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Casual Client
Oct 19, 2015
After the tornado tag team between Misty, May, Peach, Daisy, Mikasa and Annie, the referee stood unsteadily on the slippery mat as the arena filled with wrestling fans and the announcer’s voice boomed through the arena again.


Then a theme song cut off the announcer and the entrance doors revealed Kneesocks Daemon in green skimpy bikini and barefooted. She strode towards the ring with purpose and slid into the ring. Behind her were two imps carrying a big bucket. The referee looked around, astonished: Kneesocks wasn’t scheduled for tonight’s match. Kneesocks came in with a microphone and spoke into it.

‘I know I’m not scheduled to tonight’s match and I sincerely apologize to the audience and to the manager.’ She said. ‘But after my sister and my humiliating defeat by the Anarchy sisters, I demand retribution! Stocking Anarchy, I challenge you to an oil wrestling match so I can redeem myself in the ring!’

The crowd, despite waiting for another match, cheered at the thought of two beautiful women wrestling in oil. Then the doors opened and a gothic theme song played as Stocking Anarchy walked towards the ring: her white body covered in purple bikini. She jumped into the ring and despite the referee trying to distance her away from Kneesocks; Stocking pushed her aside and snatched the microphone away from Kneesock’s hands.

‘You don’t have enough hurt already, bitch?’ Stocking spat in the mic. ‘I can take you anytime bitch in any match!’

Kneesocks snatches back the microphone. ‘Then I hope you don’t mind wrestling under these conditions!’

Kneesocks snapped her fingers and the two imps flew above her and Stockings and released the content: pouring transparent fluids all over the girls. Stocking was startled and almost slipped off her feet at first but once she realised it was only lubrication oil, she smiled at Kneesocks.

‘You’re kinda kinky aren’t ya?’

‘Silence you vulgar beast!’ Kneesocks hissed. ‘I’ll beat you at your own game!’

‘Since we’re going to get down dirty, we might as well go all the way.’ Stocking smirked and striped away her bikini: showing Stocking’s pink nipples and shaven vagina.

Kneesocks was against. ‘What are you doing?’

Stocking smirked. ‘What? You’re afraid to show off your body? You know that we’re going to be naked when oil is involved. Wanna give up like a good little girl?’

Blushing furiously in embarrassment and anger, Kneesocks removed her bikini as well: showing her red nipples and shaven vagina. Only her glasses were still on. Stocking smirked and beckoned Kneesocks towards her but Kneesocks was not buying into that. Kneesocks circled around the ring, trying to anticipate Stocking’s attack. Stocking, however, kept taunting and mocking Kneesocks: questioning her bravery and skills in wrestling. The insults finally got into the composed mind of Kneesocks as she screamed and charged forward: forgetting the oil covering the mat. Kneesocks slipped and fell on her back. Kneesocks moaned as she arched her back and then screamed in pain as a laughing Stocking elbow dropped in the breasts.

Kneesocks screamed and clutched her breasts in pain as Stocking plunged her fingers into Kneesocks’ vagina: making Kneesocks squirmed uncontrollably. Then, Kneesocks gasped as she orgasmed onto the mat.

Desperately, Kneesocks kneed Stocking in the face: causing Stocking to fall in her sides. Kneesocks slowly got up and slammed her fist into Stocking’s belly who kicked her away from her. With the help of the ropes, Kneesocks pulled herself up and Stocking rose to her feet but because of the slippery mat, she slipped and fell back to the mat. Kneesocks rebounded from the ropes and leg dropped on Stocking’s Head. Stocking screamed in pain and held her head but opened her mouth and bit Kneesocks’ calf. Kneesocks’ drew her leg away and was about to kick Stocking in the face but Stocking rolled away at the last second and stood up. When Kneesocks stood up, Stocking speared her out of the ring through the ropes: slamming Kneesocks’ back onto the floor. Kneesocks moaned in pain as Stocking pulled her up by the hair and slammed her face into the ring post and onto the apron: breaking Kneesocks’ spectacle.

Kneesocks covered her face in pain as Stocking threw her back into the ring. Kneesocks was on the mat as Stocking rolled back in. She grabbed Kneesocks’ head and slammed and rubbed her face into the oil. Kneesocks was blinded by the oil and could not fight back. Stocking then sat on Kneesocks’ back and applied camel clutch on her before switching to the bow and arrow hold. Kneesocks was moaning as her back was bent by Stocking but because they were covered in oil, it was difficult for Stocking to hold on to Kneesocks and when she applied more force, Stocking kicked Kneesocks away.

As Kneesocks carefully stood up, Stocking stood up with the help of the ropes and slid towards Kneesocks. With the oil accelerating Stocking’s slide, Stocking knocked Kneesocks off her feet and she slammed face first into the mat. Stocking then stood up and pulled Kneesocks by the hair. With her hands on Kneesocks’ vagina and neck, Stocking scooped Kneesocks into the air and applied torture rack backbreaker: bending her back by pulling down her head and crotch.

Kneesocks screamed in pain and agony, as Stocking not only bent her back but also started fingering her vagina: driving her two fingers deep into her. Kneesocks couldn’t decide whether to scream in pain or moan with pleasure as she squirmed violently: trying to escape Stocking’s hold. Despite being covered in oil, Kneesocks could not escape and Stocking continued applying the hold and fingering Kneesocks’ vagina until Kneesocks orgasmed again.

Kneesocks gasped as her vaginal fluids fell down the mat. She moaned. ‘Please... I... Give... Up...’

‘What did you say?’ Stocking smirked and tightened the hold, making Kneesocks screamed louder.

‘I give up! I submit!’

Hearing the words, the referee signaled the end of the match and the bell rang. The crowd cheered as the announcer’s voice boomed.


Stocking dropped Kneesocks to the mat as the referee raised her right hand as her fans shouted and cheered her name. Stocking arm dropped and she looked down at Kneesocks before turning to the levitating imps.

‘You boys have any toys I can use on “Miss Bitch”here?’

The imps chuckled and giggled as they produced a black and blue striped double strap-on and threw it into Stocking’s hands. Stocking smiled evilly as she put on the strap-on. Stocking rolled Kneesocks onto her belly and forced her head into the mat while Kneesocks’ bottoms stuck out into the air. Putting Kneesocks in a “doggy-style position”, Stocking pushed the strap-on into both Kneesocks’ vagina and asshole: driving both plastic penises in both Kneesocks’ vagina and anus.

Kneesocks screamed as her insides was being tortured brutally as Stocking rubbed the strap-on inside and out of her. Kneesocks’ tongue was hanging out and Stocking grabbed her head and forced her face back into the mat: forcing Kneesocks to lick the oil mingled with her own orgasm. Kneesocks cried and groaned as her insides were burning with sexual drive and for the third time, she orgasmed again.

Stocking pulled out the strap-on out of Kneesocks and now rolled her onto her back. Stocking grabbed Kneesocks’ arms and pulled her in sitting position. Stocking then slapped Kneesocks in the cheeks with a cum-covered strap-on before forcing it into her mouth. Kneesocks was moaning with the two plastic penises in her mouth and when Stocking pulled them out, Kneesocks coughed and gagged as she spat out saliva mixed with her own cum. When Stocking was squatting above Kneesocks’s vagina, Kneesocks panicked.


Then Stocking plunged the strap-on in both Kneesocks’s vagina and anus again and begin rubbing her more wildly and violently than before. Kneesocks screamed loudly and painfully as her insides was violated again. Kneesocks screamed hysterically as Stocking drove the strap-on deeper into Kneesocks’s vagina and anus and after rubbing her inside for another five minutes, Kneesocks orgasmed again and fainted on the mat: in a pool of lubrication oil and vagina fluids.

Stocking smiled and pulled the strap-on off her waist and threw it back to the imps. Stocking just squatted above Kneesocks’ face and orgasmed all over her face. After orgasmed all over Kneesocks’s face, Stocking stood up and posed for her fans who were cheering wildly for her. Then she looked down at Kneesocks.

‘Hope you learnt your lesson, bitch!’

Kneesocks only moaned as Stocking slid out of the ring and walked out of the arena and back into the locker room.
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