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can this story be considered ryona?

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by cloak_hell, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. cloak_hell

    cloak_hell Guest

    beating torture and death in the end ... is this the more darker side of ryona?

    premise : the eternal champion (the boss in the game) tricked everyone and send different warriors to eliminate the contestants on the game, in this case jetta in her own time line met some of the futer cyborgs in the kickboxer's time.

    Jetta was a whirling dervish, her hands, feet flashing and striking against three cyborgs, but having little effect, she was being crowded down a blind alley by their assault. The savate master was trapped; one of the machines picked up a small car and flung it down the alley. There was no room to maneuver, the car smashed Jetta into the back wall of the alley crushing her
    Her famous boomerang flew from her hands when the car pinned her to the wall. Three of the relentless man/machines advanced down the narrow alley towards where she was pinned by the wreckage. One leaned down and picked up her scattered weapon as the other two approached the Russian warrior, the wreckage had broken and pinned her legs to the back wall of the alley.
    She tried to fend them off using every skill she could muster, but she was bleeding badly from her mangled legs and internal organs. One of her assailants managed to grab her right arm and stretch it as far as it could go with out being torn off. One of the cyborg produced a short dagger hidden in his metallic arm and drove it through her wrist between the two large bones. As she screamed in pain from this new wound the evil cyborgs grasped her other arm and pinned it with another dagger as well.
    The pain from her shattered legs overrode the agony in her arms as the machines, none to gently remove the wreckage that had smashed and pinned them. Once the rubble was removed it was clear how badly mangled her limbs were. When blood flowed back into them and she could feel them again the pain was unbearable as they hung limply beneath her crucified torso. A robot warrior took each of her mangled limbs and cruelly twisted them until her feet pointed backwards then lifted each one parallel to the ground before pinning them to the wall as well, but not before dislocating her hip joints!
    “Who are you? ”¦” Jetta managed to gasped in-between her ragged breath.
    Ignoring her, one of the machines put a cold steel claw on one of her ample breasts and began to crush down with thousands of pounds per square inch. The mammary gland stretched and bruised as it was mauled, turning an ugly purple as it swelled from the crushing pressure. Finally her flesh gave way as it around her ultra swollen nipple in jet of spraying blood.
    The cyborgs paused while their victim scream her throat out, until she was just hanging limply sobbing, then the same machine grabbed her other breast. Her head snapped up as she pleaded like a frightened child, “please don't! PLEASE! I will do what ever you ask!” She noticed one of the robots had a camera looking device mounted on it and that is where she directed her pleas towards it, “Please, you have won, you don't need to do this! AAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!” she screamed as her other breast exploded under the steel claw.
    Again the machines waited until she stopped screaming to make their next move, this time the cold steel clamped around the mound between her legs and pulled straight back and away from her body.
    “NNN”¦NNNYYYYEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTT!!!!!” she screamed as another of the robots produced a wicked blade and held it in front of her eyes for a prolonged moment before slicing around her sex in a circle. The robot crushing her cunt gave a sharp tug and the circle of her flesh tore away from her body with a sickening plop! A robotic claw held her severed cunt in front of her face for a second like an Indian displaying a scalp in the old west, then began to slap her with it!
    Jetta was pulled down from the wall, they didn't bother to remove the blades holding her up, and her flesh was just pulled over them. She was slammed across a trash can face down, ass in the air. Then she felt her own metal boomerang pressing against her asshole! She tried to scream, she tried to struggle, but her burned out throat and broken body refused to respond as her own bladed weapon was rammed into her bowels. She burned out throat screeched as her asshole was ripped by her own weapon. When it finished she was dropped onto her back on the filthy pavement. Two of the machines picked up the car held it over her, then slammed it down!
    Blood flew from her mouth in foam as her organs were crushed by the impact. The Russian warrior looked up to the sky, perhaps seeking help from a higher power, her face a mask of pain and terror as she locked eyes with her killers. Jetta reached up as if for help, her eyes pleading just as another car smashed into her, crushing the few unbroken ones she had left. The valiant warrior died like a bug smashed on a windshield. Two androids removed the wreckage and picked up the body. They dragged it from the alley trialing blood in puddles. From the alley they threw the corpse into the main street then left.
    Within a few hours new team started to crowd the main street as camera flashes covered the broken fighter.
    “Holy fuck! Isn't that the cousin of the Czar?” one of the camera men uttered in shock staring at the mangled and torn corpse of what had been a beautiful fighter a few short moments before, “what do we do with THAT!”
    “Take the picture!” his boss answered, “it is news!” He was already thinking of what headlines would be appropriate.
  2. _matt

    _matt Potential Patron

    Dec 20, 2009
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    if its the story...i think yeah....but my imagination not that wild so i think it still ok...is this your own story or you watch it or read it somewhere?
  3. cloak_hell

    cloak_hell Guest

    wrote it for someone long time ago ...
  4. cheeded

    cheeded Guest

    Very well written. Would love to see more.
  5. corrswitch

    corrswitch Guest

    Very creative. If you have more, it would be great to read.