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Once the Tyrants, Kuvira and Satsuki Kityuin, were carried off to the infirmary, the crowd became more excited: not only watching CWF’s first Tag Team championship but not there was another tag team match.


The doors opened and Panty Anarchy and Orihime Inoue walking into the arena: wearing red bikini and red and orange boots respectively. While Panty strutted towards the ring, Orihime skipped and high-five with any of the audience members before they climbed into the ring: Panty posing erotically while Orihime bounced into the air: bouncing her breasts as well. Once their theme song ended, Orihime turned to Panty.

‘Maybe we should change our name into something more cute? Like... Baby Angels or Angels of Cuteness?’

Panty grimace. ‘Nah, We’ve to be intimidating Orihime.’


The doors opened again and Ino Yamanaka and Asami Sato walked into the arena: waving and smiling at their fans. Ino wore purple bikini and purple and black boots while Asami black bikini and boots. When they reached the ring, they helped each other into the ring and posed sexually: their fans whistling and catcalling at them. Their theme song ended and Asami climbed out of the ring and stood on the apron while Ino stayed in the ring. Panty whisperer to Orihime.

‘I take care of the Blondie here.’

Orihime nodded and climbed out of the ring and stood at their corner as Panty walked towards Ino at the sound of the bell. Ino, seeing Panty approaching her, readied her arms for a grapple but Panty smirked and kicked Ino in between the legs: making Ino gasped and hold her crotch. As Ino bent forward, Panty grabbed her by the hair and kneed her in the face: making her squealed in pain. Then Panty grabbed hold of Ino’s bikini bottom and wedged it into Ino’s crotch: making Ino cried and screamed in ecstasy.

Panty yawned. ‘This is too easy! No wonder why you keep losing to that pink-haired whore.’

Ino could only gasped as her bikini bottom became damped from her orgasm but retaliated by also pulling Panty’s bikini bottom upwards into her crotch but Panty just moaned and let out a sigh of relief as she orgasmed. She smiled down at Ino who looked at her in disbelief.

‘Thanks, I needed that.’ Panty just grinned.

‘Y-you... Whore!’ Ino panted.

Panty just shrugged and ripped off Ino’s bikini bottom as well as her bikini top before kneeing Ino in the face: making Ino’s body snapped backwards and exposing her pink nipples and exploding blonde hairy vagina. As Ino stood groggily in front of Panty, Panty threw Ino’s bikini into a pile and with a smile: pulled off her bikinis and showing off her pink nipples and wet blonde hairy vagina. As Panty threw her bikinis aside, Ino screamed and charged towards Panty with a clothesline ready but Panty just grabbed Ino’s hand and threw onto the mat before raising her elbow and dropping it onto Ino’s head: making Ino screamed in pain. As Ino lay on the mat holding her head, Panty crawled on top of her and facing her, plunging her right fingers into Ino’s vagina and started fingering her violently: rubbing it inside and out and reaching deeper into Ino’s insides.

Ino screamed sexually as Panty used her left hand to pin Ino’s hands to the mat and started sucking on Ino’s right nipple: still fingering her roughly. Ino continued moaning and screaming as she exploded with orgasm: covering Panty’s fingers and creating a small pool below her. Panty smiled as she pulled out her fingers from Ino’s vagina and pulled the panting Ino by the armpits before grabbing her by the hair and throwing her towards her corner. As Ino laid face first into the mat, Panty grabbed Ino’s bikinis and paraded towards her corner: swinging Ino’s bikini in the air before throwing them to the crowd who eagerly caught it and fought for it. Ino painfully crawled to her corner and tagged Asami who had her hands out: Ino slowly getting out of the ring while Asami climbed in, looking for some revenge. Before she could even attack Panty, Panty tagged Orihime.

‘Your turn.’ Panty grinned. ‘Show me what you got.’

Orihime smiled as she climbed into the ring and met Asami in the middle. Asami slapped Orihime in the face and, getting angry, Orihime slapped Asami back and both of them started grappling each other: trying to throw on of them down to the mat. As they grappled, they also started pulling off each other bikinis and were now naked: Asami showing her brown nipples and black trimmed vagina and Orihime showing her pink nipples and orange hair vagina. They continue to grapple each other until Orihime slammed her massive breasts onto Asami’s breasts: surprising her as she slammed against a turnbuckle.

‘Damn!’ Asami gasped as she looked down on Orihime’s breasts. ‘Those are huge! What did you do to them?’

Orihime just smiled. ‘I dunno, every time I eat, all those goodies goes into my boobs. Wanna feel them?’

Then Orihime started circling her nipples around Asami’s and pressing them hard them hard on hers: the move making Asami aroused. Asami moaned and screamed as Orihime slapped her breasts on Asami’s and making sure she was fighting back, Orihime pinned Asami’s hands to the ropes. From the apron and still holding on to her wet vagina, Ino was shouting.

‘What are you doing Asami? Fight back!’

‘I-I c-can’t...’ Asami moaned and then gasped as her nipples squirted out fluids: spraying all over Orihime’s breasts. Orihime giggled and stepped away from Asami, allowing her to cover her leaking nipples, as Orihime widened Asami’s legs: hooking them to the ropes. Orihime fell to her knees and using her right nipple, plunge it into Asami’s crotch and started rubbing it inside and out. Asami moaned loudly and grabbed hold of Orihime’s hair, as her moans became screams as Orihime pushed her right nipple deeper into Asami’s vagina.

Finally, Asami gasped as she orgasmed: spraying cum all over Orihime’s face and breasts. Orihime licked her lips and stood up, pulling the moaned Asami away from the turnbuckle and putting her head under her right arm: Orihime bull dogged Asami into the mat. Asami cried out in pain and moaned softly as Orihime rolled her onto her back and smothered her with her massive breasts: cutting all air away from Asami.
Asami’s screams were muffled and she flailed her arms wildly until they became limp and dropped onto the mat. Orihime straighten up as the referee checked that Asami was still breathing but unconscious: signalling the end of the match. Orihime beamed and stood up raising her hands as the crowd cheered for her and Panty and the announcer cried out.


As Orihime stepped away from Asami, Ino climbed into the ring and limped towards her. ‘Asami!’

Before she knew it, Ino was knocked by someone and she fell on the mat: groaning in pain and rubbing her face. Apparently, it was Panty who delivered that dropkick from standing on the top ropes when Ino came into the ring. Now Panty grabbed the unconscious Asami by the hair and threw her outside of the ring. Then she whistled and two angels dropped something into her hands: two strap-ons. She gave one to Orihime.

‘Good job Orihime.’ She smiled. ‘Now, let’s have some fun!’

Orihime reluctantly took the strap-on and wore it around her waist while Panty pulled Ino onto her feet by the armpits and rammed the strap-ons into Ino’s vagina: making Ino screaming in pain. Panty beckoned Orihime to do the same thing to Ino and Orihime stepped behind Ino and slid the strap-on into her anus: making Ino screamed louder. With two stap-one tearing her insides, Ino screamed loudly as she drooled and tears flowing out from her eyes when she finally exploded with cum: covering Panty’s legs and creating a large puddle under them. Ino’s eyes were rolling back and she was swaying as she dropped onto her side when Orihime and Panty pulled out the strap-on from her: leaving her unconscious and breathing heavily.

Orihime, however, looked troubled. ‘Panty, isn’t it extreme to do that on Ino after we won? I feel terrible about it...’

Panty took out the strap-on and looked at Orihime. ‘Orihime, it’s how things are done around here so while you’re showing some dominance not only to your opponents but also to those who are watching, you might as well enjoy your victory. Besides,’ she pointed at the unconscious Ino. ‘If it wasn’t for me, what happened to her... Would happen to you in an instant every you lose a match.’

Satisfied with the answer, Orihime beamed. ‘I get it now! Wow, I’m learning a lot from you!’

‘Indeed you are.’ Panty smiled as Orihime removed the strap-on gave it back to one of the angels. Panty held Orihime’s hand. ‘You’re extremely good: I think you and I are going to get along just fine.’

Orihime smiled as Panty raised both their hands as the crowd cheered for them before leaving the ring and going backstage: leaving Ino and Asami out cold in the ring.

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