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Celebrity Womens Boxing: E. Wa vs R. D.

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by galvatron88, Aug 8, 2016.

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    ====I know there are a lot of these but I read a one that was really good and it inspired me to write my own, but im going to have a little fun with mine.

    In this world, if a woman booty is fondled, groped, slapped, mashed massaged poked or punched, they will become dizzy and euphoric. The bigger the booty the more vulnerable and longer they are dizzy. it will also weigh them down and slow them down, but it will give them stopping power.====


    E. hadnt been acting in a while due to her training for a celebrity boxing match. She gets a thrill out of beating women bigger then her. She has 34 wins 20 Ko's and 6 loses. Having defeated women like M F, R Wn and J A. E is quite the strong fighter for her age and size and she is very cunning.

    As the young 26 year old is about to do her morning jog her agent calls her to confirm her challenge to R D went through. E's face lit up with excitement. " Finally, She needs to be taking down." E said. R is a mid to high ranking fighter who climb the latter ruthlessly and left a trail of tears in her wake. She has 47 wins, 30 ko's,6 draws and 10 loses. She is strong, quick and has a move called the Dawson Gale, a sweeping right hook that causes R to turn her whole body almost in a circle. it was is a devastating punch. E knew this, so she knew this would be a fight. She had to be ready.

    Its now late at night in a abandon wharehouse, Its fight night and E W is hyped. E stands in her corner with a tough wild look on her face, Small but cut warring only a bikini bottom. She is very slender yet her muscles are very noticeable. The young 26 year old actress washbored stomach glistened with sweat, Her tight butt is hard and it prevent her from getting dizzy. Her perky breast is a nice A-B cup size which would cause minimum pain.

    R sat in her corner looking at E from across the ring like a wolf, she licks her lips with her long beautiful tongue. she had an evil almost blood thirsty look in her beautiful eyes. D stands up, seemingly tall like a mountain. The 37 year old light skinned beauty stood 5'8 warring a black bikini bottom. Her arms were thin but it was just a ruse for they hid lots of power. Her butt was slightly bigger and chunkier then E's but it wasnt too much of a factor. Her belly on the other hand would be. Age had caught up with the ageing caramel actress, her belly is much more softer and a bit roundish quivering slightly with every movement. R knows this which is why deep down she is a bit nervous. " I'll just pepper her a bit then go for a quick knock out. I shouldve trained more....Nah i'll be fine, she is small and i got reach on her, shes fucked." R thought to her self as she smiles the same way she smiled in sin city.

    Round 1
    The bell rings and both girls come out of their corners. D comes out with a jab cross combo thats she repeats over and over until E is backed into the ropes. E covers up. D will not let up on her, she knows the younger more in shape girl would do real damage if she did. R smiling the whole time like a hungry wolf. d then goes for a left gut punch, E sees this and drops her elbow to block, but it exposes her right breast. D licks her lips and lands one hard one emmas breast. 'Aaaaayyyyiiii!' shouted E as she jerks back and to the side to get off the ropes. Emma then decides to clench and hug D. " you like that little girl, well ur gonna love this." D pushes E off and quickly gos into her D gale move. but E figured she would do that Because R foolishly gave it away.

    E being smaller, and the move being so high. E simply ducks the move and gos into a short dempsey like sway. As D carries out her punch she saw it at the last minute. she knew she messed. leaving her quivering belly exposed for E to counter. E lands two quick gut punches to the poor ageing actresses soft midsection. 'PAP'PAP' "Ugh UUugh" D yelps. the force of the punches shifts D belly meat from side to side. D body is bent over and is in bad shape already just from two punches. D backs away blocking her bruised flabby belly while foolishly leaving her face unprotected.

    E gives chase and in boxing fashion E lands a left to D chin crooking her head sideways. R face twist with pain. then a right comes out of no where to the older slower womans chin crooking her head to the extreme left. this made the older more feeble womans eyes roll white and she crumbles to the ground on her back. The crowed roars with cheers. The referee backs E back and starts counting. "1.....2.....3.....4.....5.....6....7..." to everyones surprise Even E R D gets back on her feet. " That was everything I had...damn." E thought to herself. R was up but looked out of it. the ref walks over to her and ask if she is ok and can she go on. D replies. " My dog is warring my coat...stop him." The poor old dim whited woman then staggers in the refs arms. the ref waves his hands saying . "NO CONTEST. " and hugs the poor woman to keep her standing. the crowed gos crazy and E raises her hands in victory.

    R slowly comes to and realizes she lost. She sobs loudly like a baby in her corner not remembering anything. E looks over and smiles and wonders whos next.

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