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Cassandra's Outworld Quest (Mortal Kombat/Soul Calibur)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Starbreaker, Sep 13, 2013.

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    This is my first commissioned story. If you enjoy it and are interested in having me write something, I would love to hear from you.

    The sky was purple. Her eyes widened as she took it in, a vast bruise stretching across the heavens. A broken horizon of peaks and crags in the distance, the ruin of an ageless spire miles away the only sign that life existed on this side of the portal. The forest before it a dark expanse, the wood of the individual trees around the clearing she stood in warped and misshapen. Looking up again, she exhaled slowly as she realized that she couldn't see any source for the purple light the world was bathed in. This place had no sun.

    She exhaled slowly, squeezing the grip of her shield to break the distraction. The feel of it in her hand, the size and weight, all perfect. Forged specifically for her by her brother-in-law in a fit of burning desperation bordering on madness, with such care and detail as to rival the divinely blessed weapons carried by her sister. Sophitia could have her gods, Cassandra would take the power of familial love any day. And if Sophitia had been hurt on her newest quest delivered from Olympus, all the power in the world wouldn't save Hephaestus from her wrath. The lame forge-god would count his inability to walk as the least of his pains.

    Glancing back, Cassandra relaxed a bit to see that the swirling, smoky maelstrom she had walked through to reach this place was still there, hanging inexplicably in the air and spinning around its pitch-black core. Following Sophitia's footprints in the dust of the ancient temple built into the base of some nameless Illyrian mountain, she had half-expected to be swallowed into darkness upon entering it. Perhaps she had. This place of foreboding, dark strangeness very well could be Tartarus or some other deep pit of Hades. But as long as the smoke doorway stood, she could get back. They could get back.

    Looking around the small clearing, she slid her sword free. If this was the dead lands, she might encounter anything. The whisper of steel against leather was loud in the stillness. There was only one obvious path, and some of the grass had been trod upon recently. She wasn't far behind. Weapons at her sides, elbows bent slightly so that she could bring them into action at a moment's notice, Cassandra made her way into the forest.

    After what felt like a couple of hours, her sword and shield began to feel heavy. She jumped a bit in surprise as her stomach grumbled, startled by the first real noise she had heard since unsheathing her sword. She stopped and looked around, scanning for any sign of life anywhere. There were only the trees, ugly and draped in moss, knotholes seeming to grimace at the bleakness of their home. Sighing, she sheathed her sword and hung her shield from a leather strap at her hip, flexing her arms and rolling her wrists a few times before reaching into her small travel bag and removing a bread roll. She walked on, eating in small bites, head down, trudging along the path. When she saw a small dirt clod up ahead, she jogged up and kicked it, smiling as chunks sprayed out in an arc.

    Her eyes following the long curving trajectory of the biggest piece, she saw what looked like an opening in the trees ahead. Maybe it's another one of those smoke-swirls, she thought, leading back home. Or at least somewhere better than this. Smiling, she broke into a jog, barely resisting the urge to skip across a couple of curves in the path. By this point, the trees had acquired a hunched, tortured menace that made them hard to even look at. Dark shapes hung in the depths, unmoving, not resembling branches. She didn't want to actually touch one of the things when she was so close to escape and perhaps risk some sort of otherworldly infection.

    The clearing had some small structure in the middle that she couldn't quite make out. Wincing against the purple light flooding the clearing as she left the trees, Cassandra moved forward, blinking to clear her vision. Then she saw.


    Jade pressed back against the safer side of the tree, concealing herself from the clearing and the eyes of the stupid blonde girl bumbling down the path. The wood trembled ever so slightly, straining, hungry for the bare flesh of her back and thighs. It was a dangerous game, but she had been teasing the trees for years, playing hide and seek and sparring with the white-haired ninja Smoke amongst the ravenous wood and the corpses of those who wandered off the path. And besides, where was the fun in exposing so much skin wearing only a lighweight leotard and tough leather high-heeled knee boots if you couldn't tease from time to time? She wiggled her backside ever so little against the tree, its ancient bark rough against the toned muscle. A partly exposed root quivered, pulling towards her but confined by the weight of the earth shackling it. Jade smiled, the green silk of her mask soft against her lips.

    A few moments passed and her smile faded as she slid her hand to the middle of the sharp-ended metal staff she carried. Her grip light but firm, breath measured, eyes closing for just a moment. It would not do to be hurt before the tournament, and even a stupid girl with a sword could pierce a heart or cleave a skull. If Quan Chi had summoned her here via one of his accursed portals on the eve of the contest she was a threat- as the one from the day before had been.

    A piercing shriek from the clearing made her jump. She leaned out, peering around the tree, careful to avoid the hole that almost didn't look like a mouth. The blonde was on her hands and knees, sobbing like a child and pressing her head to the ground before the display that Jade had left as a warning to the sorcerer if he came looking for his new warrior. Jade rolled her eyes, walking into the clearing with her staff at her side. If the sight of a corpse impaled on a sword with its head and entrails pooled in her shield along with her body's death-waste was enough to bring the girl to this state, Quan Chi had made a pathetic choice in his last-minute assassins. This would be easy as besting a Tarkatan in a spelling challenge.

    Ten feet away from her before the blonde even looked up from her wailing to notice. Jade cocked an eyebrow, tilting her head as she pushed one end of her staff into the yielding ground. "What do you think of my little project? I'm not usually a sadist, but with the tournament coming up..."

    "Y-you did this?" the girl said, the pink ribbons decorating the front of her short tunic and holding a small armor plate on her shoulder contrasting against the dark red of her tear-streaked face. "Why?"

    Jade shrugged, rising up on a toe and casually doing a twirl around her staff. "Because I wanted you all to know what happens when you threaten Edenia. And because she put up such a lame fight that I wanted to make a little commemorative monument."

    Jade doubted the blonde heard, as she was fixated on the vulgar display of her companion's remains. Her body stopped shaking, and her shoulders tensed. Jade withdrew the end of her staff from the ground as the girl drew her sword and rushed in one motion, swinging in wild arcs. Sidestepping the charge with a fluid grace borne of endless training, Jade swung her weapon like a club. The pleasant jolt of hard impact rang up her arms as it connected with the swordswoman's ass, sending her crashing face-first into the ground. Jade laughed as the blonde arose with filth streaked down her face and chest, raising her sword high.

    "Care to try that again, fearsome warrior?"

    Another charge, fast and darting. The girl's speed impressive, but fury leaving her tactless. Jade ducked under a swing of the shining blade with ease, sweeping her leg low and taking her opponent's ankles out from under her, sword flying as she tumbled again. The girl started to rise, but Jade struck first. Jumping into the air, she descended with her legs bent, the hard jewel kneepads of her boots slamming into her target's lower back. The forest echoed with the snap of bone.

    Jade rose to her feet. The girl clawed at the ground, gasping and shaking like a fish on land, pulling herself inch by inch towards her sword. Her legs dragged, limp.

    "You don't give up, I'll give you that," Jade said, stepping over the girl and snatching up the sword. Playing with it, testing it's weight and balance. "I could've had fun knocking you around all day, honey, but the tournament's tomorrow and you're quick enough that you could get lucky. Or at least you were. You know, this is a really nice...Ow!! You bitch!"

    Distracted by the sword's craftsmanship, she had let the girl crawl too close and raise up as far as her broken spine would allow. Blood trickled into Jade's boot as teeth sank into the skin of her thigh. Jade swung down hard, the handle of the sword bashing against the girl's temple. Her jaw relaxed and her eyes rolled back as she fell to the ground, semiconscious. Cursing at herself, Jade kicked the girl hard, rolling her onto her stomach. The wound wasn't deep, but it hurt, and the bleeding was a reminder of her stupidity. She reached down and ripped a strip from the hem of the girl's dress, tying it around the wound to stop the dribbling blood.

    The tunic had always been short, but with being torn it now no longer even covered the beaten blonde's ass. Jade looked her over, appreciating the tone and muscle in her legs underneath the sheer leggings. Where she got her quickness from was obvious Quality fighter or not, her body showed that she had put in the work to make herself into a fine weapon. The alluring curve of her legs and backside reminded Jade of her oldest and closest friend, Princess Kitana. A part of her mind wondered how Kitana would look with leggings like these, clinging tightly to her taut skin. Above the green mask, her face flushed crimson. She glanced around, head ducked and shoulders raised a little. No one was there.

    Reaching down, she took a handful of the blonde's hair and pulled her head up. The girl’s tongue lolled out, but she was still breathing weakly. Her eyes were half-lidded and unfocused. Jade pushed hard on the back of her head, driving it back into the ground, feeling and hearing the crunch of the girl's nose breaking on impact. She took one more look around the clearing, then ran her hand over the girl's hip. Gliding it down, she traced the swell of her backside. Jade squeezed, confirming the muscle tone she could tell from sight. The material felt soft against her fingers and palm, and the warmth under them added to the tactile pleasure. Yes, Kitana would be stunning in these, even more than she always had been. On a throne, fighting, sparring with Jade when they were both young, even during the dark days when both of them had served and killed for Shao Kahn, Kitana had never been anything but radiant.

    "My princess..." Jade said, sliding down her mask and lowering to her knees, her cheek pressing to Cassandra's ass, eyes closed. Rubbing her face down the warm leg, her hand slipping between her own legs, pushing her green sash to the side. Fingers working under the fabric of her thin leotard, moaning low in her throat as she found herself already slick. Her other hand taking hold of the girl's hip, Jade rolled her onto her back, snaking her head between the blonde’s knees, raising Cassandra's limp legs onto her shoulders. Rubbing her cheeks and lips against the heat of Cassandra’s crotch, biting the woman's inner thigh hard whilst working her fingers inside herself, hips rolling as she fucked her own hand. Licking frenetically at Cassandra's slit through her leggings, biting into and tearing out the material with a grunt and pushing her tongue deep into the folds of her victim's pussy while moaning and whimpering in pleasure. "Kita... Kita...wanted you so long now..." Her breathing quickened, her heart raced, she started to tremble from deep within.

    The first scream brought Jade's head up just in time for Cassandra's fist to catch her in the face. Rolling out from under the girl, Jade touched at the already-swelling spot just below her eye with a hand still drenched and reeking of her arousal. Crawling backward, looking at Cassandra with wide eyes as the girl screamed over and over. She had come back to consciousness slowly, not remembering what was happening at first until Jade's moans had led her to look down and discover herself being raped by the psychotic ninja who had murdered her sister. Cassandra had swung her fist in desperation, and she felt a small surge of pride as it connected. Throwing herself over onto her stomach, she began crawling. Anything to get away. Anything to live one more second.

    Jade had recovered from the surprise. Her eyes narrowed. "Stupid, stupid bitch," she said, shaking her head and pressing her sore cheek hard, making it hurt. She deserved it. This wasn't Kitana, even if she had been in Jade's mind for a few glorious moments. Leaving herself exposed out of stupid lust, dumb luck the sole reason she wasn't dead. Luck, and this stupid blonde being a pathetic excuse for a warrior. Jade had been so close to release that her insides were still tight, her body knotted up in frustration so acute it hurt. There still would have been shame if she had been able to finish, but she could've lived with that. Could have lived with her moment of being with her love, if only in fantasy. Jade’s teeth clenched as she watched Cassandra's desperate attempt at escape. She got to her feet, retrieving her staff and the girl's sword from the ground. Replacing her mask, she advanced on the helpless Greek.

    "You took her from me," Jade said to Cassandra's back, driving her staff hard into the ground. "You took her from me and you made me feel stupid." Leaving the sword on the ground next to where her staff stood upright, she stepped behind Cassandra and grabbed her by both ankles, dragging the crippled girl backwards.

    "I don't know what you're talking about. I never did anything to you ever," Cassandra said, digging her nails into the earth. Weeping as the soft dirt gave out and her fingers dug little trenches, not even slowing her down as she was dragged from any hope of escape. "You hurt me and you killed my sister and we never did anything. She was the best person in the world and you took her away and turned her into that horrible thing."

    Jade didn't consider whether Cassandra was telling the truth or not. She didn't care. Not now. All that mattered was Edenia and her pride, and both were in mortal danger.

    ""If she was the best person in the world, then you won't mind going to meet her," Jade said. With that, she let go of Cassandra's ankles and grabbed the crippled woman around the hips, straining hard and lifting her. Carrying the motion through, she tossed Cassandra back over her shoulder. There was a wet sound, and a squelching moan. Jade turned, taking a moment to admire her accuracy. Cassandra was impaled through the stomach on Jade's staff, suspended halfway down its length. Blood ran down the shaft, a strip of intestine caught on the tip, stretching down into the blonde's stomach cavity. She looked into the sky with wide eyes, staring. A cough sprayed blood into the air, splattering her pale skin as it rained back upon her.

    Jade picked the sword up off the ground, looking over it again. "This is a beautiful weapon. Perfect weight, perfect balance, a fine edge. I think I'll keep it for the tournament. You can keep an eye on my staff until I come back." Cassandra looked at nothing, a moan gargling in her throat, blinking through the blood on her face. Jade sighed, shaking her head. "No sense of humor at all." Grabbing Cassandra's hair with one hand, she swung the sword with the other. Its perfect edge, honed with love bordering on madness, sliced through Cassandra's neck with ease. Blood sprayed in a gout from the stump as Jade raised the decapitated head head high and spiked it onto the staff, the pointed steel exploding through the eyeball with little resistance.

    Jade smiled at her handiwork. If Quan Chi came here, he would know what Edenia had in store for him. She turned and walked back into the forest towards her camp. Kitana would need her tomorrow, and she didn't plan on letting her princess down.


    If this is someone's idea of a prelude to the tournament, tomorrow will be great fun, thought the sorcerer. Looking over the broken, debased bodies displayed along the path to one of his portals, he nodded. Dismemberment was an art form, and whoever had created this display was an artist of some skill. It was a shame that the exhibition was in such a remote place. This masterpiece should have been saved for the arena.

    He picked the head of the nearest corpse out of the pool of filth it was half-submerged in. Waving away the flies, he looked closely, wondering who the dead women were. Soaking and the pecking of scavengers had left the face of this one unrecognizable. He flipped it into a hole in a nearby tree, hearing the leaves rustle in thanks and the crunch of a skull being crushed. He examined the remains of the girl whose head was piked. She looked to be from Earthrealm, but wasn't any of the humans chosen by the thunder god for the contest.

    He took hold of a leg and spun her body around on the pole. Not bad. She was a pretty one, and he smiled at the pink ribbons she wore. A touch of innocence, a lovely body, and a hair color exotic to Outworld. She would be fun. Perhaps this portal could stay open a while longer. Earthrealm's chances in the tournament were feeble, and it was unlikely he would need to have his powers at their fullest. Besides, the constant battle could become tiresome and Shao Kahn might enjoy some levity. The giant psychopath had an affinity for this sort of humor, and having him in good spirits could only help Quan Chi's schemes stay even further from his attentions.

    Raising his hand, Quan Chi began to do what he was best at. Words from long-dead languages slipped between his lips. The clearing pulsed with a nauseating green light. His crimson tattoos shimmered and slithered on his skin as he moved his hands in the ancient ritual. Cassandra's corpse twitched. Her eyelid blinked against the metal shaft filling the socket. Her mouth began moving in small jerks, a strand of drool running from the corner of her mouth as each muscle was worked anew with unnatural life. The sorcerer smiled to himself, reveling in his power as he did every time he warped the very laws of existence. Still, the process would be long, and reconstituting the body while altering the memory would be laborious. He deserved something to distract himself while working. His hands undid his belt while his mind and mouth made magic beyond mortal comprehension. Cassandra's body bounced and spasmed on the pole, her dance of death bringing the necromancer to hardness as he looked over her well-trained, well-ruined body. When he reached the part where her soul was to be called back and shaped and molded to his will, he pushed her skirt up, holding her writhing hips tight. He pushed in roughly, her leggings ripping as he took her in the way he most enjoyed. Cassandra's soul was brought back to the realms of life on a tide of sorcerer's seed pumped into her cold, twitching asshole.


    Shao Kahn's grin showed teeth that belonged more to the skull he wore as a helm than to any display of mirth. The tournament was always a glorious orgy of death and brutality. Each Outworld victory another step closer to his total domination of all realms, a step closer to power that even the Elder Gods would envy. The view from his throne was the best vantage point in the arena, and the raw bloodlust of the crowd roared in his ears from all directions.It reached a fever pitch as yet another Earthrealm warrior collapsed to the blood-soaked dirt in defeat. Kahn's smile exploded into a deep, vicious chuckle as his minion Kano pulled the unconscious blonde to her knees by the hair and took advantage of her helpless state, freeing his cock from his grimy pants and emptying his bladder over her pretty face and into her open mouth. When the girl’s eyes shot open as she fought drowning, Kano grabbed her by the chin and hair and twisted hard. Her neck vertebrae exploded with a loud crack and he let go, her body going limp as a rag doll as she fell onto her front- blank eyes staring up at the sky from her head being twisted all the way around.

    Kahn waved his approval as Kano left the stage and Cassandra's body was dragged off to be used as a pleasure toy by the arena guards while it remained warm. Afterward, it would be suspended with the other Earthrealm females' corpses along the outer walls of the venue, a tally mark carved into the skin for each postmortem violation. Quan Chi had been right, reincarnating a warrior who knew nothing of the tournament was most entertaining. Tomorrow he would have her brought back to fight twice- today's abuse had been pleasing, even if not quite so perfect as yesterday's.

    He closed his eyes, savoring the memory, loincloth bulging at the recollection. The Earth girl's feeble attempts to strike at the wraith Noob Saibot with her staff and shield. The humiliation burning in her face as the ninja hadn't even deigned to punch or kick, instead dodging each of her attacks and slapping her with an open hand. Her screams when Saibot grew tired of the game and flipped her staff out of her hands, snapping her knees with two swift kicks and violating her with her own weapon. The delight of seeing her shame drive her to vomit and curl into a ball after the ninja worked the staff skillfully enough to bring her to an unwilling orgasm. The perfection of the ending of her life. Kahn had nearly stained his throne at the brutality of it- Saibot's shadow growing out of the ground, gaining mass and depth until it was a dark copy of him. The ninja quickly but with great strength pulling one of his swords and burying half its length into a nearby wall with the cutting edge up. The dark twins picking up the sobbing bitch by her legs, lifting and pulling an ankle each as she screamed between them, her hips dislocating with a pair of gunshot pops, followed by wet tearing and a rain of blood and gore as they forced her down over the sword. Dragging her back and forth as she flailed her arms like a puppet, the sword sawing through her body from cunt to chin until with one great pull the two Saibots snapped her in half. The shadow version raising his fist in triumph as the head remained attached to his portion. It was the finest beauty Outworld could produce.

    And tomorrow would be another beautiful day.


    Skarlet wasted no time. The girl making her way across the high bridge didn't seem to grasp the purpose of the place, and a low mist was obscuring the ground, hiding the secret that would give it away. In a few quick steps, Skarlet met her before she could cross the span.

    "Hello," the girl said, "Is your name Skarlet? I'm looking for my sister- have you seen her? This really pale guy told me to come here and ask for you. I've been really confused lately, but I know she's got to be here somewhere."

    Skarlet tilted her head. This didn't seem like subterfuge. The girl looked a little glassy-eyed, and the pale man would have to be the sorcerer Quan Chi. Perhaps she was under some glamour, or perhaps it was one of Quan Chi's games. Care was needed. Skarlet backed away, keeping the girl in her peripheral vision.

    "Hello? Can you answer me? My name's Cassandra, and my sister Sophitia is somewhere here. I don't like being ignored. I just want to get her and go home."

    A trap, then. Dangerous, but simple enough to execute. Skarlet waved her hand in a dismissive gesture and turned her back, walking as if leaving the bridge. Listening for sounds between the click of her boots as she went. It didn't take long.

    "Hey!" Cassandra said, running after her, "I'm not going to let you leave without telling me what you know. The pale guy said you could lead me to Sophitia, and I'm not losing her."

    The footfalls neared. Twenty feet, fifteen, ten. Perhaps this was a trap, perhaps just some poor soul being manipulated for the pleasure of a powerful man. Perhaps it was even a gift, after a fashion. It didn't matter.

    "Stop. I don't want to have to hurt you, but I wi-"

    The threat was cut off as Skarlet spun, sliding two of her short, sharp kunai knives from the strap around her leg and slashing out. Cassandra's reflexes were quick, and she raised her hand to protect her throat. Skarlet smiled under her claret mask as fingers fell. Cassandra's eyes went wide, staring at the stump that had been her hand, white elbow-length glove stained with free-running blood. Skarlet's eyes fixated on it, too, her tongue flicking over her lips. She flicked her wrist, sending two kunai slicing through the air. Cassandra looked up just in time to see the gleam of light off of their points before her world went black.

    Skarlet laughed as she watched the girl stagger, blood running down her cheeks. Her kunai stood out straight from the woman’s eye sockets. Cassandra pawed at them, feebly trying to remove the blades with fingers that she had forgotten were now lying on the ground, accomplishing only smearing her face with red. It began dripping as she wept crimson from her destroyed tear ducts.

    Walking up to her, Skarlet pulled her knives loose. They came free with a reluctant sucking sound. She swung them again, cutting through Cassandra's neck deeply enough to elicit an audible scraping as metal met bone. Blood shot in a jet from severed arteries, bathing Skarlet's face in a thick coat. She shuddered with orgasmic delight before kicking Cassandra in the center of the chest, sending the gurgling, sputtering girl flying off of the bridge. The sounds of her trying to scream with her throat cut were delicious. Skarlet would have to thank Quan Chi before suspending him in the air, disemboweling him, and showering in his entrails. The mist cleared from the force of Cassandra's momentum just before she hit the floor, giving Skarlet a perfect view of the tall spikes that lined the pit of death. When Cassandra hit them, her body came apart. Bits of her were suspended at different levels, a leg at five feet, a shoulder at three, her torso all the way on the floor. Her brain had been blasted out the back of her skull as a spike drove through the center of her forehead. The scavengers would eat well.

    "Quan Chi," Shao Kahn said, sipping from a goblet as he looked up from the orb the sorcerer had given him to watch the encounter through, "I've changed my mind about her and Reptile. Ressurect her tonight and bring her to me. I wish a consort while watching Goro seal my victory."


    Cassandra watched from in front of Kahn's throne as whatever event this was commenced. The emperor of this place looked terrifying, but he had given her his word that when this tournament ended, he would do everything in his power to reunite her with Sophitia. Even if he was scary, having an emperor's help could only make her search faster. Besides, she wasn't likely to find Sophitia on her own since she had lost her sword somehow. The embarrassment burned within her, but not enough for her to consider abandoning her quest. She turned as Kahn rose from his throne, the crowd falling silent without prompting. In a deep voice that sent a shiver up her spine, he spoke.

    "Citizens of Outworld, my subjects. You will now see the end of the tournament, and the beginning of my Godhood. The final warrior who fights for Earthrealm and Edenia stands ready to fall to my greatest champion. Watch the traitor bitch receive her deserved end."

    Cassandra looked out over the arena, horrified at the thought of watching an execution. Her horror turned to terror as she saw a monster emerge from the entry to her left. Standing taller than any beast she had seen, it looked like a man, but impossibly muscled and with four arms extending from its torso. Its hair tied back in a top-knot, face twisted in an expression of malice that matched the predatory nature of the creature's movements. The behemoth was so captivating, the realization that monsters truly did exist so overwhelming, that she almost didn't notice the other combatant enter the arena from the opposite side. A flash of steel drew her attention, however, and she tore her gaze away from the beast to look at the woman. She was half-naked, and what clothes she was wearing were a bright green. Her black boots with green gems at the knees sparked an inexplicable sense of déjà vu, quickly swept away as Cassandra's eyes fell upon the weapon she was holding.

    "That's my sword," she said, spinning to face Shao Kahn, "She's got my sword!"

    The power of his backhand felt like being struck in the face with a club. Cassandra fell, her lip swelling, brain fogged.

    Kahn looked over the crowd, disregarding the whining brat he had slapped to the ground. He savored the moment, hundreds of years leading to this moment, victory so close at hand. Turning to face the combatants, he raised his fist in the air.

    "Goro, Jade. Let this be the end of it, the final round of sacred Kombat. FIGHT!"

    Cassandra rose to her feet, the roar of the crowd and the blur of movement as Goro and Jade locked into battle, Kahn's booming voice, all of it too much to bear. She rushed towards the emperor on his throne, her powerful legs flexing as she jumped towards him, fist back. All of her momentum into the blow, she threw the strongest punch of her life.

    Kahn stuck out his arm and caught it. The only indication of the power in her punch the slight quiver of his enormous bicep as he held her fist in a vice-like grip. Her elbow popped at the sudden arrest of her acceleration as she crashed to the ground. Whimpering, she pulled hard, trying to release herself from his hold. Kahn dragged her to him as if she weighed nothing, his other hand grabbing a hold of her short hair and forcing her over the rail separating his throne from the arena floor. Her arm dropped as he released her hand, the elbow swollen and already turning a dark purple. Cassandra struggled, but Kahn easily kicked her legs apart while holding her head bent low over the railing. Her bicep stung as he ripped the pink ribbon holding her shoulder armor off. The protective piece clattered to the ground.

    There was a rustling sound behind her, and something hard pressed against her ass. She screamed and pulled her head up, momentarily confused when the pressure on it gave way and she was able to raise herself almost to a standing position. Then a flash of pink before her eyes and her ribbon was wrapped around her throat, squeezing tight. A hard drive forward and an explosion of pain as Kahn thrust his hips, what felt like a tree trunk driven straight through her leggings into her unprepared depths. Her eyes bulged, her face flushed. Hot breath blew across her ear as he pulled her head up near his, the ribbon loosening just enough for a trickle of air to burn down her throat..

    "Now watch your realm fall, bitch. You were fun entertainment while real warriors competed, and now I will be your emperor during your last few breaths."

    Cassandra looked ahead, having no other option. The woman in green was on her hands and knees. Most of her visible skin was some shade of purple or blue. Tear streaks ran black down her cheeks. Khan fucked Cassandra harder as the four-armed monster moved in a blur and Jade let out a scream of agony. Cassandra’s sword was broken in two, each length driven through one of Jade’s legs, pinning her in a kneeling position. Her arms hung at her sides, both bent at peculiar angles, shards of bone protruding through the skin. The hell-beast that Kahn had called Goro looked upon her with disdain, his body showing no sign of having been in a fight. He turned, looking to Kahn. The voice he spoke in was a growling rumble.

    "It is done, my Emperor. Outworld, Earthrealm, and Edenia are united."

    At this, Kahn pumped so hard that Cassandra felt something tear inside her. Wetness ran from deep within her body freely, and her vision grew hazy around the edges. She whimpered as he replied.

    "Not quite yet, General. I believe you have a traitor to dispose of. Why not give her the same treatment that you showed her beloved princess this morning? End this. Finish her."

    The creature grinned and turned to the woman before him. Holding her head with his upper hands, he smashed the lower ones onto each side of her jaw. The snap was as loud as a thunderbolt. Her mouth hung open under her silk mask as tears poured from her eyes in a river. Still holding her head, he lowered his loincloth. What looked like an eel fell free between his legs, quickly rising to hardness. Even half-strangled, being raped to death as a crowd looked on cheering, Cassandra felt horror. No woman was meant for such a monstrosity. Three of his hands holding Jade's head still, Goro guided his member towards her face. Pulling on her head and thrusting his hips at the same time, he took her mouth. The strings holding her mask broke under the strain, the face-covering pushed down into her esophagus by his irresistible girth. She shook, throat bulging obscenely as he pulled her head further onto him. Finally, her lips touched his stomach, her throat a swollen caricature of human anatomy. What must have been a foot and a half of hard cock embedded in her. Goro pumped hard and dragged her head back and forth, his eyes closing as her shaking grew less and less. She had stopped completely long before he finished and withdrew, her eyes blank, a puddle of urine pooled on the ground beneath her.

    Moments after, Kahn pumped one last time, grunting in triumph as he came inside of Cassandra. She fell as he released her, looking down to see her leggings drenched with red. The world moved slowly as Kahn leaned down and picked her up, tossing her before Goro like a rag doll.

    "Break this whore for me," she barely heard him say, "I shall be there to deliver the final blow momentarily."

    Cassandra dug her nails into the dirt, kicking at the creature as hard as she could, feeling more blood flow from within her at the exertion. Goro easily sidestepped her final attempt at self-defense, lifting her up by her legs with a strength that made Shao Kahn seem feeble in comparison. He tossed her in the air without effort. Cassandra's mind wandered amidst the agony for a moment. So this is what it is like to fly.

    Then she was falling, a hard tug at her ankles as Goro grabbed them, a swift downward arc as he swung her to the earth. The world exploded as she hit the ground facefirst. Her teeth slammed together and shattered like glass, shards driving into her gums and rending her mouth. The bones of her face smashed into an unrecognizable mess, the skin looking like a sack filled with marbles. Her neck broke with the sound of a pencil being snapped, and everything went numb.

    Her vision and thoughts were overwhelmed into clarity. She could move nothing, but she saw Kahn approaching from his throne, hand raised in the air to the adulation of the onlookers. He held the largest hammer she had ever seen. He stopped as he stood before her, kicking a spray of dust into her face as he looked upon her ruined body. It was the end. Swallowing as best she could, Cassandra looked up at him, willing the words out of her mouth.


    Kahn laughed to himself, a low, dark sound.

    "I promised to reunite you with her. I'm keeping my word. There will be no resurrection this time. Enjoy the sight of her soul being torn apart with yours in Hell."

    Cassandra closed her eyes. The hammer fell.
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  2. Raden

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    Holy shit. I've written a lot of stuff here, and yet... wow. Absolutely terrific writing.
  3. phantasia

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    I hear he does commissions and has a special offer going on to promote his business. $.01 per word for a limited time!
  4. TheCrimsonRisk

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    This is one of the most professional, well-written pieces I've seen on this forum. A hell of a debut, Starbreaker. I'm not even a fan of extreme rape or gore, but your descriptions made this a pleasure to read. Some highlights:

    - that first description of Jade and her navigating the haunted forest is outstanding
    - Cassandra getting at Jade by biting her, even with a broken spine!
    - excellent depiction of rage and embarrassment after Jade's fantasy is dispelled
    - Quan Chi essentially "raping" Cassandra back to life...daaaaaamn
    - Cassandra's feeble punch at the end :(
    - the whole finale was brutally riveting

    Just a fantastic mix of erotic action and graphic violence. I'm betting whoever commissioned this was completely satisfied.
  5. Starbreaker

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    Thank you all so much for the positive comments! This was the first thing I've ever been paid to write, so I'm glad that people are enjoying it. It was fun work, and I'm looking forward to more commissions in the future.