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Cosplay Wrestling Fiction: Ellie Torres (OC) - Refuse To Lose

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by TheCrimsonRisk, Jan 6, 2015.

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    Trying to set up an RP, big squeeze put me on to a cute set of cosplay pics. Haven't been able to get the model out of my head since. This is not supposed to be an actual comic book character depicted in this story. Just a girl in a nice costume.

    Must write. Must ryona. A wrestling story.

    (Special thanks to Selene for helping me with phrasing a section I was having trouble with and anotherguttersnipe for some helpful conceptual suggestions)

    Ellie Torres - Refuse To Lose


    The entrances went by in a blur, as they usually did for Mariela "Ellie" Torres. When she'd first started her wrestling career, she enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of it all as much as any young woman would. The audiences' adulation combined with the rush of competition was an intoxicating combination for Ellie who had always been the popular and sporty type. There was no greater high than conquering an opponent in the squared circle; unfortunately, she'd been deprived of that high for some time now.

    After finding success in several female only wrestling leagues, Ellie got the call from one of the biggest companies in the country: RYONA. As far as she could tell the initials were meaningless, but she soon came to know what the organization itself stood for: tormenting pretty girls like herself. She was routinely matched up with wrestlers who were vastly superior to her in size and strength. Bodybuilders, amazons, giants...the sight of her standing across these specimens was absurd. The company knew it, the crowd knew it, and Ellie definitely knew it. It didn't matter. Fans ate it up.

    Other performers had warned her about how the company worked, how the locker room was clearly divided into the monsters, who were viewed as the true superstars of the company, and the jobbers, who were there solely to lose and look good doing it. With her pretty face and hot body, Ellie made for a natural jobber. She joined RYONA determined to cast off her assigned role; it wasn't until her first match against a blob-like man who outweighed her by at least two hundred pounds that she realized she might not have much say in the matter.

    The blob ran through her like she was nothing. He splashed her in the corner, slammed her body into the mat over and over again, and engulfed her tiny body in his girth as he applied various spine twisting submission holds. After ten lopsided minutes of action, he finished Ellie off by jumping into the air and sitting on her chest. It took weeks for the stink of his unwashed wrestling singlet to leave her nostrils.

    It didn't get better in her subsequent matches, which always ended with her being pinned, knocked out, or forced to submit. The latter form of defeat was made worse by the fact that the RYONA referees were mostly useless and her opponent usually didn't release her from their clutches until she said or agreed to do something humiliating. One opponent forced her to beg and call her "mistress". Another didn't let go until he made Ellie cry. And the last time she submitted, she actually had to lick the victorious woman's boots. Everyone got a big kick out of that one.

    On this night she would face off with Hellga, one of the top dogs in the company. It was another mismatch, as was evident just by glancing at their records. Ellie was waving and smiling at the fans when a graphic overlay showed her name and record on the big screen by the entrance. Zero wins, twelve losses.

    Ouch. Ellie thought to herself. It hurt to have her failure on display for all to see. Hellga's record came up next, a glossy 31-2. She was in the midst of a twenty match winning streak. Normally, such a pairing would be viewed as ridiculous but in RYONA, this was a no-brainer. Everyone wanted to see Hellga continue her dominant run and Ellie was the perfect victim. In short time, Ellie had already become one of the wrestlers who fans wanted to see suffer the most.

    At least it's a woman this time... Ellie's last three losses were to men. In truth, neither gender had been kind to her. The men relished demeaning for being "a little girl in a man's world". Ugh. They also took liberties with her, putting their hands in...inappropriate places. She could tell by the look in their eyes that it was anything but accidental. The women weren't much better. Ellie's youthful appearance and her lively personality rubbed them the wrong way from day one. They bullied her outside of the ring and went to great lengths to punish her inside of it. And they were just as dirty as the men. She still had nightmares of a fit African woman who trapped her in a grapevine pin and proceeded to grind against her long after the referee had counted to three.

    The young fighter slapped herself to regain her focus! She had almost missed her cue. The ring announcer called out her name and she took a few tentative steps forward. She had learned long ago not to get too close to her opponents who had no qualms about rushing her before the bell rang. She went far enough for everyone to get a good look at her.


    Ellie's outfit was a custom made spandex one-piece with jacket-like features. It had sleeves that covered the length of her arm and a collar, but the portion of it that covered her torso resembled a leotard. It was high cut around the hips so as to show off an ample amount of butt and thigh, and low cut around the chest to accentuate her bubbly breasts. The outfit was black with a thick white strip up the front and back that joined together around her waist, creating the image of a "T" on both sides. That motif extended to her boots, which had a similar white stripe running from the toes to her thighs, and in the "T" shaped zipper at her cleavage. On her hands were white, fingerless gloves, ideal for grappling.


    A camera was waiting for Ellie when she returned to her corner. "I'm ready for my close-up!" She joked. All it would take was a flutter of her blue eyes or a toss of her short black hair to send the viewers at home into a frenzy. Instead, she playfully stuck her tongue out and turned to face her opponent. The cameraman stepped down from the apron, grumbling. He would have to settle for a good shot of her ass.


    On the other end of the ring was Hellga, six feet, one inch, and two hundred and ten pounds of pure muscle. She wore a short silver skirt that showed off her tree trunk like legs and a shiny black tank top. A flex of her tremendous biceps followed the announcement of her name. The workout belt around her waist only served to emphasize how stacked she was. The no-nonsense look was completed by black shin guards, black shoes, and blonde hair that was tied back so as not to interfere with her work.


    If that wasn't enough, Hellga had brought her partner Titan with her. Titan was an absolute mountain of a man. Even standing on the floor outside the ring he was still almost as tall as Ellie! Ever since she'd seen him destroy a petite blonde jobber in the ring, she'd been terrified of having to face him. The fact that he had a reputation for getting physically involved in Hellga's matches made her nervous.


    It was too late to back out now. Ellie steeled herself in preparation for the start of the match...


    Ellie charged across the ring! She'd decided that her best strategy was to go on the offence as quickly as possible and not give the larger woman a chance to set the pace. A stiff forearm smacked into Hellga's chest, followed by a series of punches and kicks to the chin, ribs, and thighs. Ellie was not a trained striker, but she was scrappy. There was weight behind the blows. Hellga's only defence was to get her arms up and stumble back into the corner.

    The referee moved in to tell Ellie she had to let Hellga get off the ropes (Now he does his job?). Taking advantage of a brief pause, Hellga hit Ellie with a hard shove to the chest that sent her tumbling head over heels back into the middle of the ring. Ellie got up and came forward with fists flying only to be rebuffed again. The crowd cheered, both in response to Ellie's spirited start and Hellga's resilience. They liked to see the predator play with its food before devouring it.

    The opening salvo had only served to anger Hellga, which Ellie tried to use to her advantage. She thought her nimbleness would tire Hellga out, but that could only last for so long. Zipping in and out of range meant it was impossible for her to do any serious damage and Hellga was getting better at cutting off her angles. The ring was getting smaller and smaller...

    "Aha! Got you now!" With a burst of speed, Hellga had managed to wrap both arms around Ellie's waist. The crowd clapped in anticipation. Ellie's struggles only made them more eager to see what Hellga would do. The buxom blonde planted her feet and popped her hips, throwing Ellie over her head with a release German suplex! Ellie crashed into the mat, her head and neck taking the brunt of the impact. She fell onto her side clutching the back of her head. Hellga was just getting started.

    Another powerful suplex, this one of the gutwrench variety, sent Ellie tumbling through the air and into another rough landing. Those two throws had already sapped her strength. Hellga stood up and dropped a knee on Ellie's back, two hundred plus pounds behind it. She repeated the maneuver, each time causing the ring to shake. Ellie could only grit her teeth and take it.

    "Hmm...just what I thought. Another weakling. You want out now, little girl?" Hellga taunted. She grabbed on to Ellie's left arm and left leg and held them vertical to the mat. Once they were extended, Hellga planted her foot in Ellie's side and stretched her limbs.

    "Hnnnnggh...aaaah---nnnnh..." Ellie bit her lips to keep from crying out. She knew that's exactly what Hellga wanted. What the company wanted. It didn't occur to her that it was the gradual shattering of her resolve that was so appealing. She allowed herself to be stretched out, refusing to submit to such a simple hold.

    Hellga threw Ellie's limbs down, then gave her a stiff soccer kick to the back to put her on her belly. She mimed shooting an arrow into the crowd and they cheered knowing what she had planned. Gathering Ellie's ankles, Hellga crossed them over each other and pushed them down against Ellie's butt in a double toed leglock. Then she knelt down on Ellie's back while simultaneously taking hold of her chin.

    Oh no oh no oh no, she's going to break me! She's going to...

    "Eeeeeeyaaaaaaaah!" Ellie cried out as Hellga rocked back and trapped her in a bow and arrow stretch. Hellga was now facing up, pushing against Ellie's back with her knees, her victim's belly up in the air. It put immense pressure on Ellie's spine. Up and down she went, Hellga allowing her brief moments of relief before bending her. This hold combined with Ellie's outfit gave the cameras a delightful view of her crotch and her cleavage. It was a miracle that her luscious orbs didn't drop from her top. Regardless, the camera crew didn't miss a single second of her struggles.

    After some time, Hellga was tiring. She knew better than to wear out her muscles on a stubborn opponent. While it was fun listening to Ellie squeal, there would be time for that later. For now, Hellga had to soften her up some more. And throw in some extra humiliation.

    "You like this, don't ya?" Hellga said, shoving Ellie off of her. She pointed right at the barely there white spandex spot between Ellie's legs. "Sickos."

    Hellga scraped Ellie off the mat and stood behind her. She squatted down, put an arm around Ellie's waist, and placed a hand under her ass to lift her up into the air. It was child's play for Hellga to carry her. She spread Ellie's legs nice and wide and paraded her around the ring, guaranteeing a beautiful crotch shot for everyone watching.

    Can't move...she's too strong...why...why do they all have to stare like that...?


    Ellie was brought down hard with a back body drop. The vicious slam added to the spinal abuse she'd suffered before. Hellga did not let up. She cracked Ellie over her knee with a backbreaker and then drilled her into the canvass with a belly to belly suplex. With every back busting maneuver, Ellie's body contorted and arched itself into the most mesmerizing positions. She had no idea how sexy she looked when she was being abused.

    Hellga figured she'd tenderized Ellie enough to go for another submission attempt. She brought Ellie up into a kneeling position and cupped her fat fingers under Ellie's chin. In one motion, Hellga fell back with her knees bent in front of her. This caused Ellie's body to snap over them at a ridiculous angle that drew "oohs" and "aahs" from the crowd.

    Here was another hold that challenged her endurance and her dignity. The way she was contorted, Ellie again feared her chest might spill out of her spandex. The zipper looked like it might pop off at any second! That, in addition to the extreme curve of her spine, had her seriously considering tapping out. The referee leaned in to ask for a submission. She managed to decline verbally, even with Hellga mangling her precious facial features. As with the bow and arrow, Ellie could only hold on until her opponent tired.

    Should I quit? It would be so much easier to...no. Not this time.

    A frustrated Hellga let go. "Okay, I gave you a chance, loser. Now we do this the hard way." She picked up Ellie and blasted her with another suplex that left the jobber spread eagle on the mat. It looked to be all but academic from there. Hellga dragged her over to the corner, putting her in position for the "Flight of the Valkyrie" a move that involved Hellga propelling herself off of the second turnbuckle and splashing down on her victim from above. That would be curtains for Ellie.


    Hellga took her time stepping onto the bottom turnbuckle. Her back was turned to Ellie so she could face the crowd. She knew how to milk the moment for maximum effect. A short hop put her feet on the middle ropes.

    Move, Ellie...come on...

    The ropes vibrated as Hellga bounced on them in preparation for the attack. When the crowd was at a fever pitch, she released her grip on the ropes and used the momentum to vault into the air.


    The shadow surrounding Ellie grew bigger and bigger...at the last second, she was able to log roll into the corner Hellga had just shot out of! The nifty escape caused Hellga to miss her mark and land stomach first on the unforgiving mat. Her mouth hung open as the wind was completely knocked out of her.

    Ellie didn't have much time to shake off the cobwebs. One...two...three deep breaths. The simple exercise steadied her, stunning the audience who thought she was done for. One more deep breath and then...

    "Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!" Three stiff kicks to Hellga's chest. She was still hunched over, which made it easy for Ellie to tee off on her. Hellga wavered, but did not fall. Scoring a knockdown would require something more substantial. Ellie ran towards the ropes and rebounded off of them for increased velocity. To her surprise, Hellga had managed to get back to her feet. She was shaky though and when she tried to counter with a clothesline, Ellie swiftly ducked under it. On the return trip, she went down low with a dropkick to Hellga's knee. The big girl buckled, clutching at her joint. Ellie created some space, then dashed forward and wrapped her arms around Hellga's thick neck. Rotating backwards and throwing herself to the mat, Ellie put all of her weight into bringing Hellga down with her. The resulting swinging neckbreaker had Hellga reeling!

    A vocal minority got behind Ellie, just as she had hoped. That's right people. It doesn't always have to be about bullying and brutality. Us good girls have something to offer too! She used what support there was to drive her, to block out all the pain. I can do this!

    Hellga got back to her feet, just as Ellie was coming in for the kill. Were she not so rattled, Hellga might have engaged her directly; instead, she chose to take the low road. The incompetent referee was completely out of position to catch Hellga balling up her fist and punching Ellie right between the legs! Ellie's eyes shut in pain, her lips parting in shock. The wounded wrestler fell to her knees and tried to massage the sensitive area.

    Hellga took an extra second to recover from the earlier neckbreaker. She was dead set on getting the spectacular finish that had eluded her before. She lunged at Ellie from behind and took the girl's elbows in her hands. Ellie's slender arms were forced behind her in a double chicken wing. What happened next was hard to explain. Perhaps the pain in Ellie's shoulders kicked her into survival mode. Or maybe her slick spandex outfit made it difficult to get a grip on her. Or maybe she just refused to lose. Whatever it was, things did not go as planned for Hellga.

    Hellga was supposed to use the chicken wing lock to lift Ellie up, tilt her forward so that Ellie's legs were around her waist, and then sit down and drop Ellie right on her chest and face. When Hellga completed the lift, Ellie was able to slip her arms free while keeping her legs wrapped around Hellga. Ellie rolled forward and squeezed Hellga's torso causing the bigger woman to somersault forward. When their bodies settled, Ellie was sitting on top of Hellga's shoulders and holding on to Hellga's ankles! It was a textbook wheelbarrow pin.


    Ellie won! She had earned her first RYONA win and stopped Hellga's win streak at twenty. It was an outcome nobody had predicted except for maybe Ellie herself. She believed that she had what it took to compete with anyone, even a beast like Hellga.

    The referee's hand was stuck holding three fingers as he explained the situation to Hellga. She was in his face, yelling unintelligible threats, on the verge of a tantrum. Titan was standing on the apron trying to calm her down, but she wasn't hearing it. The referee left the two of them to sort themselves out while he went to raise Ellie's hand. It was a good thing he did, because she wasn't sure she could do it on her own after the moves Hellga had put on her. A winner's smile was plastered on her face and she blew a kiss to the crowd even though they still hadn't embraced her. They had come expecting a massacre and this outcome was at least somewhat disappointing.

    Or it was until Titan got involved. The chat with Hellga ended with her ordering him to attack Ellie. He did not hesitate.


    The referee was barely able to get out of the way as Titan struck Ellie from behind. It wasn't even an attack, so much as him running into her full force with his barrel chest and forearms. The impact was akin to a hummer colliding with a gazelle. Ellie went down in an ugly heap. She could have been mistaken for a corpse if it wasn't for the audible groans coming from her mouth.

    "You cheat! There's no way you won this match fair and square! You take it back!" Titan was ranting with testosterone fueled rage. He picked Ellie up and bent her over in front of him, her head between his legs. He hooked his arms under hers to make them go up and behind her, then used that hold to rapidly lift her off of her feet. In the blink of an eye, Ellie was flipped upside down, tossed high into the air, and flipped again so that her back came crashing down across Titan's knee. The crowd cheered in reaction to the brutal technique.

    Titan basked in the adulation of the grinning barbarians. He wasn't even booked for a match tonight and he was stealing the show. He gave the crowd the thumbs up sign, gesturing upwards as if to ask them if they wanted to see another power move. They did.

    Next up was a military press, one of Titan's favourites. It allowed him to show off his physique while holding his helpless opponent in the air over his head. The lift was made all the more uncomfortable by the presence of Titan's hands on the chest and crotch of Ellie's outfit. He pumped her up and down half a dozen times; with her diminutive stature, he could have done a hundred.

    "Oof!" Ellie's was dropped with her stomach landing on Titan's shoulder. It was like getting hit with an uppercut. Titan let her slump over him before falling forward and demolishing her with a power slam. Ellie's body couldn't decide whether it wanted to quiver or stiffen up, eventually settling down into a useless pile of skin, sweat, and spandex.

    "TITAN TITAN TITAN TITAN..." The arena was chanting his name. He pointed to his bicep, signalling for another one of his signature moves. However, his target couldn't stand under her own power. Titan grabbed a handful of the back of her leotard and used it to yank her back onto her feet. The abrupt wedgie gave Ellie a jolt, though not enough for it to make any difference.

    Ellie was vaguely aware of the sea of flashing cameras going off around her. She was wobbling in the middle of the ring, her boots knocking together, her breasts swaying in rhythm with her body. The pinching spandex made her shapely butt even more pronounced. Best of all was the look on her face - she was delirious. Her eyes aimlessly circled around and drool was starting to gather at the edge of her lips. She was out on her feet.

    One Cronus Clothesline later, Ellie was out, period. The massive bodybuilder bounced off the ropes and launched himself at Ellie with his arm swinging like a wrecking ball. It caught her right above her breasts creating a smack that echoed through the building. The explosive lariat knocked her off of her feet and she flipped back at an awkward angle. Her neck folded inward as her upper body was splattered on the canvass. She completed the rotation, ending up on her front with her eyes closed and her body barely moving.

    "Ha ha ha, yes baby!" Hellga gave Titan a pat on the back. The destruction of Ellie made her feel much better. The villainous duo started to leave the ring when something extraordinary happened. Ellie was stirring. It wasn't just an involuntary twitch either. A camera zoomed in on her face, etched with defiance.

    I won...she lost...won't let her...have the satisfaction...

    The image on the big screen saved Hellga and Titan the trouble of turning around. They couldn't believe this stupid jobber was still fighting. Ellie lifted her trembling head. She got an elbow under her. Then another. She had managed to plant her palms and push up when Hellga and Titan returned to take care of her.

    "Stubborn little bitch. Titan...RACK HER UP!!!" Hellga screeched.

    No...anything but that...it's going to hurt so bad...not the rack...

    Titan stood Ellie up again and dipped down to hoist her up across his shoulders. Ellie would be reduced to scrap in this torture rack. Her arms and legs briefly flailed about before going completely limp. The bouncing of her body against Titan's created some wonderful audio for the RYONA production team: the squeaking of her leotard, the grotesque pops from her spine, Ellie's whimpering submission...this was suffering one could enjoy with their eyes closed.

    The good news is that Ellie's lights went out after about thirty seconds of back breaking punishment. The bad news is that Titan continued to rack her for another minute. The skin tight outfit clung to its wearer as she was relentlessly stretched out. For the duration of the hold, the bloodthirsty crowd only grew more and more excited. The RYONA officials were thrilled at the result, even more so when the excerpt of Titan's attack become one of the most viewed clips in company history. They had something big in Ellie. The only question was if she'd be able to survive long enough to appreciate it.


    Put me down...my back...I give up...I give up...I...

    "I...I...where am I?" The question answered itself as Ellie assessed the situation. A nurse organized items on a tray next to her bed. Several machines emitted dull beeping noises. Ellie's gaudy outfit had been replaced by a modest gown. That beating had put her in the hospital. She'd never been injured like this in a match before; then again, she'd never felt the wrath of Titan. Thinking about it caused her to tear up and she turned away from the nurse to wipe her eyes.

    She couldn't get back to sleep. All she could see and hear was Titan and Hellga standing over her and laughing. They had tormented her, humiliated her, beaten...

    No. I won. I broke her streak. That's mine. They can't take that away from me.

    That thought was enough to settle her down, though her manager barged into the room before she could get any rest. The nurse protested, but he insisted on speaking to his client and Ellie asked that he be given a few minutes. She was just excited to see a familiar face.

    "Ellie! Babe! How are ya? Doing good? Your back okay? Can we get you anything? How are they treating you here..." The questions came faster than Ellie could respond. Her manager stopped and chuckled when he saw her blinking her pretty eyes in confusion. "Heh heh, sorry about that. I'm just really excited! First of all, here's your check for that match. I asked them to throw in a little bonus for your performance. They couldn't sign off fast enough!"

    Ellie opened the envelope and her jaw dropped when she saw the dollar amount inside. "Th-th-this is...wow...I can't believe it!"

    "No, you know what was unbelievable? Your performance against Hellga. You put up a great fight and actually won! The RYONA guys were too excited about one of their marquee attractions getting derailed. I told them 'Hey, she's a big girl and she can always go on another streak.' You, on the other hand, you are one of a kind, doll face! The way you sold that assault from Titan...*mwah!*"

    Ellie wasn't sure how she could have contributed to the post-match torture session since she was half dead for most of it, but she nodded and took the compliment. "Thanks, I guess."

    "And it doesn't stop there! They're giving you at least a month off to recover from that match if you need it and Tweedledee and Tweedledum have been suspended. How about that? Shows how much this company is invested in you, kid."

    Ellie noticed he was lingering even after his spiel was finished. "What is it?"

    "Well...it's Hellga. You may have noticed that she wasn't thrilled about losing to you."

    "How could you tell?" Ellie replied, her eyes scanning the hospital room.

    "Heh heh, yeah. Okay, I'll get right to it. She wants a rematch. She's been telling everyone that when she returns from her suspension, the only person she's interested in facing is Ellie Torres. I told them, um, I said 'Now listen here you guys, I don't think...'"

    Now it was Ellie's turn to speak. She hit him with her million dollar smile and answered with a gleam in her eye: "Where do I sign?"

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    Sorry Tcr!....I gave you a addiction to her!...That is ok. I have one two.She is hot!....
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    The girl is stunning and the pictures fit the story well. Looking at the pictures and reading the story, I can totally picture the girl in the story being the same girl as the one in the picture.

    I was cheering for little Ellie and at the same time wanted to see her get completely destroyed. Glad I got both
  4. detritus

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    Awesome work. I can see why you were a little obsessive about the cosplayer. She goes well with that outfit.
  5. Raden

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    I figured Hellga would be pissed at losing and that she'd have it taken out on Ellie, and I wasn't disappointed. Very good story, and it's not often you find an ending where they are willing to jump back into the thick of things like that either, so the change was interesting too.
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    Thank you everyone for reading!

    You should be sorry. I don't need you to inspire any more twisted thoughts than I already have.

    That's a great compliment! Obviously, I know nothing about the actual cosplayer but just based on some of her features and her poses I did feel like there was some personality to work with so I didn't stray too far from that. And I was happy to write a story where the heroine actually had some positive things to celebrate for once.

    Doesn't she? I'm not that into her other cosplays, but this one is just spot-on. I still can't get over it.

    You know me and my post-match attacks...I never tire of them. I did want to end a story with a heroine not completely broken down for once. I may return to Ellie at some point, which would be a first since I don't think I've written about anyone more than once except for Linara. The majority of this story was a lot of stuff I'd done before, so the tonal change at the end was fun to do and I'm always looking to play with my usual formula when I can.