Crossover Wrestling Federation: Halloween Special Match #1 - Felicia Vs Riza Wildman


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CWF’s Halloween Match: Felicia vs Riza Wildman

The CWF’s arena was being filled with spectators, every seat taken. The CWF’s arena was decorated in Halloween decorations; dark red tapestries with black cats or white ghosts draped the walls and paper-Mache monsters hanging from the ceiling. The lights dimmed, exposing “glow-in-the-dark” stickers of other monsters on the floor and walls. The referee, dressed in a black and white mummy costume, stood in the middle of the ring as Asakura’s voice boomed through the arena.


Felicia walked into the arena, her white toned body exposing her hard pink nipples and blue hairy vagina, along with biceps and six-packs. Her arms, legs and sides were covered in white fur and her claws gleaming white. She skipped towards the ring, beaming and waving at the cheering crowd, before rolling into the ring. She got onto her fours and made a cat pose before getting onto her feet, bouncing on the balls of her feet. Asakura then announced her opponent.


An eighteen-year-old girl ran into the arena, her red short hair shimmering from the spotlights and her golden eyes shining off. She was naked saved for her red and black combat boots. Her light tanned toned body displayed her pink nipples and red hairy vagina, her biceps and six-packs also hard.

She ran towards the ring, slapping high-fives with her fans, and slid into the ring. She stood up and flexed her muscles, making the crowd cheered loudly. As the cheering died down, Riza and Felicia looked at each other as they stood in the centre of the ring.

Felicia smiled. ‘So what are you suppose to be? Unless this is a standard “blue-vs-red” match?’

Riza grinned, showing her sharp canine teeth and bringing her arms up in a cross. Her human arms transformed into wolf’s claws, covered in white fur and dangerously sharp. ‘We’re going to fight like cat and dog you feline slut.’

Felicia made a clucking sound. ‘What a foul mouth… Looks like I have to clean your mouth with soap after I’m done with you!’

The bell rang and both fighters wrapped their arms around each other, grappling back and forth in the ring. Felicia had the first hit as she kneed Riza in the stomach and put a hand on the back of her head, pushing her into the ropes. Riza grunted as she rebounded from the ropes while Felicia prepared to clothesline the werewolf in the throat.

Riza growled and lowered herself, spearing the cat-woman in the stomach and lifted her up onto her shoulder. She spun the surprised Felicia in a circle before slamming her feet onto the mat in an atomic drop. Felicia gasped loudly and left herself defenceless, Riza slamming her palm into her face.

Felicia yelped at the slap but punched Riza in the sides and slammed her left fist into Riza’s face. Riza grunted loudly but placed both her paws on Felicia’s sides, lifting her up with unbelievable strength and slammed her feet on the mat in another atomic drop.

Felicia screamed this time as she stumbled backwards, leaning onto the ropes. Riza curled her claws into fists and slammed them into Felicia’s face, breasts and stomach. Felicia cried out and blocked many of Riza’s punches before kneeing her in her hairy vagina.

Riza gasped and backed away, covering her wounded crotch. ‘I’m okay with the whole nudity thing but are low blows even allowed?’

Felicia pushed herself away from the ropes, pouncing on Riza and slamming her back onto the mat. ‘Looks like werewolves can’t read. Yes it is you illiterate mutt.’

Riza growled as she wrapped her arms around Felicia’s head, rolling around the ring with her. Felicia moaned as she slammed her nipples into Riza’s, licking her face as their nipples fought. Riza moaned lewdly as she too began licking Felicia’s face back, pushing her nipples back at the cat woman.

Both Riza and Felicia moaned as they rolled all over the mat while licking each other faces. Finally Felicia pushed Riza off her and sat on her stomach, punching her in the face. Riza cried out at each punch as she tried to protect her face from Felicia’s onslaught. She snarled and slammed both her knees into Felicia’s back.

Felicia screamed in surprise as she fell off Riza, landing face-first into the mat. Before she could get back onto her feet, Riza got on top of her and sat on her back. She grabbed both her legs and pulled them towards her in a double Boston crab hold, bending the cat woman’s back.

Felicia screamed as she felt pressure onto her back, trying to crawl towards the ropes. Riza grinned and yanked Felicia’s legs harder, putting more pressure onto her spine. Felicia closed her eyes and tried to fight off the pain or Riza off her, the referee checking whether she was all right.

Before Felicia could submit, Riza stood up and lifted the cat woman into the air before slamming her face-first into the mat. Felicia screamed, as she lay face-first into the mat, screaming again when Riza slammed an elbow on the back of her head. She got back on top of Felicia’s back and yanked her head towards her in a camel clutch, bending her back once again.

Felicia screamed as her back was on fire again but wrapped her arms under Riza’s legs. With great endurance to the pain, she planted her knees into the mat and slowly lifted Riza up into the air. When she got onto her feet, she roared and fell backwards: slamming Riza into the mat.

Riza gasped in surprise and rolled sideways before jumping onto her feet. She was not fast enough. Felicia was already on her feet and waited for Riza to get up. She growled and dropkicked the werewolf in the chest, sending Riza back into the mat. Riza groaned as she arched her back in pain, not resisting when Felicia grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up onto her feet.

Felicia wrapped her arms around Riza’s waist and turned her upside down, holding her there as she licked Riza’s hairy vagina. Riza gasped and moaned as she felt the cat woman’s soft and wet tongue touching her hairy vagina, her paws touching the mat. The werewolf managed to grab hold of the cat woman’s ankles but before she could trip Felicia down to the mat, she gave out a gasp.

The gasp came when Felicia’s tongue found her sensitive spot, making her orgasm all over her face. She moaned as her cum squirted all over Felicia’s face and flowing down her body, releasing her hold on the cat woman’s ankles. Felicia smiled and licked Riza’s vagina cleaned before pile driving her into the mat.

Riza screamed when she hit the canvas, falling onto her back and continued to cum onto the mat. She looked up as Felicia lay on top of her, grinning. She opened both her arms and rolled her tongue out, slowly licking Riza’s sweaty armpits.

Riza gave a yelp. ‘W-what are you doing?’

‘Giving you a lick.’ Felicia replied as she licked the sweat off Riza’s armpits. ‘It’s true! Dogs really hates baths.’

Riza moaned and shook her head as Felicia licked both her armpits cleaned. Riza gasped in disbelief as she orgasmed for a second time, her cum spilling on the mat again. Felicia giggled as she got off Riza, licking her lips and posing sexually as the werewolf panted heavily while she orgasmed.

Felicia strode towards one of the corner and jumped on top of the turnbuckle, pumping her claws into the air. After embracing the excited crowd’s cheering, she leapt off the turnbuckle, whirled in mid-air and frog-splashed into Riza. Riza screamed as the air was knocked out from her body, her screaming muffled as Felicia smothered her in her sweaty armpit and goes for the pin.

‘1… 2…’

Before the referee could finish the count, Felicia rose from Riza and giggled loudly. Under her Riza was smirking as she licked Felicia’s sweaty armpit, making the cat woman giggled hysterically.

‘Ticklish eh?’ Riza smiled as she continued to lick Felicia’s armpit. ‘Shouldn’t had started it if you’re this ticklish. You’re now open!’

Riza pushed Felicia onto her back and began licking her other armpit, rubbing the cat woman’s hairy vagina with her paw. Felicia moaned lewdly as she was stimulated by Riza’s tongue and paw on her crotch, her eyes rolling back. She gasped loudly as it was her turn to orgasm onto the mat and all over Riza’s paw.

The redhead smirked and lifted her head up, licking the cum off her paw. She then sat on Felicia’s stomach and began slamming her furry fists into her face and tits, sending sweat flying everywhere. Too aroused to fight back, Felicia could only yelp for every punch that slammed into her. Riza then placed both her paws onto Felicia’s shoulders and slammed a knee into her leaking vagina.

Felicia screamed as more cum exploded out from her vagina, her tongue lolling out and saliva dripping from the tip. Riza pulled Felicia onto her feet and punched her twice in the stomach before walking backwards, rebounding from the ropes and drop kicking the cat woman in the chest.

Felicia gave a cry as she stumbled into the ropes, rebounding back towards Riza. The werewolf quickly got back onto her feet and grabbed the cat woman’s legs, lifting her up into the air and falling backwards. Felicia screamed, as she was slammed face-first into the mat, the move almost knocking her out.

Riza pulled Felicia up onto her shoulders, pushing her up into the air before bringing her down on a brain buster. Instead of releasing her after the move, the werewolf pushed her up into the air again and brought her down once again in the same move. Felicia groaned in pain, on the verge of unconsciousness.

Riza smiled as she pushed Felicia onto her feet again, running into the ropes. She rebounded from the ropes and struck Felicia in the face, making the cat woman spun around. As Felicia spun in circles, Riza rebounded from the ropes and struck her again. Felicia groaned as she spun in circles again as Riza rebounded from the ropes for the last time.

The werewolf roared as she jumped on top of Felicia’s shoulders and flipped backwards, slamming the cat woman face-first into the mat in a hurricana. Felicia made not a sound as she was out cold while Riza held her legs and pinned her down. The referee went for the pin.

‘1… 2…3!’

The bell signalled the end of the match and Riza let go of Felicia, leaning on her knees as she collected her breath. When she recovered for a bit, she pumped her paws into the air as he crowd applauded and called out her name. Asakura’s voice boomed into the air as she announced Riza as the winner.


The redhead smiled as she lowered her paws, hearing the soft moans from a recovering Felicia. She grinned and fell onto her knees, connecting her wet hairy vagina to Felicia’s and began grinding hard on her. That action made Felicia wake up and the cat woman began moaning, feeling her climax building up again.

Riza bucked her roughly and Felicia let out a moan as she slammed herself onto her back, drooling all over the mat as she orgasmed all over Riza’s stomach and hairy vagina. Riza smirked as she stood up, slamming her wet hairy vagina onto Felicia’s face. The werewolf let out a moan of her own as she orgasmed all over Felicia’s face.

‘Damn…’ Riza grunted as she released her cum. ‘I’ve never cum so much in my life. Let’s continue this backstage you perverted cat.’

Felicia could only nod weakly as Riza pulled her up onto her feet and lifted her onto her shoulder, carrying her like a log. She carried Felicia out of the ring and waved at the cheering crowd with one paw before disappearing into the backstage.

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