request for trying to mod Rebirth 3 and SuperDimension, but no one seems to be interested.


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whoa but still would love a good panty less one XD
it adds fun to peek upskirt and showas more (or less) than panties ^.~


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The size is about the same. Fortunately.
For unpacking I used UnrealPak which is part of the UE4 installation and can be found here:
x:\...\Epic Games\4.xx\Engine\Binaries\Win64

There's obviously some other tool I just happened to find but didn't try.
Unreal Engine 4 pak-file Unpacker / [UE4 global topic] - ZenHAX

If needed I'll upload the packer I used. Just let me know.
It's a command line tool and lets you unpack with the following command:

UnrealPak.exe CyberdimensionNeptunia4GoddessesOnline-WindowsNoEditor.pak -extract x:\your\path

You will get two folders:
- CyberdimensionNeptunia4GoddessesOnline
- Engine

Merge each with the already existing one. Maybe make a backup of your game folder first because as we all know, shit happens.
Invalidate or delete the PAK. Not sure if overriding actually works. I didn't try.

The uassets themselves can be extracted with the newest version of umodel by Gildor.
Just make sure you set it to UE4 - 4.13. That version is sure to work.

I haven't tried any other modding tools yet. I didn't really want to bother since this is the first Idea Factory game using UE4. So I didn't really see a point and kept trying with the engine itself.
But it's been a while I actually modded a Nep game.
If there's tools that might or still do work I'd like to know of course.

May the pudding be with you.

I have a question, i know you can unpack pak files with the command "UnrealPak.exe CyberdimensionNeptunia4GoddessesOnline-WindowsNoEditor.pak -extract x:\your\path" using UnrealPak.exe, but what is the command to re-recompress the files back into a pak file ? i unpacked everything to use your mod but i don't know the command to repack it back into a pak file, i'm stuck please help :(


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How do i use Unrealpak to extract CyberdimensionNeptunia4GoddessesOnline-WindowsNoEditor.pak please help me i tried what you said but it gave me a error
LogPakFile: Display: Using command line for crypto configuration
LogPakFile: Display: Added 7 entries to add to pak file.
LogPakFile: Error: Incorrect arguments. Expected: -Extract <PakFile> <OutputPath> [-responsefile=<filename>]
LogPakFile: Display: Unreal pak executed in 0.002052 seconds so how do i8 fix this what should i do